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Qui ne sera pas appliqué car les gens sont trop cons pour faire l'effort de groupe.
The Epic Games Event : Fortnite Summer Trials is now officially over. War Legend would like to thank @FortniteGame
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' Aleman @Rojo11 @FrayFN True for FR/DE/ES - go for your local audience way much enagaged than international :)
I did not fully appreciate the issue with "most cops don't live in the neighborhood they police" until seeing this
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' Aleman @SLY_hunterr Licence fortnite event tier : pas le droit de faire payer la participation ou le visionage. Mais vu l… giving away his #FortniteSummerTrials money to pro :p @Branco__ @Rojo11 As i said, i support any community initiative but you are limited by technology and people. wher… Practice in EU, stage 1 : Stacked games! ✅ Practice in EU, stage 2 : How to manage leaked keys. 🔄 Practic…’heure est venue de passer aux choses sérieuses... 🏆 La #DOIGCUP est de retour pour une édition spéciale été, en…
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WL OPEN : LA JOYA CUP - TRIO Tournament The final battle begins now 🔥 [🇫🇷 FR LIVE BROADCAST] 🎙️ @MCES_Packo &…
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' Aleman @Bambozu @BloodxEU If @OpenScrims failed with @Rojo11 to achive this, there is a reason. They tried, very hard an… @MaaaaathoR @FNGamepedia @WLFortnite Il faudrait voir avec @madness_ftn directement. De notre côté nous ajoutons le… @LRojo__ You come, I'm living in Paris xD @LRojo__ Holà ;p
@RxTSkite T'as besoin de quoi comme enjeu ? Car pour le fric y'a les daily qui arrivent. Si tu cherches autre cho… asked 60+ Top Fortnite Players who they thought is the Best Player of ALL Time. Heres what they said: Who do you…
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' AlemanCoucou à tous ! Je cherche des personnes intéressées par la communication (community management, conceptualisation…
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' Aleman @Bambozu Original - non tampered - screenshot : CUP by @WLFortnite ce soir sur notre Twitch ! J'ai sélectionné 30 mots chelous parmi vos propositions, c'est…
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' Alemanbill nye be spittin fax
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' Aleman @Bambozu Realistic but not entertaining i accept this version :p @Bambozu Stop looking, just join wl open tournament. Some people try hard like it was their last day on earth (a d… OPEN : LA JOYA CUP - TRIO Tournament Round 1 begins now ! 🔥 📌
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@Bambozu nah, i'm done. @realDonaldTrump In Hawai, Côte d'Ivoire, Saudi Arabia and many other countries, BEACHES ARE OPEN AND PEOPLE ARE IN… @Bambozu Now you have to drop the name :')Hellooo 😈 Stream rebrand + Assets de tournoi pour @_Stormbee en collaboration avec @WarLegendnet. Realisé par…
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' AlemanWL OPEN : LA JOYA CUP - TRIO Tournament REGISTRATION OPENS 🔥 > Today at 20H00 CEST 1.000 TRIOS 📍…
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Tente de gagner la Elite v2 il faut juste faire ceci : Follow @FaetyFNBR @Mastrockk RT x FAV ce tweet ❤️ Identifi…
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' Alemannah. I'm. done. @Rojo11 How much do you bet this time ? (you still how me 10% of your earnings for last bet) @BloodxEU @G2Tohaj @detoo_ 😶 @G2Tohaj @detoo_ Sub only ? @Branco__ @Rojo11 Good approach Branco, the only way to have good practice is to find people that share the same go… @Wearedoomedfr @WL_SpatioHusky @WL_SpatioHusky HF poto!
@HarisLaRegie n00b J'étais même pas dessus ! @Geek_s_world 🤣Copycats in action - Part 2 🍿 @Kimundi Repos bien mérité!
It's quite a stretch. And it might take some time. When we reach 10.000 followers, we will drop an absolutely INSA…
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' AlemanCOPYCAT COPYCAT COPYCAT L.
30.000 FOLLOWERS ❤️ Thank you for your trust. Thank you for supporting us. It really means a lot. Thank you.
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' Aleman#AtlantisLegends is back! Don't get rusty and come to practice for the Solo FNCS! Based on your placement in the…
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@madness_ftn @xKylieFn @WLFortnite @GW_Nounours @MCES_Packo @MCES_officiel un gros GG à ton manager ;) il assure! @MartinCreek_ @KEEMSTAR type of @WLFortnite branding I'd like to see more often. It's sooooo cool ! @tommyfromyt We have Daily cups now, Epic took care of daily practice. \o/ @tommyfromyt True :) All we need now is to have fun! @suja_gg @EpicGames @muraosu_ @NyaPou @_JerYx_ \o/ @santisneux @EpicGames @muraosu_ @NyaPou @_JerYx_ Thank you Sneux ;) @GrandWhish @EpicGames @muraosu_ @NyaPou @_JerYx_ @Coach_Preacher @WLFortnite T!JoinTI'm so proud someone at @EpicGames trusted WL staff to manage this. Thank you :) @muraosu_ @NyaPou @_JerYx_ will b… @JulianCoM_ @NebbyFNBR +1 😇 @GameWardTeam Perso quand je joue ça me donne cette impression: OPEN : MADNESS CUP - SOLO Tournament Round 1 is about to begin ! Raise your hand if you're playing 👋 📌…
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' AlemanWar Legend is looking for INTERNATIONAL STAFF 📍 Requirements: - 18+ y/o - Mastering your native language + Being f…
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🇪🇺 WAR LEGEND OPEN #5 - SOLO Congrats to : @raiflafn 📌
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' Aleman1st place War Legend Open Finals🎉
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' Aleman1st place in @_Stormbee cup w/ @MrSavage @ATL_LeTsHe ($3K) very free
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' Aleman @rokcit @ATL_LeTsHe @WLFortnite We would have to parse all data from all tournaments, but the data suggest Benjy Round 2 was great ^^ @codemannu @WLFortnite The more the line is above, the more player survived = the more the game are stacked ;)next esport game :D🔴 SCHEDULE FOR THE DAY 2 Tournaments will run at the same time : 🇪🇸 WAR LEGEND OPEN #4 - TRIO 🇪🇺 WAR LEGEND OPEN #…
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' Aleman @MaddiFtn @PlayQuartz @prefpolice Détournements dans 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...Our production team aka @PlayQuartz always on top ^^ This guy is everywhere.
WAR LEGEND OPEN #3 - TRIO Good luck to all the finalists ! 🔥 [🇫🇷 FR LIVE BROADCAST] 🎙️ @GW_Nounours & @chocatv 📺…
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' AlemanWAR LEGEND OPEN #4 | Torneo español - Jueves 2 de Julio Nos complace anunciar a nuestros embajadores españoles :…
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' AlemanWAR LEGEND OPEN #4 | Torneo español - Jueves 2 de Julio Hoy se abre Registro a las 4:00 PM CEST 🔥 1.000 TRIOS…
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@Ballatw Live it possible for security reasons, but with server replays, some things are doable.Some dataviz done by our dev team. Enjoy. are glad to announce our War Legend Open : Madness Cup Tournament 🔥 Registration opens on Thursday 02nd July -…
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' Aleman @AFlucs @TheVic_c @TheVic_c Les modos en mode :
Une belle initiative, des gens cool avec qui travailler. @muraosu_ a craqué sur sa partie xD first match of the WAR LEGEND OPEN #3 Tournament has reached 64k viewers on Twitch 🔥
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' Aleman @Thoas__ Bro! @Sparkz_0708 @elghali71703776 @prinfeFTN @Thugulax Tu choppes la mouche vite Sparkz. Je rigole juste de l'échange e… @MCES_officiel @MCES_Packo @HarisLaRegie @HarisLaRegie à la régie avec les comptes spec pour chopper un lobby full: @elghali71703776 @prinfeFTN @Thugulax @afpfr @GiksFN @WLFortnite Merci pour le retour! Mon souhait est de propose des formats plus intense pour certain joueurs. @Xanaks3 @SLY_hunterr @WLFortnite Le système de point n'est pas à remettre en cause en l'état - prochaine étape sin… @SLY_hunterr @WLFortnite J'vais voir avec les devs si ils peuvent nous sortir des graphs de comparaison entre les 6 premières et 6 dernières @SLY_hunterr @WLFortnite C'est noté ;) Merci pour ton retour! @EricDJuly Coming from a country which has a habbit, in the last 70 years, to go in other countries to tell them wh… LEGEND OPEN #3 - TRIO 🔴 Schedule of the day : ROUND 1 PART.1 - 16H-19H CEST ROUND 1 PART.2 - 20H-23H CEST
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@EndoBTW Depends, what do you prefer: heart attack or stomac cancer ? @mamabenjyfishy @benjyfishy Young Benjy > cute catsFor a long time people were asking: What is the best PC practice ? If your goal is to practice Cash Cup/Daily cups…
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' AlemanThis week we are giving a try to SOLO and TRIO at same time. Let's see if you like having a choice or not!🔴 SCHEDULE FOR THE WEEK
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Today War Legend' Staff is working on two Events: 🔴 @Doigby "La Détection": Tournament Organization + WLS supporti…
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' AlemanVous souhaitez nous rejoindre ? Vous êtes motivés, rigoureux et passionnés par la compétition sur Fortnite ? 🎮 For…
Retweeted by Robin 'Crazz' Aleman @FortniteFR Est-ce valable aussi envers les créateurs qui ne respectent pas les TOS ou autre licence ? @Kimundi Follow go DM - g prob éde moa 30 sec plus tard... Suite d'insultes unfollow
EU FN players are not ready for monday :')If you are looking for practice of FNCS finals, private lobbies are the best if all players have same objective in… a long time people were asking: What is the best PC practice ? If your goal is to practice Cash Cup/Daily cups…