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@majdal An awful loss in so many ways. Our hearts and thoughts are with you and the people of Lebanon. ❤️ Please re… just released the 2nd edition of their digital image collection with nearly 500 high-quality images of tea… project + they make their content #OER by gifting it to the commons with the @creativecommons CC BY 4.0 lic…
Retweeted by Creative Commons @faust_le @ECMWF That's great!!P.s. That image from the @metmuseum is in the #publicdomain! We also have some fun (and a tad less creepy 😄) openly…, that's quite an art piece...
😯 3D scans from @Sketchfab continue to amaze us. @laurenfklein @kanarinka @Publicreations @pubpub @mitpress Thanks for sharing!👏👏👏 #OER
#ICYMI: We talked with four women who are donating their time and expertise to update @Wikipedia with facts about…
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The internet has spoken. 🐔 #August2020
@profabartow Thanks for sharing!Well, that's new. @AndeeWallace @profabartow Thanks for clarifying! 🤣 @AndeeWallace @profabartow Question: Was @profabartow talking about Pooh being recreated in the form of peanut butt…😍 @OpenGLAM!🇩🇰 Interested in Danish art? This collection in @Artstor via @smkmuseum contains nearly 29,000 images of Danish a… you seen this? ⬇️
Now that’s an idea. 🤔 #OER @CanaimaGNULinux @MPPCTMiranda @ccmx @CCuruguay @IDEA_fundacion @oncti_mppct @ConatiOficial @apradoc @Cesaramirez25's the deal with #Mars2020 you ask? 😏 Well, here's an openly licensed article about it via @ConversationEDU.…👏 A great summary of the #copyright challenges faced by the cultural heritage sector from our friends over at…🐔 "Low Flying Chickens" is in the lead! Have you voted yet? român recomandă CC BY atunci când partajează seturi de date pe portalul național de date! 👉…
@JHorticSci @DOAJplus @sphindia @icarindia @ICAR_IIHR @icarars @IcarIasri @pcfruits @ICAR_CISH @OAIndia @CABI_Hort*Correction: The link for "Low Flying Chickens" is actually!📸: All of these images were created by Kollage Kid and are licensed CC BY-NC-SA. Links below! 🐓 Low Flying Chicke… image by artist Kollage Kid should we use as a header?👋😲 We can't believe it's already that time again! We're changing our social media headers to a new, openly licens…✍️👀 #OpenGLAM
International specialists warn: The Federal Copyright Law reformed by Congress for the implementation of the #USMCA
Retweeted by Creative Commons🔓 We believe building #TheNextNormal requires *open access* to education, science, culture, and information on a gl… know sharing openly licensed images on social media can be difficult and confusing. 😩 Check out this blog post,…☝️ What we try to do when sharing on Twitter: ✅ Include the attribution in the initial tweet or as a reply ✅ Incl…🤷‍♂️ Providing attribution for CC-licensed content on Twitter can be confusing. Here's an example of attribution th… @alissabigelow @Georgian_CTL @GeorgianLibrary @karenjhalliday That's great to hear!
@mindspillage @ldodds We've actually heard from re-users that they're sometimes confused as to whether or not they'… @mindspillage @ldodds Thank you for bringing this up! @mindspillage @ldodds Hm, could you elaborate on that point re: pseudonyms?If you don't follow @OpenGLAM already, this is a great week to start! 👏 #openaccess @Saileshpat Thanks! 😊 @CCturkiye Paylaşım için teşekkürler! @AlexHinojo 😎 @ldodds That's a really great point. Thank you! 🙏 @m_andrasch Hm...@cc_opensource?🙃🙃🙃 @GLAM_Indonesia Would you mind sending us a DM with your email info?🔍 CC Search has over 500M images! @SrinidhiKrishna, a @gsoc intern working on CC Search, has written a fantastic po…
Retweeted by Creative Commons👋 We're testing a new version of the CC License Chooser, have you tried it out yet? Let us know what you think!…
👀 #WPWPCampaign
México aceleró la aprobación de nuevos derechos de autor como parte de su acuerdo comercial #USMCA, copiando lo peo…
Retweeted by Creative CommonsApoyamos esta declaración de @derechosdigital y @EFF pidiendo a la Comisión Nacional de Derechos Humanos que desafí…
Compartir publicaciones académicas bajo una licencia Creative Commons pero con la condición de no hacer obras deriv…
Retweeted by Creative CommonsGood luck, @rightscon! 🙌 🐶 Credit: Carolina Contreras and Ihor Bushko at Formas Studio (CC BY-NC-ND) via @Behance! More:… @open_gulf Welcome to the open community! We look forward to learning more about your work. 🙌
Built by humans, for humans. Wikipedia's extensive knowledge base about #COVID19—thousands upon thousands of word…
Retweeted by Creative CommonsThank you (🙏) for participating, and for giving your suggestions. A few of our favorites were: "be returned, "be li… the winner is...with almost 53% of the vote...🥁⬇️ F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" will [ENTER] into t… We're working on some great updates, including a meta-search feature for additional image sources as well as a…’s been over a year since CC Search launched (🥂), and we're excited to share with you what we've learned about ou…
We're big fans. 👏🙃 out this fabulous resource for parents, teachers, and students! 📚 #OER #digitalpublicgoods
More images from the #Apollo11 mission (which just celebrated its 51st anniversary) can be found in @NASA's gallery… historic image from the #Apollo11 mission is in the #publicdomain. 🚀🙃 @hackSultan @GrantForTheWeb @mozilla @Coil 👏🥳 We're excited to follow your work!Stay up-to-date on everything going on at @GrantForTheWeb via their blog! ⬇️👏 Congratulations! #GrantForTheWeb If you're curious about @JustOneGiantLab, check out our interview with Co-Founder and CTO Leo Blondel. announced 10+ new platform features with the goal of helping users openly collaborate and innovat…
Want to interact more closely with the CC Open Source community? Have questions about CC Open Source? Join our comm…
Retweeted by Creative CommonsP.s. Here's the original interview. you know of any other openly licensed collections working to increase #diversity in #photography, please share! 🙏ICYMI: In our interview with @LukesBeard we linked to a few openly licensed, diverse #photography collections: 📸…, you'll be making cool projects about #copyright and open licensing like participant Kelsea Jones. 😏🎙️👋 Register today for the CC Certificate courses in September! ➡️ @occularmandible Sorry for the's early. 😩 @barbarawaxer @occularmandible And no, we actually hadn't heard of Jopwell before—thanks for sharing! 🙏 @occularmandible We also! @barbarawaxer @occularmandible 🤦‍♂️ @occularmandible @barbarawaxer There's also!👏👏👏
*Downloading* is cool. 🎨😎 Check out this collection ( of openly licensed coloring books from th…👋 ATTN: Today is the last day to submit your proposal for the 2020 virtual #CCGlobalSummit! 😱
@baltakatei The link is fixed now, thanks!*Link fixed* ⬇️ Check out all 174 songs and sound effects, licensed CC BY! far, this is our favorite. 😏🚀 @juliacastrov @DuckDuckGo We hope that answers your question! @juliacastrov @DuckDuckGo If you're referring to how Google filters for CC-licensed images, we're not 100% sure how… ❤️ #OpenGLAM☝️ Did you know that @DuckDuckGo has a fantastic feature for #CCSearch?! Add "!cc" before your search query on Duc… 3 days left to fill in the blank! ⬇️ #publicdomain
ICYMI: 35+ countries and other organizations announced their support of the @WHO’s Solidarity Call to Action in May… @mrjohnc You may want to check this out: @fine_acts @LeeMokobe ❤️ Are these posters CC-licensed?🥳 The Romanian #translations are finally here after one year of collaboration with the European Commission! Thank… we're posting translations of three of our stories in Spanish. These are under @creativecommons license and…
Retweeted by Creative CommonsJoin us on July 23 for another webinar! "How much does Open GLAM cost? Budget and impact of Open Access", with…
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@DiAmador4 You're welcome!