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Last year @OpenGLAM and @Europeanaeu Copyright & Communicators communities organised 2 translation sprints to make…
Retweeted by Creative CommonsPostcards From Forever highlights the "perpetuity of anti-Black racism and police brutality" through powerful image…👋 FYI: The @linuxfoundation recently announced a new training program designed to introduce #opensource best practi…
👋 Creative Commoners! To celebrate @Flickr Commons' 13th anniversary 🎉, they want you to recreate a historical ph…
@drupalassoc @drupal Happy birthday! 🥳🎂🎉And the correct answer is...🥁...2009! After a vote by the @Wikimedia community in April-May 2009, CC BY-SA was ad…! 🙂🔓🌎😊 #Wikipedia20 two hours left to vote! ⬇️ Birthday @Wikipedia @Wikimedia! It is great to have so many 20th birthdays this year including our very own…
Retweeted by Creative Commons20 years ago today, @Wikipedia made its first edit. A billion+ edits later, they've helped fuel the global open mo…
👏😊🖼️: "Oh Hello Flirting" created by Brianne Charnigo using source material from the Nationalmuseum, Sweden for… we celebrate #Wikipedia20 tomorrow, we hope you'll join us in celebrating our 20th birthday 🎉 later this year… @drupalassoc @drupal @Wikipedia Thanks for the shoutout! 🙌 Just to clarify: although CC's domain was registered o…☝️ We also have a question for #Wikipedia20: When did @Wikipedia first license its material under CC BY-SA?This was fun. 😊 #Wikipedia20 day, another major #OpenGLAM moment. The fabulous @nasjonalmuseet 🇳🇴 recently adopted open access for its…
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🖼️: #GIFITUP 2016 entry by Etienne Buteau from Canada titled "Happy Birthday Dancing." Source material from @nypl v… far, we've learned we share a 20th birthday with @MITOCW, @drupal, and @Wikipedia. ☝️ We have several question…🕺💃 #Wikipedia20 @drupalassoc @drupal Thank you! 🙏😊 @Coil ...and always give them credit. 😉🤖 🧠 Honoured to have contributed statements on behalf of @creativecommons to the @WIPO conversation on #AI and #IP
Retweeted by Creative CommonsWe 👏 love 👏 remixes 👏! These beautiful images (licensed CC BY-NC) were created by Chiaralily, an Australian-based…
😍🚀 #Wikipedia20 of the #openeducation lightning talks ⚡️ hosted by the CC Open Education Platform from December 2020 are now av… #CCGlobalSummit keynotes are published! 😊🎉 Now you can (re)watch the discussions on building a culture of peace…👏👏👏
"Most hackers inevitably meet a younger, better, smarter version of themselves. For me, it happened probably earlie…, this is cool! 👇 #libraries "Married Life" by Pamela Chougne for #GIFITUP. 🖼️ The source material is "Double Portrait of Constantijn Hu…'t miss our first newsletter 💌 of 2021 this Wednesday! We have big plans and can't wait to share them with you!… We featured @CC_Argentina 🇦🇷 for #CCNetworkFridays! In this post, CCGNC representative @fgiandana told us… @googlearts 🔓👋 Our first friendly reminder of 2021! When sharing a CC-licensed work, always provide proper attribution! Here's…
P.s. For our stance on #AI, creativity, and #copyright, check out this post. ⬇️ going to leave this here... #AI #copyright @fgiandana @CC_Argentina Thank you for participating!11. 🇦🇷 @CC_Argentina wants you to get involved with their work! Visit their website below for ways to participate.… 🇦🇷 @CC_Argentina is also eager to continue working with its fellow CC Latin American Chapters 💪 — finding new o… 🇦🇷 @CC_Argentina looks to strengthen the bonds and work of its Chapter in 2021, tackling new challenges with add… 🇦🇷 @CC_Argentina finds working in the open movement rewarding because of the constant learning process. Every da… 🇦🇷 @CC_Argentina has recently formed a presence on the organizing committee of Clementina, a new social organiza… 🇦🇷 @CC_Argentina emphasizes that many organizations are demonstrating the power of open licenses and free cultur… 🇦🇷 @CC_Argentina says there are many exciting projects using open licenses, including at @unc_cordoba where CC l… 🇦🇷 @CC_Argentina also collaborated in the development of the "Terms of Use" for the Ministry of Education's repo… 🇦🇷 @CC_Argentina is currently working with @FViaLibre to disseminate information on #copyright, its uses, limita… 🇦🇷 @CC_Argentina participates in the dissemination of free culture and open licenses 🔓 through talks and confere… 🇦🇷 @CC_Argentina was formed in 2018. Its Chapter Lead is @mbutel and its representative to the CC Global Network…🌎 It's time for #CCNetworkFridays! Today's CC Country Chapter feature is @CC_Argentina! 🇦🇷 Learn about their work…
In November, @CC_ID led a virtual boot camp teaching educators about #copyright, open licensing, and #OER and equip… Nimish was one of our Google Season of Docs 2020 Participants! Learn more about the other participants below!! 🎉
We love this 👉 "The more you use them, the more we’re helping improve the representation of black and brown people…" makes self-archiving simple for authors and scalable for libraries, strengthening self-arc…
Here's a clear explanation of what it means when works "enter the #publicdomain" with @DukeCSPD's Jennifer Jenkins!…😮...another birthday buddy?! you 🙏 to @avoinGLAM and CC Finland for translating this post on the @Museovirasto's decision to make more tha…
We can't wait to celebrate with you, birthday buddy! 🥳👋 ICYMI: @MHzCurationist did a great interview with @BioDivLibrary 🐝🌸 on the importance of #openscience and the big… more of Lukas' photography on @Flickr! year, new social media header. 😉🎉 For January, we're featuring this beautiful scene of Trin-Digg in Switzerla… of January 1, 2021 thousands of works from 1925 have entered the #publicdomain—including the jazz standard 🎷 “Sw…
Today is #PublicDomainDay, the annual milestone when creative works—such as books, paintings, or songs—enter the pu…
Retweeted by Creative CommonsNow, even the wild horses (of "Ben Hur" 1925) cannot stop these works from entering the #PublicDomain. Here are 14…
Retweeted by Creative CommonsHappy birthday! 🥳🎂't worry! It isn't still 2020, we just haven't gotten used to the fact that it's finally a new year. 🤦‍♀️ Happy… @moortaube Ah, thank you!Today is #PublicDomainDay2020! Here's a rundown of some classics that just entered the #publicdomain. 👏👏👏 #NewYear 🎉 🎊 🥳 from all of us here at Creative Commons! Credit: Charlotte Petermann #GIFITUP
Heading into 2021 like... #NewYearsEve Credit: Kristers Jakubovskis #GIFITUP
This is one of our favorite CC-licensed photographs. 😍 What's yours? 📸: Ting ting Chen via Wiki Loves Folkore (CC…
"Open sharing matters now more than ever—that’s why we’re determined to make it better." 👈 I like the sound of that…
Retweeted by Creative CommonsHey! Look at that...we have a new 5-year strategy. 😋 Take a peek. ⬇️
Need something inspirational to read 📚 over the holidays? Check out our #CCGlobalNetwork publication. We've publi…
Instead of buying something for #BoxingDay, how about giving something instead? 🙃 Donate:
From all of us here at CC, we wish you a happy #holiday season filled with #sharing, #gratitude, and of course,…
👋 Our last friendly reminder of 2020! When sharing a CC-licensed work, always provide proper attribution! Here's…
Ready for 2021? 🥳 = 🤷‍♀️ Here's a great #NewYearsResolution—become an expert in #openlicensing! We still have seat…
📸: By Chris Timmons for #GIFITUP (CC BY 4.0)It's almost #PublicDomainDay! What are you excited to see enter the public domain? (We ♥️ The Great Gatsby!)
The #GettyMuseumChallenge was a cultural moment that defined 2020! 😮 We'd say that's a win for the @GettyMuseum a… work depends on supporters like you. Triple your gift 🎁 to Creative Commons today thanks to matches from…
Today, there’s well over 1 billion! 😮 Question is: how do we keep the #Web universal, free, and open? @paxxman Thanks, we will! @felix42 Thank you! ☺️
Another tribute to friend and long-time colleague @peterspdx, "the foremost architect and steward of the Commons,"…
Retweeted by Creative CommonsWe absolutely ❤️ these CC-themed cookies from CC Certificate facilitator @poritzj! Thanks, @jennrynw for sharing!👋 Friends! We're virtually closing for the holidays starting Monday, 21 December to Monday, 4 January—giving our… few other "wins" from 2020... 🤖 Submitted statements to @WIPO on #AI and #IP 👨‍🎓 Completed the 2nd year of CC Ce…
📸: Credit: "GIFs 2017" Kobie Koba Nieuwoudt (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)This is our kind of party. 😉 #PublicDomainDay Watch the live stream: 4 months @creativecommons with the launch of our new strategy. A co-creating endeavour marking the end of a…
Retweeted by Creative Commons @weiwanglaw Same here!Today's the day! Join @internetarchive, @DukeCSPD, @SPARC_NA, and us as we celebrate 🎉 the incredible works enter… you for your incredible work! 🙏 @BongaleNimish @googledevs Thank you! 😊🙏
@xor To our delight as well. ☺️ @elliotharmon Thanks! 😊