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@dmbfanmd You know a guy?
@JamieJulieEaton @TheRock @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Your kids are liars.
In the pilot for SEINFELD, Jason Alexander is 29 years old. Twenty. Nine.
Retweeted by Ryan JordanJust read up on Amy Coney Barrett and you better hope "dancing on a Sunday" never gets to the Supreme Court.
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@GrahamCC It’s probably because you are dead inside. *season 2 is worse.
Data can be correct but not right. It's important we spot the difference. Algorithms will perpetuate bias if not pr…
Regina. Been. King.
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@MsJuneDiane @paulscheer
This is like finding out some people can fly or turn invisible.
A remarkable and saddening 'what could have been' moment here
Retweeted by Ryan JordanAmerica is facing a record shortage in poll workers and communities of color are the hardest hit. It doesn’t have…
Retweeted by Ryan Jordan @Brian_Scally Cody definitely thought they really shrunk. @jemaleddin No no no, you’re right... you’re too smart. @jemaleddin 🤔
300,000 law-abiding, tax-paying, contributing members of our society, working in restaurants, caring for kids, clea…
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NEW: Trump-appointed communications officials at the Department of Health and Human Services altered CDC documents…
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The Trump administration admitted in a court declaration from a top Border Patrol official yesterday it has, using…
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Last year I met with a source to learn more about how the alt-right was financed. What they explained was a shell g…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanNEW: Peter Thiel was one of Trump's biggest supporters in 2016 and gave big money to his campaign. But as he went…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanNEW: an elected prosecutor has resigned his role on Trump’s presidential commission on law enforcement, worried tha…
Retweeted by Ryan Jordan @MatthewPCrowley I heard all the 9/11 gender party tweets are actually the result of a botched gender reveal party.Joe Biden says, "I’m not going to be talking about anything other than 9/11. It’s a solemn day, and that’s how we’r…
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@JanellePierzina @givekidstheworl The young man that bought it said he had big plans for it."In more than seven dozen interviews conducted in Wisconsin in early September...about 1 in 5 voters volunteered id…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanSeriously. WTF. @benshapiro Large swaths of which media? @ryandaniel @KaysarRidha @nicole_franzel @FabFitFun @cvspharmacy @EyeBuyDirect @SteMichelle @goodamerican @CBS
Retweeted by Ryan Jordanoh @clairecmc just has no fucks left.
Retweeted by Ryan JordanBWAAHHAHAHAHAHA John Kennedy (R-LA): These gotcha books don't really interest me that much. CNN's Pamela Brown: He's on the r…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanThis is a very big deal.
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This is what San Francisco looks like right now...noon in September.
Retweeted by Ryan JordanMcEnany: "You're referencing something he allegedly told Bob Woodward." @GeoffRBennett: "It's on tape. It's on tape, Kayleigh."
Retweeted by Ryan JordanFox aired one of the clips from Bob Woodward's February 7 interview with Trump – but the on-screen graphic said the…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanAstonishing. Somehow not surprising though. #HeKnew new tapes, President Trump admits to Bob Woodward he concealed critical details he knew about the coronavirus. "…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanDonald Trump’s administration attempted to stop Dr. Fauci, the government’s top infectious disease expert, from spe…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanWith just 8 weeks to go until the election, President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are focusing their att…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanA government never announces that it has become fascist. Instead it announces that anti-fascists are criminals
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@jdesmondharris It’s 12. Any less and you’re a serial killer prolly
Pretty telling that if I look at @Travistritt twitter profile, #twitter suggests I also follow a Qanon nut job, a w… @KamalaHarris It’s weird to say that seeing a young, capable sprite 54 year old woman enthusiastically bounce down… ⁦@davidfrum⁩ writes, all the evidence points to the truth: ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ disparaged our war dead and insul…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanWatch Biden’s impromptu and passionate answer on veterans and “fallen angels” No script, straight from the heart…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanI Remember You #JeffGoldblum
Retweeted by Ryan JordanA tale of two endorsements.
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@ThatEricAlper Madman across the water @pastorlocke Not the first time you’ve tried to appease Nazis. Carry on.From the NYT today: Bloomberg transparently lied and has no plans to help Biden
Retweeted by Ryan Jordan @djlabelleklein @robcesternino Honestly, it’s an inspiration for all industries. He immediately took meaningful act…
WHAT ABOUT KNEELING THO!!! 🇺🇸Cognitive biases that keep us from being rational. via @ValaAfshar
Retweeted by Ryan Jordan @redpatriot GodspeedJames LaPorta says he found the story so hard to believe that he decided to reach out to two sources who ended up c…
Retweeted by Ryan Jordan1/ President Trump, who never served in the military, canceled a 2018 visit to a cemetery where American troops are…
Retweeted by Ryan Jordan @jemaleddin @PMilkman You can tell me... was it @benbrasso? @jemaleddin @PMilkman *sensorial content was all the rage @PMilkman @jemaleddin Here me out, what if when you’re in the app the only way to move your pointer is by shouting… Atlantic report that Trump asked for disabled veterans be excluded from military parades and referred to Americ…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanA senior Defense Department official I just spoke with confirmed this story by @JeffreyGoldberg in its entirety. Es…
Retweeted by Ryan Jordan @jemaleddin @PMilkman Guys! Let’s get the band back together. Want to build a Facebook app just for funsies?! Maybe… @jemaleddin @PMilkman @jemaleddin Shots fired at @PMilkmanI wonder if people in Germany were like “Ugh 1933 sucks. 1934 better come through for me!”
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Just watch Bill Barr - the top law enforcement official in the United States - pretend that he’s not sure if it’s i…
Retweeted by Ryan Jordan @rbbq Oh shit! FIRST BILLING!!!Listen to this man.
Retweeted by Ryan JordanJoe Prude, brother of Daniel Prude says his brother was lynched by RPD officers. Says his brother was having a ment…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanNEWS: In March, Joe Prude called the police for help. His brother, Daniel, was acting strangely. Instead, video sho…
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Yes @OldNavy !!!
I thought that not having an audience would make all the late night shows worse, but John Oliver's "Last Week Tonig…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanJohn Oliver broke the format of this summer’s final episode to call out the incendiary messaging of the RNC
Retweeted by Ryan JordanWhere is Betsy DeVos? K-12 schools are reopening in a couple weeks, if not sooner, and where is she? Why isn't Trum…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanIs this noncompliance? We were told, noncompliance is a death sentence. I need an explanation.
Retweeted by Ryan JordanNot a single shot fired. Must be nice.
Retweeted by Ryan JordanThe history of Nazis holding rallies in left-wing areas of Weimar Germany, instigating street fights, and then tell…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanYou don’t need to be black to be outraged. You need to be American and be outraged.
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@jemaleddin I think about this all the time. Why is this the straw that broke the camel’s back? This isn’t even col… don't live here. The Trump terrorists came into this city armed and looking for violence. They drove trucks at…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanA five-minute audio recording features a voice said to be that of Arkansas County Sheriff Todd Wright using the n-w…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanGo to google. Type “Early vote” plus the name of your city/state. Make a plan right now to vote as early and sa…
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We are saddened to learn of the passing of a beloved member of the Survivor family, NBA Legend, Cliff Robinson. Our…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanReminder to me and everyone: Silent battles are being fought, be kind.
Retweeted by Ryan JordanAre we in the Bad Place?
Retweeted by Ryan JordanHe was fighting for his life during this. Not even T’Challa is that brave.
Retweeted by Ryan JordanR.I.P. Chadwick Boseman 💔
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This is AWESOME. a great reminder that strikes are powerful tools to provoke action and urgency. Bravo @Bucks know you hate snobs and elites I get it but look at Ivana and that douche bag Jerod. Think they are on your side…
Retweeted by Ryan Jordan @ryanbeckwith @UberGuber *opioids 👀The Ninth Circuit has temporarily suspended order protecting legal observers and journalists from federal officers…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanI’m reading the probably cause affadavit in the Rittenhouse case and some things stick out. First, he was out arme…
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Statement from the Baltimore Ravens:
Retweeted by Ryan JordanRacism runs deep through the law enforcement community of #Kenosha County, Wisconsin. These statements from the Sh…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanWhen police shoot people, if they don’t die, the police charge them with extensive and excessive crimes to try to k…
Retweeted by Ryan Jordanthere was actually a knife in one of the twin towers so osama bin laden was justified
Retweeted by Ryan JordanLet's flip the Texas House and fix this monstrosity.
Retweeted by Ryan JordanThat 17-year-old shooter and the Kenosha militias are precisely why the @nytimes running that Tom Cotton op-Ed prom…
Retweeted by Ryan JordanVP Pence said Officer Dave Patrick Underwood was “killed during the riots in Oakland.” He didn’t say the Officer wa…
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