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tyler 🌸 @criizum nc | he/him

i should go to jail for being this sexy also triple homicide • 18 • @crizpriv

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Why Would You Do This To My Young Fairly Innocent Heart You Fucking Hoe Bitch.
Retweeted by tyler 🌸 @100GEY @cottocora she not wrong @cottocora 😔all of them. every single one of them. @miahateaccount haha doesn’t that thought hurt so much @loner_kev @cinnabee__ THANKS KARI 😹😹 @cinnabee__ no ur kari 😹😭💯i’m the problem @miahateaccount nah bruh i said i’d do it if i hit it yesterday @crypticsrporter me too 😩💯 @crypticsrporter nah i said if i hit it yesterdaythanks for 1200 lol @crypticsrporter ykm 🥶🔫 @longneckedbeck he asleep rn but when he wakes up i will yea lol @oFabz @morguemami she good brohow y’all so good with photoshop?? @MarcoAjx @Kiid10Da @100GEY @ChukaTheKid @loner_kev @BlondedJacob crazy thing is these not even that bad compared t…’s probably better if he never sees it lolwow if kev saw that he would probably end it all @Kiid10Da @100GEY @ChukaTheKid @loner_kev @BlondedJacob no? i’m a little angel @Kiid10Da @100GEY @ChukaTheKid @loner_kev @BlondedJacob nah why am i tagged with them i’m not even that bad @rasberry_jack yea yea keep scrollin 🙄 @crypticsrporter lol no i just listen to a lot that is kind of low tho @rasberry_jack nah deadass 🥶🔫‼️💯🔥 @crypticsrporter @rasberry_jack ... @crypticsrporter smh @crypticsrporter u got 5k minutes bro @MarcoAjx burnsooo who gonna lob 2 lol @isabelchalamet ykm 😭‼️ @lxttleladi @mialovesbread goes crazy 🥶🔫 @lxttleladi @mialovesbread sorry lol it’s just ur impactmfs listening to lil tecca like maybe you should tecca lil time to listen to some better music 😭😹🙏 @ChukaTheKid 😭THIS MF TOP ARTIST IS LOGIC LMFAOOOO
Retweeted by tyler 🌸 @SteadyCam_ lol @isabelchalamet isa this is a cry for help lol @lion6k haha yea lol dw bout meeeenow can u all stop asking me if i’m okay i’m pretty sure this answers ur question. @ThePSDJanitor LMFAOO NO !! @SlightlySusTy yea haha why do u askignore the top songs please i was sad lol @MarcoAjx @mialovesbread @pathofffentanyl @g7byy @lxttleladi @Kiid10Da @CertifiedYSL i am not yo fuckin friend 😭🙅‍♂️ @jakkuxd LMFAOO nah deadass i was so excited to see
@longneckedbeck loud and clear @longneckedbeck ps5 could be both lolnah if she really leavin i hate yall !Good good ASAP Rocky is one sex mf
Retweeted by tyler 🌸 @ChukaTheKid nah ong @lxttleladi i would be sad !SHE SAY SHE A VIRGIN, ITS HURTIN @MarcoAjx @crypticsrporter @craig_stewart11 @miahateaccount mf said we 😭😭 @crypticsrporter @craig_stewart11 @miahateaccount @MarcoAjx who tf is WE LMFAOO @isabelchalamet haha yeaa 😹😹??? @miahateaccount BRUH @isabelchalamet almost? oh you don’t even know i actually might be worse 😹😩😂‼️💯 @isabelchalamet i’m sorry 😭😹🥶🔫 @miahateaccount @MarcoAjx @crypticsrporter bruh @isabelchalamet yea i don’t see you with anything but sad tweets about how much you miss them so look who talkin 😹😹 @Kiid10Da @billieeilish lmaoo nah fr @miahateaccount @MarcoAjx @crypticsrporter damn all yall@gonna be lonely cbm 😭 @Kiid10Da @billieeilish u saw the video didn’t u lol @playboimatias @oFabz ty bruh took me a whole minute to make 🙏🥶🔫 @oFabz here bro @lxttleladi real shitplease lol hellooo @isabelchalamet i don’t want that. i just want HER @loner_kev @stroofinati bruh wtf i told yall i’m on ft damn y’all can play together @Kiid10Da @Jackinoof bro don’t link it to him let him find it @wtfKobra i mean well u are lol but that’s okay @wtfKobra get yo ass of twitter bro what @ChukaTheKid make EVERYONE jealous smh @ChukaTheKid nah ur crazy ima post me and her together everywhere @oFabz one day. @ChukaTheKid @postedinthecrib and damn smh horrible ass ss 🤦‍♂️ @ChukaTheKid @postedinthecrib lol i remembered u posted it when i saw his tweet so i went through ur media 🙄 @JohnnyX1234 what @postedinthecrib @g7byy COMMON GABY BANGER WOO @ryanryanalt @MarcoAjx LMFAO @loner_kev @swazzype kev. u know i still got that one tweet i can let off too right? lol and with what happened jus… would’ve found me dead in my suit nope no way ima continue living after this @loner_kev @swazzype @g7byy lol @loner_kev @swazzype @g7byy kev please don’t make me do this lol @longneckedbeck @loner_kev @loner_kev @longneckedbeck LMFAO AINT NO WAY @loner_kev @swazzype @g7byy i know yo ass not laughin @loner_kev @longneckedbeck PLEASE help this man smh @swazzype @g7byy bruh im just sayin hey wtf @loner_kev @g7byy hii @Jackinoof wait i don’t follow u wtf ur always on my timeline @Jackinoof @Vivevaldi nah fr.When will you have this?
Retweeted by tyler 🌸 @loner_kev @longneckedbeck u two would make such a cute couple aww @Kiid10Da @ChukaTheKid 😭😭 fuck u and ur still wrong ! @ChukaTheKid @Kiid10Da lol