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Makes magazines by day, makes other stuff for fun. Tall hobbit. Lover of spy-fi, sewing, knitting, vintage gubbins, gardening and cider. She/her

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Bloody hell, something else to do with my mushrooms! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @dyddgu It gets worse. 4ply, black yarn dropped. My tiny antique crochet hook came to the rescue.Hahaha! Tiny antique crochet hook to the rescue. Take that, knitting gremlins!Dropped a stitch in stranded colourwork 😫🤬🤬🤬🤬 @iyagovos Nice! @iyagovos What are you making with them? @iyagovos They've got both tinned and dried on the website - dunno if all local branches have them. @iyagovos You can get them in Tesco.It me. I love to see my pals enjoying life. Even if it's just a sandwich. reminder of all the alternatives to Amazon for your Christmas shopping. Support ethical businesses that pay their…
Retweeted by Mim McDonald @PoppyCocktails The government *still* hasn't taken sufficient measures to protect employees. Utterly infuriating.… @PoppyCocktails :-( Oh no. I was hoping this wouldn't be a repeat of the BHS awfulness. @thelloydjenkins I always feel there's something wonderful about making things, that it forces you to have your min… @TheDazeel Working 😫 Properly into the Deadline Hell weeks now. @JhoCarneiro Ah no! Take good care of yourself.
Retweeted by Mim McDonaldIT’S HAPPENING!!
Retweeted by Mim McDonald @yourkyotowife You always look so perfect, but also totally natural. Chic?Games freelancers! Pretty soon, @L_Aitken is heading off on her maternity leave. VG247 needs a freelancer to cover…
Retweeted by Mim McDonald @PandoraKnits I was a little sad to see it - it feels too early - but I’m sure it will be fun. @Poonikinz (Seeing my nephew growing up, it’s better when they *don’t* understand adverts...) @Poonikinz Are they big enough to enjoy bits of Christmas this year? (Twinkly lights, balloons.) I know they’re too… @snigskitchen @meemalee I’d honestly had no idea he said such vile things. Awful. @mel1bobs Noooooo! @Shauna_c_jones Our two helped my husband out of his grief when his mum died. Kittens are magical. I’m glad yours i… @LordManders Prescribed ‘cos they’re vulnerable? I buy mine from Boots; the basic calcium/vit D supplement is pret… like a lot of vulnerable people in England will be getting vitamin D supplements. Cis women approaching meno…
@Lostgoth_knits She doesn’t look sad to me... @TheBathLandlady Yes, if the base is silk it's amazing it's holding together still.(It looks like the green at the centre of the feathers is beetle wings - yes, that was a thing. Actress Ellen Terry… my word! The workmanship in this.'s snowing! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch 50% on an Edge Magazine subscription with this limited-time deal
Retweeted by Mim McDonald @Shauna_c_jones Those paws 😭 I love her!The best boy! @schillingc I can see it on my Mac - Chrome browser. @Enter_the_Fray Is he still unwell? Poor little lad. @L_Aitken Glad it's nothing to worry about! @PandoraKnits Ah no! That's really rotten. @bnwkr I'm probably going to cry when I see how much it's going to cost to post it all...At some point I will have to accept it is time to stop buying presents. Today is not that day.My personality in a Ghibli gif... shouldn’t to to say this... but if a dress cost £0.35 there’s something exploitive going on about the business mo…
Retweeted by Mim McDonald @jeremy_peel @schillingc Snakes carry salmonella, so I really wouldn't recommend it. We've owned ours for 26 years… @meemalee How is it doing now? Healing up well? @shoibox I’ve just had a bacon sarnie. It’s deffo a bacony sort of day.
They’re nearly as good as cats. NEARLY.&Team OPM are the best ❤️❤️❤️ @schillingc Noooo! @Zlanier21 Ah no. If you’re ever in the UK, you are always welcome at ours! @BruellaDeville Mmmm Phil Lynott! HEY WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING IN MY REVERIE? @AnnaHollinrake It’s coding! It’s basically maths possessed by art. Or art possessed by maths. Either way, ‘tis cosy. @AnnaHollinrake (I have had knitting patterns published internationally. That sounds more impressive than it is!) @AnnaHollinrake Wait to see what I make - I have some end balls of a silk/alpaca/cel blend in your colours. If I ma… @AnnaHollinrake Your colour palette has inspired me to design some knits. Will send you photos if I get round to it! @Jim_Crikey Yeah, they specifically mentioned I'd said I'd been cleaning loads, which was true at the start of lock… I've locked my account. My tweets are fine; it's the notion that someone's somehow trawled through stuff I… @AimemeRights But is there room for the new bed yet? Then you can lie on that. @Shauna_c_jones I explained I had no desire to be famous or notorious.(In case you're wondering, despite Deadline Hell and some 10pm finishes this week/in weeks to come, I'm actually of… emailed by a newspaper journalist wanting to know if I'd do an interview about some tweets I made about anxiety… @Toadsanime there are some awful, awful people out there.Naomi has launched the Twitter account @DiverseDecember and will populate the hashtag throughout the month. I will…
Retweeted by Mim McDonald @BristolianGamer It's got to be horribly tough. @Lostgoth_knits Same. I've been trying to shop from indie shops etc by mail order, but for live venues, be they pub… Happy When It Rains, Nine Million Rainy Days, April Skies Fitzgerald Sings The Duke Ellington Songbook - I'm Beginning To See The Light, Sophisticated Lady, I Got It Ba…, a couple more albums 'cos you Liked! Electric: Wild Flower, Lil Devil, Love Removal Machine @BruellaDeville "Here be dragons"Hell yeah. @OllyWrites Argh no!Makes no sense that I could go to the same pub under the same conditions and drink as much but ONLY if I also ate a… annoyed that this area is Tier 2 - before lockdown we went to our local maybe once a fortnight. Only one pub, n… and Wiltshire will go in to Tier 2. Bath and North East Somerset will be in Tier 2. South Gloucestershire…
Retweeted by Mim McDonald @Shauna_c_jones Adorable! @robinlvalentine I got 0 mushroom recipes :-( @filmsonwax I'm old and crabby and have never won an award in my 23-year career - not even one at Future. And it ha… is why it's important to do what YOU love, if you can. Even if it's a hobby in your spare time. Because otherw… to then not be 'in' when it's a group of people like you - that's even worse. It's being excluded from the o… on awards: the more niche the group they're being handed out to, the more likely they are to make people f… @SamMGreer You don't have to be useful. You're a person, not a thing. Just being yourself is enough. @MoviesSilently My two are ex-feral and incredible at hiding. The alien would never catch them. (If I did get them… @TeaPoweredHuman You’re hot sauce!
Pippin is very unimpressed with me working late because the laptop is occupying her favourite evening sleeping place...I'll make up the rest of the numbers tomorrow. I don't want to list 'greatest hits' collections so the list's not f… Berry Is On Top - Maybellene, Roll Over Beethoven, Almost Grown - Aces High, Powerslave, Rime Of The Ancient Mariner The Nephilim - Moonchild, Shiva, Celebrate Back In Black - Have A Drink On Me, Shoot To Thrill, Back In Black Half The Perfect World - I'm Alright, Blue Alert, (Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night Doppelganger - Already Yours, Wish You Dead, Split Into Fractions @silkyida Gorgeous! @PoppyCocktails @TashaMCampbell Your neck of the woods! @MoviesSilently That sounds like way more than I’d use... it packs a punch. @geekybaking Congratulations!3: That Bad Eartha - I Want To Be Evil, C'Est Si Bon, Under The Bridges Of Paris Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor - That Man, Just One Dance, You Don't Love Me First And Last And Always - Walk Away, No Time To Cry, Amphetamine Logic it and regret it! @TheDazeel @OllyWrites But... but... Flying Saucers Rock'n'Roll was already out there as a 1950s classic!