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UPDATE, Azerbaijan - Armenia Armenia; • 16 Armenians have been killed, 100+ injured • State of emergency, gener…
Retweeted by Crispin Burke @PassifinaJo Oh no! Get well soon!Thread: The entire conflict in Karabakh was likely planned or pushed by Ankara to create a new crisis so the ruling…
Retweeted by Crispin Burke @JessicaScott09 Ahurastan forever!
@emilyjodell Sorry for your loss. @FarahnMorgan Miss you, bb! @emilyjodell Oh no!So much for being the city of craft beer and Voodoo Donuts. @CCRuns Awwww... @pacouceiro Since the Army’s already switching uniforms every few years, I hope they just let me wear my Lululemon yoga pants.Although the temptation has been strong, the last six months have allowed me to focus on eating properly and exerci… good — 1,000 new cases in NYC, largest increase since June. Facebook prepares to outsource tough content decisions to its new 'Supreme Court,' experts warn it still operate… wanted to like Jedi Fallen Order but it’s just repetitive hacking of strange creatures with a lightsaber. words from the country that's ethnically cleansing the #Rohingya. seem nice:'ve always thought this was why the GRU hacked election systems in 2016 but never altered any data -- the goal was… @AnnaIBurke Congrats!Why Four Pivotal Swing States Likely Won't Be Called On Election Night
@rach_greenspan @sam_grindell Great work! @MollyMcKew Idaho? @mirandayaver @JustinEsarey Or simply *government* experience of any sort #ILikeIkeSeriously, in what alternate universe does anyone get to bring their kids on deployment? That’s why we have all th… @InfoSomniac2 This is so wrong I don’t know where to start.Stop this.'m not going to dunk on this. But parents out there: It is *hard* to be a parent right now. However you get throu…
Retweeted by Crispin BurkeInteresting two paragraphs which shows how Reddit’s “Ban Evasion” policy guarded against copycat QAnon groups.’m pretty sure people have heard of Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian PM. is shaping up to be a heartbreaking series from the @WSJ. @ErrantStrategry Oh dear God. Are you ok?The problem: high-quality hack-and-leaks move extremely fast once the publicity phase has been reached, and become…
Retweeted by Crispin BurkeThis. We’re learning and we’re fighting back. BOY
Retweeted by Crispin BurkeThe Ninja Hellfire strikes again. @SatiristPod I hate getting alerts about my car’s extended warranty when I don’t even own a car.Also: exactly are we supposed to wear our Halloween costumes? @elboricua375 I always just insert Jack O Lanterns in my profile.In less than a week, we all make our spooky Twitter names.Well I can tell North Carolina must be a battleground state this year because my 910 area code phone number keeps ringing. @sewimperfect Fine, no more smiling pictures.This was a horrifying episode. military, spies and allies fight fake news on social media with wit, humor via @NaveedAJamaliLive updates: A ‘large proportion’ of U.S. population will not be vaccinated this year, Fauci says via @wiredUS Army combines fake hacks, natural disaster simulation to test municipal responses’s How the Pandemic Finally Ends via @politico“Reddit was able to isolate QAnon’s influence on its platform before the community grew too large to control. Now F… Milley: Military services working to remove all identifying information from promotions processes Hackers Cripple Texas County’s Email System, Raising Election Security Concerns via @DefenseOneThe United States Can’t Quit on the UN via @ForeignAffairs“On the northern border, the best we can hope for is to achieve a stalemate. But at sea, we have an advantage over… Tutoring Center Was Bombed. She Still Topped Afghanistan’s National University Exam. Is Erasing Mosques and Precious Shrines in Xinjiang Rationale for Military Aid to Saudis in Yemen War Is Fraying @CIAspygirl The producers knew this would be a hit once the ink was dry.
2020 Strategic Culture Foundation was part of a network of outlets that pushed pro-#Kremlin narratives, including su…
Retweeted by Crispin BurkeThe Strategic Culture Foundation poses as, “a platform for exclusive analysis, research, and policy comment on Euro…
Retweeted by Crispin BurkeOn Thursday, Facebook removed a network of Russian propaganda assets engaged in coordinated inauthentic behavior in…
Retweeted by Crispin BurkePages posted anti-Western sentiment in both English and Russian, targeting mainly the United States and NATO countr…
Retweeted by Crispin BurkeThanks for ruining Christmas, Coronavirus... @AnnaIBurke Wait till you hear about the 21st Amendment... @m2_b2_ There is a dessert called "Death by Chocolate" and I certainly hope that is truly my cause of death. what a hell of a way to die. @FleabagforLife If I accidentally run into you again today you know I'm going to do this, right?We literally did this 70 years ago with SEATO and its Middle Eastern counterpart, CENTO. totally thought this was a different YPG when I read the headline. has denied about 78% of disability claims from burn pits 1% of posts on Twitter (likely millions per day) qualify as hate or violent speech. via @DefenseOneSteven Segal -- He's not just a tool of Russian foreign policy. He's also the cook. another washed-up star from the 1980s being used as a tool for Russian foreign policy. violence in Afghanistan has marred the first-ever direct talks between Kabul and the Taliban via @WSJUS Official: “It’s good that France wants to do more...But I think they have realized that they can’t do it alone.”…! via @WSJThis sentence is everything: "Instead of calling the police, [Navalny's supporters] said they bagged everything the… work from @ASPI_org! Night Images Reveal Many New Detention Sites in China’s Xinjiang Region @clinrawlins But I need a name for the newsletter and a tagline. @iyad_elbaghdadi Great work!I need a name, though.'m really liking keeping up with some of your adventures through your Substack newsletters (e.g., @NataliaAntonova @AnnaIBurke Everything’s fixed!
Time for a break. was a security incident on my account apparently and it looks like I was suspended. It *looks* like I unfollo… @MilHistNow Instead we got... anyone just have their account suspended/limited for no real reason?“Those wishing to sow discord don’t need bots to post and spread their falsehoods and distortions. They have plenty… @challenger_prof @AaronMehta And for God’s sake don’t accidentally poke yourself with a poison umbrella.Well I guess that settles it then. @Aelkus Have you listened to the Popular Front podcast on this? This is one of the key points.Robocallers targeted voters in Michigan claiming voting by mail could subject them to debt collection and "forced v… proposal would curb Section 230 immunity for social media platforms which do not adequately police criminal act… @vigilantePJ Morning, Kat!#Russian state-sponsored cyber espionage group #APT28 (aka Sofacy, FancyBear) targeted NATO members with a #malware
Retweeted by Crispin BurkeUS public opinion polls are increasingly supporting women registering for the draft. America’s Drone-First Counterterrorism Policy in the Sahel Misguided? via @defensepost Virus, Two Americas via @ForeignAffairs11:30 on the Mall on Friday. Killed 2 Marines in 2011. It Almost Derailed Peace Talks This Month. Opposition Leader Leaves Berlin Hospital After Poisoning