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cristal ౨ৎ @crissydaichu vivis twin (eng/esp) not fatphobic ༚.° she/they 𖦹 hispasian 𖦹 15 ༚.°

☆ edtwt 📜 linda's #1 fan ☆ cristal loves vivi

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@INomJimin u answered ur own question @INomJimin those are the austronat 300s @INomJimin @croisntae @kthsvitae NO UR SLIPPERS STORY IS HILARIOUS @kthsvitae @INomJimin @croisntae HOLA @croisntae @INomJimin @kthsvitae HE HE HE @INomJimin @kthsvitae @croisntae I CANT BRAATHE @mollyfever popeyes @fiberonediet moot im scared for my life @Bibi_gg2 blocked @skeletonenvy WAIT U HAVE A POINT @bakeryscent ITS SO CUTE @lazulinea probably air @wonieating U R SO LUCKY HELLOO @wonieating R U BEING SERIOUS RIGHT NEOWWW @wonieating mari i cannot tell if this is real @hyejukalz THE ELMO AND BIG BIRD ONE MATCHING IS SO CUTE @dietloserlover DAYUUUMMM @dietloserlover I FORGOT THOSE EXIST OMG WAS IT GOOD... @dietloserlover WHAT ! @lknowiIoveyou @juyeonverse2 I TOTALLY SUPPORT THIS MOVEMENT @ih3artfruit u clickbaiter i thought u were nay3on
@25jiphony @Bloodilia @moschinogirlie GOOD 😭😭😭😭😭😭 @knivesaremeann @undeadxdolly i second this @25jiphony @Bloodilia @moschinogirlie boy what the hell @seokjinniexia they talk while mumbling bro like @xprincessclare HOW DO U MISREAD THAT BAD LMAOOO @loveynine OKAY BUT URS JUST LOOKS NICE + UR LAYOUT IS FIRE @juststarvemore wish i could pin replies @loveynine ur too funny to be on this app tbh @loveynine STROP U HAVE A SKINNY RATIO OKAY @loveynine STOP THESE GIFSSJSHDH @loveynine chocolate fudge brownie and red white strawberry @loveynine only doing this bc the jaehyun gif is making me giggle @M0nsterT0to EXACTLYYY volcano ugw ! @WILLIWXPLODE infp @KatesKals i see ur point @M0nsterT0to but what if aero split yellow the pilate?? like @gyaruospo NO STOP I DIDNT MEAN USERNAMES 💔💔💔 @featherrlight OOO U LOOK GOOODDTT @lilf4tso @breakoffline THE BURPS LMAOOOOOO @breakoffline LMFAOO DID U REPORT A TWEET IN BETWEEN ?? @zahrexic IM SHITTINF MYSELF LMAOOOO @starve4mae omg this is 100% a real situation! 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 @seokjinniexia @c4lsforhwa SHES MAKING ME LOOK BAD STOPOOE @c4lsforhwa @seokjinniexia CANCER @c4lsforhwa STOP U KNOW WHAT I MEANT @linabcrry @mygscale @calor1sta I AM GONNA BE JUST GIVE ME LIKE 3 MONTHS @linabcrry IM CRYING @linabcrry @mygscale @calor1sta -15 @linabcrry @kcalchaos @seokjinniexia @calor1sta @c4lsforhwa @urmomskgs @wonysfav OKAY BUT REMEMBER WHEN YOU LITERAL… @seokjinniexia @linabcrry @kcalchaos @calor1sta @c4lsforhwa @urmomskgs @wonysfav WHAT ARE U DOING HERE @calor1sta @linabcrry @kcalchaos @seokjinniexia @c4lsforhwa @urmomskgs @wonysfav videoshop 🤷‍♀️ @linabcrry @kcalchaos @seokjinniexia @calor1sta @c4lsforhwa @urmomskgs @wonysfav like that one time that you @linabcrry @kcalchaos @seokjinniexia @calor1sta @c4lsforhwa @urmomskgs @wonysfav THATS NOT ME!!!! @linabcrry @kcalchaos @seokjinniexia @calor1sta @c4lsforhwa @urmomskgs @wonysfav thats photoshopped stop @linabcrry @kcalchaos @seokjinniexia @calor1sta @c4lsforhwa @urmomskgs @wonysfav UVE SAID WORSE @kcalchaos @linabcrry @seokjinniexia @calor1sta @c4lsforhwa @urmomskgs @wonysfav ivy stop defending her she ran me… @lvubmiu BUTTHOLESPO??? IM CFYINGNG @kcalchaos @linabcrry @calor1sta @c4lsforhwa @urmomskgs @wonysfav E E E @INomJimin @kcalchaos @calor1sta @c4lsforhwa @urmomskgs @wonysfav gonna do it on purpose now @kcalchaos @linabcrry @calor1sta @c4lsforhwa @urmomskgs @wonysfav me when i lie @urmomskgs @croisntae essay wtf @INomJimin @urmomskgs @croisntae babe????? @linabcrry @calor1sta @kcalchaos @INomJimin @c4lsforhwa @urmomskgs @wonysfav I DONT CHECK AGES BEUH @calor1sta @kcalchaos @INomJimin @c4lsforhwa @urmomskgs @wonysfav OMG YOURE 13????☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ @kcalchaos @INomJimin @c4lsforhwa @urmomskgs @wonysfav literally @INomJimin @c4lsforhwa @urmomskgs @wonysfav blocked @paperskinny ITS..... MID 👤 @c4lsforhwa @INomJimin @urmomskgs @wonysfav so true where yall at @INomJimin @linabcrry /s @INomJimin @linabcrry no way omg totally didnt see that @linabcrry LMFAOOOO "wack" @hazelspo OKAY BUT FOR USERNAMES ITS CUTE @starving4yj @Starveaholic NAH UR RIGHT UR RIGHT @urmomslols @starving4yj TWHYRE SO UNSERIOUS @starving4yj @Starveaholic Z NOT U GIVING OUT FREE WORKOUT ROUTINES LMAOO @glooomynights whats the new update 👤 @miyukegye @zZzfe1ix THE WEED BE0MGYU PIC????????? @paperskinny monster in general @tianspo oop what happened 🌚 @calor1sta @INomJimin CALI PLEASJEHEJ @INomJimin @calor1sta MISS DAICHU BYE IM TAKING THAY @croisntae 🫡🫶 IS SO FUNNY @calor1sta SO TRUEE @urmomskgs @seokjinniexia me first ❤️❤️ @calor1sta 0 ❤️ @INomJimin @calor1sta vivi 😀.. @linabcrry @calor1sta STOP @calor1sta @linabcrry nah i also love eating dookie @calor1sta @linabcrry YOU WHAT??? @calsinurwater twins ❤️ @calsinurwater are u dumb @INomJimin @urmomskgs NOT WIT THIS ONE ! @INomJimin @urmomskgs complete opposite of u tbh @purinocals ppl with missing brains @gr0ceryshopping @autismbloggers u sound stupid @gr0ceryshopping @autismbloggers yes bc ive actually stopped ppl like?? @gr0ceryshopping @autismbloggers the dickriding is crazy @autismbloggers @gr0ceryshopping im bulimic hello @yaakva STOPSP