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18 | Professional @playVALORANT player for @builtbygamers | @YukiAim

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@WedidOfficial @Envy @FNS @Crashies @food_cs @kabooseCS @mummAyTV 🥳🥳 @b0ssyCS no shot there is drama around a VCS team name omegalul @YaBoiDre hey lol I’m new here @MoechillaSama @WillFPS ofc that’s my plan @WillFPS will stream 😩 @ShawnTrinacty that’s bad. @Bjorlulu u guys see this ?!??! someone pick me up
@dazzLeGO what if i started crying would you hold me ? @miniatureVAL man I’m like changing my settings and shit too I’m so down badrank 50 NA to 400 in 3 hours poggerslosing ranked games for fun today! w/ @Huston_TV @koalanoob @valyngod yeah we can make one if you get decent players @valyngod too late to make a teamcan fill for VCS @starlovesuu this is so wholeheartedly @Governor_Val 😭ily @Governor_Val LMAO I’m sorry bro :( @WedidOfficial @Bjorlulu ily2 <3 @WedidOfficial @Bjorlulu :( @texerino same @starlovesuu buy it then you wont get it ever @yungcalc LOL
Back in the saddle for Day 2 of the @nerdstgamers Open Qualifier. 1st Match of the day, we take on the squad at…
Retweeted by BBG Critical @THump @yungcalc he owes me one too @harmfoo ur so reformed I saw it yesterday in action keep it up !! @WedidOfficial 😳❤️ @WedidOfficial ugly skin !!! @wafflenomster12 @claudiavalorant @alexismarieNY @kayvalorant @starlovesuu drew @wafflenomster12 @claudiavalorant @alexismarieNY @kayvalorant @starlovesuu hi @claudiavalorant @alexismarieNY @kayvalorant @starlovesuu @OsiasPH @Renegades win for me ;) @harmfoo k cringe lord @katiebvg thats you4-0 today in day 1 of VCT open qualifier had my seat reclined back 🥱 @harmfoo ratio @BoostioFPS Jett daggers tho
@starlovesuu LMAO you were talking to me weirdo !!! @starlovesuu LOL sounds like a psycho @OsiasPH prop hunt in valorant ? @builtbygamers @nerdstgamers @ExPandableGG @heinocs @robwiztv @phoFPS @WillFPS @Jkw512 @Bjorlulu 😎 @Glorinsz lol it’d be a dead ass stream @Complexity @valyngod @brawku @PlayVALORANT @valyngod yoo let’s go bro @OfficialAproto @mooseloff @WedidOfficial @fgbVAL LOOOOL @vanitycsgo not gonna read what you said but keep crying lol
@ethoz POGGERS @Luminosity @OfficialAproto @mooseloff @st9llar @thi9f @YaBoiDre wow they all so pretty 😍 @nosyy_tv 💂‍♂️
@jammyzx mad lol @starlovesuu let’s go @starlovesuu oh :( @starlovesuu pls be at least top 500 NA @BoostioFPS classic Jett dagger move. @tetchraFN how tall are you ? @OsiasPH queue with me. @harmfoo @WedidOfficial @KittenElise so much tension in those lols
@Eclipse_is_a_qt @KnightFN_ ty @phoFPS noti @starlovesuu what a cringe human ! @OsiasPH @MonsterGaming @EvilGeniuses nice ! @chaseVALORANT @cin_csgo Ratio @starlovesuu crit quote @harmfoo @ohaaiii we’ll figure it out ✊🏼 @ohaaiii yup I’m fucked. @Shawn12590 don’t do it. @WillFPS you will win with me trust @soosleepyyVAL You will dw @m4artinVAL @ArtifexVAL a lot of potential hard vouch @YaBoiDre ur too good pls dont watch @KnightsGG @sheetz lets go!! @Shiro97669735 ill have to get on that soon @SpringLane_ ty <3 @starlovesuu this what i like to see
@Glorinsz thanks man means a lot fr 🥰 @LouVALORANT ty lou <3 @Crashies @Sentinels you are nuts @FrostyValorant thatll come out at 100 subs @starlovesuu ♥️ @BadEmperor_ ill cry :(( @ZeithyV sheeeesh @not_jack1 @FoxA_R6 @Laxing who @ZeithyV do it bro sounded nuts @FoxA_R6 this ur big debut in my sick valorant video @notconnorrrr ty sir <3 @lovisualz nice job misterhi I'm going to start uploading valorant content if you could sub it would mean alot kinda nerbis🥺 @YaBoiDre guys pls follow him @WedidOfficial @Immortals @Luminosity goodluck mr <3 @jmohGG nice shots. @witnessgg @MoechillaSama @jammyzx @OfficialAproto good luck !! @tetchraFN @jammyzx nice game we just played keep it up ! 👹 @jammyzx 😂😂😂 the classic @jammyzx bro my mic was broken you didn’t have to run it down like that :( @minaweeb @psalm @WillFPS @WillFPS @starlovesuu you still clean with it tho @starlovesuu omg you jumped @mooseloff @100Thieves you are turning into such a good player omg 😍😍😍😍 @YaBoiDre @100Thieves YUUUP
@Kehmicals @GenG my king goodshit