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Omega Jones | Actor & Vocalist • @Twitch Partner • Creator of the #BLACKAF Roundtable • Jingle Artist for @CriticalRole • • He/Him.

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@LAbornTXraised That sounds like something I never want to witness lmfao @LAbornTXraised 1) CAT. Same over here lol. 2) yeaaaah i get like the SMALLEST random hairs on other parts of my f… @LAbornTXraised Yuuuup haha. To be fair, it could have maybe gotten longer? But I didn’t try. @LAbornTXraised That’s the longest it got before I finally cut it lol @LAbornTXraised Lol when I can actually grow one lmao!IT IS DONE — bye bye hair until 2021! FINISHED!!!!!!!!!! Nah, I just have super thick hair so chopped off a fuck ton with scissors. Now it’s clipper…’s late night haircut time. This mop has got to GO. @OboeLauren Awww thank you! Honestly I couldn't envision this song being anything but soft and serene with a light… that @ChurchsChicken themselves jumped on this lmao! Look, I also just had some Church's today BECAUSE of my p… photo of me and a random note from my phone... Oh hey, my CR tribute lyrics when they utterly SMASHED their Kick… always, if you like what you hear, feel free to support me via Ko-Fi! A cup a day keeps this bard going strong!…— GOODNIGHT, GOODNIGHT. 💤 My first musical ever was West Side Story so the songs have always held a special place… @ZombaeKillz MAAM IM WEAK. <3If you are live on any of those days using Tiltify for your charity stream, be sure to either comment below or tag… YOU READY FOR A TILTY SANTA? 🎅🏿🎄💸 I'm teaming up with @WeAreTiltify to help some charities out this holiday se… @shellymoo @Gregtito THIS IS SO AMAZING! Congratulations to you both! I cannot wait to see this! @Twitch Final Fantasy. Castlevania. @KrystinaArielle a Church's Chicken Meal into Twilight: Eclipse. That spicy chicken was FIRE. @katestark THIS. @justicearman ....o-oh. I...
@wildrosemage @HTTPaladin @carolinethegeek @MakenzieLaneDA THIS, PALADIN. JEEZ.THIS JUST HAPPENED. @HTTPaladin: "What's the name of the rhino in Hades?" @MakenzieLaneDA & I: "THE RHINO?!"I'm not scared. You're scared. Come join us. A cast of (mostly) people of color playing a D&D 5e module inspired b… @TheOperaGeek @the_french_tuck FORGIVE THE SHADOW LMAO BUT I USED TWO COMMAND STRIPS AND ITS BEEN GREAT SO FAR! @TheOperaGeek @the_french_tuck AAAAAH WE ARE TWINNING!!! IT'S SO DAMN PRETTY! French is epic for doing this!Reasons to follow my TikTok? The Nat 1 series that’s taking off! We all have that one D20 that REVELS in your fail… don't know who needs to hear this but start your Youtube/Twitch channel now.
Retweeted by CRITMAS BARD! 🎄🎶TAMPO IN AN HOUR & 15 MINUTES. Don't miss out! ➡️! @wildrosemage @Wizards_DnD Ooooo when you get a streaming spot, I can't WAIT to see all the things you do!! @wildrosemage @Wizards_DnD LOL to be fair, this is my streaming lighting and it was easy to just have ready haha! But thank you! <3 @vincecaso @TaranKillam @katestark @DavidBlue @micheleboyd @FayeMata @GrandPOOBear @ZeRoyalViking I would like to p… AT IT! When I eventually nom, I shall give you all of the details haha! WORLD'S GREATEST MEDICINE IS LAUGHTER. & i'm here to make you choke on it. 😇✨ THANK YOU SO MUCH TO… @TheOperaGeek @JPruInc ITS SO GOOOOOOOODAlso feel free to RT this to the heavens. xo.Can I make one smol request? I’m currently at 8.6K followers on Twitch and I would absolutely LOVE to sit at 10K b… @CamilleDoesDND HI. @Marisha_Ray @otdderamin @Souuth25 @VoiceOfOBrien Fucking Christ. I’m sending y’all a care package bc this is ridiculous.On the 4th day of Christmas, my timeline gave to me: Four pretty selfies, three useless ads, two random comments,… @victhhe I’m only responding to this because it’s important to me — but THEY did not build ANY parasocial relations… did not create this story and the characters within for YOU & they will NEVER cater to you just because you te… importantly, some of y’all need to learn some damn RESPECT. I do not care if you follow the CR folk (or anyon…’s okay to have feelings about a character you’ve connected to over the years. What’s NOT okay is to speak out ab… of y’all DESPERATELY need to understand two things. 1) Boundaries exist for a reason. Don’t get too comfortab… constantly see discourse where the community believes not just they know where the story is going but that THEY k…“... who both made no promises to you...” I want to touch on this part because some folks in the CR fandom (& othe… @StudiozAero @ZeRoyalViking I did hahaBoth Rumple & I say goodnight! 😴❤️ @katestark @TaranKillam THE AUDACITY. @agarthanguide @GabeJamesGames Holy shit this is GORGEOUS. @LauraBaileyVO @WillingBlam WHY YALL SO ADORABLE. @Marisha_Ray MARISHA I SCREAMED. Also in my Discord live chat, the SECOND you reacted, I called it out lmao.… know folks wonder why I say so much on this page & not an alt account. You want to know why? Because I don't giv… @LAbornTXraised Because he's's the fact that literally no one asked for this for me. when white people remind us that they are white peo… @BidenHarrisHats Hell no.Damn. Welp, no BP2 for you or anything probably. @LaTiaJacquise WE ALL WE GOT.Deadass, I would love to work for Critical Role. And you want to know why? I'd get one of those epic ass portraits… @GabeJamesGames IM JUST SAYING. YOU IN?! I'M ALREADY MENTALLY PREPPING CADUCEUS SO HARD.THIS. IS. WHY. I. LOVE. KENKUS.On a random note, I STILL want to make a group of black CR cosplayers. When we do campaign 1, we are #BlaxMachina.… DOO. SIS. I HAVE A GOAL & IT'S TO COSPLAY THIS NEW OUTFIT. I CAN'T SEW FOR SHIT BUT I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN. @adriofwands IT IS MY GOAL TO COSPLAY AS WINTER CADUCEUS HOLY SHIT.HOLY FUCK CADUCEUS WINTER OUTFIT ART. I NEED TO COSPLAY IT NAO.Sam. @TheRileyOMalley WHATS GOOD.
LIVE NOW! COME JOIN! 🔴:'S AMONG US TIME IN ABOUT 20 MINS! Join myself, @VinceCaso, @TaranKillam, @katestark, @DavidBlue, & many others… @claudiopozas YUUUUUUUUUP @KyleShire PERIODT. Even though, highest of keys, he probably voted for Trump lmfao @CJWilsonVO IT SURELY IS. 🤣🤣🤣but can we talk about how MKX Sub Zero could literally suffocate me by sitting on my face & I’d be ok with that? No… @VoiceOfOBrien 1) next campaign, if you aren’t a monk, I shall be sad. 2) that shirt works really well on you! Let’s go! 💙The fact that folks (re: WHITE CIS MEN) have nothing else to do with their bland Wonder bread ass lives is ridiculo… @KyleShire HELL YEAAAAAAAAA!!!! ❤️On the 3rd day of Christmas, my timeline gave to me: Three useless ads, two random comments, & a f*ck ton of inter… you see a white boy on TikTok literally give his ALL singing Papa Ge’s part in Forever Yours from Once On This… know December just started but DO IT YOURSELF, YALL!12 MONTHS OF ME: 2020 EDITION. another note, I’ma need to be in a (paid) VtM campaign. I had one but it got cancelled after one session & now I’m like — but gimme.Me vs Me as Alarik Coleman. 🥀❤️ #vamily #vtm #ttrpg #vampirethemasquerade @NicktheTiefling I’m melting. You’ve made me the Wicked Witch. How dare you4 selfies from February 2020 to now. aka the hot mess that is CB. @JoshuaMSimons Oh wait —- is this a different song? Or did my age just show lmao @JoshuaMSimons THAT THING YOU DO. JOSH I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. @JoshuaMSimons GO TO BED @wickednormal But factsUUUUUUGH TOUCH THE DAMN PAYLOAD, DPS. FUCK. @LAbornTXraised DONT MAKE ME WANT IT EVEN M ORE BLAYNE HOW DARE YOU.Oh hey, it's another night ending in -day. Gonna relax with some OW for the rest of the evening. Stay frosty out there, folx. <3 @LAbornTXraised Okay. But Cajun Man. My Husbando in another Condo. Can you make me this? Bc I wants. @LAbornTXraised Where.Michael Buble All I Want For Christmas Is You > Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas Is You don't @ me. @TheOperaGeek PIRATE JESUS, YOU LET HER TUCK HER FEET THIS INSTANT!Me: it’s cold af and, even with the heat on, i need a hoodie in this house agh i hate being cold!! Also me: shout-out to @dieharddice for our Forte collaboration! In the video is the Forte Whispers D20! Get your set o… me on TikTok bc plz. 🤣❤️