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We're live with some Ocarina of Time (3DS) Ocarinas and Shadow Temples and Gibdos, oh my!
@BacklogOdyssey recommend you give Mat a follow! Excellent gent who subjects himself to horror games for your entertainment,…
Retweeted by Critically Lit @strangeliltart Live streaming is weird!... You get all the same negative thought s: Am I too loud, am I too soft,… @ducksindisguise @replicantpinky @ScaredyMat @BacklogOdyssey @OctoTako1 @bros_matty @farrelltheferal @cheerfulgoods - Wanted to thank some amazing friends & creators today. 🦆💜 @replicantpinky @ScaredyMat @BacklogOdyssey
Retweeted by Critically Lit @Thewarinourstar Traveling in style! 😂 @BogusMeatFactor Adorable... And I'm jealous of her snack.😮 @TomPCleary Happy birthday! @JustArcia Have fun! @farrelltheferal @ScaredyMat True facts. Mat is a wonderful person and a blast to hang out with 😁♥️ @FallynAing3al Oh man.... Battle Chess! I loved that game. Especially with the board editor it came with. I used to… @ScaredyMat @cheerfulgoods You're the best, Mat 😁♥️ @CriticalLit @cheerfulgoods Every time i join these wonderful peoples stream i always laugh, smile and have so muc…
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Yacht Dice? Ludo? Could things BE any more exciting?! (Probably 😂) Come chill with @cheerfulgoods and me while we… @GoldenAgeNerd Check out The Promised Neverland! Really wonderful Anime. @SolidaritySteve Or awesomely bad! 😮This has the potential to be so awesome, but also really bad.
Retweeted by Critically Lit @kaine23 Amen, Kaine. 🙌 @BlackbirdFrost @kaine23 That sucks, man. Sorry you have to go through it all over again 😔 @ducksindisguise Have a good break, Duck-man. 👍♥️ @HailstormDavid Looks a bit like Vagrant Story to me! Palette wise anyway 😁👍 @longie_long Looking good! 👍 @ScaredyMat @SirPatStew I can't tell just yet! 😂 I might include it in my old PC games showcase at some point! @slide_bob @SirPatStew It's a really cool 1st person turn-based RPG! Lots of cool lore and an interesting setting! @vvolfflovv @SirPatStew Oh man... I got Guardians of Destiny with the first one as well! Not nearly as good in my… @Lunachique It's a turn based 1st person RPG kind of game with a lot of puzzle elements and a really cool story--like Eye of the Beholder 😁 @BogusMeatFactor @SirPatStew Oh man, I honestly think it holds up rather well! The art was stellar and it was the v… @strangeliltart It can take a lot out of a person being supportive--especially for those with a more introverted be…, old school PC Gamers... Who remembers this bad boy? I just picked it up from from GOG the other day & I can'…'s Island is freaking adorable, and a ton of fun! Look forward to getting back to it next week. Thank you to…
Retweeted by Critically Lit @therenesance @hiquwebs @OARetroGamer Always good to see you, man 👍 Especially playing one of my childhood favorites 😁 @cphonx @UberPendragon It's such a wonderful game! @marjolycookie Isn't it though? 😂 @DavyPGH I'm going to judge you! I judge you... Awesome. mini 🍓strawberry🍓 trifles for a tasty red and white #CanadaDay dessert! 🇨🇦🤍❤
Retweeted by Critically Lit @OctoTako1 @BacklogOdyssey I want to eaaat it 😮 @nrding Have a great vacation, dude!Thinking about restarting the twitch weekly #RGBHighScore contests next week...thoughts? @therenesance
Retweeted by Critically Lit @neednewshorts @HylianDruidess Congrats on 6 years, you adorable bastards! 😁♥️ @GeekMid Back at ya, man 👍 @lasttimelord1 Hang in there, dude 👍♥️Time for some more Final Fantasy 2!... ACHOOOO!
@longie_long @Beefareeno *Wittygenstein 😂 @longie_long @Beefareeno You must be Confuciused... None of my reMarx indicated I'd be make a philosophy pun! Kirke… @Keggerade Hooray, plants! @farrelltheferal Very cool! I've never actually heard of this game, though 😁 what's it like?Okay... So... The Last of Us 2, from people who actually played it and didn't have a weird bone to pick... What's… @JulieToonces21 @TheFoodAmigos @CardiacDrop Cheesecake is one of the best things in existence 😮 Looks delicious! 👍Okay. Pick your 80's sidekick. I didn't make this. So, if you don't see it, reply with it. :)
Retweeted by Critically Lit @MakoDevoid was going to make a post about philosophy and metacognition. Instead, I give you this piece of life advice: Be kind. Rewind. @MagnetoErgoSum Gotta take that Switch INTO court... And whenever the other side is arguing, it's game time!So I fully intended to post pictures or Diana for #whiskerswednesday but someone else took her sunshine spot! That'…
Retweeted by Critically Lit @mathman1024 I watched this on Laserdisc, of all things, for the first time 😂
@OctoTako1 @m1cromanag3r It is suuuuuper weird.... But great! 😁 @MakoDevoid Who's a little Bahamut? Whoisit!? @bros_matty I mean... I think MGS5, but I'm an MGS fanboi, soooo 😁 @MagnetoErgoSum Same here! There were so many wonderful moments... But... Palom and Porom.... 😭😭Apologies, folks! I won't be streaming tonight--some things I need to take care of! But I'll catch you all tomorro… @kippboehme @csmitroyalfan Similar, but different tastes in media! @CardiacDrop Back at ya, CJ! Have fun! @pkmmpositivity @replicantpinky @Retrogamebrews @DonniegRetro @DavyPGH @OctoTako1 @Evolust @CrunchyKong @farrelltheferal Good for you, Farrell! Hope you're feeling better after all the craziness ♥️👍 @OctoTako1 Big Mothatruckers 2: Dick Me Harder @racheltheseeker That's pretty frickin' cool 😁Holy cow @CriticalLit, had to share
Retweeted by Critically Lit @racheltheseeker Nice! I love Sypha's voice actress 👍Time for some more Ocarina of Time (3DS!) Water Temple tonight!... 😭😭😭 Named so for all of the salty tears shed t…
@BlazeKnight0923 Final Fantasy 6 😁 For the like 16th time @SeiranSong Mmmmmmm! @FaevanaTV Agreed. All I hear when they tell me how clean they are is: @nrding @bros_matty Sounds like fun! I'll try and catch the next one 😁 @racheltheseeker I know that feeling 😂 honestly, when our power was out, I didn't even know what to do with myself.… @racheltheseeker That sucks! Good luck 👍 @Leocolt_HPR There's another obvious solution to that, however... Which is to post 6% profits rather than 7% profits :P @HLRandrew @HLRandrew TLOU2 had such crazy, interesting (and really terrible) drama surrounding it 😂 I'm wondering if toxic "… @LazyLitten325 Right? I find most people, while disappointed from time to time, have zero problem with it 😁I believe education is the best weapon against racism and prejudice. We need to adopt a thorough curriculum that te…
Retweeted by Critically Lit @Lethelyn Good points, Leth! 👍 @Evolust All very fair! It's kind of crazy how much work-life balance goes out the door in the games industry. @slasher_jpc Fair points! @ShellshockPrime Amen 👍 @HLRandrew True facts. You know, it's so strange to see "gamer" culture in action... really, it's ton of different… @iBazly @ShellshockPrime A very good point! I wonder how much visibility on the issue has changed people's opinions over time? 🤔 @UberPendragon Yep, that is my theory as well... That it is tied almost 100% to investors and basically nothing else. @ducksindisguise Yep. Agreed... My theory is that crunch is almost always tied to publisher financial targets by da… @OctoTako1 @bearjewcannon01 Then we can cancel the cancel culture counter culture cancel movement with a big cancel… was reading an article about crunch the other day... A lot of people put the blame on a games hungry audience.… @calilovespan @Nerd_Alert_91 Same! I'm not actively on Twitter nearly enough these days! 😁 I've been trying to be… @dragonAgeMage Hope things get a little bit better today, Mage! Take care of yourself 😁♥️ @monotonegent 😂 @TrisheeOx Doing alright! Thanks for asking 😁 @TheRPGer I hope your break gives you some relief! Feel better! @kippboehme Isn't it?! I love it 😂 @Keggerade Holy shit! I think you just solved Twitter drama 😮