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Vilya. Wanted to test a brush I’ve never used before. #CriticalRole #CriticalRolefanart
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In our latest #criticalrecap, our delightful Lore Keeper @ItsDaniCarr recounts the chilling revelations and reveals… 1.2 In The Tavern Have you ever heard of a bath? #criticalrolefanart #criticalrole #mightynein #dnd
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Good morning, it's time for soft Perc'ahlia hours 😌💙 🏹: @Riyuski 🔫: @TheBardBug 📷: @Minomotu #CriticalRoleCosplay
Retweeted by Critical RoleWe are BEYOND EXCITED that the fabulous @LauraBaileyVO will co-host tonight's #GoldenJoysticks along with…
Retweeted by Critical RoleThe delightful artwork in this video was illustrated by @WendyDoodles! ✨Join our executive producer (fancy!) @samriegel as he explains the animation process for #TheLegendofVoxMachina fro… you need a quick refresher on all things @DarkHorseComics, check out our handy guide featuring all of our curren… Vox Machina Origins Series I & II Library Edition Hardcover created by our friends at @DarkHorseComics is avail… chilling combat for Episode 117 was #sponsored by our friends at @dwarvenforge. ❄️⚔️ Support the show and chec… @psyk0zap AMAZING! 🌸✨The latest title card brought some peak 🌸Cad fashion🌸 #criticalrole #criticalrolefanart #CriticalRoleArt
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Mega shout out to our amazing photographer @ChrisLockey and wardrobe wizard @Jennernugen for our shiny new thumbnails! ✨Hard choices await the Mighty Nein, who must decide whether to follow the current path of their former friend or de… 🌿 Vox Machina Origins Keyleth is finished!! I hope I did @Marisha_Ray proud 🥺💚 #CriticalRoleCosplay
Retweeted by Critical RoleAs a reminder, there will be no shows this week as we spend time with our loved ones for Thanksgiving in the US. We…; Sentinel. Some #CriticalRoleArt for values and lighting practice. #CriticalRole #beauregardlionett
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"Don't eat humans, okay?" Kiri is @_SunsetDragon_ #kiri #CriticalRoleCosplay @matthewmercer
Retweeted by Critical Role✨ you see her in a healing light ✨ #criticalrole #criticalrolefanart
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☁️ Arcanist Allura Vysoren ☁️ #criticalrole #criticalrolefanart
Retweeted by Critical RoleOur friends and #sponsors at @1985Games have launched their very first collection of miniatures over on Kickstarter… first of my critical role character illustrations ~ 😼✨ @CriticalRole @VoiceOfOBrien #CalebWidogast
Retweeted by Critical RoleJust a few more 🎲 #criticalrolefanart #criticalrole
Retweeted by Critical RoleTonight’s episode of Critical Role is #sponsored by our pals at @DnDBeyond! Grab your copy of Tasha’s Cauldron of E…, it's again. 🎪"I'm gonna drink now" Nott the Brave @CWSeidman #NottTheBrave #CriticalRoleCosplay @matthewmercer @samriegel
Retweeted by Critical RoleIts Thursday! Character by @TheVulcanSalute from @CriticalRole #criticalrole #criticalrolecosplay #yashacosplay
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@DarkHorseComics @fireStash @Jody_Houser @msassyk @CommentAiry @matthewmercer @LauraBaileyVO A beary sweet friend, indeed! 🐻💕Best bear buddy Trinket gets his own character reference sheet for the #CriticalRole comics, naturally! The…
Retweeted by Critical Role✨Happy Thursday, Critters!✨ Reani is by @MicaBurton for @CriticalRole Lvl 10 art by @katiesimrell Photo/Edits by…
Retweeted by Critical RoleCaleb Widogast—er, that is, @VoiceOfOBrien—took some time out of his busy reading schedule to tell you a little bit…
Retweeted by Critical RoleIn Narrative Telephone @BrianWFoster tells a tale in a tizzy as the crew recounts a story filled with many, many gl…, enjoy our pewter Critical Role Logo Ornaments as you prepare for Winter’s Crest! Find them now in ALL of ou…, enjoy our Critical Role Wrapping Paper and matching Critical Role Washi Tape sets with art by @lassflores. Al… MERCH ALERT! Delight in our ultra-cozy Gilmore’s Glorious Bathrobe featuring a luxurious hood and sizable poc… ART GALLERY: Sight Unseen Featured art by @GalacticJonah
The hardest part of making @CriticalRole is staying on top of the fantastical details. Here’s a new look at how…
Retweeted by Critical RoleIn our latest #criticalrecap, our Lore Keeper @ItsDaniCarr explores the mysteries and missteps of Campaign 2, Episo… nominees for #TheGameAwards Best Performance: 👾 Ashley Johnson, The Last of Us Part II 👾 Laura Bailey, The La…
Retweeted by Critical Role"It is hard for me to pretend that I don’t like you when in reality I am still crazy about you." - Because angst C…
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Get ready for another episode of Narrative Telephone feat. a gleefully crass and utterly chaotic story told by the…’s another sketch I did today because I’m in the mood for drawing I‘m also excited to see how Brian’s narrati…
Retweeted by Critical RoleThe icy combat for Episode 116 was sponsored by our friends at @dwarvenforge, makers of the world's finest gaming t…
Keyleth is finished. I’m thinking Pike is next...@CriticalRole #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleArt #fanart #art #DnD
Retweeted by Critical RoleI finished her!!! Been painting this for weeks LOL!! portrait practice :) it's #vethbrenatto !!!!!…
Retweeted by Critical RoleThe Mighty Nein delve into their first of Eiselcross's excavation sites, hot on the heels of their mysterious quarr… SCHEDULE! Join us for a brand-new episode of Narrative Telephone featuring a rowdy tale told by…
Got to some painting this weekend (thank the gods), and aside from some snow flock I gotta add, I finished up Dagen…
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More watercolors and new brushes practice with a Yasha portrait 🖤#criticalrolefanart
Retweeted by Critical RoleWherever your weekend takes you, we wish you wind in your sails and leviathan-free waters. ⛵️ Please enjoy these v…
Retweeted by Critical Role[No Spoilies] Painting Dagen Underthorn while listening to #CriticalRole today. #criticalrolefanart
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thinking about him...<3 #criticalrolefanart #CriticalRoleArt #Criticalrole
Retweeted by Critical RoleThis episode of Critical Role was #sponsored by @RavensburgerNA and Hocus Pocus! Create a magical family night to r… episode of Critical Role was #sponsored by the gaming toolset @CortexRPG! Craft your own game from their hundr…’S GOOOO!’s #CriticalRole begins in about an hour! Having arrived at their first mysterious excavation site, the Mig…
Retweeted by Critical Role“You have sixty seconds, but I have more knuckles.” It’s Thursday! I wonder what Beau is gonna do about a certain…
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Fjord Cosplay from last night⚓️💙💚🌊 #Criticalrole #fjord #CriticalRoleCosplay #criticalrolefanart
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Retweeted by Critical RoleICYMI: A new series of #CriticalRole graphic novels, Critical Role: Mighty Nein Origins, begins June 2021. Each par…
Retweeted by Critical RoleVintage human @executivegoth and Prince of Cats @VoiceOfOBrien join host @BrianWFoster and Lore Keeper @ItsDaniCarr’s Thursday. 🗡
Retweeted by Critical RoleStay tuned for the arrival of dice sets for the rest of the Vox Machina crew in each of our online shops! 👀MERCH ALERT! Adventure in style with our Strongjaw Ale, Mighty Nein, and Tal'dorei Republic T-Shirts. Then snag ou… ART GALLERY: Guided Steps Featured art by @EthanMAldridge
"My place is by her side." Okay but why are we the softest wives??? This makes me so happy?? 📸: @Solliefoto
Retweeted by Critical RoleIn our latest #criticalrecap, our lovely Lore Keeper @ItsDaniCarr recounts the soft stories and unexpected friendsh… de Rolo #PopsMachina
Retweeted by Critical RoleTop-tier toy expert and resident YouTuber @BrianWFoster brings YOU a very special unboxing of our Vox Machina Funko… honor of #VeteransDay and those that have served in the military, we're allocating ALL donations received today…
Retweeted by Critical RoleFAN ART OF THE WEEK WINNER! ✏️💕 Mega ultra congrats to Kristen Felan (IG:kristen_felan). OF THE WEEK WINNER! ⚔️💕 Congratulations to Cam (IG: lillac.cos) | Photography: (IG: fourphotoscosplay) watching the Undeadwood campaign from the stunners at @criticalrole thank you so much for the handbooker helpe…
Retweeted by Critical Role @Cat_Cosplay Please contact our custoMEOW service for further assistance.
✨✨#criticalrolefanart #caduceusClay #m9 #dnd
Retweeted by Critical RoleRevealed today: A new line of @CriticalRole: Mighty Nein Origins graphic novels! Beginning with Jester (June 2021)…
Retweeted by Critical RoleThings are about to get hairy in tonight’s episode of Talks Machina with @BrianWFoster as he chats with…“You were the face I saw when murder entered my heart.” #PopsMachina
Retweeted by Critical RoleIntroducing Mighty Nein Origins, our epic NEW series by our pals at @DarkHorseComics! Each volume follows the life…"I slam the Titanstone Knuckles together and cast Enlarge on myself. Many, many times." #PopsMachina @CriticalRole
Retweeted by Critical RoleThe Mighty Nein's snowy combat from Episode 115 was #sponsored by our friends at @dwarvenforge, makers of the world… ho the gang's all here #PopsMachina
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The leaves are finally starting to change 🍁🍂🍃 Ready for all the fall colors and to wear Keyleth this weekend with t…
Retweeted by Critical RoleHe's so beautiful 😍 #PopsMachina #Criticalrole
Retweeted by Critical RoleLittle Keyleth and her little rainbow! #PopsMachina
Retweeted by Critical RoleThe Mighty Nein head into the frozen tundra of Foren, led by their grizzled guide, and must contend with more than… news! Together, we have reached our $200k goal which will conclude our campaign with our friends at First Natio…
Retweeted by Critical RoleGet wrecked, Umbrasyl. #PopsMachina
Retweeted by Critical Role⚔️WEEKLY SCHEDULE! ⚔️ Join us for Talks Machina with our enchanting guests @VoiceOfOBrien and @executivegoth AND C… fearless Vox Machina heroes from @OriginalFunko are out and available at retailers far and wide! But what real… style Artagan attempt?? #CriticalRoleArt #criticalrolefanart
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something about the way Essek is so quietly lethal... #essekthelyss #criticalroleart #criticalrolefanart
Retweeted by Critical Role"Pain doesn't make people, it's love that makes people." #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleArt @CriticalRole
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November is my anniversary month of becoming a #critter. My little tradition is drawing Vex and Trinket because the…
Retweeted by Critical RoleWe’re auctioning off 5 unique cover art galleys to benefit @ExtraLife4Kids! Available items include the standard an…
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Pop Pop! #criticalrolefanart
Retweeted by Critical RoleThis episode of Critical Role is #sponsored by our pals at @TheDeckofMany. Take advantage of their epic Black Frida…'S ROLL! 🖤’s #CriticalRole begins in about an hour! Caught off guard and left with a dangerous situation, the Mighty…
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It’s Thursday. Inhale. Exhale. (art by @Hannahpflaume)
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