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Criz @CrizFN Massachusetts

Partnered Streamer @Twitch Previously Fortnite @Cloud9 & @PyronicGG H1Z1 @Gankstars. For all Business Inquiries - DM Directly.

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@TheTraeYoung 5 years later… @SypherPK @METALUMBRELLAco Damn i’m excited! I like the minimalistic logo. Looking good too Sypher keep it up congrats. @stoolpresidente They make all their money selling your information to trading firms. It’s all rigged anyway. They will win regardless
@AffenP Ya but what’s the point if what you’re fighting for isn’t even what the people who it applies to even want?… @50taruns @ENDL8SS Keep it up manggg @HoellywoodFPS Just dumb, just waters down or pushes out the people who it actually applies to opinion. @ValorINTEL Looks like my game constantlyWhy do people get mad or offended MORE than the people the shit actually applies to? Like, are we supposed to talk… @WulffLabs Just gotta rip it! You’ll prob go a lot more once you go onceI’ll never understand why going alone is weird. You don’t talk to the person or people you go with anyway.. you jus… @bohon Addicting huh lmaooo 4 days ago 😂 @RiotSupport @ClutX_ Rekt @Pacifist It just goes faster man lol
@Slapshotgg @EUSL_Slapshot Lmaooooo I gotta try the update, it’s been a while @UltraWeedHater Lmaoooooo stop. This is almost manboob level.I swear game devs just don’t play their own games anymore, or not enough play at a decently high level. Some of the… @HYPEX 😱😱😱😱
@FrayFN It’s more of a show of potential @FrayFN Means they will prob qual or do good in round 1-2. Means nothing in GF imoImagine paying money every month for a service and then being told you are part of the problem lolol. What a loser. @TheTulantro @Dety0 LOLOLOL @TheTulantro @Dety0 I mean a lot of things factor into it, but if it’s a relatively normal overclock sure, i’m talk… @TheTulantro If you only increase frequency, but overall yes it kills it faster. @Dety0 you’re the only other PC gu… @TheTulantro But you’re raising the temp by overclocking it, so naturally you’re degrading it faster. That’s the tradeoff @TheTulantro Ram you just enable XMP and that’s far good enough @TheTulantro You do shorten it though, and ram is different but overclocking your cpu doesn’t do much. You also don… @TheTulantro It’s barely even worth it then also. You barely get any performance and just shorten the lifespan. 5-1…
🗣 Overclocking your PC is almost never worth it There I said it. @Yata_tv 😂😂 this copy pasta is so good I couldn’t not post itI really like csgo actually. I’m a valorant player and csgo is hard for me but I like playing deathmatch because I’…
@Asmongold Fuckin true @pcgamer @bnwkr Did anyone actually read the article?
@VaporLX The problem is, esports isn’t a job, and it’s time sensitive. Everything is win now mentality because team… @PixulFN 😂😂😂 I respect the effort @PixulFN @DeAndreHopkins Yikes take @drewclank Good af. It’s like what KFC Popcorn chicken should be @JarretCF Ya i’m curious to see what happensShit company. Yikes @FableJMS Lmaoooo you never hit me up!! @GODfr0st Bro I swear to god, it’s ALWAYS sages. They wall, and NEVER use the ice orbs. Ever. Or they just randomly… it just a thing that ALL Sages don’t ever know how to use their Ice orbs?
@PFF Calvin Johnson Tyreek Hill Deandre Hopkins Davante Adams @THESLUMPGOD Lets make a dealllll @Ninja CS 1.6 Wolfenstein enemy territories Gears of War WoWMilwaukee @Bucks 2021 NBA Champs. You heard it hear first, folks. #OwnTheFuture
Retweeted by Criz @Giannis_An34 @AaronRodgers12 He has something you’ll never have though. A championship
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@cdubbs318 It’s not so much the affect it would have, just more the message. Actions > words @BostonDotCom No lol @MVG_Mew2King What’s your take on it as short as possible? Feel like fox has more room for error. @frostyZK High sens better overall @MonsterDface If you don’t care about the game sure, easy answer @MonsterDface My issue is that all these creators complain, but still play the game. They should have everyone stop… @Joe_Gatto No Boston 😔 depressed
@C9Mang0 Lfg @KingRichard Ya, kinda sad. Everyone scared to make anything new or innovative, but I kinda don’t blame them. High… this on Instagram and wasn’t sure if I wanted to share on Twitter but if it helps just one of you wherever y…
Retweeted by Criz @AdamSchefter Thought this was Barry @CrizFN You practice how you play !!!
Retweeted by Criz @stefondiggs Exactly! Also gotta practice the right way, not your way. Can’t be practicing bad habits and wondering… @Topgunthegreat Today and tomo i’m down @stefondiggs Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. @truTVjokers @thetenderloins No Boston 😔 sad timesComing back to Fortnite @LiquidHbox Happy to see you all back. Made life feel normal again for once. @JLove @TimburrVAL As you can tell by his brilliant Tweets, he is def of the highest IQ out there. J man I think i’… @C9Mang0 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
@stefondiggs Def sodaSmash Melee fights > UFC Fights. @Farmerrblue Ya hmu criz#na0 @Lkzbr Where you been at @VoodooFN 🤷🏻‍♂️Someone hire this dude to be their editor @Farmerrblue Bro the game is rigged 😂 I swear to godI don’t know a SINGLE person that plays Overwatch. @TrainHardEsport Sheeeeesh @H4NSSEN You don't even hit me upThis game is a sick joke. So happy I don't take it seriously on smurfs anymore 😂 but we'll never hear "Khris Middleton helps lead bucks to NBA finals" chief
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You can be miserable or you can be motivated. They both use the same energy.
Retweeted by Criz @JarretCF I don’t get it, how is the Company corrupt? Lmao
@TimburrVAL Literal brainlets. It’s not even closeeeeeeee. Spotify is the easiest / best UiHow does ANYONE think Spotify isn’t by far the best music streaming service? It’s not even close. @HoellywoodFPS Lol Warzone has so much potential. It’s sad @ZazzyTV @WebsFN 👀👀👀 @notSharkk Valorant just pisses me off. The most inconsistent game i’ve ever played in my life. @ZazzyTV Rebirth I been seeing looks pretty fun, I might have to give it a try. Idk I always hated Verdansk, just shit to me @notSharkk Might have to frick around and play. Idk there’s literally nothing to play @13Myhm Dead dead huhIs Warzone decent now? Like can I actually play now and somewhat enjoy it or is it still garbage? @Tempo_Storm @eUnited Your move @Tempo_Storm @eUnited Or what what? @CryptoWhale @verified help em out 🙏🏼don’t let the people be scammed @Zephqt @Ceice 💵 fork it over Ceice
This the craziest kill i’ve ever seen 😂 @cashfIo @MrEsport Not when I did it, but obv I could have done it wrong. I won 5K, hadda pay taxes on the 5K as my… @FableJMS 😂 keep tryin! @MrEsport @cashfIo Ya but if the tournament organizer pays the player, the contract doesn’t matter. Idk how CoD wor… @cashfIo @MrEsport Wouldn’t it depend on if the Org got paid the money, or the player?They just Verifying anyone huh? I’m about to try to get unverified
@iiTrizz Yayayya i’ll retweet it