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F/A. Soon for ____✍️Partnered Streamer @Twitch Previously Fortnite @Cloud9 & @PyronicGG H1Z1 @Gankstars. For all Business Inquiries - DM Directly.

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@GODfr0st takes like max 10 hours to hit 60. It's super easy and fun ngl @WizKayTV I faced Antonio Gibson, Tyreek Hill, and James Robinson on the same team, then Derrick Henry & Allen Robi… @GODfr0st Dunno how PvP is gonna work tbh @GODfr0st Spriestis like num1 in DPS rn, Unholy DK is like 2nd, feral is top 5. All super strong rn. Feral falls of… @crestfps Perfect @hotpockets Hot Pockets are slept on You guys follow me No one uses the cardboard holder that comes with a Hot Pocket @Chukko2 Apparently it's being tested, dunno if it's legit or not. @TrqhardTV mmmm idkkk, Riot is pretty good with this kinda stuff. Idk if it would be amazing, but it'd def be bette… @Bugzvii wat watIf there's a Valorant BR, it's over for everyone @GODfr0st 173 Ilevel already bruv you're missin out @PatrickMahomes @MecoleHardman4 The wind duhhh
@hazeykthx It’s the worst cod video game in a long time. Fixed it for you @MrBeastYT So you’re saying you need volunteers
@HunterxHunterSc Yorknew best arc.
@visecs Lets goooooo you know I still bump that Animated to this day 😤 @CreationsRoss 😂 just watched this too. You got the best ideas bro @MRKNBoss 🤔🤔 how long do I have to do it @iiKlemm Nvidia V Ryzen and even PC stuff in general is so hard to gauge because of how much information is spread,… Thanksgiving Pilgrims @902Creed Xaryu is the god mage, Soda is crazy good at Druid, Cdew Shaman, think Snurz Warlock. Just gotta find som… @902Creed Gotta watch the pvp streamers, that’s how I learned a lot fast way back when. I think it’s super fun but… @902Creed Ngl, i’m having tons of fun so far. The Lore / Quest chain is super dope and easy to follow, and I usually complain about those. @MeyersLeonard Okay smooth af
@WarcraftDevs Any idea why my characters don’t pop up or how to fix it myself?
@playboicarti lesgooo @PatrickMahomes 🔥🔥🔥 @ItzJMar @UPSlLON Sub is better, but some Dub is acceptable @StoolGametime It's okay, maybe top 10. @itsthreeM Wing sauces >>>> 100% will be one @NoXeption Lmaoooo suck it nerds @jainormis Yaa exactly just fun back and forth and fun opinions 😂 @NoXeption Dooo ittt i’d watch you dunk on hoes @iBudderz There’s just sooo many I haven’t seen. I’d have to start with the ones I have seen or seen enough of, the… @jainormis I’m DOWN for that 100%. I think i’m gonna start a series of Tier List videos once or Twice a week, then… @famousmoxy Send me one i’ll make a video on it 😂 just some super random content. Love it @Caaymus Oooof there’s so many good ones. Fast Foods, Sodas, Wing sauces, water brands, all good ones @famousmoxy I don’t think I know enough 😂 unless we going straight off looks, I could do itSomeone DM me or just tell me some to make. Literally any topicI love Tier List videos idk why. I just wanna make a bunch of different ones 😂 @vuzby @GhostMiccoy 🐉🔥 @GhostMiccoy Didn’t even think about that aspect. Now I needa go get 10 sliding kills 😂 @MikeDavisRB Of course i’m not home tonight 😪 @GhostMiccoy Ya of course but I just hate not having a sniper instead 😂 that’s usually what I do. Might have to just be that guy and do it @nurfed25 Agreed. ESEA actually felt like a Community for a while and made everything really easy to follow for a l… @Sticeyzx Thats how like every game feels to me @GhostMiccoy But I want Ghost :( guess I gotta conform to the Meta I hate sighhWhy when I watch some people play Warzone do they only fight kids who look like they just started playing video gam…
@DrakkoRekt Whats good about it that makes it above subpar? @owennUSA So uncultured 😂 @ImNedak Very bad and unfun. I don’t think there’s a lot of Variety in loadouts either. It’s all useless or meta no inbetween. @Frxsty007 I just don’t find this one enticing at all. It feels watered down in every aspect @Toazt Ya zombies is sick. Honestly would love to see more shit like it, or updates to it as it goes or something.… is hella dope though 😎Anyone who says Cold War is a good CoD has rose tinted goggles on. 0 chance you played MW2, Black Ops 2, or even Co… @iiKlemm Game feels watered down hella hard. Feels like a barebones game that’s meant for a Beta or something. @iiKlemm You mean you don’t like god awful maps with recycled boring perks and 3 guns? @JoeyB Goodluck bro, you got this. Get well soon! @HappyThatoneguy 😂😂😂😂😂😂 they stay stupid @JLove @iiTrizz Worst maps i’ve ever played in my life. Not even being dramaticFor anyone who doesn’t believe me, here’s an Article linking to proof can’t believe people don’t know this 😂😂 @Connoreo_ No, it never works. People have been saying this since Vick, and countless times it’s failed. On paper i… @GoodGuyNani Who’s gonna tell you? @TorseFPS @JackIgoeTV Nope, google “do you know why they call it an Xbox 360?” @TorseFPS @JackIgoeTV ??? @JackIgoeTV Nope wrongDo you guys know why they call it an Xbox 360? Because when you see it, you turn 360 degrees and walk away LMAOO @UrbanCDN Fuck did I just read
@LILUZIVERT That’s always how it is 😂 @itsJerian READ THIS @LogitechG Gpro Wireless Ergo when? @Carterr1k @iiTrizz It's funny because the Million was probably from Marvel themselves to Run / Advertise the tournament lol @Carterr1k @iiTrizz 200 mill Vbucks & Winner gets their name in the Marvel Movie credits 😱😱 @iiTrizz They savin the bangers for Winter Royale. Trust @FeaRMoho Stopped playing because of the character alone basically @DeAndreHopkins @TomBrady Ayyy where do I sign up 😃
@jainormis It got nerfed yesterday didn’t it? @Krashy 🥰 @Krashy 100% used to be worth it, esp because companies didn't always use the best parts, but now there are so many… @Krashy Building your own is overrated now IMO. It used to be great, but I think now it honestly doesn't matter and… @902Creed Good dub too @902Creed Cory in the house @TorseFPS @LeonhartYT I can’t help but think of the Pawn Stars episode with Gary how much money they lost out on not buying h… @GeezaOfficial LOLL unluck. It has to be real, not possible @GeezaOfficial Got a cursed account, unluck. Swear I have one on one of my smurfs. Impossible to win
@H3CZ UMP 45 / InterventionBring this map back for Christmas plz @Shivsy_ Freeee cashh @Shivsy_ Dat game doodoo till World Cup 2021. Then we make a comeback @bnwkr Damn you figured me out 😈 feel like a winner @bnwkr Welcome @Topgunthegreat I bet if it did and 3rd person was meta, controller would 100% be better. First person BRs its not… @TorseFPS I can’t lie they’re kinda annoying about it all. Idc if it’s stronger in whatever game, but at least be neutral about it lmaooController is stronger in every single game except Tactical FPS games. The bottom line is the Longer TTK is, the be…
@AmericanDadLive Chill my girl has a Twitter.. @vuzby @Claraphii @Bandito Do it @Sparebow Because you're thinking about it from the perspective of if you actually would remember, not the perspective that you won't @Sparebow You were dead before, wasn't that bad