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We are FTC Team 8569 "The RoboKnights " and FLL Teams 10 " The Flaming Mechanical Coyotes " 206 "The RoboFoxes" and "The Bionic Sushi Cats” and FLLJr.

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@JohnDeere and @PatrickOBarnes we are happy to share that we were awarded 2nd Place Inspire at NC FTC State Tournam…
We're giving away goBILDA hoodies! Find where this Ethan character dressed as Waldo (shown below) is hidden on the…
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@ftc5086 @FIRSTChesapeake @ChathamHall You got this! #spiffy
@ftc5086 @FIRSTChesapeake @ChathamHall High Fives! That’s spiffy
@ftc5086 Congratulations!
@ftc5086 @RoanokeCollege @ChathamHall Good luck!
Join us as we continue our journey into computational thinking with the release of new videos! As we dig deeper in…
Retweeted by Camelot RoboticsMake sure to check out our latest video in the OpenCV Skystone Spellbook where we will be covering how to detect a…
Retweeted by Camelot Robotics @andymarkinc it’s all fun and games until #mentormarshall breaks out the ladder #MentorMonday #spiffy
Are you interested in presenting at our World Championship conferences in Houston, TX or Detroit, MI?!!? We're look…
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Loved getting updates from @FRC900 and @FTCTeams #RoboKnights while they were in South Carolina volunteering for… @ftc_10538_kilts Great job!We are now releasing our odometry wheel design. It's a 3d printed in aluminum with a hinge using torsion spring. Th…
Retweeted by Camelot Robotics @omninjaneers High Fives #spiffy
2020 #FIRSTChamp Housing is open for @FIRSTweets teams! We’ve booked our and are looking forward to volunteering in… friends and fellow @FIRSTweets teams in NC are looking for a location in the Greensboro area to keep their amaz…
Exciting changes to the SPARK MAX firmware for the 2020 FRC season will make the Brushless REVolution better than e…
Retweeted by Camelot RoboticsCheck out this awesome guide from FRC 900 on making a small scale robot with our TileRunner chassis:…
Retweeted by Camelot RoboticsNext video in our #computationalthinking playlist has been released! Computational Thinking: The Blocks Toolbox…
Retweeted by Camelot RoboticsNothing like a little epoxy for a @FTCTeams by 🌙 light - with lanterns and a crackling fireplace video to set the m… file might be one of our “favorite” tools 🧰 for @FTCTeams #spiffy
Mark your calendars for 3/20/20!! It is going to be a fun night raising money to promote STEM in Pitt County!!
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Engineering > Magic
Retweeted by Camelot RoboticsThanks @TeamStorm100 for putting it into words for all of us in the @firstlegoleague community! #spiffy out the #Actoboticsfreebie! We think it's #spiffy! @Actobotics @FTCTeams We'd be ecstatic with either! #spiffy LOVE @stickermule for all our @FIRSTweets team needs! Stickers, Buttons, and believe it or not Hot Sauce! Plus w… in on our @SCRobotics neighbors @ThePenguineers how’s your @FTCTeams season going? #spiffy @FTC8813 Great job! #spiffy @WizardsExe Fantastic! High Fives! #spiffyA friendly reminder that the FIRST Community will gather today to celebrate the life and legacy of Woodie Flowers.…
Retweeted by Camelot RoboticsA beautiful tribute to an amazingly kind man #WoodieFlowers. #spiffy @FTC8373 That’s a cool way to build consensus from the team. #spiffyWe’re all headed to our @FIRSTweets competitions like... @FTC8373 We do high, low, noteworthy and then compare to the goals we set for that event. Tell us more about the “p… our shelf at the local Food Bank and then jumped in to help with the gift bag for delivery next week!…
@TeamGearedUP Yassss! #spiffy
Our MC at the @firstlegoleague tournament in NC had all the teams participating in #CoreValues challenge- line up i… fun day volunteering for our NC @firstlegoleague teams. We had an amazing time with @FRCTeams teams @FRC900 are super proud of our @firstlegoleague team #FlamingMechanicalCoyotes! They will be advancing to the NC FLL Sta… @F10238 Super cool! High Fives! #spiffy @FTC8373 Amazing! Great job!
Good Luck to our Kentucky neighbors @LectricLegends as they head to WV Championship! Hope you guys have a #spiffy t… out to our good friends @FTC8373 heading out to their @FTCTeams Qualifier today! @FTC8373 Woot woot! Hope you guys have a #spiffy day!
Happy Fact Friday!! #lashleyfactfriday The electromagnetic spectrum ranges from least dangerous, long wavelengths,…
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DEADLINE TOMORROW!!! Applications for the Reaching for the Stars: Women in STEM Scholarships Sponsored by Dominion…
Retweeted by Camelot RoboticsHey 👋 @FTCTeams @RoboVikes is looking for come assistance- who’s got some knowledge to drop? #coopertition #spiffy great mission solved! A new type of attachment we have never used before! Always learning #cityshaper ⁦…
Retweeted by Camelot RoboticsWe found ways to improve our road runner paths and added markers to reduce stone placing time. 5 stones in 26 secon…
Retweeted by Camelot RoboticsSwift stacking skills from @ftc14928real! Great work 🙌#FTCUKteams take note 🤓 🏗 #Inspo #MoreThanRobotsUK
Retweeted by Camelot Robotics @PinktotheFuture Super cool 😎43points autonomous (driving solo) 3 days before our second league meet (Veghel, The Netherlands), autonomous is st…
Retweeted by Camelot Robotics @FTCTeams got some special surprises for the show tonight you're not going to want to miss. Make sure to tune in at 8:30 E…
Retweeted by Camelot Robotics @FRC3196 one of the N. C. @FRCTeams are a familiar site at @firstlegoleague tournaments! Our FLL teams love them an… @GlennHSRobotics @LeanderISD_CTE @TomGlennHS @LeanderISD Good luck 🍀!If you're looking for intense strength & an excellent hold, you're gonna want to check out our NEW 8mm REX Gears of…
Retweeted by Camelot Robotics @FTC8373 @5484FTC Impressive! #spiffy it out! @FTCTeams teams what’s your biggest challenge this season? Let us know if a GIF. Ours might be time, there’s ne…
@FTC8373 Good luck! We’ll be cheering you on from North Carolina! #spiffy @ALoTO_Ftc @psjaSWrobotics @MIT @QuestBridge @PSJAISD @PSJA_SnapGirl @FIRSTRGV Amazing! High Fives! #spiffyGuiding our rookie @firstlegoleague team through their first post tournament reflection and review. Love it when th…! It's #GivingTuesday! Plus, Safety Animation Award, Q&A, and FIRST Choice reminders!
Retweeted by Camelot RoboticsIt's not too late to join the Ask the Expert Webinar tonight at 7 pm to learn more about Student Submitted awards,…
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In honor of Giving Tuesday, let’s see how much we can raise for FIRST teams everywhere! Click the link below to giv…
Retweeted by Camelot Robotics @FIRSTweets #WoodieFlowers are 2 days left to apply to attend the Jan. 7 #NASASocial at @NASAArmstrong! Participants will spend a half d…
Retweeted by Camelot RoboticsWe want to give a big thank you to all of the groups that applied for Ri3D sponsorship last month! We're making our…
Retweeted by Camelot Robotics @ServoCity @FTCTeams member Eli and @FIRSTweets alumni Elias are working with the @firstlegoleague team Flaming Mechanical…
Check out what @ServoCity has going on for @FIRSTweets teams! #spiffy @goBILDA @goBILDA See #spiffy pink! @goBILDA Hey thanks @goBILDA for checking in. We tried again last night and they came out a lovely 🍤 shrimp pink.… @REVrobotics We are thankful for our Coaches and Mentors!Sunday Funday in the lab with @FTCTeams #RoboKnights - looking #spiffy on over to Light up the Night this Friday and don’t forget to bring mittens or gloves for those in need.
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@wahs_robotics @ServoCity thanks for all you do for @FIRSTweets teams #spiffy to detect Skystones with your camera? Check out this video on using OpenCV to detect Skystones.…
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Happy Fact Friday!! #lashleyfactfriday “Macy’s is the #2 user of Helium in the world, big balloons use 12,000 cubi…
Retweeted by Camelot RoboticsIf you are in the #Quadcities area please consider volunteering - your support promotes STEAM for youth in your…♥️♥️♥️
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Here we are, stuck in 2019 while @FTC16072 Quantum Quacks are over in 3019! #MoreThanRobotsUK #SKYSTONE @FTC_UK
Retweeted by Camelot RoboticsOur #mecanum wheeled #robots provide a sturdy, stable platform that can move easily in any direction. Find out more…
Retweeted by Camelot Robotics @FTC16072 @FTCTeams So cool! #spiffySome of us might be away from the robot for Thanksgiving but with FTC 8397's great robot simulator, we programmed o…
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@MrBill252 @pittpirates2642 They are AMAZING! Thanks for hosting again this season! #spiffy @frc6004 @FTC_NUSA We heard it was a great tournament! Thanks for supporting our @firstlegoleague teams on North Carolina! #spiffyOur @FTCTeams team project manager installed a bell that you ring when you complete a task. This is us when we tak… out a few highlights from the @FTCTeams Detroit Qualifier this past weekend at Detroit King Jr Sr High School…
Retweeted by Camelot RoboticsWelp @goBILDA after an hour we are pink on the edges - back to the drawing board. #spiffy for the dye to take effect @goBILDA - #spiffy #watchedpotneverboils
Alright @goBILDA we are channeling our inner Bob Ross. Whoot our @goBILDA order for our @FTCTeams #RoboKnights came in and we are super excited! #spiffy might be on Thanks Giving Break but the team is still working. #weneverstop @mikejmoran @mr_lakewood
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