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Mainer. Catholic. DC Correspondent at @cnalive/@ewtn. @providencecol 13. a sinner and flawed woman. likes bagels, hockey, and Minnie Mouse. John 21:12.

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@canonlawyered @jdflynn @jr_fee @cnalive This thread is bananas...b a n a n a s @canonlawyered @jdflynn @jr_fee @cnalive You can’t scare me—after all that we’ve been through, I know we’re cool. @bendreyfuss @StephenGutowski I respect this @jdflynn @canonlawyered @jr_fee @cnalive *puts down Pom poms* @jdflynn @canonlawyered @jr_fee @cnalive Ed heard that I was talking shit and I didn’t think that he would hear it.… @canonlawyered @jdflynn @jr_fee @cnalive You had me research her weddings months ago!!When snuggling me no one is.
Retweeted by Christmas Rousselves 💜💜 @jdflynn @jr_fee @canonlawyered @cnalive Who do you think told Ed 👀👀👀 @jdflynn Don’t speak anymore.Live look at me trying to learn a new hornpipe step tonight @maryrezacfarrow True crime garage and Jensen and holes the Murder SquadI know podcast hosts need to make money, and I also know the demographics of who listens to true crime podcasts (🚺)…
@JihadiJoey @bohanlon @madameblue5 @TheHappyPriest Oh yes for sure @JihadiJoey @bohanlon @madameblue5 @TheHappyPriest No SSPX, no daily confession at the cathedral. Believe me, I’ve tried it all. @JihadiJoey @bohanlon @madameblue5 @TheHappyPriest There are no Latin Mass parishes in Maine. There is a Latin Mass… all the tweets about the Holy Family being refugees at the first Christmas, this is your annual reminder: tha…
Retweeted by Christmas Rousselves 💜💜Agreed. Peter’s Pence has never claimed to be exclusively devoted to outlays on discrete charitable projects. It go…
Retweeted by Christmas Rousselves 💜💜two more days until baby yodaYou probably read about Vatican investments and the Elton John movie. Now read this:
Retweeted by Christmas Rousselves 💜💜No @KassyDillon Those dead eyes @guypbenson check out @cnalive and @canonlawyered for extensive coverage related to the Vatican financial scandal. @MTLSportMoves isn't it typically on new years eve? @ryanmcj @TheHappyPriest @bohanlon @madameblue5 no, there are some wonderful priests in the area who have to juggle… must you look at naked ppl everywhere you go idgi
Retweeted by Christmas Rousselves 💜💜 @bebarden we're going to a mariner's game rightreally hope all my new followers are ready for Hockey Christine bc she's coming out in full force over ChristmasI have questions, IIHF!!! @BrianFaughnan i'm at the EDGE OF MY SEAT he's basically a hero in Mainewait why the hell is the USA/Canada game on DAY ONE*googles World Juniors* welll, western time zone is better than 4am game starts @FatherFinn207 @TheHappyPriest @bohanlon @madameblue5 DMsI'm excited to go home but I'm also extremely excited to have access to NHL Network againalso can Orono plz hire himlike i understand there's a lot going on in the world but I am genuinely perturbed by thisdid we ever figure out why Jim Montgomery was fired @emzanotti @shannon_last whaaaat @maryrezacfarrow i would need a therapy dog for the therapy dog. @TheHappyPriest @bohanlon @madameblue5 yeah maybe don't date the parish secretary for 20 years and run off to texas… @bohanlon @madameblue5 @TheHappyPriest There are no scheduled confessions within a 20 mile as-the-crow-flies radius… @maryrezacfarrow oh HELL no @madameblue5 @TheHappyPriest True story: *calls parish in walking distance in my hometown in Maine* "Hi, is a prie… @TheHappyPriest But Please, Father, There's No Priests in My County or The Surrounding Counties Who Hear Confession… @SethAMandel you're very good at insultsIf you don’t want to listen to @AC_Wimmer talk about Krampus - or anything else that occurs to him - all evening, I…
Retweeted by Christmas Rousselves 💜💜Gerrit Cole is a New York Yankee, baby!!!!!!!!! The #Yankees got their Ace. Let’s go!
Retweeted by Christmas Rousselves 💜💜 @ConnieSchultz @maddow What a beautiful baby!What I imagine is on The Mandalorian's dashboard. #memedalorian
Retweeted by Christmas Rousselves 💜💜“Rep. @AOC made a puzzling argument on Tuesday in order to counter a conservative nonprofit's argument about free m…
Retweeted by Christmas Rousselves 💜💜Me it is.
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#BREAKING: Two security guards injured in attack at Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. B…
Retweeted by Christmas Rousselves 💜💜 @Farky Thanks, weird @JimAlbertson10 Weird thanks @Johnny_2Hats Aight thanksCan someone give me a tldr on Jim Montgomery @MrDavidGrant @RyanGavinOnAir @WreathsAcross @newscentermaine @WGME It’s pleasantly weird when you two agree @sladesr @peterjhasson @JamesHasson20 I guess they don’t do that in other countries and are horrified we do? But like it’s good?Oh GOODNESS @peterjhasson @JamesHasson20 Agreed, your mom is an irl saint @peterjhasson I mean I totally feel like @JamesHasson20 was superfluous... :-p @cosmic_doe Sloths and Catholics? What a place. @cosmic_doe Oh that’s fun @cosmic_doe Wait what’s the confessional state @cosmic_doe I miss my mom @cosmic_doe Maternity leave but we all get the month of December off @_quodvultdeus That too“To a humble mind nothing is more astonishing than to hear its own excellence” - Aquinas on Mary’s being troubled b…
Retweeted by Christmas Rousselves 💜💜Everyone going out of their way to defend pornography is just making me really, really sad. @LeahLibresco Tipsy consultant @LeahLibresco Great name! @LeahLibresco Wait you’re having a “her” baby?! Congrats!you guys did not crop her out
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@jtmcfluffy I failed a quarter of calculus @Panzenbeck fiiiiiiine boboh no. What an incredible loss. RIP. to town I am.
Retweeted by Christmas Rousselves 💜💜still kind of want a "die young and save yourself" tattoo on my foot, still kind of think this is a terrible ideawhenever this song comes up on shuffle I'm instantly transported to April 2015 and just how incredibly happy that m… @jdflynn HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIA!Fact: the least populous U.S. metro area to feature all five of the following... 1) Whole Foods 2) Lululemon 3) A…
Retweeted by Christmas Rousselves 💜💜 @canonlawyered @MichelleLa_Rosa I agree with Michelle even with the knowledge Mrs. Canonlawyered existsMy missal lists both "Immaculate Conception" and "Immaculate Conception (Canada)". What are they hiding up there...
Retweeted by Christmas Rousselves 💜💜 @bubblycatholic RT @canonlawyered This is delightfulIs this @canonlawyered’s old house Love Actually, seems different from when I saw it last.
Retweeted by Christmas Rousselves 💜💜 @tomabella She literally creates him from snowwhere's the lie tho @go_oat wait, whatdeadass about to write "Adam is the theological equivalent of Olaf, the snowman created by Queen Elsa..." in a term paperI’ve started The Mandalorian. I liked the baby yoda memes, they were fine. They didn’t annoy me but I didn’t overwh…
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@alexthekulak @hanmariams @nicksterwixter @ZacMabry I do both!! @ZacMabry @hanmariams Wait is it reallyThis is one of the most gut wrenching stories I've ever read.
Retweeted by Christmas Rousselves 💜💜 @TeriLynn54 Thanks!! @CatholicJohnny @TeawithTolkien @TeawithTolkien Found out a bunch of funny conspiracy theories @EfficacyOfGrace @Ab__Elba @LagodaBrian @c_d_f_e @Chaseg00dman @mcnhobbs @bdmcclay @cosmic_doe Red hot dogs are bes… @mariahkathleeen Can I hire you to do my makeup