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Mainer. Catholic. DC Correspondent at @cnalive/@ewtn. @providencecol 13. Irish dancer. likes bagels, hockey, and Minnie Mouse. John 21:12.

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Retweeted by Christine 'Go Donate Blood' RoussellePETOSKEY, Mich. —
Retweeted by Christine 'Go Donate Blood' RousselleWe truly have much to learn from the Middle Ages
Retweeted by Christine 'Go Donate Blood' Rousselle"No public official, especially one claiming to be a faithful and serious Catholic, can responsibly advocate for or…
Retweeted by Christine 'Go Donate Blood' Rousselle @political_ellie Thank you ❤️ @cathponeill Thank youDoorDash workers must be protected at all costs
Retweeted by Christine 'Go Donate Blood' Rousselle @TheAndiC Love you too @dhconway They’re very handsome men and they’re lucky to have a dad like you. @dhconway I’m sorry to hear that. Are those your sons in your profile picture? @dhconway Dan, his platform calls for all of these things. You cannot support these as a Catholic. @shannon_last @emdeardo @asymmetricinfo “But Christine, we do homeschool at 10” I SAID WHAT I SAID @shannon_last @emdeardo @asymmetricinfo Shannon I will come to your house and we will stitch and crochet and drink wine and be merryJoe Biden’s platform is for a legal right to abortion codified into law. That is what he stands for. He supports ta… @shannon_last @emdeardo @asymmetricinfo I like this school @shannon_last @emdeardo @asymmetricinfo I hated most school @Peter090171 May 13. He had a massive cardiac arrest (the first symptom of his heart disease) on May 5.MY QUEEN wouldn’t use “gross” as the term to describe this. Gospel at my father’s burial was the transfiguration. Today, the feast of the transfiguration, I packed up his office. My heart hurts.
Imagine if they screw up “this family is having a birthday party with like 9 kids!” Uh sir that’s just the Rivers f… don’t think you can actually do this @vincetornero Thank you @asymmetricinfo i'm in favor of abolishing middle school, the undisputed Worst Place On Earth5 new cases in Maine today. Statewide. can we please have a funeral for my dad nowPriya Krishna, Rick Martinez, and Sohla El-Waylly will no longer be in Test Kitchen videos, as they announced on In…
Retweeted by Christine 'Go Donate Blood' Rousselle @FrNickOFMConv @thymeIord As a treat @stinekey @FrChaseg00dman @FrNickOFMConv When I’m back in town @thymeIord Fair @bebarden Never a go @joe_pescespada @FrChaseg00dman i mean the priest at mine, a crypto-trad, made a crucifixion joke beforehand @FrChaseg00dman idk, it mentions godparents and most protestant denoms don't do thatimagine the arroganceVatican confirms that you can't actually change the whole "how to baptize someone" thing @FoodEvansville i made it myself by caramelizing the bacon and adding freshly cracked pepper @FrNickOFMConv come to my house i make @FrNickOFMConv 42you guys realize you don't have to have an opinion on everything right @LGoosetrain D a n gElevated the McGriddle dupe with sweet black pepper bacon and by adding scallions to the buns Damien’s Resistance and Ours. My latest.
Retweeted by Christine 'Go Donate Blood' Rousselle @K_Schallhorn They’re sold online! @political_ellie Wait is this for real @neontaster @AZPaulPete Maine @emanningwriter So lovelyoui, Les Habitants
Retweeted by Christine 'Go Donate Blood' RousselleIs this what joy feels like? I’ve forgotten. @Hammy_VII I tell no liesHumanae Vitae @Goodtweet_man S’fineJEFF PETRY YOU BEAUTIFUL MAN @HansFiene After my 2020 I think I can handle them @TomMyers87 Roasted over a flame but they cook like normal hotdogsAAAAYYYYYOmg he’s younger than my brotherI turned the game on and within 10 seconds Jonathan Drouin scores so YOURE WELCOME Montreal @HansFiene I mean I’m not making you eat it @CourtMattison Mustard is gross. @plants_15 Here: @maryfiorito No questions!!!!!! (Yes) @johncalvarado I said no questions!!!!! @beckdryz What a glorious thing to seeFirst red hotdog and split-top bun of the summer. This is the best way to consume hotdogs. I will not being takin…
Not to brag but I’m still a pretty dang good cloggerMy heart and after mixing up chili peanut noodles could go wrong?
Retweeted by Christine 'Go Donate Blood' RousselleI don't consent
Retweeted by Christine 'Go Donate Blood' RousselleMAINE IS TOO SMALL example number 3927274 @MrDavidGrant Omg I will make @mikeshepherdME I want them allWhat a culture!!! @jac___13 but this year fricken blows @jac___13 the second part, not the first @jac___13 me too @maryrezacfarrow @canonlawyered Do people live densely enough in Nebraska to all experience the same weather @maryrezacfarrow @canonlawyered Sounds like new world order but ok @muffnbear My brother’s roommate is a PE teacher and he’s been hanging out for the last few months. @maryrezacfarrow Look, weather is important @maryrezacfarrow What was that? You’re not in dc I don’t understand you. @notabananaanna Ur pretty @EfficacyOfGrace @CMccafe @joe_pescespada Can I crash thisChicken BLAT wrap, plus fries @KevinWGlass Lmao @KevinWGlass It’s a nine-hour drive already I don’t exactly want to make it longer @NoahCRothman I mean this seriously. I’m driving from Maine to Virginia, in a car with Virginia plates, in the next… @NoahCRothman What if we’re just...driving through"For 24 years, Collins has exasperated conservatives and liberals alike." @LKEVDB Still is a hilarious ad and also you can be both a lobsterman and a politicianSuccess! All the had to do was kill a bunch of old folks to achieve herd immunity!
Retweeted by Christine 'Go Donate Blood' RousselleFor 3+yrs, @realDonaldTrump has put combating human trafficking at the forefront of our domestic + international po…
Retweeted by Christine 'Go Donate Blood' RousselleI love America so much.
Retweeted by Christine 'Go Donate Blood' Rousselle @h_thoreson I hate that my brain read this and immediately went to @JerryDunleavy I’m obviously biased but this tweet is also a contender @D_aveed Right like what is WRONG here