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Author of Horror, Thriller, Comedy. Sometimes a mixture of all those in what legally is called a Mishmash. #author #writingcommunity #horror #mutantfam

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Goodnight moon. Goodnight Squidward. Good night Twitter. *Mwah* 😘 There, that wasn't so awkward. @StaceyBuzzActor @LAfromLINY @zipbolang I drove there pre and post big dig so agree. Also parallel parking is as ba… @JocelynPalmer92 @PKBohan You fiend! You also tied up the man and threw him onto the train tracks didn't you! @WellReadBeard Quite good! @gorycoryhorror @ecto_fun I so, so, so want to see Billy Eichner getting his chart & horoscope read to him. 🀣 @StaceyBuzzActor @LAfromLINY @zipbolang I still love ya Stacey. Even if I now know to watch you leaving parties. No… @KathleenAnnJoan That put the one true ring in a different light! 🀣 @f_niewiadomski @f_niewiadomski I can procure the candy canes and have plenty of whipped cream! I bought the 4 pack that was on sal… @KathleenAnnJoan Also you know what would be cool? Doing a horrorotica book about Jeckyll/Hyde and doing it from di… @KathleenAnnJoan It works for me! Of course my scary is scary awkward and scary smart combined to be a well spoken… @f_niewiadomski *pours a second mug* Marshmallows yay or nay? 😁 @coolfrood1 @KCwriterartist That was one of my thoughts too. "Man wish I could do that... and get up afterwards. I… @MycelialWriter @J_A_Duncan @Kyle_T_Davis @carsonbohdi @InkWellSpills @ParkerMcCoy11 @KahapeaTiffany @bayne_wendy… glory! For nuts!!! @KCwriterartist I think this is one of yours. @KathleenAnnJoan Nice. Horrorotica. Might try my hand at this too. "The ghost with the rippling creases in it's s… @f_niewiadomski You are very welcome! Of course you do owe me your soul now, but such a small price to pay for a ba… @theMarieCasey My time has finally come! Outside the hunkiness and Wizard powers I have everything else! 🀣 @theMarieCasey Wait I'm sensing a pattern here. Rich takes care of all money woes, emotional is always available, m… @theMarieCasey Doh! See I've been doing the dating thing so, so wrong. I was the supportive guy who helped them sta… @MTheWriter93 You don't even need your hands to be idle there! @1mpavidus That's an awesome look! 😊 @theMarieCasey I thought they needed a guy who works too much to remind them that free spirits are the bomb. Oh wai… @inkedingray I'm a Chimera! @f_niewiadomski You can add in the words for days past. It sometimes takes it a couple of times to accept it, but w… @crabbysister6 @EunLinda I know TONS who didn't. @AmandaJK_ @McKenzieAm19 I haven't watched it yet, but I'll judge you to fit in. WTH Amanda!? 🀣🀣 @wednesday_noir Deftones 100% fits for meditation. They both have Ohms. πŸ˜‰πŸ–€πŸ–€ @wednesday_noir Here's a hug to upbeat music that calms down the stress from the silence! Hopefully the desensiti… @faera_lane That's awesome! πŸ–€ @wednesday_noir Same! Meditation is "Hey lets ramp up the thoughts to 11. What's that? 11 is overload? 12 it is!" @bridgettmorigna can help. We’ve already assisted so many people. Thanks to all who have given! #foodinsecurity
Retweeted by Alistair Crowe - Author πŸ“šπŸ’€πŸŽ­ @KMKWrites You could make them shiny foil cards and call it the "Blinding Moonlight" edition. 😊 @coolfrood1 The living one! Or... are they the same and the toy pulled a Pinnochio and became a real jolly old man? πŸ€” @eloisahilton *pushes her down* then whispers... edit my book. 🀣 @inkedingray Yay! Enjoy and hope another 810 words come for you! 800 to match the other and 10 for wishing you a perfect 10 weekend! 😊 @inkedingray It is. And that would be awesome! I love nature and nature shots. That's my hunting. Looking for the b… @amythatisme Yes! @inkedingray Nice! I'm only a little jealous! Of both you and the trees. It's equal opportunity envy! 😊 @inkedingray We are cocoa compadres! Hope your weekend is productive and fantastic too! @kd_jac Wait that was a test of the algorithm? I totally misread that as you were sending coded messages about aliens! @tawlobat Perhaps an early night is in order. 😊 @JLisaJay @Stage32 Yes! Congratulations Lisa! @StoneyD The last season wasn't as bad as I remembered it on rewatch, but it was a steep drop off from the alternate universe arc. @wanttobeleavin I'll laugh with you instead of at you. Partly because no need to laugh at you and partly because wa… @StoneyD Fringe @_TaraHolley Yes! It's a heavy dose of knowledge though. Which is awesome! πŸ₯° @bayne_wendy Hopefully so! Hope yours is perfect as well! 😊 @lunacyandmagic 😊πŸ₯° @wednesday_noir πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€ @KateJ_Books Congratulations Kate! ❀ @FootnotesMgmt Hope you had a great day and got some good writing/editing in.😊
Sunset view from house. @KatieKirman 5c and dropping! Will catch you soon enough. Hope you have a great night!Temperature is 5C(41F) and dropping. Snow clouds are slowly starting to build up. But I have hot cocoa, cider and a… @lunacyandmagic I know that feeling! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€£ @PamelaWillson6 @sfmnu @EloquentEnigma @fvalino @geostylegeo @JustMarcusLee @genieinanovel Thank you Pamela! Hope y… @eloisahilton 😘 @LisaPortillo9 @Mikey4203 @Spooky_veronica @Poisonedlvy_21 @Tony_0055 @Chloe_055 @JulianT16362538 @woofknight… @JnaeRae Happy Birthday! @SammiLeighM Welcome back! Hope your Thanksgiving was good as well. And that your sanity mostly intact. 😁 @VerbaVitae 😁 @_TaraHolley πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ€— @kd_jac Don't push your books too much. They get mad and paper cut you at night for bullying them just FYI. πŸ˜‚There are still great people out there. If you, or someone you know, goes hungry please pass this on! @Meredith_author @AmandaJK_ That's not a bad idea! πŸ€”πŸ–€ @thegarygraham I didn't like it and have been a fan of theirs for years. It just didn't land. But like with all ban… @AmandaJK_ After yet another string of Amanda Fleets I shake my head and sing... @AmandaJK_ Yay! I mean... that's cool. @lunacyandmagic What dish drew you in most the second go round? Also looking great! 😁 @theMarieCasey When Charlie Brown walked away... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @Dovetale5 Of course! πŸ€—A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving like you've never seen it before. How am I funny? @sidellwrites @SDReedAuthor Very welcome! @Dovetale5 @CassThomps13 @theMarieCasey Alistair don't watch to see what happens. @1mpavidus That's sad, but understandable. I hope someday you can find someone you trust and who is great who can m… @curiouser_alice @BeardedUniverse Oh yes. I worked in a used LP/CD store for over a decade, worked as a DJ, worked… @carsonbohdi @bayne_wendy One of these days a return to the north can be done and you can show me a Canadian Thursd… @BeardedUniverse Not counting individual parts it's either music or books. @sidellwrites @PamelaWillson6 @EHollandAuthor @OyinloyeSabrina @Tanweer_Dar @JulieKusma @ElizabethALance @dw_harvey… @kd_jac I don't because I float down here. Everything floats down here. @ghoulieschool Done! @ghoulieschool Do we take a pre-movie shot since you said it? @KateJ_Books How about I'll make tacos from scratch, we grab some wine and chill? There. I made a pass at you whi… @Buzz_Cauldron @bayne_wendy Yay! I'm glad yours was great! Mine has been great as well. Ate and wrote so that's always a good day. 😊 @kristinkuffner V8 cheers! *clinks cans* @kristinkuffner Cylinder. You? @MycelialWriter Same to you Laken! I appreciate the support and conversation and (REDACTED). Now you'll have to won… @carsonbohdi The same to you Carson! And hope you had a wonderful U.S. Thanksgiving (i.e. Canadian Thursday)! πŸ’œ @bayne_wendy Ditto Wendy! I hope you had a good day! ❀️ @life1ntroverted ❀️❀️to you as well! Happy Thanksgiving! @theMarieCasey πŸ–€πŸ–€
@AlishaGrauso Happy Thanksgiving Alisha! @wednesday_noir 🀣🀣 @wednesday_noir I think that is correct. Also that was sweet! πŸ–€ @disneymom1126 @CordonRoma @demonrobber @conradbrubaker @BStubbles @NikolaiWisekal @MackenzieLitt13 @AuthorCRitchey…