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Author of Horror, Thriller, Comedy. Sometimes a mixture of all those in what legally is called a Mishmash. #author #writingcommunity #horror #mutantfam

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@snideology @J_A_Duncan I'm hoping there won't be one, but feel less optimistic than did even a weeks ago. Hope if… @kathryninman9 It's having issues today! @snideology @J_A_Duncan *hug* That sucks. Are they working with people? Here they are deferring them. You will have… @Buzz_Cauldron That makes you just right for some. @snideology @J_A_Duncan I'll just need you to post your address in the Facebook group "1200 Followers Needed For Miracle Only $1.00 each!" @mouthyjen It sounds more like the straw that broke the camel's back on a bad day! Big or minor is irrelevant if it… @HorrorNHaunted Nice! I remember it being kind of cheesy, but haven't seen it in years. It did make enough of an im… @mouthyjen @snideology @J_A_Duncan Are you sure about that? Would you be open to discussing the pros and cons of that statement? 😂 @HorrorNHaunted I am not sure, but it makes me think of "The Lift" which was pretty bad, but was set in the Icarus building. 😋 @Spooky_veronica I'm the same. Then later have to tell them "Well I didn't say I would be anywhere near normal just… @ArkHorton I went Legendary Creatures. Been on a lake monster kick this week for some reason. No inciting action ju… @ArkHorton I want to read about how you are using all your energy to promote my writing! That's a normal thing to a… @hatter7607 I find it usually compromises with me. Have that weirdness that people of all stripes find endearing. T… @JLisaJay That sounds exactly like something I find on my end 😂table notebook when I wake up. @DannyDeraney We were about to go on a car ride and she was a wee bit excited. @PowerNapWriter That's rough. You have a big heart though and it shows. That can't hurt things. @foREVerDeranged I'm ready to be labeled! @ChuckysSideGirl @HorrorCarnival @Twitter Ugh it hit a lot of people today. It shouldn't be that hard to reset an account to previou… @LittleMousieDev It's a plague today! Lots of accounts having major issues. Sorry it hit you. :( *hug*
Got sick, sick from all the smoke in the air and did what one does when feeling ill. Rested and then made a wheel.… @EHollandAuthor Wait you have a boyfriend! My entire time on Twitter has been spent... exactly as it would have if… @horrorfan2020 In high school I was more Randy than any of the others and I hung out with all the groups. Even the…
@J_A_Duncan @LuisHWrites @RahamanWriting @HelenGarraway @bayne_wendy @TruantTeacher @ALoupim @AlisonStockham @RacOliBro Those penicillin shots are evil! *hug* @J_A_Duncan I gave up trying to keep track of followers. It's a full time job! If I notice someone dropped me later… @ms_sun_shines Late at night Pretzels for me. Sugar wires me! @lindsaygoldwert 2020 is like being on set with him for an entire year. We are all Klaus Kinski!Had a dream @CassThomps13 had a best seller with her new release & was helping me with PR. We were backstage on Opr… @Schan_42 @EssiValo @lunacyandmagic @JonAaronSandler @carsonbohdi @RahamanWriting @Dovetale5 I had to make that poi… @Schan_42 @EssiValo @lunacyandmagic @JonAaronSandler @carsonbohdi @RahamanWriting @Dovetale5 Diarrhea is its own stream. @EssiValo @Schan_42 @lunacyandmagic @JonAaronSandler @carsonbohdi @RahamanWriting @Dovetale5 That's because you don… @EssiValo @Schan_42 @lunacyandmagic @JonAaronSandler @carsonbohdi @RahamanWriting @Dovetale5 If you want a partner… @Schan_42 @EssiValo @lunacyandmagic @JonAaronSandler @carsonbohdi @RahamanWriting @Dovetale5 Messi Essi and Pecan S… @Schan_42 @EssiValo @lunacyandmagic @JonAaronSandler @carsonbohdi @RahamanWriting @Dovetale5 How do you pronounce i… @Schan_42 @EssiValo @lunacyandmagic @JonAaronSandler @carsonbohdi @RahamanWriting @Dovetale5 I... cannot help mysel… time I went to a beach I got so excited I farted and this exact same thing happened! @EssiValo @Schan_42 @lunacyandmagic @JonAaronSandler @carsonbohdi @RahamanWriting @Dovetale5 Pssst. He's Rumplestil… @foREVerDeranged I have that curse of I can be sexy, but if I think about it and try it's just goofy, so I stick with the romantic-ish. 😂 @foREVerDeranged Super sexy eh? Hmmm. "Hey I respect your wishes and will actually listen to you" popped to mind. @Synnamintwist Except that one spinoff "Talbot Gives In." It's not canon though. 😂 @EssiValo @Schan_42 @lunacyandmagic @JonAaronSandler @carsonbohdi @RahamanWriting @Dovetale5 Journey killed Tony Soprano. @Schan_42 @EssiValo @lunacyandmagic @JonAaronSandler @carsonbohdi @RahamanWriting @Dovetale5 And you may find yours… @lunacyandmagic @EssiValo @Schan_42 @JonAaronSandler @carsonbohdi @RahamanWriting @Dovetale5 Kill is much better. H… @becauseivy Is there a correlation to movies that we remember scenes from and personality types. It would be intere… @mermaid_daisy What is both? I'll take Internet Questions for $400 Alex. @EssiValo @Schan_42 @lunacyandmagic @JonAaronSandler @carsonbohdi @RahamanWriting @Dovetale5 I made one! And it's o… @KMKWrites Trying to think of the right wording to say "bet it's way more than $2.00!" that doesn't come off as pan… @RahamanWriting @EssiValo @carsonbohdi @RayeDanny @RacOliBro @Spyder_Collins @bex_pinckney @bryanna_gary @TenCraftsmen Yeah. And it's no one I've even talked to much! If it was someone you had chatted with for a long t… the cash equivalent of how you think you look! If you have a million dollar nude body s… @ernestgvalenci1 I'm halfway across the country from most of the fires and we had a smoke alert from National Weath… @PorcheBerry1 You didn't know the answer is yes, but only oat milk? I thought everyone knew that! 😂I'll tag several here who have mentioned rough time recently, but if you know someone who needs a happy dog boost t… boost for the week ahead. Look at my happy dog before her car ride! #happydog @J_A_Duncan @EssiValo @Dovetale5 @Experimentsinfc @EllaCraigWrites @Alexandria_SZ @DebbieJWarren @anitabellibooks @LiteraryMemes1 @carsonbohdi @J_A_Duncan @EssiValo @Dovetale5 @Experimentsinfc @EllaCraigWrites @Alexandria_SZ
@AllShrinks @bayne_wendy @tipofmyquill @Spyder_Collins @EssiValo @carsonbohdi @concealedvoices @CharisJones @AllShrinks @bayne_wendy @tipofmyquill @Spyder_Collins @EssiValo @carsonbohdi @concealedvoices @CharisJones @carsonbohdi @concealedvoices @CharisJones @HelloSGW @LiveInspired8 @TheRayJourney @JonAaronSandler @EssiValo @LittleMousieDev Oh no! Run!!! 😂Just got a robocall that "the Justice Dept." has issued a warrant for the arrest of "the vehicle owner" for not hav… @Asher_Wolf But at least the taxpayers will foot the bill again. *head desk* I want a worldwide mechanism when th… @gloombugg @StaceyBuzzActor We need to have an insomniacs challenge some night. Maybe if we tried to stay awake we would end u… @booburella Cigarette Burns sticks with you. It's not so much shocking as it is John Carpenter doing his thing well. @MistressMalevo2 I love them and they love me, but I am allergic to some. Not all and not breed specific usually ju… @RachelRouen Some people are jerks. It's easy for them to mock when they aren't in a situation, but when they are t… @MTheWriter93 Wizard-Cleric-Sorcerer-Bard. I whipped up a spell to allow more classes then sang and song to distrac… @RacOliBro I get what you are saying. Swipe everything off the table, grab your partner and passionately clean it w… @bryanna_gary I'm a Wizard-Cleric-Sorcerer-Bard. You bet you ass I cross a ton of classes and then write a song abo… @HollywoodStace Just when you thought you were out, I pulled you back in! @goldfishandgin What genre is it? I can let you know if anyone soliciting stories in that area. 😊 @bex_pinckney I read those and realized they were all Robocop reviews. Just start a fan site already!!! 😉 @mechamelissa It was. I was surprised. It was also much better than Neighbors You Know Well: Stay Safe at Dawn. 😋 @Pander_Bear28 @MatthewLillard @LisaPortillo9 @langis941 @GeorgeSchmidt67 @LordsPrayer6 That would actually be awes… @JonAaronSandler @EssiValo @J_A_Duncan @kr_wieland @Spyder_Collins @LuisHWrites @Bellemoon99 @cr_burman @EssiValo @J_A_Duncan @kr_wieland @Spyder_Collins @LuisHWrites @Bellemoon99 @cr_burman @Lionbardess @MartinDix87 @EssiValo @J_A_Duncan @kr_wieland @Spyder_Collins @LuisHWrites @Bellemoon99 @cr_burman @Lionbardess @MartinDix87 @J_A_Duncan I couldn't resist, but also made it so it wasn't offensive. There is snark. Lots of snark, but also lots of respect. 😊 @Megan6663 "I'm Skeet Ulrich and you will end up playing Shaggy!" is such a good line. And turned out to be so meta too. 😂 @BadgrGrl21 It has to go through the proper channels to get a campus alert first. @J_A_Duncan HAHAHAHA (EVEN TWITTER CENSORED THIS SHIT) Yeah or nay? Also what is your favorite candle that is on… @JocelynPalmer92 @J_Motoki @Cyborg_Writer There's importance to that name. @Ltward2 I did that the other night. It was the next night when I was finally going to sleep fully that I stopped kicking myself. @RacOliBro Booo. I hope it's just allergies. Never wish allergies on anyone, but if it's a choice of super sick or… @larissafrehley I keep lobbying @SetDarcyFree to see if they can get it for Last Drive In. It's a fun one, but it w… @H_pretty_pixels @JonAaronSandler Happy Anniversary to you both!
@egdeaile_writer @_TaraHolley @EssiValo There are quite a few that are expensive, but that one is insane. I will to… @_TaraHolley @egdeaile_writer @EssiValo Probably. You only get a dollar worth though, so I can't tell too much. It'… @_TaraHolley @egdeaile_writer @EssiValo Green tea with lemon is one of my jams. I like trying the different loose… @Y2John84 Also if you haven't seen this music video it's great for Phantasm fans. @Y2John84 I feel so bad for Reggie in this one. Either the Tall Man getting the upper hand or it's all been a brain… @writingiswar Happy Birthday! @goldfishandgin I am picturing a camera panning through a house with a million toys laying everywhere with this pla… delivery just now and had this convo. "Soup or salad?" "Vegetarian soup please." "Would you like to a… @bex_pinckney @simple_jkv @Schan_42 @EssiValo @laurelbrett11 @bayne_wendy @joanne_paulson @Holly_H_H @Ezre131 @EssiValo @MycelialWriter @ALGarcix @RHobbsAuthor @h_craggs @GoalScorinMaria @claudia_oltean @Tess_2020 @Ezre131 @EssiValo @MycelialWriter @ALGarcix @RHobbsAuthor @h_craggs @GoalScorinMaria @claudia_oltean @Tess_2020