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Crown @CrownIWNL Stockholm, Sweden

• Turret for @DepthEsports Academy • • all star video gamer • • Don’t Stop Believin’ • • puǝ ǝɥʇ ןןıʇ •

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@FlakeyVal @ItzBoltzy Didn’t ask don’t care @FlakeyVal @ItzBoltzy Didn’t ask don’t care
@lmaodash @ItzBoltzy ^^ @ItzBoltzy Yooy @dr1pcs Dont talk much anymore but I remember playing with you on onyx and ascend. Goodluck in the future @ItzBoltzy Don’t, you can’t leave me alone again dms are always open for you broski
If you care so much about ranked that you're being an asshole, understand you're probably a large contributing fact…
Retweeted by Crown @OkeanosQT Gl tmr broski @lmaodash You suck @ItzBoltzy @jet_fps @maazy4PF @tetchraFN @KillerMillerGG @vinnerwinner Gl broski
@ItzBoltzy @Vanityxz I love when he ends stream and gets motivational @slyiwnl @ItzBoltzy @ryannn @maazy4PF Even Blaine’s agreeing nowV1 is winning iceland.
Retweeted by Crown @MC_Lelicious Proud of you Kev keep it upLFT guys. only requirement is be able to read
Retweeted by Crown @ItzBoltzy Same shit with depth acad I’ll post a schedule and they all respond what’s happening today @DVPatwa Where’s my food @zacheronieVAL @zadefps 1280 960 is fire? @Klamran "ICE COLD BABYYYYY"
@Klamran IM GETTING TRIPLE SWUNG MID AND HIT ALL 3 @Klamran You suck @Lomeine @Vanityxz It’s okay they are letting you have ur glory for the 2 weeks before you disappear @Vanityxz Damn @Lomeine @dreFPS_ Wassup @ItzBoltzy @FlippyBitsGG @MLGAnakin @zekkenVAL @etohKP @L4st_v1 @CommunityGaming @HitBox_Hiros Impressive he is shorter than 5’3 @ItzBoltzy @FlippyBitsGG @MLGAnakin @zekkenVAL @etohKP @L4st_v1 @CommunityGaming @HitBox_Hiros You sure you can reach the top of his pc? @ItzBoltzy Nothing wrong with him he just 5’3Can y’all pray for @ItzBoltzy he really needs it right now @FUNSNATCHERSgg Poggers @Klamran @PlayVALORANT Is it that hard to break the mid trip for me? @slashszn @SHIINFPS_ @khanartist9 I can play smokes but in ranked before anyone locks I’ll type I can’t play smokes @lmaodash @ItzBoltzy That’s what I’m saying
@ItzBoltzy Yo @LouUCN @ItzBoltzy Nah height would be 5’3 like the munchkin he ishonestly rate yourself as a gamer: raw aim: 6/10 decision making: 8/10 patience: 10/10 teamwork: 7/10 communicatio… @valesports_na @SicK_cs @pennycsgo @kaboose @ethanarnold @Vanityxz @OfficialXETA Look how inspirational @pennycsgo is @mintaims @Unofficialjj1 JJ is a legend no cap @WintLax @72hrs 72 is a legend I subbed to him for 23 months in a row @StarlightVal @OkeanosQT @tyler1wnl @THQ_Shane @Dark3stVal @A77_tv @OkeanosQT took you long enough @Vanityxz What a qt @OkeanosQT I would but sleep
@dreFPS_ My bad bro I’ll go back to the lab and learn them @arcvalorant @ItzBoltzy @232rosa_ @IconsVAL its not a joke, we are legit brothers @ItzBoltzy @arcvalorant @232rosa_ @IconsVAL its ok im already ur brother no need for a second crown @Klamran @ItzBoltzy @MazzaaVAL @Xyph9r @IconsVAL My brother spoke no lies here @claudiavalorant @RushDiff No no, he can come back to me @claudiavalorant @RushDiff unlucky for you @cluubear LOL that’s unlucky genes to play that low of sens @cluubear But mainly stay on what you like @cluubear I would recommed you go to little higher maybe like .6 400 is still low but more average @GoblinSquadron_ @ItzBoltzy @CoachFate_
@ItzBoltzy @TeamBasiliskGG Go win you 5’3 ice cream cone @juzzouuu @claudiavalorant I respect juzzou, you never see him simping unlike all of GenZ and Depth acad @famousmoxy Mg @ItzBoltzy #WeAreBoltzy
@famousmoxy @MackWood1x Wrong crown @pennycsgo @Sentinels LETS GOO PENNY, you’re gonna kill it at lan @SilverNyx_ @pnasty @seangares @zillxst Zill is pretty hot ngl @pnasty @seangares @pennycsgo Anime and non anime penny is one hot guy @ElevateFN @zillxst no way you left him hanging like that @pnasty @seangares @pennycsgo @mayuhri_x1 Hopefully I only beg @pennycsgo @Envy @Cloud9 You guys go this next game, keep it going penny @mintaims Unfortunate @mintaims @iiKlemm @diaamondTV I mean yo
@famousmoxy Sheesh @Unofficialjj1 @ItzBoltzy @FPS_Haku Boltzy I personally vouch for JJ @OkeanosQT Not again, I didn’t mean it master oke @OkeanosQT Shouldn’t it be awp>>> for you? @IanImmi @Envy You guys got this @KillerMillerGG Yo @TmpstCYPR @HitBox_HirosDepth academy is looking for a coach! -Willing to work with younger players -Has Past exp in FPS games & good Game…
Retweeted by Crown @Glorinsz @777eeiu @hazedCS @Critical_Val @Poach @yayFPS @Bjorlulu @pennycsgo @Crashies @pennycsgo is a demon can’t… @pennycsgo @NRGgg LETS GO PENNY, you guys got this. Rest up and dominate tmr
@JonathanLevitee I’d watch @juzzouuu LOL @swinpriv I turn 16 in 2 years so I’m looking @KillerMillerGG Boltzy got one weird laugh @ItzBoltzy You must tell yourself, 'no matter how hard it is, or how hard it gets, I'm going to make it. @ImposterVAL @Lomeine That’s what I’m saying bro @ChoboMe HBD chobo @Klamran WITH ME!!!!! @pennycsgo @andbox_official LETS GO PENNY, get the lower bracket alive you guys got this. Go into tmr ready to destroy again @JonathanLevitee @HitBox_Hiros @ItzBoltzy @ChippoVal Big vouch for chippo, great work ethic and very skilledI'm officially LFT, looking for long term serious team Can IGL T2 Experience Main Sova can play smokes willing to l…
Retweeted by CrownI'm officially LFT, so likes and RT's are appreciated!!! 1st 10k code red top16 pittsburgh knights top4 vcs play al…
Retweeted by Crown @GrimmFPS @HitBox_Hiros Would be sad to see this guy be LFT for a while. Truly a nuts player with an insane work ethic @_PLAYERR1 @pennycsgo is actually nutts, love watching him play @WorldRiseVal Elo is mad glitched right now lmao
@IanImmi @Sentinels @andbox_official You guys got this, heads high and you’ll dominate the lower bracket @pennycsgo @Sentinels Refocus and win the next game, you guys got this @wippiecs @Sentinels Head high Wippie, go win the next game now @ItzBoltzy @regan_travis I watched this live, and boltzymald is peek entertainment @pennycsgo @Sentinels Let’s go penny, keep it up for the second game @mintaims @HitBox_Hiros Final 2 make Iceland @FlakeyVal Delete