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Bill Criswell @crswll Havertown, PA

ui engineer: design systems, @vuejs, @reactjs, @tailwindcss

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@mikeyil Boys like you are a dime a dozen. @joshmanders Ah got you. I might opt for Parcel in that case. @joshmanders Next.js is great. Just opinionated enough. @joshkodroff Beautiful game. Celeste is another good one made by a smaller crew but definitely not that small. @dinomite_dz @EmmaBostian “Blue shell mechanics” is a quality phrase. @cjwilburn Never heard of Zee paper towels. @dan_abramov
@MinaMarkham You post a lot of great things but you may have outdone yourself this time. @radiocolin May as well be monk chants.
@ThePaleNeon @jcormont @markdalgleish That’s purdy. Wonder if VS Code would consider that option. @flplsx @maxknee Ah, interesting. Maybe I can mess around with it tomorrow a bit. @BentleyAudrey This Magic Moment by Ben E. King and The Drifters @SashaSagan I would have assumed it was a fruit. @__boaty @maxknee Yes. @maxknee If I can build UIs with it maybe. @aweary @MarkFunk *uncomfortable smile reluctant thumbs up gif* @joshmanders dude. killin' me.About to recluntantly learn SwiftUI. @joshmanders Is the Safari menu bar still the worst thing in the fucking world when it hides and shows as you scrol… @aweary @MarkFunk `viewports-equal-to-wider-than-768px-wide:width-58`The iOS Safari menu bar is more frustating than any Internet Exporer bug I ever faced.
@joshmanders Took them long enough to do this. @jcormont @markdalgleish - I can hide and show the Explorer without the code shifting around. - The code is always… @jcormont @markdalgleish That's an interesting way to think about it. All of the reasons I like it on the right ran… @markdalgleish I get shit at work for having the explorer on the right. I see you’re getting a lot in the comments… @__boaty No longer the Lion Tamer? @tony_bridges_el @BentleyAudrey had to pull a splinter out of my foot with a needle and tweezers. Haven’t had to do that since I was a kid, weird way to get nostalgic.
@jsngr I love this idea. It'd be pretty cool if they were to self destruct (or hide if you're boring) when it's "done".Just used `ymmv` like it's 2000 and I'm on an IRC server getting yelled at to RTFM. @LukyVJ Now that we can do pretty much whatever we want no one wants to anymore.Been up since 4am for absolutely no reason. @StuRobson I hope they borrow everything from cssstats. @LeaVerou @rachelandrew I love the sound of prefers-reduced-data, now I really want prefers-reduced-power-usage.Thing I’ve known I wanted for a very long time: aspect-ratio. Thing I just discovered I wanted: reduced-data media…
@adamwathan Everything I’m doing is POC. I think I like “theme—dark” though. Unless dark is more of a “mode” than a… @mattrothenberg Good toilet reading. @FINALLEVEL Unless that person is being dragged into the White House kicking and screaming I am not trusting them 100%. @joebell_ @peduarte You need so many rules and constraints around how your UI works to get the assembling sane I fe… @shellscape Is your perfect and my perfect the same is more my question. @shellscape Do you think it can possibly exist?
@dan_abramov Not sure if this counts, but it reminds me of My Bloody Valentine and I listen to it damn near daily. @dan_abramov American Football - The Summer Ends @maxknee Is Wally Brando a ghost? @maxknee Is Mr. Jackpots a ghost? @maxknee Do you still understand?I'm going to watch Twin Peaks: The Return again and pretend like I understand. @dominoisdead The Monopoly Man influences all.The term “Fake News” means nothing, it is a lazy empty term designed to create an adrenaline-spiking emotional reac…
Retweeted by Bill Criswell @m1waterman88 @ruedaminute If I flooded your inbox do you think you’d make it out @ruedaminute I’m listening to Saves The Day as I read this tweet.
@darkdriving Flexbox feels like cheating still. @darkdriving Ah nice. Looking forward to seeing it! @darkdriving What did you go with? @cursedPC @shellscape I got a hernia just looking at it. @TatianaTMac Booshit, booshit, booshit
Discovered a new use for pano mode. #longhotdogchallenge 🌭🌭🌭🌭🤤
Retweeted by Bill Criswell @PabloRochat unwrap ur face with pano
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@timneutkens When aren’t they? @SarahQ @nealbrennan I happen to know that George Washington was 6'20".
@Anthony_Cain_ @brucel Yeah, love seeing just how the toolbar at the bottom of Safari when you scroll fast comes up and ruins everything.I wish Chrome would steal things from for it's CSS Overview experiment. @medburnbook I accidentally clicked view source.
@DrewLawDesign Just save like $10 a week you dumbass. @bohwaz @marcosc @paul_melero They’d be so much less annoying if authors asked for them when the user needed to use… @mikeyil It’s a much less painful version of this. @ATraversay @adamwathan @aardrian Ah, this suggests the nesting is bad for a particular screen reader. @adamwathan Eh. Sounds off to me.
@tucker_dev I accidentally clicked "View Source" and got intrigured. @bengarvey @asif_ahmed @ChromeDevTools Nice. CSS Stats built in. @dan_abramov Did you ever see Memento? I’d be curious about your opinion on that.
@jsv4 @MiCocina_TexMex The faces of national tragedy: “Migrant Mother,” 1936 (by Dorothea Lange, FSA) and “But I H…
Retweeted by Bill CriswellI just managed to grab a fly mid-air first try and let it outside. I'll never be this cool again. @JGBasile @mikeyil You should leave a note. @cpoliticditto Grey Poupon @MarioBrothBlog Creepy.
@ken_wheeler @mattrothenberg At the point I stopped I don't see anything in this part I couldn't do haha. @ken_wheeler @mattrothenberg @ken_wheeler @mattrothenberg No bull shit. My babysitter dated Roadhouse like, early to mid 90s. Got me a pack of t… @ken_wheeler @mattrothenberg Oh I thought you meant the topside foot was forward and the backfoot was like royaled(?). @ken_wheeler @mattrothenberg Awesome. Those k2 boots had a lot more soul than the m12s. I always wanted the yellow… @mattrothenberg @ken_wheeler That's 180 to topside soul or is it that plus switch (or is it "unnatural" on rollerblades?) @ken_wheeler @mattrothenberg That's awesome. Didn't know they sponsored people for that. I think the last pair of s… @mattrothenberg @ken_wheeler I bet my friend Dave has some on VHS haha. I'm familiar with topside soul but not fami… @ken_wheeler They only seem to only run in smaller sizes. Maybe I'm just not searching right. @mattrothenberg @ken_wheeler Damn Matt. I had no idea. I could have been sponsored at the point I stopped and got i… @ken_wheeler Same. I've been thinking about picking up a pair to see how I hold up but I wouldn't even know where to find them. @autonomousdotai What does this mean?
@cassiecodes Looks awesome. Quick question if you don’t mind me asking: Do you use Android or ios? @jaredpalmer @_dte What do you mean by exposing className? Allowing setting class names from outside? @addyosmani @auchenberg It’s almost like you’d need to provide some dummy text and then the element would need to k… @lillerik @spiralstairs @jsngr Yeah, seems like the dummy text knows exactly what the real data is going to be here. @peduarte That placeholder seems to know an awful lot about what it’s about to display like down to line count. @colmtuite @anthowen03 @mxstbr This converts classes to object syntax (based on a tailwind config). I’d personally… @joebell_ I’m seeing 900 for you. They came back to their senses. @holtbt @code Syncie McSyncer @maxknee They're some good pups.Oh you know, just retouching old photos of Nickelodeon Studios. How about you?
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