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HEALTH JUSTICE NOW: Single Payer & What Comes Next. @heavyxmedical, @dsa_lsc.

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Free Chelsea Manning.
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faustChelsea Manning has spent 16 days in solitary confinement — 22 hours each day alone in a cell. The psychological im…
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@queenozymandias It's the first season I've been able to get into since 7; I'm enjoying it enough for what it is @queenozymandias Well it's working on me. Who's yours this seasonI need Yvie Oddly to win this season of Drag Race. Perfect @vic87 got mefor some reason the name, "Medicare for All" just polls better than my preference, pleasant acronym FUSP (Federal Universal Single Payer) @Eugene_debs_hog the ll pronounced the spanish wayi made it this far without knowing how to pronounce "Mueller" and I'm going to keep it upYou have not seen a level of hustle as the Medicaid expansion movement in Idaho has got
@crulge not like insurance means anything when you gotta spend $6000 a year to get it to kick in
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faust @FartCrab AFAIK gross bankruptcies are down, yeah, but % of bankruptcies from medical costs I don't know the change inMaybe I'm being a crank. But it drives me wild to nod one's head and say, "More or less, fewer people are dying in… chart, but there's still 27 million people below the line who don't have insurance--and who the ACA's private…'m spending a few nights in Minneapolis in a couple months. What neighborhood should I stay in?In the wake of Medicaid expansion, the Idaho senate passed a bill making citizens' ballot propositions even more br… @Kirsten0Brien @BuildDSA that'd be dope! can you send me an email with something you'd like to feature? can do a brief little thing @rickmakeitquick I'd love to hear more about thiswe're using machine learning to revolutionize the patient-centric integration of data-driven wearables with outcome… @alexnpress Holy shitYet its popularity persists, mostly because vanilla Medicare is made worse by comparison of all the cool toys we gi… Advantage is a very boring paradox: it's given every opportunity to play with cool toys on the public dime… to see Lauren Duca is trending. sign of great things happening @cushbomb this guy rulesit sucks that sparklehorse is deadi don't think we can get single-payer without a massive popular movement, and I think that movement can also demand… people are denied healthcare. The answer is to end incarceration, but on that road to is guaranteeing… aloud the name "Bernie Sanders" and anon his form is carvéd upon the stars, and all who look upon the firmame… self-care acronym HALTED and do a self-evaluation: Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? Ever shitted today? Do I need to shit?
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 fausta manhattan on the rocks is also known as a manhattan on schisti love odes to bipartisanship. i like songs about dragons tooIf you have an ER bill from a Connecticut hospital, consider filling out this form. The Connecticut Health I-Team w…
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faustchampagne for my real friends.... real pain for my sham friends.... natty light for my heavy buds.... bud Heavy for my light naturalsis the opposition to discussing reparations rooted in the idea that it would somehow replace a universal program li… EM
2019 @shes_so_red @BuildDSA @JuniorMinton @detroitdsam4a i'd love to talk to you about what you do and see if there's an…'m helping coordinate a special issue on healthcare work for @BuildDSA. If you're doing cool shit in your DSA loca… Faust (@crulge) is coming to town! It’s time to make universal healthcare a reality and we need you! Mark your…
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faustWow: NHS removes cervical screening contract from Capita and brings it back in house after 43,220 women don’t recei…
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faust!! Billionaire Arrested !! @crulge talk to Longmont Potion Castle on the phone right now
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faustoh my god i just talked to longmont potion castle
reactionary lawmakers got so shook by Medicaid expansion winning over and over again in the state that they're tryi… You there! Pardon me! How would you like it if your employer no longer provided your insurance? "Uh, I don't thin… is neither bold nor daring. It is a public option by another name. It reflects a near obsession with the status… for America is a buy-in. It keeps premiums and copays and out-of-pocket limits. It also preserves--venera… gentle reminder that I am deeply interested in your stories of you or people you love being fucked over by Medica… health records are proof that carving up government programs and farming them to private companies for p… now and again I stumble across things that make me wonder if i’m part of some elaborately constructed sight g…
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faustif you want to know more about why supply-side policy is a devastatingly bad strategy to combat opioid misuse,…
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faustthe return of bernie sanders means the return of the only good political meme page yeah a wrestlemania match i care about @vulgartooth @inmybabyarmz i have tickets to see it tomorrow @vulgartooth @inmybabyarmz ah son of a gunlongmont potion castle is like dril in that his real name is readily available but nobody cares or wants to care be…
@MurderBryan of April? I'll be on the road :((( Doing a mini tour in ID, MT, and CA @athenogenes latter: patient-directed care -- building plans WITH the patient and their family instead of FOR the p… i need author photos. i dont need to look "cool" but i'd like to avoid looking any more of a doofus than… is appallingly, shockingly stupid. And they're proud of it! Like little toddlers who just discovered a dog tur… @alexbirnel i am coming your way and we're gonna party, partneryou can pick one up: book cover looks good is absolutely correct to worry about private insurance undermining a public plan (Medicare). And, given th…
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faustIronic marketing of off-label medication usage isn't near dystopian but is certainly a strange byproduct of the Ame… n wacky cousin of direct marketing of pharmaceuticals to patients is corporate apologies from "hip" DTC start-… @circlebackgirl It's a clown question @circlebackgirl Of course it is. Where did I say it wasn't? Don't be denseIt is with great excitement that we, the poor people of the Democratic Socialists of America, launch our caucus. Pl…
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Perfect example. "HIV seems easy to keep in check but things get complicated fast if you're poor. 'What are the… think you're gonna stay healthy if you're hungry? If your family is denied income; if your community is denied… if your medicine is free, do you think you're gonna remember to stick to your prescriptions if you wake up and… i would give to hear a health policy academic say those seven magic words, "Maybe this industry doesn't need to exist."Dolly Parton, 1976. She wrote Jolene and I Will Always Love You on the same day. ON THE SAME DAY.
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 fausta pleasure to listen to the most recent @WeekinHealthLaw -- in drug prices and drug costs, either the market is fun… 2020: "Learning Nothing and Loving It" @AbbyCScience Genesis P'Orridge had a GFM for healthcare costs and it made me want to cry @crulge Didn't Alex Chilton die of a heart attack because he was uninsured and didn't want to go to the hospital for his chest pain
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faustA phenomenon I've observed: you find a band you really like, and it's only a few months until you find the GoFundMe… Dale, the king of surf guitar, had to tour until he died... because he couldn't afford not to. $3000 dollars a… places, I miss them because I miss who I was when I lived there. But not San Francisco. I miss every troubled… left San Francisco in 2013 and I miss it every day. Last week I watched a documentary which had a shot of a block… think they're soooo tough but if you brought an adolescent boomer forward in time fifty years they would be…"climate change" is one of those phrases, like "violence against women" or "poverty," which elides the perpetrator… "cjayc" veasey has now been away from gamefaqs longer than he was admin boy alert and i wrote an op ed. please remember that the muslim community right now—specifically the one in christchurch…
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faust @ddddarby this is v hearteningOne thing I didn't learn until recently: the anchor steam worker who reached out to our chapter did it because he s…
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faust @DanLaChapelle I need these sandwich detailsThanks to everyone who replied to this. The war on the poor claims national stigma and personal shame among its vic… rich flavor. Deep molasses taste without ever getting too blandly sweet. Not joking when it calls itself… king of mustard is in town
@logotrope just change it to the Local folder instead of the User/Packages folderi used this walkthrough to sync the local folder (autosaved session) for Sublime Text across my desktop Windows mac… Robocop last night. funny as all hell but the best part is that Miguel Ferrer's character has multiple smal… @giunitpod What's a good place to get a clean outline of Beer's VSM?