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in August, you can read HEALTH JUSTICE NOW: Single Payer & What Comes Next. @heavyxmedical, @dsa_lsc.

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single payer doesn't solve the protracted, racialized war on reproduction, but it can at the very least mandate tha… catholic institutions acquire more and more hospitals, urgent care centers, and clinics, they restrict access to… website i went to in high school to learn shit like "what's up with fungus" is apparently woke now some author headshots today^0 = 1(sincerity) i^1 = i(irony) i^2 = -1(mocking sincerity) i^3 = -i(mocking irony) i^4 = 1(sincerity) irony levels loop after 4 layers
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Health Justice Now by Tim Faust (@crulge) is brilliant, kind and revolutionary. Get a copy for yourself and for yo…
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faust @DennisFarrell Carcassonne owns, i hope you continue to play and enjoy it @jaredadler is being forced to choose between doing two different harms to their patients, in direct contradiction to the oath @jaredadler I've seen a slant on this a few times -- the idea of financial toxicity, or that medical costs/debt are… i was a kid i liked to imagine the hundreds of thousands of jedi out there with their easy-on lightsaber ignit… @buttwife this looks like a dentists hallwayminecraft is 10 years old today.... thats why its graphics are so bad
Writing a paper and coming up short? You can effectively double its length by using the "Double Space" command in y…
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 fausthappy dog think its chill and healthy to be as skeptical as you wanna of every politician who wants your vote but this is t… rips shoot me an e-lasso, electronic. Can you at least do that for, uh, Sergio Sarcagian, "The Desert Diva?"The producers of John Wick 3 came up with the title by counting the number of dogs in the movie
THE MATRIX (1999)'s worth noting that Prince, in "If I Was Your Girlfriend," did everything Of Montreal is trying to build to, ten times better.
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faustFondly recounting the awful time the pervert @DoHimJob made us, his loving friends, watch all five canonical Air Buds sequentially @JucheMane @palma_ltd BirdMy friend is getting sued by a member of the shins bc her stripper name is the same as his daughter’s which he’s tr…
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john wick is Cheers with gunsVery excited to dive into new book by ⁦@crulge⁩!
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faustNow we're talking have a bookmark that shows EVERYTHING added to Amazon Prime Video and it's a constant source of joy *Jesus
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faust @important_celeb fuck you and prosperthe entire "speakeasy" motif has been done so thoroughly beyond death that they may as well open up a, like, speake… @BrandyLJensen Good puppy!!!!!!Am seeing discussions of how social & health policies can reduce the number of abortions when the critical issue is…
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went 6 for 40 at the free throw line today. still got ithere at, we're printing off still images of the best pornos we find and mailing them to you… you
oh yeah, that'll fix it is basic and essential healthcareIf you are feeling powerless and overwhelmed by this decision, consider supporting @YellowFund, which has and will…
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faustafter Prince died I listened to only Prince for like a month, and then haven't really since. nice to be back in a familiar groove
at the bar clinking beer glasses and saying "cheers" with my friends to commemorate the joyful origins of frasier crane very sincerely tried to explain to me that Prince's vaults had a bunch of Billy Joel covers and politely i… want and need Vanjie to win Drag Race, even though I know she won'tpaisley park gave me the focus and direction i need to listen only to Prince for a couple of weeksA forgotten relic of the pre-Roe period is the maternity home; segregated dormitories where unwed pregnant women we…'ve seen five minutes of Game of Thrones and I think for the last episode they should drag the Iron Throne outside… @IHateNYT what if gilbert gottfried was a drag queen, and also hot? @IHateNYT She's still safe and she did AMAZING @IHateNYT I just watched the one from this past ThursdayVanjie was robbed🚨🚨 Billionaire Arrested 🚨🚨 @anastasiakeeley I hope you like it!My dad is 56 pages into my book. Thanks dad 👍🏻The Promise Has Been Mademy friend and her kid are losing their insurance and need help to pay for their healthcare. please help if you can. part of Paisley Park was standing in the room where Prince used to play b-ball. worst part was learning that he watched Big Bang Theoryi’m laughing way too hard at this
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i went to Paisley Park, it was cool, i only teared up oncethe virgin Beavis and the chad Butt-Headone year since the last ToG post.... they must have been working hard on Barkley 2 ever since. the promise has been… watched game of thrones for the first time and Peter Dinklage's accent is so fuckin goodThanks to everyone who said, "Grumpy's." And everyone else @CarlBeijer Hieronymous Tosh
what is a good bar to go to in Northeast Minneapolis? @SamTheGeek It is, actuallyConvinced the DJ that the Monster Mash was a Faust family wedding tradition
My sister and her husband got novelty "Just Married" Packers jerseys. That's the stuffWent to a wedding calories on a diner's to-go order site is unfair, unjust, and unkindIn Minneapolis and Prince came on at the bar and I realized,suddenly and overwhelmingly, that I was in _the_ Erotic City
@me_irl God bless them @me_irl including VBM or just cell functions? either way yeaNEW YORK CITY! We're raising $$ to bail Black moms out of Rikers for Mother's Day. DONATE NOW:…
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faust @RobertWGuthrie @DMofNone please doleft the dog with a friend to dogsit while we're gone over the weekend and now the house is so much quieter and less cuddly :(according to google, this is "amateur jared" this limp-dick no-effort cartoon-frown shit. let this the ground part underneath this clinically joyless dweeb… @IDEOTVPod god permitting, i'm in SF second half of September...... @libbycwatson i really admire your focus and output. i could never, ever do what you do!
@leftroundhouse this is a good approachthere's pressure to make the same 10 (simple, clear, correct) arguments for single-payer every time some goon gets… for Main Cabin PREMIUM Group 1 Select"market solutions" have given us airline boarding processes. why would we ever celebrate them? why would we subsidi…! don't elf-mail my wifewhere's the big brain genious inventing a car that dogs can drive?This remains my favorite piece of writing about abortion and the only doctor who performs them in Mississippi. He i…
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faustI wrote about the root of the problem of surprise medical bills: "An equitable health-care financing system simply…
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faustA little under a year ago vs. this week
Retweeted by kill 💀 tim 💀 faust @Doughbeezy Lmfaoi know sites like facebook at least contract this out three degrees and then outsource it, so barely paid people in… like "mortal kombat fatality artist" and "social media content moderator" are interesting to me. trauma is int… big bag theory "you can put a lot of stuff in it"
@mdb2 peppermint tea with honey @intellegint good hat m8 @MsShade hell yeahdue to the rideshare strike, the fact that i don't leave the house very much is once again an act of utmost solidarityThere're even results suggesting that a placebo can have a (very limited) positive effects when the patient _knows_…, because this isn't profitable except in case of extreme duress, this information is to remain hidden to…