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(7/3) Happy Birthday to Nami, The Heart Of One Piece! 🧡🍊 Morning
Retweeted by CrunchyrollK - Return of Kings - Episode 6 - Keeper just launched! - Return of Kings - Episode 3 - Kismet just launched! - Return of Kings - Episode 4 - Knot just launched! - Return of Kings - Episode 2 - Kindness just launched! - Return of Kings - Episode 10 - Keystone just launched! - Return of Kings - Episode 12 - Knuckle Bump just launched! - Return of Kings - Episode 8 - Kaput just launched! - Return of Kings - Episode 1 - Knave just launched! - Return of Kings - Episode 7 - Kickdown just launched! - Return of Kings - Episode 13 - Kings just launched! - Return of Kings - Episode 11 - Kali-Yuga just launched! - Return of Kings - Episode 9 - Kid's Room just launched! - Return of Kings - Episode 5 - Ken just launched! DAYS LEFT! 🔥🔥🔥
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Retweeted by CrunchyrollIs it July 9 yet? 💖 More:
Retweeted by CrunchyrollI got the chance to look behind the curtain and learn how anime production has been going under the constant pressu…
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Retweeted by CrunchyrollSweet Dreams ~ (via @ShieldHeroEN) GIBIATE ED Movie Features Theme Song "ENDLESS" by SUGIZO & Maki Ohguro ✨ More: new chapter of Fire Force begins this FRIDAY!! 🔥 Rohan Kishibe VA Takahiro Sakurai Joins Fire Force as Yuichiro Kurono ✨ More: Night! 👑
Retweeted by CrunchyrollFire Force Opening 🔥 "Inferno" 🔥 by Mrs. GREEN APPLE ~ 🎶 Birthday to the best little brother a Mob can have, Ritsu Kageyama!! 🥳 🎂
Retweeted by CrunchyrollMeet HAN DAEWI, a Full Contact Karate specialist who wishes to save his friend from an incurable disease! 🥋✨…
Retweeted by CrunchyrollJoin the voice actors of @foodwarsanime for a 🔥 REAL SHOKUGEKI 🔥at #AXLite2020 ⚡️ July 3rd 8:00PM PST ⚡️ 🍽 Here:… My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Gets the Nendoroid Treatment ✨ More:… to serve!! 🍽 New episodes of @foodwarsanime start on July 17th!! 🔥 Dr. STONE Season 2 Kicks Off the Stone Wars in January 2021 ✨ More: Kanna from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Dresses Up With 1/7 Scale Figure ✨ More: is just how I play 👊 ✋✌️ Yen Press Announces Sword Art Online Alicization Manga, Goblin Slayer Side Story II Light Novel ✨ More:… like a game with realistic graphics 🥺 (via Kiss Him, Not Me)
NEWS: KONOSUBA Tries on Some Tempting Attire in Latest Game Promo ✨ More: one can resist free food 🤤 (via @tog_anime) Bandai Namco Sets PLAY ANIME LIVE Stream for July 22 ✨ More: holiday alert! 🌏 Today is Mizore's birthday! 🎂 Let's all celebrate our favorite oboe prodigy. 🎼🕊️
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Retweeted by CrunchyrollMeet Ruka Sarashina 💓
Retweeted by CrunchyrollEverything about Nero is honestly so inspirational!!! 😭🖤
Retweeted by CrunchyrollNEWS: New The Misfit of Demon King Academy TV Anime Trailer Previews Magical Ending Theme ✨ More:… girl 🧡🧡🧡 GET:
Retweeted by CrunchyrollSPIRIT GUN! Relive the Dark Tournament in the Yu Yu Hakusho x Grand Summoners crossover event! 👻 Play now:… interesting part from @DoctorDazza's article today: Shows delayed to a later season isn't inherently tied to t…
Retweeted by CrunchyrollNEWS: Co-workers Get Ornery in My Senpai Is Annoying TV Anime Adaptation ✨ More: and... who? 🤔 (via @ReZero_En) Ultimate Conflict 🔥 (via @SwordArtUSA) Birthday to Ritsu Kageyama!! Thanks for being the best supportive little brother for Mob! 🥺💯
Retweeted by CrunchyrollNEWS: Small Worlds Tokyo Theme Park Offers Human-Scale EVA-01 Figure for 3.4 Million Yen ✨ More:… Happy birthday, Sister Lily! 🖤
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Retweeted by CrunchyrollTAP👇 to pick which DigiDestined you are! Catch the next new episode of "DIGIMON ADVENTURE:" on simulcast through Cr…
Retweeted by CrunchyrollTomorrow Nazarick's battle maids shall conquer the beach in the name of the guild! 🔥
Retweeted by CrunchyrollNEWS: War Never Changes in New Trailer for Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld TV Anime (@aniplexUSA) ✨…'re celebrating summer the right way with a MEGA SALE! 🔥Take up to 30% OFF your favorite anime merch for this wee…
Retweeted by Crunchyroll4 DAYS until the God of High School's World Premiere! @Crunchyroll @webtoon 👀💥
Retweeted by CrunchyrollI can't wait for more @BlackClover_EN 🔥 many Megumi are there? 🤔
Retweeted by CrunchyrollNEWS: Time to Get Sadistic as Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro Gets TV Anime ✨ More: 2 of #rezero is coming! Here's what the series producer has to say about the isekai genre and what's in stor…
Retweeted by CrunchyrollFEATURE: The Future of Anime Production in a COVID-19 World ✨ More: smiles when he's nervous ~ (via Fire Force) like an Angel
Retweeted by CrunchyrollNEWS: Re:ZERO Break Time Anime Shorts to Return for Season 2 ✨ More: feed has been blessed by Aqua ✨ Morning ~ (via My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU) TV Nanana Chase the Kraken Monster! - Episode 12 - Eggplant! The Unrivaled Director just launched!… for Rimuru? 💧⚔️ Pre-orders close 7/6! BUY NOW:
Retweeted by CrunchyrollWithin a fifth leaf resides a demon. ♣️ (Episode 119)
Retweeted by CrunchyrollSweet Dreams (via A Certain Scientific Railgun) dreams, sleepyheads. 🐑💤
Retweeted by CrunchyrollRespect HER 😤 (via Fire Force) You Won't Believe What Goes Down in the Unimaginably Action-Packed Symphogear! ✨ More:… stop doing your best ✨ (via @tog_anime) #TowerOfGod 25 Books from Sister Princess Franchise Now Available Digitally ✨ More:!! 🥺 💔 (via KAGUYA-SAMA: LOVE IS WAR @aniplexUSA) @GIVEUSPRECURE Yes💕
Retweeted by Crunchyroll @Shikari430 love her @thatcanasian good animeHoly mother of 🔥
Retweeted by Crunchyroll @dioseramaldita good cat @Eldridtch nice mattmost recent pic on your phone is what he’s reacting to Six Sword Girls Gather in Katana Maidens - Tomoshibi OVA Key Visual ✨ More: 💦 (via @DemonLordAnime ) Voice Actor Mark Ishii is Back to Work: "I've Recovered Both Physically and Mentally" ✨ More:… If you ever watched anime, you hear terms like subs, dubs, summer anime, and most im…
Retweeted by CrunchyrollTower of God has remarkable music by @kevinpenkin. He shares some behind-the-scenes of the soundtrack in a recent d…
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Retweeted by CrunchyrollJust today, Boruto? 🤔
Retweeted by CrunchyrollNEWS: KONOSUBA's Absurd Adventurers Invade Phantasy Star Online 2 Today ✨ More:
I want to try Soma's eggs!
Retweeted by CrunchyrollNEWS: Miyu Tomita & Yumiri Hanamori to Voice New Heroines in OneRoom Anime's 3rd Season ✨ More:…'m not crying, you're crying
Retweeted by CrunchyrollWhen your best friend starts giving you relationship advice 😓 (via SING "YESTERDAY" FOR ME) you for participating in the art contest and supporting the anime. @tanino_miho has created this wonderful wa…
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