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Crunchy // Ethan @crunchyyworld Melbourne, Victoria

20 | Pro player for @soniqsEsports | πŸ‡«πŸ‡· vF | Voltaic | Yuki Aim | Twitch Partner: Business: |

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@Glorinsz now ur 5-1.... playing w/ some glue eaters @slothsuu so hot...
Would've been so cool :/ WIHT THE KOOKY KOALAS
@Zalagar1 @katsumiFPS Bro I've tried like 6 dif things its curseddd @katsumiFPS Why are u torturing urself by eating taco Bell @ebifried1 @YishOCE Big fan of u both @bettea22 Doing my best @theKingFPS_ OUCH @1byned @jabaims Great guy jab @theKingFPS_ I feel u man, I went from like 950 RR all the way down to 500ish ROFL @kqylea Much appreciated :D @theKingFPS_ Hey man atleast those accounts aren't hitting the ranked queues, ur cursed :>So grateful for all the support on my stream recently <3 vibes have been up and down since i haven't been sleeping… @andersin_val Raw accel chad @KOLER1337 Big fan koler @katsumiFPS V nice
winning every single game ever - @katsumiFPS becoming sentinel main after that :> @ARB1TERR @BunnyOCE @H0gggu nope...3090 on Floating heads 50% hp 400%, getting some of my old skill back @ARB1TERR @BunnyOCE keep in mind he's 5'9 and british @BunnyOCE wake up in the afternoon then @bornoftoast yessir @yungcalc better be seeing u try this @bettea22 had to be done @saruhjean yeah not bad aye @theKingFPS_ feelsbadmannext level cypher tech... one @istashathescrub
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @eezyfps on top of ur head like @zac_cba @cle_fairy @ManILoveFwogs sharrrpstreaming some ranked its very fun trust me
@KillerMillerGG @JerkTBE @lyekuu truly the romeo and juliet of the valorant scene, star crossed lovers... @JerkTBE @lyekuu meow. @EmyyCSGO BRO WHY @lyekuu Looks like u @JerkTBE @swerlworldy Happy birthday mr swerl @RiotBallerina This is so fking clean @nuyaraa He got haircut, wanted to show him off... @ebifried1 <3 @magnetbrain IncredibleJust blessing ur tl @saruhjean Frogchamp @quotefz Its not a mistake mate, some ppl will always be cunts tho <3 @MundyMUI @CloudsOCE <3IF YOU ARE READING THIS, I WISH YOU THE BEST
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @slothsuu @Alore404 Even better @Alore404 This could be you @slothsuu ... @saruhjean nO @saruhjean Thats it im packing Larry into a box and sending him your wayVery grateful for my friends who check in on me <3went 2-9 tonight :) had some fun atleast, end of act ranked really just aint it for me @shellzoh @hypmx this is sick wtf
1 game in and im already tilted , going on a JOURNEY TO RANK 1 :DD @sarah_frags this the one? @gg_frantic legend <3NSG Open #8 Highlights. 🀠
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @gg_frantic link me some bands/songs pls, only just getting into itcant stop listening to midwest emo mixes on yt please help @g_wolves Excited for the future @bearkun Only facts here @Convertibles @Quicktake @pl1xxval Thats why we left @ebifried1 @jazzyhk @dearmxndy @cosmopilots Thats what a guy I know who works in a Dublin bar always referred to them as @merketo This is the first I've seen in 3 months :> @phoFPS Give him a kiss pho @Timvalorant Sorry tim... @Glorinsz @FrostyValorant ^^^^^ spot on @LouVLRT_ Yessir @ohaaiii He just wants to be friends bro... @FrostyValorant Its just ranked tho, usually heat of the moment or frustration @theKingFPS_ Need some music with it, helps me focus @Glorinsz Huge @saruhjean @theKingFPS_ Sorry man :/ @PureRedfish HAHAHAH YE Thank christ theyre only found in the fking middle of Aus, I couldn't deal with jt @PureRedfish Doesnt come close to the Goliath birdeater :> @HayumiMeii TRUE @SyllogicFPS I've been traumatised too many times from them rappelling down onto my mouse pad or hiding on towels after a shower @SyllogicFPS Ye, usually im petrified of them but this one seems friendly @NotReduxx Hes friendly for now @Klamran Omnomnom @frostyZK Focus kingMeet Larry, he protects our apartments @sznyawn this mans has griefed so many of my games @SyllogicFPS EXACTLYwish chris luck for finals @pl1xxval best of luck sirchris just walked into the office at 1:31AM "morning guys" WTF @kayleyDZN thank u ms kayley @noah_vfx practice :D @saruhjean think u just have bad lil stream today, many dubs w/ diz and kat, we go again tmr <3 @sznyawn U POPPED OFFIt’s coming back the slingshot Jett
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @theKingFPS_ @frostyZK @zekkenVAL ez @saruhjean Did u name it?winning lots of games -