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@cozyjozie @ARB1TERR I still love him regardless tho @_astrayy Yessir @YishOCE Its returning, I needed a change @KegShouts <333 king @WardenFPS Yessir @Gr0ssology @ARIANARCHIST We all gonna make itLet it out
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @iamhcu <33Growth. @shruikanzx beast @zac_cba @ARB1TERR Love u zac @gn4shy @ARB1TERR Any opportunity to flame arbiter really @_horns__ @ARB1TERR Miss seeing ur clips horns, hope ur well mate @RossyUA <333Idk how to explain it, but it’s possible to hate someone in game and still be friends with them. VALORANT is under…
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @NilaOCE @ARB1TERR its quite possibly the best and warmest jacket i own, love it + its fkn HUGE is a whore
. . . . @qopi_ic
Retweeted by Crunchy // EthanOZZZZZZZZZZZZZY 🤯🤯🤯
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @juv3nileow @C0Mtweets @Kanpeki_XD @Neon76VAL @Gucc107 @PaincakesVAL @akrewhq hope everything is okSome of y’all are too busy with wordle that you forgot about the Lordle ⬛️⬛️🟩⬛️⬛️ ⬛️⬛️🟩⬛️⬛️ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 ⬛️⬛️🟩⬛️⬛️ ⬛️⬛️🟩⬛️⬛️ ⬛️⬛️🟩⬛️⬛️ ⬛️⬛️🟩⬛️⬛️
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @EndersFPS is this like a tribes-type game or is it more of a br? @VellyCardwell nice work mate, hope you crush it @ARB1TERR what in teh fuck3.0 blessed btw
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Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan. . . . @qopi_ic check out @qop_ic . . . . . .
Retweeted by Crunchy // EthanWelcome @Nurfed #Valorant | #AmpUp ⚡️
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @saruhjean jesus fucking christ @symrifle Chalq doesn't snipe, he's a fkn BEAST @shruikanzx Heard a lot of ppl say its not legit and good chance I cant go even if it was due to val :( @BRUHFAINTING na was paused @BRUHFAINTING oh?It's a beautiful thing when you align your life with your purpose.
Retweeted by Crunchy // EthanTrust the process, it will always work out.
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethanvalorant without astra and viper would be a much better game fr
Retweeted by Crunchy // EthanWarming up for NSG matches tomorrow you guys are not ready.
Retweeted by Crunchy // EthanSkyPAD aiming at full potential.
Retweeted by Crunchy // EthanLa Dispute, Taking Back Sunday, Palaye Royale FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK
If you think it's okay to waste years of your life to placate your perceieved fears then I'd question if you actual…
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethanif u give me a bracelet i will wear it forever
Retweeted by Crunchy // EthanThe Elderflame frenzy lookin good.. u/fd0263 / #VALORANT
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @Nozzworld <33BEAST asset to any team (pls come to NA I miss u) Any Role (Best at Support / Smokes) F/A IGL LAN / Team House Experience Previous: Wildcard, Dire Wolves,…
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @Morgausse_ MWAHonly jamalballs can save t1... @Bankroft never understood it man, get a smokes player to play smokes. Hes not gonna have the same impact switching… STRIKES AGAIN @kinzikoi AHAHAHA SORRY (NOT REALLY THO) @kinzikoi how
@Morgausse_ god ur so tall and handsome and talented @koalanoob <3 @Junafour junafourfootone gets 5 @fairyfps <3 @kinzikoi :D @pan1KOCE Count your blessings + suicide season >>> @neT_valorant It will be in time @minaweeb <33 @Bo_Hoogland <3IT IS WHAT IT IS in silence and let them notice you.
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @cyktanic Feel this, hope ur ok friendMotivated Determined Resilient Confident MENTALLY UNTOUCHABLE
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @Okespokies <333 you got thisThis is what I want more from teams in VALORANT. Adapt to your enemy even midgame. Amazing work from @kaspeVAL
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @puuundaaa BRO @Glorinsz love u glo
ONE OF THOSE WEEKS MAN ALLGOOD“it is what it is” will keep u at peace.
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @GRITCULT @qopi_ic This would be sick @dynamicval @Bawnval i looked at this guys games cuz i thought maybe hes this fucking ranked warlord but no its legit against noobsGot work to do. Like usual.
Retweeted by Crunchy // EthanAnaesthesia was invented 1846 Doctors in 1845:
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@TrickAIM beastmode @cheesecake_val poopsock too stronk#1 radiant na falls to the poopsock. @crunchyyworld nt train for another 10 years before you can beat me
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @OzzyRel just your RRthis is cool to see, didnt realise tracker did that was kinda cool tracking playlist in @aimlab is finally complete! Tried out a lot of new things in creator studio so let me…
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethanhow do these developers go to sleep at night knowing the range is down
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Take it from a professional. CHANGE YOUR SENSITIVITY. Practice and drill specific skills on different sensitivitie…
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @AveryJpeg wont clout tweet unless its at end/middle of act :> first means nothing rnANXIETY COMES FROM NOT KNOWING YOUR GOD GIVEN PURPOSE WHEN YOU HAVE PURPOSE, ANXIETY FADES.
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethanruining my sleep schedule with ranked and dm @branted707 ur so good @KingFPS__ billions is TERRORISING games rn @snoccc Young snoccc
@Governor_Val The billions classic @fairyfps ITS SO GOOD @EliGE that 4th kill holy fkthe more i play neon the more i think this agent is gonna be NUTS in comp play @minaweeb @itsPototo @Lear_VAL Vouch @9zamm Wtf