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Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @v1c_cs u played sick fren, gl in next games2-0 @SoniqsEsports
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan0-2 to soar sadge, thus ends our run this event. epathy went godmode map 2Proof that going through ups and downs in life wiIl heIp you get farther..
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @GcxxiVAL @andersin_val ive never applied, cba :> @GcxxiVAL @andersin_val he was at net cafe with garbo pc, he played incredible given the situation2-0 vs nearest airport, sucks andy had those rough circumstances but we mounted a huge comeback to win in OT and ge…
@PureRedfish gg fren @andersin_val love u <3 @AYRINval @its_yifang @LCO @Menulog Compared to philly food this is a meal for the gods @its_yifang @LCO @Menulog ur making me miss aus food so much rn
Retweeted by Crunchy // EthanJust taking the dog out for a walk
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan. venice, italy
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @retrQtv @runiVL @shonkFPS God you are a miracle worker if so @retrQtv Pretty sure @shonkFPS could use this @thedulab There is a profundity to loss that is underrated in these parts. I could only understand love after heart…
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @Spinachbrah can we get a spinachbrah review/thoughts?What the FUCK is happening
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @meiyoufun <333“Aim assist doesn’t even do anything, you literally have your whole arm to aim.”
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @LoganFxke thank u fren4-0 for the day, onto day 2. feeling real good @GregoFPS @JoshNissan this is true, sucks when that happens to ppl but luckily over a long enough timespan the peop… in Venice 🇮🇹
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @ThePhantomLex starting from today? :>
PHANTOMLEX VID THIS IS NOT A DRILL LETS GOOO't make the graphics prettier because the anti-cheat blocks it but at least the fluid high frames for super s…
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethanthey’re best friends 🥺
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan2020: movie theaters are dead and they will never return 2022: theaters are forced to ban large groups of teens in…
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @GregoFPS @JoshNissan ppl here are a bit soft for sure w/ these kind of things but you can overcome 99% of it if yo… @7eggma NONONONO“HOW DO YOU TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHEN SOMETHING IS A SIGN OR A TEST?” EASY. A SIGN, MERELY POINTS THE WAY…
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @fuglaa @JoshNissan Spot onThe oldest story known to mankind opens up with “In those ancient days…”
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethanat long last, love has arrived
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @JoshNissan More likely to see orgs cucking a player than politics cucking them tbh @JoshNissan Politics/nepotism might get a player who is undeserving a spot but they won't keep it if they're not go… this: I am actively looking for opportunities at other orgs as I’d love to stay in esports. LFO/LFT for a rol…
Retweeted by Crunchy // EthanLFT 15 y/o, 16 on dec.25 radiant 639rr peak comfortable on duelist & senti, can play some initator/smokes, willing…
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan
Retweeted by Crunchy // EthanKitty massage..🐈🐾💆😍
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @EnjoyRTT I am but a poor man in need of gear
Capitalist dystopia
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @instinctual_ getting a fat lump of coal, worth thoenjoy ur 4th of july frens, big fan, stay safe. blessed that i have the opportunity to live out my dream here <3
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @randyySAVAGEVAL @meiyoufun @ejmarchini im ngl i have no idea what scav karma even isWhat is going on...
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @meiyoufun @ejmarchini just pray this guy wont be u when we play... @meiyoufun @ejmarchini this is even more reason to try it no? @MoonBlueFPS i've done it a few more times and its still just as funny to me man i love this game @1mehzy no remorse, his gear is greatly helping me on my fav thing'A perfect afternoon' by Russian painter Vladimir Volegov 🇷🇺
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan
I'm still under contract with @WaveAUT, but I'm looking to explore my options. -I'd like to continue IGLing, and I…
Retweeted by Crunchy // EthanNobody is born equal. Life is discriminatory. We all have our advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to…
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethanfrom the advice from a father to his son, mesopotamian text (over 4000 years old)
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethanhumans have changed very little in thousands of years as these still apply
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @AlanBarzinji_ Is this ESO or just a heavily modded skyrim? @COOKIEOREOYUMMY same energy tbh @ungrxssology tasting an almond for the first time.. 😅
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethantbf heftyhippo is a beastWHO ARE THESE PPL I SEE SO MANY SIMILAR NAMES I DONT GET IT
Retweeted by Crunchy // EthanWhat about you?
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan💡 SPAM 💡 THIS 💡 LIGHT 💡 TO 💡 SUPPORT 💡 C9WHITE💡
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @Matco1203 High % chance they are not allowed to speak out or contest ruling, similar thing happened to me ages bac… @cowffeeeee This is what I'm saying, 100%. If the ruling is legit and there has been no obfuscation of the truth th… @cowffeeeee They are deciding they don't wanna play etc. Communication is essential and there was 0 from the side o… @cowffeeeee Yes but if c9 say nothing, show up 20+ mins late to veto alone and even in the discord calling after th… @cowffeeeee So how does that screen capture change anything at all when it's about the alleged negligence on c9s be… @cowffeeeee Have u read the ruling or no? @cowiiiie Forgiven King @0Ktinaa @melanie_mhs Did u closely read riots ruling?The veto thing along is probably grounds for dq in these smaller weekly tourneysx0tek STILL says nothing ab tech problems? Only 4 mins after DQ? There's gotta be more surely, if this is legit the…
The ruling reads completely differently to comments and reports from news outlets. What's the go, did c9 show up 20… think that lifeguard just killed them
Retweeted by Crunchy // EthanScientists have developed the first telescope contacted lens .this lens is capable of zooming your vision 3 time's…
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan100 year old veteran break down crying "This is not the country we fought for"
Retweeted by Crunchy // EthanFall of the rebellious angels from hall of palace "Palazzo Leoni Montanari" in Vicenza, Italy. The sculpture is 2m…
Retweeted by Crunchy // EthanRT to scare a New Yorker
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @cryptXVAL 👀 @aheartout first time for me seeing it
@minaweeb thats us later tnite fr @minaweeb gargle on my nuts down my kitten @minaweeb and cosmic divide in the MEL league 2-1. love u guysListen to this raven singing to a flute
Retweeted by Crunchy // Ethan @trunkZnopants Ye we rolled em @mythicaval hopefully fixed soon, looks so spookythink i missed the addition of A main ziplines in patchnotes about sending a message, THIS is why gentlemen such as @QuintusCurtius remind us that we need to build PHYSICAL libraries. Because…
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