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junglist 🏳️‍⚧️ ill see u on the astral plane

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crying while thinking abt raves昨日の歌枠の感想
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Retweeted by crustangel🌙リクエストいただいたぐらちゃん ぐらちゃんかわいい #gwart
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Retweeted by crustangel🌙 @blousblood depends on the cheesecatastrophizing is fun actually @uncuntfortable i still keep checking cause im dumbcbd gummy @Bruh_momento_2 cum on figurines @ykmsoundsys tht pizza looks so good @ykmsoundsys the essentialsi think the brandy track is good but the vocals kinda of make it corny at times but it doesnt sound right to me wit… was fine just gonna add little fills c:
gna swap out breaks in another track n i just know im gna turn it into some huge project @ykmsoundsys lmaoo @ykmsoundsys omgg @prodpoob both but only cause i was looking for gold chain it rlly does sound like cheeseburger @ykmsoundsys i get tht stuck in my head so much >_< @uncuntfortable we make it all up anyway, we should just make up more money @JVNUSTHEGOD 💕TURN ON, TUNE IN, DROP OUT
Retweeted by crustangel🌙 @JVNUSTHEGOD juts remember your awwsome!home along on a fridey night?gonna seriously sit down and make a beat tape after this just like simple af shit on my sampler i need some slow music in my life toosomeone make jungle with me🍕a🦈 #gawrt
Retweeted by crustangel🌙 @uncuntfortable i remember cause i dont like them
there has been a severe gawr shortage on the tl latelyMr. Hendo - Finally Out now on every streaming platform!
Retweeted by crustangel🌙 @mr_hend0 lovely! @ykmsoundsys ive been stuck on her for a while, too good! @p_oggers *pats* :3c @LeonFot1 same, im sorry😔
Retweeted by crustangel🌙 @ykmsoundsys i lovee her sm
yaa a simple change turned into another 2 week project @p_oggers borderline gang morning
Retweeted by crustangel🌙im thinking this ep will just be 3 songs since theyre all pretty long n i cnt rlly think of a suitable 4th @rap_knewnie think>>>i was making noise recently but it sounds too fluffy like floating on clouds made of marshmallows i wnted to sound mean @Bruh_momento_2 aaaaaaaa @pro_radiii we’re makin big movesmy next track is gna be tht one with the brandy samples tht ive said ive finished abt 7 times now it’s the track i… want to get tattoos on my hands but i am at the mercy of the old people tht have all the money @JVNUSTHEGOD ahaha i feel tht @JVNUSTHEGOD it makes me wnt to try making beats again lmao @JVNUSTHEGOD figarotodays card was the hierophant :D
@JVNUSTHEGOD hope it’s good it’s like 4 minutes longer than id like but it didnt feel right to trim it down D: @JVNUSTHEGOD it’s the one i showed u!! been taking my time hehei suppose it’s time to call this song doneput reverb on the subs the mud is good actually @lucebreaks yaa long story @NoExBeats feel like ive done too much moving on lately ahaha at this rate there’ll be no one left. maybe thts better i d k!My album "OH BOY!" Is out on @Bandcamp Listen to the full Album here (thanks!):
Retweeted by crustangel🌙 @NoExBeats yaa D:i was right 😓
@JVNUSTHEGOD yaa im always chilling @JVNUSTHEGOD tell meeim still salty abt the whole getting forced to cut my hair thing, it was finally getting to my shoulders D: @JVNUSTHEGOD omw ^_^ pussy @pro_radiii happy birthday! @uncuntfortable i gotta get my dark game upperfect sweetie :) @COUPLED aa we’ll see, i think the diy approach will be fun for a little anyway~ it’s an old ass computer i built i…
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@p_oggers :D @p_oggers meanieeeeanddddd my project file is missingWip... #刻晴
Retweeted by crustangel🌙my cpu is failing and i really cant be bothered to build another rn i might just go hardware only n like record on… missed my calling i shouldve been some stuffy ass psychiatrist bitch with a lot of books telling everyone they wanna fuck their dads @NoExBeats i love him so muchHere is a track called "no comply" from my new album "oh boy!" dropping soon , what do you think ?
Retweeted by crustangel🌙 @p_oggers theyre everywhere, n from experience theres only one real solution n thats to seperate yourself entirely from them. @JVNUSTHEGOD cause it’s the bad gay while u are the good gaymoney is gay @AAbuddy777 @Ietter19 i was just thinking of this earlier#gawrgura #gawrt 🐱💼🦈💙
Retweeted by crustangel🌙vintage vivienne westwood fall 1992 marlene dietrich-print garments
Retweeted by crustangel🌙In the studio! @ghostly
Retweeted by crustangel🌙 @daze_gaze im gonna piss like an eagle
ldr is so fucking corny @CCintFANclub if only! ahahaive been getting into french philosophy im so sorry i didnt mean toThe Designer's Republic edition of Emigre Magazine, No. 29 (1994) is up in full on the Letterform Archive! Here are…
Retweeted by crustangel🌙 @p_oggers aa makes sense~ @p_oggers it just happens ive been having a lot of days like tht recently @p_oggers i feel this @uncuntfortable she is my queen @COUPLED 💕
Retweeted by crustangel🌙was going hard on music earlier in the week n now im back to being completely exhausted constantly n cnt do anything 😓 @NoExBeats 💕💕 @NoExBeats ahaha hey i think you are awesome