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Design Director at @CB_Sword. Formerly Playground Games, Frontier. #BAFTA games juror, #VGA & #STEM Ambassador. Current project @siegeandsandfox. He/Him.

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@MandyBz @ChellaRamanan It's amazing! I'm not even sure I'd put money on myself to *survive* a serve from her. @SimoRoth Depends on the team @GameDesignDan Gardeners rise upWhen I shamelessly retweet myself @toggleModal Fair @toggleModal *laughs in unlimited data* @rae_ami 👀 @Emma_Jamison 🤔I'm looking for a new writer to come and work with us on Zombies, Run! Are you this person? Do you know this person…
Retweeted by Chris WilsonHey I need some help! If you'd like to help me run Working Lunch for the next 3 months I would be really keen to ta…
Retweeted by Chris Wilson @V_Ben Don't tell me how to live my lifeNot sure what nudged my YouTube feed towards aggressively wholesome, but I am very much here for it. @toggleModal Tweetdeck feels like work, this was my escape🙃
@danwrong haha, I figured. I would say if you like this, you'll probably like a good chunk of the KF back catalogue . . . @danwrong This is probably the first time in my whole life someone I actually know has mentioned something Kniteforce related😲So, today I can finally reveal what I've been working on as I've gotten permission to Open Source it from the studi…
Retweeted by Chris Wilson @MattGambell @studioanisa @ThatOwlGuy all humans need floating status icons IRL IMO @toggleModal WOAH @GameDesignDan It's a misprint. should read 'Cool, Box! Art?' @GaryJKings Woah, like debt and everything? .... Sorry to hear that 😬 @GameDevMark Nothin' new, just a clip from beyond human that was very not good @DevRelCallum @JonDadley 🤔🤔🤔🤔This was meant to be a reply, but you know what, my point still stands.Re: David Cage
@tdDaz Have you seen his previous film? Just as trippy! @UnicornDevGames @AnnaHollinrake RELEASE THE EDGE @v21 Could you notI'd forgotten how good Moon was. Seeing it again tonight with the score performed by the London Contemporary Orches… movie Cats, but everyone shuts up talking about it.Do you remember Waterways? We do... 🌫️⛵️💀 #indiedev #gamedev #screenshotsaturday
Retweeted by Chris Wilson @SpiltMilkStudio BIG BUOYS BARBERS @studioanisa Oh fuck, you're being cast as scarjo!? @FakeAnimeGeek Time for a bigger house I guess @tamcgarrigan 👀"Some people say you have to write every day, but that sounds like a bit of a grind. If you wake up and don’t feel…
Retweeted by Chris WilsonThank god DF is here to get to the bottom of this @docsquiddy Trick question, they're all Taylor SwiftI wanted to join in! Its not often I get a chance to show my early modelling work in all of its GLORY #NoobMeVsNowMe
Retweeted by Chris WilsonDo I know any Technical artists comfortable with #UnrealEngine ? RT's appreciated - this is for a really, really co…
Retweeted by Chris Wilson @toggleModal The stories I have heard ... @GameDesignDan
Do you ever wonder what mutual friends say about you to each other when you aren't there?
Retweeted by Chris Wilson @iyagovos Pretty muchIt’s like an Onion article
Retweeted by Chris Wilson @iyagovos And the obsession with production value... Grrrr. You're just as boring on £10,000 mic darlin' @iyagovos I read the whole thing, I don't know why. As someone who has dabbled in YouTube and such the start point… @iyagovos I... What. Why would you think this would work @LillyD_LWS fSo, my PC is on its last legs, it's urgent that I fix/replace it ASAP. Any help you guys could give (even just rt-…
Retweeted by Chris Wilson @JanDavidHassel 'I'm not coder, but it seems to me that ...' @studioanisa @InverteBrett @AlexisTrust Wise beyond their years :) @AnnaHollinrake You're in for a good time @lucyrawrs Yeah, I think it's interesting that I didn't specify bad things, but that seems to be the assumption!Seems like my feelings aren't too unusual! @NATO_chrisjm Yeah, this is my top pick currentlySo erm, this wasn't intended to be malicious, sorry if it came across that way. I just realised that despite not… @AnnaHollinrake Same!The new Twitter layout is so genuinely bad (in design and aesthetics) I've decided to use AdBlock to block Trends +…
Retweeted by Chris WilsonDo you ever wonder what mutual friends say about you to each other when you aren't there? @studioanisa FINEWe're looking for speakers for @pocinplay monthly meetups at @ustwogames. Talks can be on any aspect of games- deve…
Retweeted by Chris Wilson @toggleModal @tenpn I guess from my perspective they've just shoved a bunch of stuff I don't care about (trends, giant EXPLORE b… @tenpn My main issue is all this f'ing empty space, you folks weren't kidding about nu twitter 🤮 @AngelosLH I'm still kinda excited @AlexisTrust wireless chargers were a big hit. People loved them. The need to sleep was gone! But soon they found them i…
Retweeted by Chris Wilson
@enralis Thanks! @docsquiddy OK, this might workFor reference, I have just discovered I have had this same case for EIGHT YEARS. I just want something that looks l… really like a new case for my next PC build, but they all look like a transformers dick :( @GaryJKings You are gonna fucking own at Tony Hawks#gamedev twitter: Are there any bodies/organisations that help speakers at a conference with travel grants?
Retweeted by Chris Wilson @ChellaRamanan Yeah, I hear good things! @triangle_soup 100% Sincere! I always think 'who do I know into this stuff? Oh, of course!' @oyariashito @triangle_soup Blair I genuinely love how it's always you bringing this stuff to my feed XD @babelfishwars Fucking hellI'm about £1.7M short, but this is a beautiful looking car. Electric too! @rainbiscuits @bratterz @AdackMusic @noclipvideo 👀 @toggleModal While I completely agree with you, it's somehow just a perfect representation of my 2019 so far @toggleModal @lucyamorris @AmeliaTyler I think that pretty much auto translates in my head at this stage, but I'd never say it myself. Also… @ScarletCatalie @ChellaRamanan Interesting. I don't find locations/stuff distracting, just people! @ChellaRamanan Been thinking about this all morning. I don't think I could ever go back at this point.I've taught myself to flow back and forth between UK/US spelling pretty well at this point, but Behaviour/Behavior… say hi if you're going to this! There will be a me, a @Sliwinski, a @darbotron and a possible @rpgwhitelock (sub…
Retweeted by Chris Wilson @joewintergreen no way @DevRelCallum cc @markdrew @toggleModal Four hours 😬 Even two drove me nuts, dunno how any one does/did it! @iveytron I use Pocket. But I never quite manage to stay on top of organising them >_< @tokyo_bat
@studioanisa @AnnaHollinrake Not long now... Don't forget me when you're famous! taught Games UXers what were the best resources and tools that helped you develop and refine your skill set? I…
Retweeted by Chris Wilson @studioanisa I think I'm up to about 5 years with someone who lives within walking distance @AnnaHollinrake I can't keep track, is she cancelled or not? @tamcgarrigan I mean, it's my birthday, but this sounds more interesting tbh