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#uever wake up n the middle of da night nd think about a girl u like or startin to like and sit at da edge of the bed n say damn i want her ~ KD

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@optiuh @goodbeanaltalt Lolcouldn't be me is so good
Retweeted by incognito user @spongefacts_alt and weak promo dealshow do people "forget to sleep" like bro it's right there how can you forget about it @OffbrandMilkbag just wait till I sell my dogecoin @rxyymond you have nothing @Wis_Alt It's why bakugan used to go so crazy @Wis_Alt you wouldn't get it"he's just like me" @BlondedJacob This dogecoin doesn't sleep 🤷🏽‍♂️ @daacyy My bad @daacyy You like 13 @er1417 It's small @jacquellharper 6'1ol lying ass bitch my dick aint that big @EdersonEraV2 @optiuh This a nice tweet for me @ChewyQue she's beautiful we don't care about the ass bro @xbarkoo Never seen it idk if it's good but she's in it @DomerGraduate blocking you @UltralightLuc Thanks babe @craig_stewart11 SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESHOUUUUUUUUUU WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE @_A113N very odd people especially on this app @imisstide @_A113N What he say?This gif kinda nice 👁️👁️ @LazasBautista You too?? @_A113N many dislike him because they take his opinions very seriously @DrGuru23 yessirrrrrrrr @TlMMY_ ones with Joey Diaz just comedy @4PFSebastian_ who @jacquellharper I enjoy listening to some of the podcasts and topics even though many people feel differentlysome of the joe rogan podcasts go crazy @PorterisAmonkey @jeangaultierr Dub @jeangaultierr @Yuhuuur Chill on him!! @jeangaultierr @Yuhuuur HEEEEEEEE @josayyc @IcyVert @nikkashmeat @jeangaultierr I was nice on bo2 couldn't be me 🤷🏽‍♂️ @BrianwithaT @CenturyOG @daacyy yes stillgonna try doing the helicopter infront of one of my tweets @AhahaFlair mfs living off the sponsored tiktok videosthe creator marketplace on tiktok really amazing sad nothing on here like that @okleslie solely her tok! @WhatGattusoMad most she got for a sponsored one @CenturyOG @daacyy said on a podcast @bigniggameals yes @daacyy talking bout moneyaddison rae getting 90k for a little dance on the tok 😐 @marcusy_ hope one of them wants you @er1417 heywhy'd he say it like this @TristanGHill @fruitpop go crazy go stupid @hoodienergy wrong @prakdip .. @Haunterx7 just selling aliexpress items marked up @thfcdc_ might have to handle thispeople still promoing dropshipping on here @CrypticNo damn right #TheyDontWannaSeeBronWinButHeFinnaWinAnyway
Retweeted by incognito user @ayy_lukie Chill!Be LeBron #StriveForGreatness 🚀🚀 @SmfhMyv1Head I'd be sick @bil_cipher Ion even know but this one dude called someone itimagine someone calling you a "chonker" @lidv2x Lid banger Lid banger
Retweeted by incognito user @optiuh Don't call them bitches bro 💯💯 @Mlord7000 goodnight sleep well @snyyred seek help @snyyred why'd you make me send this?? @snyyred why @fandomhuub works with some people doesn't work with others idk it's their hair though they can do whatever @fandomhuub Looks good on him @CFC_Ant My biggest haterwhy man
Retweeted by incognito user @blindmanwalkinn I can't request anyone else man wtf @Blankzy_ Don't want to see me win @xLambo_ Cowardthey banned me @okleslie @ImMashed_Potato Only 10 @okleslie ok @JhbTeam Absolute scenes @Chriztopha_ @JhbTeam @JhbTeam So you can't lob a 5 ball? @xberrt Real one @Chriztopha_ No sir not me @Jafooff No I would never no @100Twiggy 👁️👁️ @notdiin Thanks queen @js_burner Respect my dividend stocks? @iMercVI Check app lol @messisucc ChillReply with Cashapps 🙈 @oFabz Fabio going crazy @51oMichael @OMGLove Need that @emmaaerdmann idk why he said that... Anyways hey @OMGLove do you want to play WarzoneKeep your fucking cringe cloth mask I'll be rocking one of these bad boys
Retweeted by incognito user @jeangaultierr He's 14 @ShaunGaKill Caption goes crazy