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@Dom_2k The "content" : @Dom_2k she's going crazy on her private story right now 😭😭 she's so special @Dom_2k AOC told me you're ass at 2k @notchaselyons Oh you're a cisgender straight white male? L
@iHaveNoHoe This is edited. @SASBurnerAcct @SacramentoKings @snootid @SASBurnerAcct stop trying to be nice get negative @Freddychini ....son quit his dreams of making the NBA just to get aired every night @_A113N ..... Never @BlondedJacob Gets to watch breaking bad for the first timehe's so lucky.. he can go experience the GTA 5 strip club for the first time @CFC_Ant They cumming again??? @BWAMatt @SacramentoKings no ratio just vibes @ezDrob You wake up everyday believing in your heart that Yoshi (a dinosaur) is a frog... I know you don't love yourself @Valkyrae i can't wait for the Ariana album 🙏🏽🙏🏽 @ezDrob Yoshi is a dinosaur @Nadeshot that's crazy...let me know if y'all need a carry they call me the 2013 Bron of Warzone @exruhh @Dexerto that's not me... must be thinking about someone else @realJBA @Dexerto @ShamsCharania Let him know @Dexerto league sources say twitter user crypticnoonee will be a first round draft pick. @afemeje 12 in the afternoon the sun is still out @Zames231 ? @NotMarshy omg stop being so negative Ariana is dropping this week!!The surgeons still putting up Wilt Chamberlain numbers 🔥🔥 @xanful @madisonbeer leave her alone @KidCudi Mmmmmmmmmmmmm @liImorg "Entrepreneur 🙏🏻" @notHuberto $GNUS $IDEX 🚀🚀🚀 @f__ntasy everyone wanna be me so bad 😭😭 make $2.49 on stocks and start putting shit like "aspiring investor 💸" in their bio @madisonbeer goodnight @TristanGHill ladies you can't compete with his ass..I can confirm @iHaveNoHoe @sonicx161 They join us and get put in the real lobbies 🤷🏽‍♂️ not everyone can handle the bright lights @PapiJuiceGawd get off twitter the falcons defensive line needs you @iPurrple Nah this was good moment @Certified4PF @CorinnaKopf check tiktok comments @Ahlz02 leave me alone @daiptix oh brother.... @Froste real @TimaaayX5 - 2 wins @kay6e @Boy1drr we'll win it this year at least 🙏🙏 @ihatenba2k18 😐😐😐 @JhbTeam Beef will be categorized as dairy 15 years from now.
@TSM_Hamlinz @procastinatn I'll break it for 2021 🙏🙏 @bil_cipher must be thinking about someone else @bil_cipher ? @Will845_ Only good thing was watching the Lakers win #17This tweet put a curse on 2020 @jjustin92 @KingJames it's ok 🙏🙏 we love you @aweynu delete @MonsieurMatt25 @ExtendoBans acting like the bears dont exist 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @Ky1eWRLD They need to free themselves and just be Bears fans 🤷🏽‍♂️ @kay6e Dodgers fans tonight @girthyzion Couldn't be my bears 😀👍Atlanta Falcons fans every Sunday @AtlantaFalcons Lol @jamescharles good morning james @TristanGHill Normalize this normalize that bro just wait for the food to cool down @Freddychini nah son...she was about to eat his hand @OnLean4Real Kid gotta be immune to everything alreadyBitches on TikTok just keep getting dumber and dumber @Yuhuuur Proof? @CFC_Ant Sources said you wearing skechers boots @netsstan no one wants your nut hoodies"it's getting cold.. I can finally start dressing up again" The fits: @laziestchris wow @Yuhuuur @CorinnaKopf just had some cereal lol cinnamon toast @Yuhuuur @CorinnaKopf hope you had a good day.. did you eat? @CorinnaKopf *achoo* goodnight @KingJames LeBron do you have the Ray's hat ready? @jamescharles Any day of the week 🤷🏽‍♂️ @therealtylrrm no............... @KaleiRenay thoughts on 3 inches ? @BRITlSH I read it wrong thought you said someone asked if she's open to explore love again @big_business_ @CorinnaKopf @sydney_sweeney @MargotRobbie why @Certified4PF you're 14. @ImJustGt no. this is not about me. this is an entirely hypothetical conversation. @CFC_Ant @Ter0me Oh man... He's just like me! @iHaveNoHoe Ladies he uses dior sauvage @bil_cipher He is lying on my name!! @lakursla I don't know what you're talking about
@iHaveNoHoe @DoctorAlpaca bro asking to synchronize sending hand pics..... @MrBeastYT @Corpse_Husband Jimmy (Mr beast to his fans) when are you gonna pay me back the $5 I gave you @Leo__ffs @Avalanche100T @daiptix @Avalanche100T .... @Avalanche100T son just grow up already @Boltsiola MAGA Bolts? @DoctorAlpaca Honest opinion? @Yuhuuur can't believe you forgot to watermark it and the other guy just stole your work @PlaiBoiMansion ?mfs spend years learning graphic design just to make shit like this @CorinnaKopf @xoxabstract swear it's all gta created characters @notHuberto everyday I wake up grateful I'm not living there