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@RazvanMihai90 @BigChonis @davthewave @JacobCanfield @MagicPoopCannon Magic poop cannon is literally the worst. @justinsuntron @Tronfoundation This man took a selfie in the supply closet @_bitcoinz Thank you. @CryptoDale
@asidealex Haters will def screenshot. But I don’t deleteIf my calculations are accurate then this is the last time we see $9k (ᵗʰᵉʸ ᵃʳᵉ ᶜᵒʳʳᵉᶜᵗ) @JoshMcGruff’s the tweetI nailed the last correction within 90 cents. Hardly anyone noticedAbsolute banger Daily opening incoming Hold the hell on @imBagsy @CryptoGainz1 To TA? @imBagsy @CryptoGainz1 You’re out of control bro @Cypher437 Listen to your uneducated ass. @imBagsy $hxro pump my bags Bagsy @imBagsy my excitement I may have mentioned 9800 in the next 24 hours. We will get there. @BNONews @CryptoMessiah @bopinion yo have you guys seen the news recently? @CryptoMessiah @dillydilly75 They literally just changed it @CryptoMessiah There is no current threat from that quake but it is a risk.Coronavirus timeline: -Wed: 232 new cases, 11 deaths -Thur: 111 new cases, 1 death -Fri: 467 new cases, 16 deaths -…
Retweeted by Nick Core 🏆Well then $HXRO @Ambitiouswarrio The ol hook and ladder
@PostyXBT @clipthatapp I hope this works well, I truly think it’s a good idea. Mobile app will be the biggest selling point @PostyXBT @clipthatapp This could be good :) @koreanjewcrypto Because logically there is no reason to do so. So this is concerning if ct is being reasonable @Bladeofbitcoin Lol @cryptodawn I know, I need to watch my language.All the bull market analysts are coming back. Remember even you can make money in a bull, we all do.Starting a new tweet thread since the correction is over and that last one was so wrong & embarrassing. 9833 is in… @kokoemba :D no need to be afraid my friend @onlysmells Yeah luckily the state department isn’t dropping off all USA citizens here in San Francisco either 😟 @kokoemba What is there to need? I’ve literally spelled the market out for everyone for months nowI already know how this will play out in Los Angeles if it breaks loose. Amazon is sold out of disposable masks ti… anyone at all surprised after this week?
I think I shall do my analysis from here now, I am in love with this setup. 😍 @eToroUS Bitcoin only @GemCrypto Lol no lie @TMZ WtfBREAKING: Kobe Bryant Has Died In A Helicopter Crash
Retweeted by Nick Core 🏆Not many can do it. 🎯 @Sicarious_ Lmaoo @merchtank19 @BullyEsq @BullyEsq I deserve to party with @inversebrahThere will be limited capacity to transport private US citizens on flight leaving Wuhan on January 28 to San Francisco - US State Department
Retweeted by Nick Core 🏆 @TheCryptoDog @lucidfx_ @rogerkver Let loose @CryptoGainz1 Said the massage therapist to Gainzy
@Rallied Most Uber drivers have bitcoin addresses @IchimokuScholar Took me about 5 rereads to understand the question, but I would like to point out you started the… @CryptoGainz1 Lmao @Crypto_Bitlord This ain’t the move chief. @CryptoCharles__ I am just scared is all. @CryptoCharles__ I’m not sure this is even funnyConfirmed coronavirus cases: - China - US - France - Japan - South Korea - Taiwan - Singapore - Thailand - Austral…
Retweeted by Nick Core 🏆 @spectatorindex @Crypto_Bitlord
@imBagsy Idk I kinda like the idea of putting risk on the bank with speculative assets. @Rallied Honestly any of the Huntsman for me @RealHxro @HxroBot_io @RealHxroLabs @Sicarious_ @BalesFootball @robbylevy @CryptoMessiah @TheKevinSteele @CODLeague @Treyarch @Trapouts You rendering vr environments? lol godly ram @tradingview @MAGlCPoopCannon who has me blocked for pointing out so. @StreakingXBL Yeah the mp5 makes everyone a god. @horseysurprise Also -Donald Trump @BobbyPoff That victory yell needs to be the dono sound @BullyEsq And no one seems to agree on the language
@imBagsy Ace @CryptoRick_ Yeah moms be like that @CryptoRick_ This is always a test of your manhood. You instantly failed her test bruh @Rallied For some, they sweat profusely and talk rapidly. @FatihSK87 Call em out! Give them the @‘s @DrTedros I am declaring it. Honestly I predicted this. @HashKing1123 Music is just my way of communicating on here sometimes. But in English (my fault) I am saying we ar… @Crypto_Bitlord Bae @HashKing1123 No idea, who is that? @CryptoDale Ive got the bail money ready Dale @HashKing1123 @abnheel @BullyEsq He talks big @BullyEsq Post a picture of your clothes right now Bully. No one takes you serious until we see it first handStay tuned, it's time & I am back in all my humbleness & glory. Updates coming today as they transpire. @Julio_Rosas11 Same energy @GemCrypto Collective mind reading @FunnyVines Lmao @CryptoCharles__ I swear @CryptoCharles__ @PostyXBT Literally a few thousand @albs_is @PeterSchiff Yes I am elite. Thank you for acknowledging @LuckyNewbVlogs @Crypto_Bitlord Stop tagging me @SmartContracter Just balancing out those loans low key is all. @JackPosobiec Interesting @_TheRange @inversebrah It’s really not @eToroUS @eToroUS @eToroUS @eToroUS @eToroUS