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@Cryptoginja1 We allow since he’s talking to dog @justtruth19 @cachiestboi + @13Prince31 Tonight was a movieVIBIN @fightmeplebs @fudsmckenzie Not an eye roll @NatebagCEO Always @fudsmckenzie @fightmeplebs @13Prince31 Should crush some beers with the fellas to celebrate @13Prince31 Bigly @cryptunez @Razramos1 Lmao @fightmeplebs @SPCMNspliff @fightmeplebs Wow smh @palpatean Brypto people of all should understand deflationary concepts @palpatean Wasnt * @palpatean Get ignored compared to dividends while still creating shareholder value @palpatean This was even the free alpha i was talking about lol *buyback yields* @DrPebis Yes @elwhale Same barbershop too lol @elwhale Spice Adams is the name @DrPebis How’s the bud lights @pt0kes @LomahCrypto Lmao @LomahCrypto Haha! @notouriousrep Nobody is gayer than this dude on twitter dot com possibly including aids guy @dumbgayretard Happened to me once, bout 2 hours @krypto___klepto @d1rtydan I’m a elite, nice @d1rtydan Better yields for monthly deposit I’m ok with it
@EPro52 Rip next two days @krypto___klepto Ya not sure how long Ebola was in the news. Either way the point is it’s all cyclicalO/U 2.5 weeks till Chinese flu is out of the news cycle @HenryTheETH @SPCMNspliff @McDonalds Wow! Well done lad!Hmmm could share some free alpha @crypto_bobby Agreed. Mainly the only fractional shares I have are dividends reinvested. Although I have fractional… @cachiestboi @SPCMNspliff @SPCMNspliff @McDonalds @crypto_bobby @Philberrtt Always @C4liCrypto Nvm @C4liCrypto don’t get itForgot to defrost the meats, I guess McDonald’s it is
Retweeted by [3.3k SPX by July] Krutches @dumbgayretard I mean he’s right in the fact that 90% of personal finance is behavioral, but yeah apples to oranges @mrcryptowonka @Witty_Crypto @BitcoinMemeHub @bittybitbit86 @CryptoEuclid @crazy_crypto @CryptoGainz1 @CryptoNewton @blknoiz06 McDonalds @knuck13head @CryptoGainz1 @yokonnson @CryptoNoobGirl Clutch smh shhhhh @knuck13head @CryptoGainz1 @yokonnson There’s outliers @yokonnson @CryptoGainz1 My best work @CryptoGainz1 @yokonnson Tbf looks like a typical Wisconsin woman @CryptoGainz1 @yokonnson Good afternoon Gainzy @yokonnson @barstoolsports @holy_schnitt @PFTCommenter Finna have to make an alt to become an Ellie reply guy Also I see you whale @SPCMNspliff Rude! @CryptoAtNight @SPCMNspliff Lol jeez @CryptoAtNight @SPCMNspliff Oh yeah at the end? @SPCMNspliff @CryptoAtNight Was chill 10pm showing pretty empty big chillin @palpatean @BullyEsq Oh lol @palpatean @BullyEsq Do it @SPCMNspliff @BullyEsq @BullyEsq 4 and coffee is trash zzzz inb4 addicts in my mentions @SPCMNspliff Cardano lover @dumbgayretard @isleofnikki I got this email today, not sure what they’re tryna imply @Trapouts Beans not pictured? @LomahCrypto That’s a lot of moist food @Cryptoginja1 yeah, only gonan use it while its torn up. im used to using hook for cleans and stuff up to about 205… @Cryptoginja1 Tape @DoubleSpending @CryptoCred @OhYouBlockhead That’s a lie sir @CryptoCred @OhYouBlockhead @OhYouBlockhead SIR @TTremendous350 FLook at this dood @derekpsheldon Need to tape them next timeOk need tape gg but hey at least I’m not totally bleeding sufferingWorking hookgrip today w/ a bit lighter cluster sets at 365, so I have to reset grip each timeGym is a MESS rn everyone get out @DrPebis @CryptoDale Just finished Fanatical prospecting and currently on Challenger Sale, both recommended to me by BobbyUncut gems was legit good, not the plot twist I expected lmao @blknoiz06 a bike, twice. Like I’m ever Gonna do cardio lmaoooo @cryptunez Very cool, thanks for sharing! @CoolerEsq @BullyEsq @stephendpalley @propelforward @lex_node @msantoriESQ @AndoniOlta @HaileyLennonBTC @blknoiz06 Mans texts like this @CryptoMessiah Wen parabola break downward @BullyEsq @stephendpalley @propelforward @lex_node @msantoriESQ @AndoniOlta @HaileyLennonBTC @NelsonMRosario @blknoiz06 @notouriousrep He can’t when he’s a gay @Trapouts Gotta toughen up the body @Cryptoginja1 @derekpsheldon Lolllllll @palpatean @CryptoDale @SPCMNspliff Nice @SPCMNspliff Is this a yu gi oh character? @twuench Nope @twuench @SPCMNspliff Yes. I know. I’m a personal finance nerd but thx @SPCMNspliff Nice. Will get it soon, currently I barely spend any more there and using my 2% cash back one. Gotta w… @EPro52 Perfect visualization of that @CryptoGainz1 Never @pt0kes Nice