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Colleen 🍸🐸 @CryptoNoobGirl Some Barstool in Cryptoland

Norweigan Irish American Wisconsin🍺 Florida🍹 👽Machine Elf @packers 🏈 🌽Shitcoins

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@repteezus ZoinksMy love language is pepe stickers.
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@TheHodler @GreatPortfolio @BitcoinDood @coinmoonsoon @MikeEMars @CryptoCoderz Cheers Hodor! :)
@CryptoDale @listendestro @13Prince31 @elwhale @Crypto412 Totally agree. Miss my bois!!!🤗’s Chris with @13Prince31 @listendestro @elwhale @CryptoNoobGirl and @Crypto412 in philly then puffing on coll’…
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I'll never understand why anyone likes this garbage human. He's just so greasy/sleazy if u ask me....which no one… @Missc0nsin Sanity can only be pushed so far. Tipping point incoming Glorifying fats will be over soon Thank God..... ewe🥂 @C4liCrypto This is a great takeHaven't popped in here in a good bit, but man..... fuk @netflix Just absolutely indefensible...although I do see…
elmer asked me if i own any bitcoin like its 2017 or something
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@CowboyCrypto @BullyEsq Same @BullyEsq I stan @MerkleSeeds @crypt0fungus @namaste_nic @Missc0nsin @elwhale @C4liCrypto @chad_alt @slitneyqueers @ashtoshii @MerkleSeeds @crypt0fungus @namaste_nic @Missc0nsin @elwhale @C4liCrypto @chad_alt @slitneyqueers @ashtoshii you follow someone who uses the term hodl, don't follow them anymore.
Retweeted by Colleen 🍸🐸 @slitneyqueers Amen. But also a Soros ;P
@_krutches @listendestro 😆
@ShitcoinSherpa 😍 @Colinthecrypto1 Ewwe no no no nooo @bitcoinbella_ No! Don't be lol @Crypto_Core Lol @listendestro @TrogMD @BradMichelson @uptownrobot Nooooooo! :/ @coin_artist Nice 🙌 @nayafia @zooko welcome to Twitter. ? Yah..the media farknuts run this every arena - not just ur piece of the pie @CryptoRick_ Lol Love it😂 @CryptoWendyO 👀 @22loops Jfc lol @theartistcoach No @CryptoNoobGirl @JoshMcGruff There is no remorse in this game. I am in the trenches fighting for my life everyday o…
Retweeted by Colleen 🍸🐸 @13Prince31 @JoshMcGruff Respect 👊 @CryptoWendyO Shit, I bet... That one "enthusiastic" dude from Vegas ever chill out on you, or nah? @JoshMcGruff @13Prince31 ^ @Tradermayne @jebus911 👀 fuk is that??
@CryptoWhalebot Not bad, lolLet’s forget about the things that matter. Who benefits from resistance? Nobody. Let’s quietly grind our way to the…
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@CryptoDale @BullyEsq +1 @bitcoinbella_ Haha first time I've been accused of that. I like it ;) @bitcoinbella_ Did u know it's made with Raisins? Yah - crazy, right?! @bitcoinbella_ 😬 I grew up eating ketchup w/steak....(and ham at Easter) Now that I'm grown...I'm an A1 girl. As… @d1rtydan Crap! Missed this from @Hardees as well. Im the ultimate pleb 😭 @AedanDQ @MikeSully @rungoodclint @Beastlyorion Hahahaha.... perfect @Beastlyorion Beast! Stop drifting w/ur boys in the Walmart parking lot and these kinds of things won't happen to u! :P @crypt0fungus 😄
@bitcoinbella_ Its a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport on Angel Dust is what it is @bitcoinbella_ Wtf am I a few too many deep..or is that an M. C. Escher?! @NeerajKA @MEPFuller 😅 @slitneyqueers Lol @CryptoMessiah Pefecto @CryptoAtNight @BullyEsq Wanna know what it was? MILO LMFAOOO It sent me down a proverbial rabbit hole. Not… @palpatean @BullyEsq Right?! Instead, they just let thier mask slip @CryptoAtNight @BullyEsq It's true. - I have text receipts from election night of me freaking tf out lol 🙃😂 @d1rtydan Hey wait a second 🤔 @bitcoinbella_ I like this :) @TraderLucid @BullyEsq @elyap0o ☝️ yep @BullyEsq Now ur get'n it I voted Hillary and cried when Trump was announced. Amazing how much power we give the… @crypto_farmer @CryptoDale Farmer!!! My boili! 🤗 @CryptoRick_ Psyop @CryptoDale LFG!Lol... not out of the realm of possibility tbf @slitneyqueers Niiiiiice @BullyEsq @listendestro ObviouslyWell, he's absolutely correct. Hold fast, shitcoiners @listendestro Omg what is that?! @fry_crypto @CryptoGainz1 TY. :) @fry_crypto @CryptoGainz1 Thinkin about switching my avi to this meme lol @Kleinebombe Gotchya... yah... that's not ideal, to be sure. :/ @Kleinebombe 👀 @Kleinebombe 👀 go on...... @gemsays Oof.. That's though... id have to suppose you'd need to work out a truce of some sorts. Or move if tha… just passed $1971 which is beautifully ironic.
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@C4liCrypto @ImNotTheWolf I'll always luv my Cali... and Wolf, I guess :P Omg, I can't belive I got into a burial… @ImNotTheWolf @C4liCrypto Wat?! Lol Omfg I hate u rn loolol 🖕😂 @ImNotTheWolf @C4liCrypto Hahahahaha Ok ok... Im off to bed. Good night boys xo @ImNotTheWolf @C4liCrypto Lol.. I luv me some Cali. :) @C4liCrypto @ImNotTheWolf All I see is a hole in the earth from that photo. I did not see any burials. Not saying… @C4liCrypto @ImNotTheWolf All I'm saying is the size of the "grave" isn't that big. It seems suspect to me that t… @C4liCrypto @ImNotTheWolf Of course not jfc @C4liCrypto @ImNotTheWolf I see no one being buried..and growing up one of my best friends parents ran a graveyard… @ImNotTheWolf @C4liCrypto Fine ill shut up lol @C4liCrypto @ImNotTheWolf Mmm... even still after reading that NPR piece (DNC hyperventilateitive media), it looks… @C4liCrypto @ImNotTheWolf Saw that image floating around back in the day. Has anyone confirmed that it was *really… @HackermanAce Oh good ;P @CryptoWendyO Oh sheeet haha!- Can't wait to watch. Big ❤ bub!!! @HackermanAce Whatchya mean? @ImNotTheWolf 😂🖕 luv u man @ImNotTheWolf Of course does. The Marxists are running the henhouse @ImNotTheWolf @DRomischer @AOC Omg 🤣 @RouletteRun @bitcoinbella_ Yes...i believe I will :P @CryptoAtNight @bitcoinbella_ Indeed hahaa @ImNotTheWolf Fortunately for the world, these nutcases are relatively few (albeit they are boosted by the social m… @MeepCruz @CryptoDale 👀Political Question: What do you think America would look like in 10 years, if Liberals have EVERYTHING done their way?
Retweeted by Colleen 🍸🐸 @DRomischer @ImNotTheWolf @AOC 💩 @ImNotTheWolf Easy - we'd all be super paranoid and joyless. There'd be no such thing as pride, as anyone who exce… tweets are the best. The comments are always a grab bag of nueroticism and kinda what u were prolly goin for. Fun. Noted.