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Norweigan Irish American Wisconsin🍺 Florida🍹 👽Machine Elf @packers 🏈 🌽Shitcoins

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@C4liCrypto @BullyEsq Same🤜🤛 @cryptokrutches LMFAOO
@ImNotTheWolf Yes, I read that as well :) @SatoshiProof @Tytaninc Bingo @_Seattleite Goddamn hippie @Adrian_Trident Good lookin pen, breh :) @Adrian_Trident Cleaning out my fridge from the holidays. U? @Long_Stock_Ag I'll go take a gander :) @_ElGuapoAmigo Si ? @Adrian_Trident Well... whatever is in that gif is a hell of a virus😅 @Tytaninc Dig :) @ashtoshii Doesn't even require heavy lifting lolAnybody bother to research the origins of the new virus? Nah? @Cernovich @QuotedReplies Well, the woke brigade corner the market as far as being bigots. That they don't see it… @officialmcafee You dont look a day over 2. Impressive @cryptokrutches @BullyEsq They may as well name every other field of study to: "I live in a country that is a beaco… @BullyEsq Seize the endowments. Has anyone with a functioning brain looked at some of the syllabuses lately? LMFAOOOO @doedeclare Lookin good my friend❤ @BullyEsq Holy shait YAS Bully.... there is hope for u yet :D @JacobCanfield This is a decent one for sitting on the back porch on a starry night and contemplating your existenc…
@CryptoAtNight @CryptoStreetPod Amen brotherSeeing some tweets wondering where we’ve been since the holidays and feel like you guys deserve an explanation. No…
Retweeted by Colleen 🍸🐸Jesus, just one thing? Well, for starters - can we ban Lizzo? @NickGrosz @SPCMNspliff 😂 So gud @DonnyCrypto @Trapouts Feel like you may be confusing charming with peculiar. Either way - you're off the list! 🥳 😘 @DonnyCrypto @Trapouts What a nice thing to say. You're officially off my shitlist 🤗
@noodlenigga2020 I have not
@cryptokrutches @CryptoAtNight @cryptokrutches @CryptoAtNight IT'S STILL EARLY @CryptoAtNight Thanks Aaron!🤗 Rough start so far😬
@noodlenigga2020 👋 @wasserpest @knuck13head Play nice boys @noodlenigga2020 Sounds kinda like Jim Morrison on whip-its. I dig it @CryptoMessiah I love/hate u for bringing this to my attention Thnx bub! @CryptoDale Thank god @C4liCrypto Stahp @C4liCrypto Ewe lol @fintechfrank Well... Try battling traffic during tourist season "They call it snowbird season, so why can't I sh…
@ImNotTheWolf TY sir 😅
Cheers! :P
This is @PeterSchiff talking about bitcoin in June 2011. The video shows what would have happened with $10k stored…
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@GemCrypto If I was the FDA, I'd list that as a side effect of watching cable @BullyEsq I spent a fair part of last night trying to decipher "those particular" quatrains from Nostradamus, so I… @CryptoDale Gotchu fam @cryptochrisw Counter trade the MSM (and blue checks - goodness they are insufferable - minus Frank) Honestly, on… @CryptoDale I read this as hockey and I was so confused cuz none of u play hockey as far as I know. I voted Dale.… @JackPosobiec @realDonaldTrump 🤣
@CryptoRick_ Don't they host a ton of videos on their site? Kinda feel like they're shooting themselves in the foot here🤷‍♀️ @CryptoMessiah
@theartistcoach I reverse-responded when I took it and ended up tired and wired
@CryptoAtNight @bitcoinbella_ @BullyEsq 😂 Indeed man! @Fullbeerbottle Enjoy the profiteroles and Happy New year buddy!🥂 @growdigi 🥳 @Meleern Happy New Year Meleern! @theartistcoach Happy New Year luv!!!🥂 @_Seattleite Next time consult me 😂 @CryptoAtNight @bitcoinbella_ @BullyEsq You make this cheesehead proud, Aaron🤗🙌
@CryptoWendyO @PopeyesChicken 🙌 @13Prince31 Pffft. You just quit our TG group cuz u have a fire GIF in the works to post upon ur return @CryptoWendyO @PopeyesChicken Yess. I drove hungover AF waaaay across town one day to try one and the battle was well worth it
@iFlopSets Happy Birthday(s) Matt! 🥳 @_Seattleite I get to operate the pedal tho @_Seattleite @nic_naste Hey now!
@loomdart Cc @CJlovescrypto Bruh? @CryptoMessiah Sup @_Seattleite @jebus911 Lucky break😆 @HenryTheETH @CryptoMessiah 🤣 @ecurrencyhodler Not gonna lie TBH, that acronym is BA AF @bitcoinbella_ ❤ u B!!! @_Seattleite @bitcoinbella_ We love u 2 Seattle 🤗 @_Seattleite @jebus911 What an odd thing to do lol Badass it worked 4 ya tho!Concessionist at a small town movie theater. Gave my frenz the extra butter hookup and felt like a legend. Well, th… @USD4BTC 👀 Wat?! LolPure unfiltered evil with a checkmark. When I was eight, I depended on adults to keep my fragile brain well adjust…
@Tradermayne That accent🔥 @iamthatothi @d1rtydan @CryptoEuclid Precisely @gotminer Looolol Amazing😂 @gotminer 👀 Wait... wut? @d1rtydan @CryptoEuclid Also the best thing you can do for yourself. Read somewhere that even if you're in a crap… @JeredTheRealtor @CryptoEuclid Shhhhhhh🤫 (Goddamn it) @AltcoinPsycho *Marcus (Damn it!) @AltcoinPsycho Meditations: Maruc Aurelius Woo-woo shiat only goes so far. Too much mumbo jumbo and ppl taking it…’ve simplified things for those of you who don’t get it. Here’s how bitcoin works Your ┃…
Retweeted by Colleen 🍸🐸One of the best life hacks in the world is being polite and friendly It doesn't cost anything, and is generally received warmly
Retweeted by Colleen 🍸🐸 @d1rtydan YesAfter a long day of scrolling cesspool twitter - something wholesome ❤ @CryptoEuclid Need to scale that like a Keurig @CryptoCharles__ "The goal is to make money while you sleep" Had a well-to-do customer tell me that a few years ago… would make a fantastic dating coach. Change my mind
@TulipsNeo @nic_naste Omg 🤣 @nic_naste Filthy animal❤ @nic_naste Muh gurl!🙌 @CryptoFloBro @CryptoAtNightThis is my house. I have to defend it... @CryptoWendyO AyyyyyoSoros Cenrtal Banks The Fed Pry sure TMek will back me up on this @karbonbased Well, he's psyop anyways, so...🤷🏻‍♀️ @MrMichaelNye 1984 nbd 💅