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Kyle @cryptXVAL Miami, FL

20 🇧🇷 | Ex comp @VALORANT player, now collegiate for @FIUesports | I like lifting heavy objects | 🔱 🦁 Use Code: KyleM at

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@tytitv same here bro, guy needs a reality check @WasteManOP 💀Nah nvm ranked is impossibleIm in London got my Beat from LondonI have decided not to move forward with the Knights in 2023. I'm officially an Unrestricted F/A and I'm motivated m…
Retweeted by KyleToday we announce the departure of @ExaltVAL from the Knights. Thank you, you have a bright future ahead! ⚔️
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@ShahZaMk Head up man, constant loads of pressure on you guys and no matter what you guys always tried your hardest… @SyykoNT @Sentinels congratulations my man 💪 @LynnNyaa @Glorinsz i love franzCongrats to our FIU Gold Team for securing another undefeated win at the AVGL x Dreamhack Valorant College tourname…
Retweeted by Kyle @Saulsrevenge 🥹 @HaanzeR none of that bro, you’re huge asf @mooseloff Source ??sorry correction, he said he hopes I show up to lan so he can slap the shit out of me“Yo this function is lit, where the hoes at?”
Retweeted by Kyle @NukeProphet @wildfirecsg @sfX_x1 @AlekoGabuniya what is he going to say? that I never got signed to play a video g… @diaamondTV I was laughing but I genuinely felt bad, the projecting was getting concerning @wildfirecsg @sfX_x1 @AlekoGabuniya show up pussy @4Tapping @CrazymojoVAL never met someone that dick rides an ex pro after he shit talks someone @stephsera @stephsera he stopped talking eventually surprisingly lol @IronWolfGG @ScrewFaceVAL @DownloaderBotno one to post on bf day @TroIIman_ 💀💀 @TroIIman_ If TSM didn’t like him I’m sure waffle doesn’t either @TroIIman_ waffle is sexy why’d you post this???“Yo this function is lit, where the hoes at?” @tobillacantaim @Dark3stVal yessir it’s on VOD game 2 round 3 if I’m not wrong @RainbowOperator @AlekoGabuniya I’ve had him blocked for a min, i need to save my sanity @Lear_VAL we need boxing matches setup asap @Nurfed unfortunately yes.with the tone * @triskkkk TSM already did that for us @CrazymojoVAL kids are depleted of brain cells @Santiag1550 guy is a gnome talking crazy and acting hard because he’s behind a screen and used to get played to pl…“I hope one of these days you pull up to lan I would beat the fuck out of you” LeviathanAG 2022 @Ino_VAL @Dark3stVal turning it on nowthis all happened because he got angry with the way tone I replied to him with after he was condescending and weird… @Rex0xo EX TSM SOMEHOW !! @Dark3stVal ? Watch the stream I bitched him LMAO kid is a fucking dorkLeviathan is actually the most delusional, sociopathic loser ever. LMAOOOO this guy said I am 128 soaking wet and t… ADDICT | !twitter !commands | them all. Don’t compare your journey with others, comparison is the thief of joy. @florscnt @Xeetii the fuck was he building, a valorant roster? xeeti tf are you doing brotha..
@wolfyval (Outro) are genuinely toxic people but if someone calls you out for playing stupid, stop getting mad and labeling tho… calling someone toxic you need to ask yourself: 1. Are you playing like an idiot? 2. Do you ignore calls? 3.… @Nurfed JIMMMMMAAAAAAYYYY📸
Retweeted by Kyle @whxsvinny 🫶 love you vin @xlivlz youre mineIf ANY team in South Florida wants to win a Valorant tournament, they've gotta get through our FIU Gold team!! cong…
Retweeted by KyleWon a lan, a 1k tourney, and a league series all in one day 8^)
@TwitchMueda @tokyoVALORANT @FurzaanK @selldrudd @alexzorrilla25 @plazaaVAL gotta rep 💯 @Big1sonVal @tokyoVALORANT @FurzaanK @selldrudd @alexzorrilla25 @plazaaVAL 🥲Congratulations to @fiuesports Gold on winning our first weekend Valorant Tournament 🏆👏🏼👏🏼 And another congrats on…
Retweeted by Kyle @ViceZonegg @Nightmare_VAL @selldrudd @tokyoVALORANT @FurzaanK @alexzorrilla25 @plazaaVAL nah that’s the 22ndWe’re taking over RedBull next @tokyoVALORANT @FurzaanK @selldrudd @alexzorrilla25 @plazaaVAL @WorldRiseVal these bad boys @Dark3stVal SHEESH @ARIANARCHIST i unironically added him to feel the experience and let me just tell you, he managed to pissed off a… @seshiriaa_ dms are always open cece <3 @PowerPixele @Complexity tryna get a powerpixele jersey now .Replaced my old skates with the tiger ice and I am a different player. @ShawnBM_ ranked torture for a whole day..twitch//ShawnBM impromptu 24 hour fml
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New skates came in, geegee skates came in, geegee were great when Kodak dropped Tunnel Vision.pretending you never actually try or care as a defense mechanism for the reality you would probably fail if you did 💯
Retweeted by Kyle @karraof @Complexity HUGEjoined @Complexity
Retweeted by KyleLocked, loaded and ready for next Game Changers. Welcome @PowerPixele, @keencfps & @karraof to our GX3 VALORANT s…
Retweeted by Kyle @PowerPixele @Complexity WWWWW’SIts official folks I joined @Complexity thank you everyone supporting me along the way lets get to work :D
Retweeted by Kyle @ProdCM_ W @chefhomiekwon 💪💪I love the gym.
Retweeted by Kyle @21gmoneyy HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BOY 🎉🎉🎉♥️ @Matt_IGL @9nerve REAL @9nerve IM SAYING @kxtieoh HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! @iFightPlug nah that’s respect fr @wildfirecsg 🙏🙏 @xlivlz lol heyy @aervalorant gymshark and ! @NukeProphet
I love the gym. @c4Lypso_ GAAAWH DAYMN @100T_Esports @Cryocells_ @100Thieves OH SHITThis is going to be fun. @Cryocells_ officially joins @100thieves.
Retweeted by KyleHello, i’m looking for a female team 🐺 ⁃🇫🇷 / little 🇬🇧 ⁃Sentinelle/flex willing to learn and ajust ⁃Peak : Immo1…
Retweeted by Kyle @SideEffct_ i will cherish them foreverPlayed 4 games today… at what cost ? ADDICT | !twitter !commands | is not a joke. my heart and kidney are failing. GEEGEEE COLLAPSING SOONI think today is the day I die, my heart is feeling the affects of the pre !!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!