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So excited to be back at @Gnomon_School tonight with recruiters from these amazing studios! 🎮
@steimer Dang girl, gettin' so swole. 💪 @elliejoypanic I SAW A SNEAK PEAK ON THE ARTIST'S INSTA. ❤️❤️❤️ @kellyAREKAYyeo @danny_homan @ThatSamWinkler @ConnorTCleary @DanteDSilva I can't wait for this!!!! @danny_homan DANNY. HOW DARE Y'ALL MAKE SOMETHING THIS AMAZING?! @XCK3D @beccahallstedt :(Hey #drawingwhileblack! I'm Aspen, an independent artist living in Philly. I love animals, plants and color!
Retweeted by Crystal Mora 💀🌵🕹 @MEClairmont @Naughty_Dog Hello Matt. I'm afraid we're unable to accept any unsolicited game ideas, scripts, treatm… @RyanNanez No worries, get them Z's! @joshscherr my gaaawwwd, this story is amazing and hilarious and I can't believe it's only just started. @animalcrossing @idSoftware @DOOM @NintendoAmerica My original crossover is also still available for purchase here!
Retweeted by Crystal Mora 💀🌵🕹 @crypticjordan Ugggh I would be camping out if I were there. @WLF359 I would be a monster to leave it unbooped.We live, witcher fam
Retweeted by Crystal Mora 💀🌵🕹It's Witcher Wednesday! Going live in about half an hour (8pm PST) to continue my first Hearts of Stone DLC playthr… @ohcararara Cowdfund that sumbitch! @EliDiazVA PUUPER
@crypticjordan @ooblets @Dramido Ship it @liamesler BIRTHDAY HUGS @crypticjordan Definitely made this my Facebook bannerThis is so dang ADORABLE @my2k @karenyhan On no, I want it so baedSorry, I've just been informed that it's illegal for me to get out of bed and go to work today. @coyotehackles Okay that's it for sure @kiana_hamm Welcome home. @coyotehackles When we play those moments look more like @XCK3D @melissamedinavo @BillieBustUp Melissa, this performance is SO spectacular! You convey so much personality and char… really made a whole ass account for this javelina running video. I’ve never been more proud of tucson.
Retweeted by Crystal Mora 💀🌵🕹this dog literally failed every single test thrown at him to become a service dog and i am scream laughing. but imh…
Retweeted by Crystal Mora 💀🌵🕹"Hey guys what's going on" ❌ Gendered, dated ❌ Vague ❌ Implies you don't know what's happening "Supreme Chancellor…
Retweeted by Crystal Mora 💀🌵🕹 @kiana_hamm I had that exact feeling @johnsweeney2147 Hah! I remember loving the effect where the empty space between rows of crops looked like animated… @jljessee I mean as long as they're not charging right at you, they're super cute. Lookit their bebes.
@GenevieveFT @StephLaberis Oh no @elliejoypanic, good thing you already have an appointmentOoh this is gonna be a fun one! @KSlackie This statement cuts me fave song in Disco Elysium that often pops into my head for no reason (but this tiem it's @aaronlinde's fault) @BryanRenno W O W @aaronlinde *Raphaël Ambrosius Costeau @EliDiazVA Naaah maybe more like 12-20 max.When the feral hog meme happened: The Internet: LOL so hilarious, can you imagine People Born & Raised in AZ: It'…'all I literally grew up in feral hog land. @jslipchi To be fair, I don't think I've ever seen a solo javelina just sprinting through town. 😆 Coyotes and roadr… @jslipchi YUP. There are lots of desert washes that weave through the city, so it's not terribly uncommon to see an… is my hometown and also the reason I started gaming and became an indoor kid. @Dekren Thank you so much for sharing your progress, I'm so excited when this pops up on my timeline. 💙 @SanchoWest sanchomgjaaaAAAACK!!! @Rhodes_Writes @elliejoypanic Ahhhh congrats and I'm so excited for the both of you!! Have an amazing time! @justwesley DANG THIS IS GONNA BE SO GOOD WESLEY🌿🏠✨
Retweeted by Crystal Mora 💀🌵🕹 @imaginative_joy Yes, this please.░°░■︎■︎-̷̥̥̄͂̏́̈̌̎͘║▌░【●︎●︎●】°░-̷̥̥̄͂̏́̈̌̎͘░║■︎░▌▌
Retweeted by Crystal Mora 💀🌵🕹 @D20Cody Lotta salad on that burger.
Animal Crossing RPG! 🌱✨
Retweeted by Crystal Mora 💀🌵🕹Stream update! Here's this week's shenanigans: Wed 2/26: Witcher 3 ⚔️ 8pm PST Hearts of Stone DLC (first playthrou… DAYS TO GO!
Retweeted by Crystal Mora 💀🌵🕹 @jessicaparsons I can break a heel walking down the sidewalk, imagine getting them stuck in the mud while trying to… @lucyjamesgames @elliejoypanic @BoMarit89 @gamerssdelight @geekitana SAMEmy entire feed is just #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons
Retweeted by Crystal Mora 💀🌵🕹 what AAA developers like @insomniacgames, @Naughty_Dog, @Blizzard_Ent and @SonySantaMonica look for in new…
Retweeted by Crystal Mora 💀🌵🕹Hey all! Time has flown by and in a month, my contract will be ending at Sucker Punch. So, I'm currently looking f…
Retweeted by Crystal Mora 💀🌵🕹 @jessicaparsons Iiiiit... doesn't get a whole lot better in that respect, sadly. :/ @gabs820 @Naughty_Dog @gabs820 @Naughty_Dog Me when I remember it's bake day are my favorite out of context screenshots from tonight's play-through of Dream Daddy. the love of god UNMUTE THIS
Retweeted by Crystal Mora 💀🌵🕹 @AimeeSmithVA One of my main tips for folks is to always list your skills in your profile. This way you're more lik… @elliejoypanic @ACWorldBlog I gasped.
Going live now with Dream Daddy! 💗 the 90s you could go the grocery store and and see Dark Horny Seinfeld surrounded by a border of LA'S TEEN SEX G…
Retweeted by Crystal Mora 💀🌵🕹Tired of fighting Your embrace is so far This crown is too heavy It's leaving a scar
Retweeted by Crystal Mora 💀🌵🕹Gonna be continuing my first play-through of Dream Daddy today at 4:00pm PST on Twitch! Ta… @ryancoltlevy @thebeckydodd"Those linked by destiny will always find each other." My #TheWitcher portrait series (so far!)
Retweeted by Crystal Mora 💀🌵🕹Bringing your portfolio to GDC? Make sure to: -Save all images locally to your device! Do not rely on the wifi -D…
Retweeted by Crystal Mora 💀🌵🕹 @kiana_hamm thank you misthios @kiana_hamm Two different apartment neighbors who have taken my clothes out of the washer. I always set a timer so… patience has been pushed past it's normally very generous limits, when it comes to dealing with people today. 🙃
@crypticjordan YES. @ohcararara Once I started adding vitamin C (morning) and retinol (evening) serums to my routine, I saw noticeable… @crypticjordan Gimme @Anngelica_Renea @carmen_lighting @maracrrt @hi_spec @vr00mie @LittleArcanine_ @jk_tidwell @LaurenApau @GHSS08 @kiana_hamm THANK YOU!! It would not be possible without you, @soundgremlin, and @SubwooferSub dropping in on the r… to answer that question--yes it did break my PC (goodbye graphics quality). @elliejoypanic @RobertoSAGuedes Ahhhhh thank you so much for the support! Ohmygosh there's SO MUCH TO DO NOW!! let's see if streaming some Division 2 breaks my PC. @L_A_White_Boy Oh I do!!! @RobertoSAGuedes @Juleshortstuff to those of you who have followed and who keep coming back for my zany antics. I apologize in advance for st… felt like I didn't really "get" Twitch as a platform until this last year or so. It wasn't until I discovered so… back from a quick coffee break to find this notification. I can't thank y'all enough! 😳💜