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I wasted my prime years playing video games inside. 👍🏻 Business email:

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I've decided to hecks with Astral Chain to spite someone because I'm a manchildI may be two minutes late, but so was Ghandi when HE was a gamer @outstarwalker D'AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Thanks Outtie 💙 @Strippin @msf_actual o 😊 @msf_actual @Strippin Well, you see, in AmErIcA, we took freedom literally and just said screw the rules when it co… @Strippin America 🇺🇸 @Strippin Oooooh. That sounds like chicken salad sandwich to my family. You wacky brits :) I CALLED IT so now we're just going to read stories I wrote as an angsty teenager :DYa boi just got a ton of aDULT done today. Time to vent with some VALFARIS 💥🕹😎🤙💥
Though so far my HOA has yet to budge. Those guys are 😬I've learned that talking to businessy/professional people like gamers can be a very interesting experience. I got… @CrankGameplays Dude bizarro world is heggin' wild move here and you might get 800 @harmlessbunny I totally forgot to do that on this computer, just did a test and it brought my default non-VPN up t… @ItsVengey I'm really good at shilling for things I like for free 😭 But in actuality, I honestly have been having i… @AWeeLittleFox NordVPN so I can watch Nobleberry while bouncing on my boy's 🍆 using coupon code BIGMONEY @polarwolfsniper Nah man, I just downloaded so much heckin' RAMSo I have made a very interesting discovery! I seem to have higher speeds when I am connected to a VPN than when I…
I dunno what we're doin' yet but we're doin' it! :D listen I know there's a stream in, like, 25ish minutes but I REALLY want to try out this set of Pureology I ju… the fishing in Fortnite is actually good I might consider doing a session or two of just Fishnite and that s c a r e s m e @Slasher Listen I've never touched Fortnite outside of the PvE version when it first came out and are you trying to… @LadyTiabeanie WOW
They call me Cry because I'm a stupid big cry baby >:/ @CirnoTV You got this gamer 💖Tonight is a good night. I hope you have a good night too! It's also Late Night if you wanna hang. :D
@JesseCox @dexbonus Oh so what you're saying is she's finally watching the best show on air right now. That's forking awesome.
What do you get when you take one indie game and make it visible? Indivisible @CreamyElephant @sark It's like It Follows but with a better endingThanks for coming out for the impromptu karaoke stream gamers. I had a really fun time. :D
Hi! I'm still recovering so I was thinking of a shorter stream with some Undermine where we can talk about our emot… @slowbeef >smoke to de-stress >elevate stress to the NEXT LEVEL Excellent move. @outstarwalker yes
I'm feelin' blue! Sounds like Indivisible is just the right spicy meatball to munch on today. feel like if they took Hellboy 2019, turned it into a Netflix series, and fleshed out the world a bit more it'd b…
Going to play some Indivisible now because peer pressure :DI'm just sittin' here chillin' with a head cold. Let's check out the new Yooka Laylee game :D can't tame wild rice.
Hello :) Would you like to explore this mine with me? :) If I see any skeletons I'll scream :)
Doin' the Late Night thing we do now :D
Time to try and finish Catherine: Full Body before the Late Night stream and then stream right into that! :D @gmart711 Hey when you download this message let me know how 1993 is doing @AmeliaLKD Hey if Jake declines just send him my way 👍 @lovexombie Too many people forget morality and views aren't limited to your political or religious beliefs, you ca… @lovexombie I just feel there's a weird disconnect that when I'm defending some people's well-being and making sure… @Maizilla Does this mean he gets discounts on commission rates now? Also heck yes! He made a very good decision! :D
Alright gamers, we're gonna do an early/all day stream tomorrow to finish Catherine: Full Body because I have some… @witwix You're goddamn right! 😡Bugbears deserve more recognition
Are we finishing Caferine: Thicc Bod today? By golly we just might! @ayrosia I'm so proud of you for remembering her tattoo. @dexbonus @Strippin This brings joy @heyalexei What a steal! @Jack_Septic_Eye Such a good movie. Very solid ink choice my mans! @heyalexei I am genuinely curious how much money they wanted to give you the right to let people know they think it's bad in their eyes. @lightofthedeep :) @CryWasTaken I'm proud of you Cry here you go !!! :')
Retweeted by Cryaotick @JaneNebyDoe Chara?aw heck I'm tired take over for me gamers duders! Time to start the sponsored @warsawthegame shenanigans. If it looks like your kind of good time you ca…
:) @SlyFoxHound Honestly that's how I used to play the N64. I'd ignore the middle stick and just stretch my thumb all… @lovexombie i was hungry?? :/
New spooky SPOOKNESS courtesy of mister @milkytiddyboy 👻🐛 @fayren That really warms my cockles :)Guys if Catherine isn't full she's going to be reeeeeally hangry :/
If Catherine's body isn't full is she hungry??? @lovexombie Too close to the word musk for me :/Also just so you spicy gamers know, going to be doing more Catherine: Full Body tonight, though will be a liiiittle… @kaynimatic @Strippin Because he's too busy sinning with anime souls 😭 @Navydevil1 @drinksynapse Duder my name is like a bajillion letters you think I'm gonna remember how to spell that you crazy @KicsterAshie18 @drinksynapse Just tag me bruh. I don't think they'll call and verify your resume like a job applic… gamers! I got sponsored to let you know about a 5,500 shmeckle rig giveaway If you want to enter into it, follo… cashier complimented me today and I'm gonna be that one guy who remembers a compliment from a random stranger forever now.
Never know when you'll need him. had a great time today/night! Thanks for joinin' for the 10 hour stream gamers n' normies alike :DHeyo! Still going at it, but now starting Blair Witch for the first. I hope someone doesn't come in and pee on my heggin' pants. :/Hey gamers. It's time to start Late Night! The dudes are out at Twitchcon or away tonight, so Angel and I are gonna…
You guys wanna do a Catherine with like the full body all day till late night? @Azerveial Oh shit! I'll start up in 30 for you gamer @beckyrallens Listen, so, I drained the beans and put them on the counter, right? Shit's wildin', really. ANYWAY so… @ladygloomshroom I've been trying to get through this batch of turkey chili I made for 3 days now and it's taking f… @CassiXOShaffer Alright gamer slow down, you eat discs? That's metal. You're cool! @Mangaminx British gamers of Scissoring City know how to party I guessThere are few things in the world more satisfying than eating your own home cooking. Highly recommend you gamers gi…
Catherine: Full Body 💪 🦵 👂 🤙 👂… @rephildesign You had me at I @rephildesign Prove it
Hey gamers! Wanna de-compress with some simulated pixel physics? How convenient! I forget to drain the beans, today I drain the beans and leave them sitting on the counter 😭If you ever want to watch the entire movie of The Room but dubbed by the LNC late at night with Naomi and Applejuic… @Benaclejames You are amazing and I love you! Now I only wish I didn't switch to Firefox last year! D:
But guys I totally DID forget to drain the beans :c @Dansgaming How dare you delete that tweet good sirGuuuys. I forgot to drain the beans guuuuuys. :c
A super neat game I've been excited to play Noita just came out today and can't wait any longer! I gotsa play it! @roebit But that's not as flaaaaaaaaashy 😭I need a browser addon that hides steam reviews from games so I can relieve that 90's game store vibe where I didn'…
Hey gamers! Gonna play some more of the new Zelda before checking out #TheSurge2 at 8pm EST :D Thanks @TheSurgeGame @hellcatgoth go 2 bed i am 2