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Epic Games has filed legal papers in response to Apple, read more here:
Retweeted by CryZe @rikarends Source? @glcls I really don't understand why this isn't just all handled at the browser level where you set your cookie preferences once @glcls inb4 mandatory "Do you really want to accept the cookies" popups
@eevee Maybe this? @OtherEhm wait until you see the whole chapter that's a tribute to zelda @ryan_levick @rustlang Pretty sure the idea of associated types in trait impls is that they are opaque, expect that… @japaric_io @Argorak It usually means that something is partially correct
@at_tcsc Oh no :( Good luck on your future endeavours @shiftposting @LiquidWIFI Yeah that‘s the biggest problem about this whole cancel culture bullshit, Americans proje…
@Regizap @Regizap doesn't seem hacked tbh @HMKilla People will just keep calling it "prime" like they already did. I think this is mostly about marketing at the Amazon level. @Slasher Kinda weird as Twitch isn't even entirely about gaming
@mcclure111 You could target the latest ES here and then use babel to specify that you want to target recent browsers
@rollingsuika Hoenn for me
@withoutboats Is that a typo with the ! in the attribute? @mcclure111 Same on iOS @lefticus Two deflate implementations and one for inflateIt's probably been like 5 years since I've actively watched any speedruns
@LoruleLegend @ZeldaUniverse I guess this means it worked :D @ZeldaUniverse Breath of the Wild is probably one of the worst Zelda games, as it's just an Ubisoft game with a Zelda skin @Slasher When I joined it was at 98k, not 70k
@MHFsilver Oh right that was a thing tooIt's crazy how it took like 5 years or so for game devs to realize that battle royales don't need to be shooters."We are applying the changes to your cookie preferences. THIS CAN TAKE MULTIPLE MINUTES" WTF?????
@shannonwoodward Doki Doki Literature Club @DerNephias Hier ein Artikel dazu: @DerNephias variablen Time Step implementiert und sie damit in einen Ablauf zusammenfügt, dann bekommt man ganz and… @DerNephias Das wundert mich irgendwie gar nicht tbh. Das ganze ist schwieriger als man sich vorstellt. Man muss zw…
@wooferzfg I love the rotation puzzle mechanic... but not as a battle system. They should‘ve made a separate puzzle…
@wooferzfg_ Capitalization is such a weird accidental complexity anyway. The notion doesn‘t exist when speaking and… @wooferzfg Technically they are right, the localization team called it Paper Mario apparently. The flat sprites wer…
@3charactername @SoapYummy considering how strongly she obfuscated the whole Etika situation, there's likely missin… @SoapYummy She joked about Etika's death and he dm'ed her that she should stop. Stop falling for cancel cultureReddit might be my new favorite livestreaming website, lmao
Retweeted by CryZe @wooferzfg_ Also get hyped for the ocean, it's soooo inspired by Wind Waker @wooferzfg_ The game mostly retains the quality of Shogun Studios from that point on. Though with decreasingly even less Toads and battles.
@thingskatedid @yaahc_ We need this in rustdoc for macro_rules
@NWPlayer123 I doubt it gets abandoned entirely, it's still the best way to mod the gameA new revelation.
Retweeted by CryZe @hikari_no_yume Does work for you? (There's some limitations due to it being a web version…
@HMKilla Ah yeah these are very different water shaders with no actual physics simulation running. These still look pretty great though. @Abahbob I think Nintendo would need to explicitly file a DMCA claim, probably fairly unlikely. Maybe don't make it… @HMKilla @HMKilla Wait which part is supposedly not prerendered in the shrine? The boss spawning and Olivia using the ability are both prerendered @steveklabnik @steveklabnik notion* @steveklabnik Seems like there's no nothing of an actual empty VecDeque or something, it always allocates for at least one element. @steveklabnik Is there anything blocking that from happening? Sounds like an easy PR @steveklabnik Or just the normal VecDeque @steveklabnik Maybe something like this? was actually real before yandere Simulator got finished
Retweeted by CryZe @HMKilla It's prerendered @NWPlayer123 That actually was pretty obvious imo from all the anti aliasing that was suddenly enabled
@wooferzfg Found this @wooferzfg Wasn't it just pocahontas but with blue people? @mcclure111 vellum and elementalLmao, called it @MatPatGT Food Theory, a cooking show
Retweeted by CryZe @Jamacanbacn Idk how this can even work out at all, that just means people will buy a PS5 instead and will get the best of both worlds. @MatPatGT Food Theory, a cooking show
@WindMask_ They are not even trying to hide it @WindMask_ Oh god, it goes further, they are "power, wisdom and courage"Alright, this time with a fixed image link. Why do they make it so hard to spoiler mark thing on Twitter.Also there's more... but it's spoilery, so I'll pad it out and post it on Twitlonger so it doesn't get (cont) @GyooRunsStuff They escape the link and it becomes unclickable >.>Dude you can't tell me the ocean in Origami King isn't inspired by Wind Waker. 7x7 quadrants and the same kind of islands.
@wooferzfg_ Don‘t worry the first world is easily the worst. Later worlds seem to have a better complexity of world…
@HMKilla It‘s „fake“, this was one guy botting over 2 years ago @wooferzfg @queerthief Though that's honestly mostly just the splits component with 1 split and no columns. @wooferzfg @queerthief Oh true, that doesn't exist as its own component (yet?) @queerthief @LiveSplit @wooferzfg We have this in LiveSplit One. If someone wants to backport it, we'd merge it. @VanCamp As in just now or did this happen a while ago? That's kinda crazy @pepyakin Do you know someone who knows if this is supposed to work or if this is a bug? If so, where do I even pro… @pepyakin I'm not sure if I'm possibly doing something wrong, but I'm trying to preload a WASM (with the <link rel=… @Kotaku What a weird article, it's almost like this is entirely subjective. @HMKilla I'm not even sure what they even have previously announced at this point other than BotW 2, Metroid, Pikmi…
@Enkaybee Both with a real Max HP of 70 @Enkaybee Apparently not, Trihex for example had 85HP on the colored pencils boss, while I had 80HP.Is it random how much bonus HP you get in a battle in TOK?
@nathanisbored1 I don't, there was not enough pre-release footage to go off (this was mostly just trailers and foot… @nathanisbored1 yeah don't worry about it ^^' @DenhamPei @nathanisbored1 nice bot (don't click) @nathanisbored1 At least until 100 HP, the damage done based on Max HP is Max HP / 10. I've seen it degrade a bit after that though @nathanisbored1 i.e. you need to split up weapon damage into damage done based on your max hp and the additional damage the weapon does @nathanisbored1 and it seems like you didn't take max hp into account @nathanisbored1 afaict the multiplier applies at the end, not to the base damage @nathanisbored1 Except maybe partner damage values @nathanisbored1 There's no spoilers in my document @nathanisbored1 Bosses don't use base damage at all afaict, so it's an actual 2x on the damage you would do without it. @nathanisbored1 I've been analyzing footage for the last 3 weeks or so. Though that was all pre-release footage, so… @nathanisbored1 probably because it sounds more positive as a buff rather than a debuff @nathanisbored1 It's not a 1.5x but a *2/3 factor if you don't align @orcastraw Well rumors suggest that there's one next week and we've known for a quite a while too that Nintendo wan… @Mewpix Is there anything specific you‘d like to learn? I‘d love to watch you speedrun a game again
@BeccaTILTS Specifically it's called DNS, it translates from for example "" into the actual… @BeccaTILTS There is a server that tells your computer how to connect to other websites, that server is likely down for you
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