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Web Designer @ubisoftcanada, Co-founder @thegirlsongames. Photos, art, design, games & geeky things 📷💻🎮🖌She/Her/Elle 🇨🇦 EN / FR

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@tonystarkradio morning's to-do list: ✅ Clear most of my Jira tasks by 10:50am ✅ Pre-order Xbox Series X 🔳 Catch up on emails 🔳 Break for lunch @OmnicientWolf @leahjewer Same! @hexcats @leahjewer Have you ladies looked into The Untamed on Netflix? It's a live-action adaptation of a web seri… @leahjewer Got my timer set. Gonna drop some major dollars to make sure I see Eivor in 4K with ray tracing.
This week on the #GoGCast catch up on the #PlayStation5 reveal (plus pre-order ordeal) and celebrate #Mario35’s Sup…
Retweeted by Catherine Smith-Desbiens @RaphDeslandes @NicolasVerge Big same
@StainsbyKingsby blue @malekawt Same! I'm slogging through Sunshine and I'm not sure I'll make it through the whole game. The controls ar… grew up here 🐢
Working on a portrait of my tiefling bard #WIP #dungeonsanddragons #Procreate @StainsbyKingsby Yeah sometimes you forget this game is more than just being a wandering murderer.
@StainsbyKingsby Nice! Homebrew or pre-made? @JMoreauRoberge @dribbble I use the prototype function a lot for my ecom web projects for the @ubisoftstore. It's s… @JMoreauRoberge @dribbble Thank you! I didn't get that far yet. I did do the hovers on the components in preparatio…
Hello fellow designers 👋 I'm finally making use of my @dribbble account to post some of my sketches and exploration… @s3rioussam My friend recently opened and cleaned his PS4 and it; he said it helped reduce the noise. I need to bor… @femkesvs These are all good options. I think it depends a lot on the individual person and how they prefer to lear… @s3rioussam Me: Oh good, I don't need a PS5 on launch! My day one PS4: *LOUD AIRPLANE NOISES* ✈️
@Pioldes It makes me feel things. I wish I could experience that game and it's music for the first time all over again.Update. I harvested the squished green onions and today there are new sprouts. I think my cat might be a level 1 dr… morning to the Undertale Concert and the Undertale Concert only
@LeishaRiddel May this photo of my cat living his best life as an aromatic plant bring you a bit of joy on this ble…
@tjisr Not yet but it's on my list @malekawt It's my favourite show! You're in for a treat.What a week! Join the #GoGCast crew as they dive in to the @Xbox Series S & X news, take a look at #UbiForward and…
Retweeted by Catherine Smith-DesbiensWell, it took *looks at calendar* almost 6 months of isolation but I finally updated my portfolio with new projects… @briecode Good Omens
@osamadorias Getting the Xbox Series X mostly because of Game Pass. Will be getting the PS5 when I want to catch up on their exclusives. @lizaledwards Yup. Wish I wasn't afraid of them and spiders because they are efficient pest control. @lizaledwards I hate these so much. I hate how they like to travel by just yeeting themselves to the floor. I had o… just finished Spiritfarer and I am not ok 😭
@scolioreset Aww trop cute. Le miens a eu 12 cet été et il n'a pas ralentit. @scolioreset C'est vrai! Le tiens a le poil plus long on dirait. @lizbetballou I guess he does! He usually sleeps in our neighbour's garden.Doing my part to make the web more accessible's ripe for the picking 🌱 vs My Character
@Pioldes Bonne fête! 🎂
@NiniDo_Art @ThunderLotus C'est un screenshot du press kit parce que je n'ai pas pensé à prendre une photo de mon b… @AnthonyBarranco @Spac3Gh0s7_ Ya, you got cased, bud. 😔Mentally, I am here.
@Hxcsquatch I played 2 hours and I am hooked! Want to build best boat and be friends with everyone.I started playing Spiritfarer and it has soothed my soul, cleared my skin and filed my taxes. Don't come looking fo… week on the #GoGCast, we get first impressions of the superhero smash @PlayAvengers, celebrate #Mario35 and…
Retweeted by Catherine Smith-Desbiens @leahjewer @JeanLeggett @EightBitBlonde Truth @MrPope @JustinKruger Pizza St-Viateur has a calzone and a soft drink lunch special for like $10 👌🏻
@hexcats @kelssamus @NiniDo_Art @RaphDeslandes Malade! J'ai pas encore eu le guts de l'essayer. Je pense que ça serait trop sucré pour moi. @RaphDeslandes Iconoglace sur Bélanger Est. Ils font de la crème glacée molle végane maison et les saveurs sont to… is a soft serve dark chocolate and cherry twist and I'm in love 🍫🍒 🍦
@axl99 @OhHeyDJ @retrocrush_tv One of my favourite show growing up. The theme song is *chef's kiss* @brockmclaughlin @leahjewer Same @leahjewer I watched that doc when it first came out. Highly recommend. @leahjewer Yo that is adorable
@apocalynds I like to keep mine in the living room so I can doodle while I watch stuff like Critical Role or Contra… @apocalynds I love it. I got it for that very reason: to draw but away from my desk. It's a powerful tool and you c…
@kulpreetvirdi ✋🏻 right here @Pioldes I'm currently playing a game on switch and it's obviously ported from PC with no adaption of the interacti…
Also, @EightBitBlonde and I had a mild freakout about the Dragon Age featurette from #gamescom2020 @tltd_adam Lasagna and "I don't wanna cook let's throw some sauce on some pasta and call it a meal"
Update 😚👌🏻🍝 Sunday 🍅🍝 Tsushima ✌🏻 It was fun #GhostOfTsushima
@imqulsive Yes @TLauret Saucisson sec au vin rouge de la ferme co-op point du jour. Je suis abonnée à leurs paniers de viande et d… @TLauret #untilwecaneattherrich @nickfourtimes Ain't that the truth. @Dubbs29 It was amazingFuck it, charcuterie board for dinner 🍷🧀🥖 @osamadorias @Spac3Gh0s7_ Thanks, I needed to hear that today. You are a welcomed warm ray of sunshine as always. @hexcats Fucking sameEveryone has a cancer story. Might be their own, someone they love or even someone they’re just acquaintances with.…
Retweeted by Catherine Smith-Desbiens @Jack_the_Expat @Memento_Gallery They can be hard to come by, they go out of stock quick. @Memento_Gallery Three words: Ring Fit Adventure. I'm doing squats and planks for the first time in my life
@imqulsive @UbisoftCanada Thanks 😊And that's it for now. Big shout-out to the UX, design, marketing, data and dev teams at @UbisoftCanada who work wi… page is still live although the special pricing expired: I also forgot to mention that… page for the #TheDivision2 expac announcement. The goal was to acquire new players by lowering the barrier… homepage take-over, this time for Ubisoft Forward. The design was done by a colleague but I was in charge o… take-over done for the #AssassinsCreedValhalla announcement. We were one of the main destination to conver…, uh, I realize I haven't shared a lot of my professional work on here, mostly because my portfolio is need of up… @lizaledwards *dies inside in french* @lizaledwards Liz, this is coming from a place of love: why is instant coffee even in your house? @hexcats 🙋‍♀️ @Felixenfeu @Pioldes J'aillais justement dire de vérifier les températures. Ça se peut que la pâte thermale est com…
Inclusive design is just #design. It’s not a new or different category. We were supposed to be doing it all along.
Retweeted by Catherine Smith-Desbiens
@MandyJacek Happy birthday! @Hxcsquatch Thanks bud! @jacobs_drew10 Thanks! ☺️Hiya #VisibleWomen 👋 I'm a designer who likes to paint and doodle in her free time. I currently do a lot of fanart,…
This week on the #GoGCast, the crew hit the links in @PGATOUR2K, discuss hugs in @ThunderLotus’ Spiritfarer and sta…
Retweeted by Catherine Smith-DesbiensSnowy landscapes of Tsushima #GhostOfTsushima #PS4share boyfriend left some clean laundry unattended #catsoftwitter
@jmarieray My first job, I didn't check how many people named Catherine there was, but there were two Catherine Des…
@Tzunamiss Thanks :) @s3rioussam Are you starting Chapter 3 because BIG SAME 😭
@Akviko @hexcats Merciiii. We should do a picnic or something soon.