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Harry Roberts @csswizardry Leeds, UK / ✈️

Consultant Performance Engineer: @google, @UN, @Etsy, @kickstarter, @BBC, @Unilever, @Deloitte, and more • Speaker • Performance Ambassador for @shiftcommerce

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@simonhearne @patrickhulce @patmeenan Defo marrying you 😘
@programmingart Oh cool! Thanks dude 😊
@MinaMarkham Happy birthday!!! 🥂 🎂 🎉
📺 This whole thing made it onto TV. Wanna see the rescue mission? It’s the most dramatic thing I’ve ever seen: roundup of Almanac insights! 🧵👇
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@modipeluri Lemme know 👊🏼 @modipeluri Here you go: @jackiebackwards @glenmaddern @TurnerandGeorge Stunning French wine shop next door, too 👌🏼 @modipeluri Yeah, I ordered bone marrow. It’s super cheap, absolutely delicious, and so easy to cook (season and ro… @ibrahimcesar Thank you! @vannsl @scriptconf Whoa! Baller pan 😃 Lemme know how it goes! 🥩 @glenmaddern Dinner for two next time. And you can swing by @TurnerandGeorge before you set off 👊🏼 @LunarCFT Siiiiiick! Cheers man. I must have played it like 20 times on Spotify yesterday as well. So good 👊🏼
@barrymcgee Dude, it was a banger. When you pop over to Leeds we’ll have to do this. @kilianvalkhof @seaotta Haha! I’ll need an audience of about… three 😬 @htmlandbacon Dude it was a banger. Best one I ever did. I’m sure the cut was its making 👌🏼 @seancurtis Once I stop eating all my profits 😆 @TurnerandGeorge Awwww yis! @armstrong8785 Thank you! That’s some props given some of your work 😊 @BigBalli Unlikely, unfortunately 😔 @PaulAdamDavis I mean, we’re long overdue a catch-up… @TurnerandGeorge I hope I did it justice. Man that was a stunning piece of meat! Thank you ☺️ for one: done 👊🏼Sides: black garlic butter, chimichurri, Himalayan salt, creamed spinach, blue cheese sauce, bernaise. All made from scratch.I think I’d quite confidently say this is my best steak yet. Reverse seared to 45°C internal and then into a scream… cook a lot of steak. Too much. It’s almost a joke now. But I’ve never worked with a cut quite like this before. I… I took delivery of a 1kg cut of Galician ex-dairy ribeye and some bone marrow. I also went to @latitude_wine’ve not been sleeping lately. Long and restless nights. Two nights ago, at about 2am, I did what I think most peop… @Malarkey Just keep the Tories out. That’s well we need to focus on. @TheSun Errrr. @yippeykeiyay @hey_stac @LeedsJS @LaravelLeeds @leedsphp @LeedsRubyThing I’m about to do this, yeah! Anyone got any…’s a huge huge huge tech community here in Leeds, but it’s all quite fragmented. Can we all start using the… @fold_left @hey_stac This is Good Insights™. I wanna see you do more of this, J-Bird.My @perfnowconf talk is now online. I’m really pleased with both the content and delivery of this talk, and it’s a… @hankchizljaw Ta luv x🎉 Get 50% off Trade Secrets with code blackfriday: @stopsatgreen It pains me to say it, but that poster has everything in it 😆 @LunarCFT Haha, cool man, I’ll check back at some point and pay up. Always buy your stuff rather than just stream 👊🏼 💷 @LunarCFT Yeah boiiiii! Is it on Bandcamp soon? I wanna buy it!
@ppk They very rarely have opinions. @AndyDavies $ rm -rf ./assets/ @ShaneHudson @Smutchings @xxmissbirdyxx @rachelparris Fucking Tory. (It’s a joke!) @Smutchings @xxmissbirdyxx @ShaneHudson It’s why I don’t own my own house 🥑 💷 🔥 @xxmissbirdyxx @ShaneHudson It’s 100% definitely all in the freshness of the eggs, I’m convinced. If your site is using and you expect an influx of Black Friday traffic, turn it off *n…
Retweeted by Harry Roberts @_cmbuckley Good god 😆 @JasonDilworth56 Hahaha! 😂‘World Wide Web’ 😎
@simonhearne @slightlylate @AndyDavies Send them to me! I’ll fix it. @slightlylate @AndyDavies @simonhearne Right. But it’s never (or rather, very very rarely) big-bang failure. It’s u… @AndyDavies @simonhearne @slightlylate Agreed. No one cares about security/accessibility until after they’ve been h… it’s true that all the above techniques improve front-end performance, APM shows that it puts notable load on the back-end.The same is true of any ServiceWorker/prefetch/prerender that will make requests back to origin for dynamic pages:… If your site is using and you expect an influx of Black Friday traffic, turn it off *n… @AaronGustafson @sharonsteed Total diamond ☺️ @screenspan @perfnowconf Thanks! I really enjoyed writing and delivering this one ☺️Wishing the very very happiest of birthdays to @tkadlec. One of the kindest, smartest, and funniest people I know.… @digitalclubb @perfnowconf Thanks! And if you want some help with all that’s stuff, I am taking on 2020 clients at the moment… 😉
@Malarkey Saw him on a flight back from New Zealand once. He was up the front of the plane but he came back to help… @stoyanstefanov 😎 @stoyanstefanov @perfnowconf Only because I like you… and @SpeedCurve’s Benchmark feature.… @jlengstorf @RyanTownsend Is that a maybe? 🤔 @JasonArdener @SpeedCurve Do you have LUX? You can correlate those changes to KPIs if so 👊🏼 @RyanTownsend @jlengstorf Gran Classico and Montenegro. Marry me?
@motherfuton Ohhhhh. I thought you were being humble about your team being smarter than you 🤦🏼‍♂️ @motherfuton WooOoow. Congratulations dude! @Una You want to <pre>format your <code>, not <code> your <pre>format 💪🏼He was one of the people who took me under their wing when I started working at Sky. Taught me a lot about Git and… don’t normally endorse people like this, but Tom is truly one of the smartest people I’ve worked with (approx. 3… @MattWilcox But Facebook is under such scrutiny, they could/should unbuild this bit. If the content is political in… entire timeline is awash with political content that *only* reinforces my existing stance. It’s one big echo chamber.When Facebook said ‘Move fast and break things’ we thought they meant like builds and functionality and stuff. Turn… thing I adore about @SpeedCurve is how much of the heavy lifting it can do for me. Instead of manuall… @AndyDavies @____lighthouse I know I was chatting about getting this into webhint. I love me some head tags.I’ve got an unsettling lack of events lined up for next year. If you want me to speak at your conference, let’s get…
@steven_adams Awwwww yis 👌🏼Fillet steak is a false economy. Overpriced and completely devoid of flavour.
@ianfeather Yeah, Leeds.With a heavy heart (and a sore head) it’s time to say goodbye to the second @perfnowconf. What an incredible event,… @kennethrohde Ohhhhh nice! @honeylove1230 Keep in touch! And if you have any questions, just ask. You’re gonna smash it 👊🏼
@perfnowconf @tameverts Question for the current speaker: who is Tim Kadlec?!📽 Slides from my @perfnowconf talk, ‘From Milliseconds to Millions’: @dennwest Thank you! @screenspan I used to be less firm about it, but nowadays I’ve become more confident in telling them the facts. @screenspan I tell them politely that their refusal to address the problem is what will limit the success of the pr…
@andybudd I think I’d prefer alive.It’s just over a week until Black Friday. If you want a quick sweep of your site before the traffic hits, my DMs ar…
@andriijas @perfnowconf Ohhhh man. That’s a very performant! See you soon 👊🏼 @AndyDavies I’ll let you show me tomorrow 😆🇬🇧 ✈️ 🇳🇱 To @perfnowconf!
@slightlylate Smells like Base64 🤔 @katie_fenn @joshnesbitt @RyanTownsend No harm. But it’s also not going to happen. We’ve discussed it and I’m happy… @katie_fenn @joshnesbitt As you know, we dedicate an entire section of the day to that. It’s transformed people’s careers! cc. @RyanTownsend @seanislegend They had a fire. This weekend was their first open in months! They’ve had a bit of a refurb which I h… @seanislegend Ohhh sweet. Lemme know if you’re free for a jar. You hear that Ox Club only just reopened? 🔥😢My neighbourhood looks pretty pretty today 😍
@mikesherov Person A: You should come and see the new house! Person B: Oh we’d love to! Both, internally: Sweet. We… @mikesherov This is actually how English life works.