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Harry Roberts @csswizardry Leeds, UK / ✈️

Consultant Web Performance Engineer: @google, @UN, @Etsy, @kickstarter, @BBC, @Unilever, @Deloitte, and more • Writer • Speaker

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@Paken77 Oh no! DM me the email address you used. Sorry about this. @Paken77 Oh! It’s immediate, so try your spam folder 🤔 @Dan_D_Martin Twelve years since we were getting Quilmes-drunk every Friday night. Madness.I’ve decided to enter my 30s addressing a problem that’s been weighing heavy on my mind for a while now. Any truly…
🎉 30. @pustelto Ohh, my bad. I though you were prototyping a new *site*. Have a great weekend! @pustelto Ah I meant is it a new build or a refactor. Check my site for how I’d recommend doing critical CSS: core… @pustelto Building from scratch? @pustelto @addyosmani Honestly, there’s a lot of talk about it, but very little by way of reasonable-scale, real-li… @mattnortham @jonny_vaine 💪🏼
@AndyDavies @rnebhwani Current client has not-bad LCP because of how the SSR aspect of the page is built, and truly… @HenriHelvetica @WrayAndNephewUK 😒 @HenriHelvetica @WrayAndNephewUK @Jaymond36 Oh man, do it!
@glenathan F—k, yeah. I didn’t realise I was about to KOM a section so I stopped pedalling when I hit 72kmph. I’d h… @glenathan It’s all I’m going to think about for the next few months 😆(Then I got home to realise I hadn’t planned any kind of meal, so I just had to cook whatever I could get my hands… a bit of a rubbish day (nothing at all serious, just ‘one of those days’), so I reluctantly hauled myself out f… @JnnkLhmnn @jackbarber @SpeedCurve Or rather: if you redesign the checkout flow AND make it faster, any uptick in c… @JnnkLhmnn @jackbarber @SpeedCurve It’s a tricky one, because correlation != cause, but 1) MV testing 2) forcing sl… @seaotta 2003 was just a few years ago as far as I’m concerned.
@dalmaer I just got a new screen on my Mac and treated myself to all-the-way right. Not looking forward to ever going back. @tom_hirst Some gold in here, dude! Echos a lot of my approach—it’s refreshing to see such frank discussion about money 👊🏼 @ikeif I’m annoyed that the UK ended up with a horrible hybrid. Metric for anything technical, official, or cooking… @seaotta @jina @webwewantfyi Please do! 😊 @chrisdwells_ Oh man, I ran into exactly this only last week!If I had a Fahrenheit for every time this happened I’d have… well I have no idea what I’d have.Even if you have a majority-US audience, the moment you have *any* non-US visitors, you need to go back to the draw…’re designers and developers. These are problems we should be solving, not creating. @davidwalshblog We do. I would like us to change it. But at least that’s limited to within our own borders. (Inb4 c… every time I almost have a heart attack when an invoice arrives with a date like 7/1/2020 and I think I’m six… wish SO much that US-owned companies wouldn’t use their backward date format and 12-hour clock on international s… @slightlylate @CAdotGov It seems all the doc’s WPT URLs are invalid :( @andybudd ‘My dad was in an accident once, and the paramedics said the fact he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt actually s…
@TransferWise Yeah, definitely. ‘How to send money to Belarus in 3 easy steps’ when it’s currently impossible is de… @TransferWise Thanks for clarifying! Do you not think it might be an idea to take down the page that says you can send money to Belarus? 🤔 @imAnushree I don’t, but I really, really wish I had 🤦🏼‍♂️ @peterbowyer Thank you! @jackbarber @SpeedCurve No stresses! Any questions about this, I’m more than happy to go into more detail 😊 @MrRussell1 Oh! Yeah, I was actually expecting the numbers to be worth more so I re-ran them with slightly fresher… @digitaltob Forgive the lazy answer, but this should explain: @addyosmani This one is speculative: I have access to GA and SpeedCure :) @jackbarber Not thick at all! There are a lot of things to use, mainly Google Analytics conversion data plotted aga… @MrRussell1 How do you mean, sorry? @markboulton Where possible, yeah!Putting an executive summary together for a client this evening. It’s been great to put some numbers against the wo… @TransferWise Hey! You have this page but I can find no option to actually achieve it. Is this just auto-generated… @FezVrasta👍🏼 Over lockdown, I compiled a list of the nice things people have said about me. Being self-employed, I don’t have…
@bekah_mcdonald Oh, thanks! ☺️ @worldofdel @trello @figma Yeah! Even something like that on Trello would be gold. @de_popovic It’s unaffected! The Render Tree is the combination of DOM and CSSOM, and images don’t change either 😊 @nucliweb @benfacecom @Vazerthon It was poor form on my part—I’d had a lot of ‘well actuallies’ overnight and I was on autopi… @benfacecom @Vazerthon Based on what I thought you were saying, I was confident in my wording. With your added clar… current behaviour means creating a board can’t be addressed by a URL, so there’s no easy or fast way to make on… @trello Heya! Google Docs has really nice short-URLs such as or Wo… @BadgersWork Peak middle class news 😂 @timbiernoth Enjoy the rest of your weekend! @signalkuppe To divert attention from me, let’s watch Gordon Ramsay absolutely ruin a carbonara: @benfacecom @Vazerthon Oh! I apologise. Intuition tells me that you’re correct, yes. In that case you’d want to hid… @brandonjcscott Ohhh man that looks so good! @timbiernoth Overusing techniques is ‘professional development’? I’ll just have to take your word on that one 👍🏼 @Protector1 H/2 means we no longer need to limit the number of requests we make 😊 @BadgersWork Ohhhhh yeah! Very Italian vibes last night. @RightSaidJames @benfacecom @Vazerthon Phew! My bad. It was really difficult to discern your sentiment haha. Apologies. @timbiernoth Sounds like overuse of lazy there, which is contradictory to the whole point I was making in the first place. @pookagehayes @smashingmag @BadgersWork Starter for one. Followed by this! @RightSaidJames @benfacecom @Vazerthon Alt text is only needed it the image is contentful. As this image is decorat… @paddy_hazard Srcset on your img and then corresponding MQs in a style block rather than an inline style. @derSchepp Probably. Without trying it, my only guess is that it might be invalid syntax. @rnkpplr Srcset on the img and move the inline style to a style block with matching MQs. @Michaelynch @cobra_winfrey Worth noting that lazy is the exact opposite of what I’m trying to achieve here, so it’… @heydonworks It doesn’t in this scenario as that will just lead to no images being either seen or announced. @missmatsuko @DoukenHa Yep yep yep yep. I’m with you now. I thought you were saying we could forgo stacking and pos… those saying ‘just use object-fit’: Absolutely! If: 1) …you want to (I’m not the boss); 2) …you have time for… @missmatsuko @DoukenHa So you’re saying you can just pos: abs; the image and sit that behind the pod: static; content? @missmatsuko @DoukenHa Yes it does. Which is why I’m advising against it 👍🏼 @missmatsuko @i_am_fabs Oh. Of course. Then move it to wherever you need to move it to make it work. People are enc… @mre_ylmz Faster sites rank better! @craigfrancis 1) I mentioned ‘through a CMS’ because of the inlineliness. 2) I mentioned preload. 3) The alt is set correctly. @justmarkup @hankchizljaw Dang! Early. First time I knowingly used it was to preload a sprite back in 2012 before p… @missmatsuko @i_am_fabs It depends on what defines the size of the hero as to what would need positioning. You can… @missmatsuko @DoukenHa I know. I’ve worked with CSS before. @gidesan Ohhhh I’m sure I’d love it 🤤 @iamumraj Vim with Solarized Dark and Operator Mono. @benfacecom @Vazerthon Alt is there but empty which is valid and prevents screenreaders announcing anything. I’ve got this right. @jancassio Yes yes and yes. @jotosmurf Operator Mono 👌🏼
@iSaumya You’re welcome 😊 @JiveDig @mikeherchel Implementation won’t affect caching. But yeah, loads of tools available to us! @_dte @JiveDig @mikeherchel As I’ve noted elsewhere, that will work, yes, but you then need to start building a load of z… @TomNomNom M&S. First time I’ve seen it in a civilian setting. @julescoleman So good!Fun fact: there isn’t much I wouldn’t do for burrata 🤤 @1b3rn4rd0 @thijsvandien I’m planning to record a big screencast of everything I’ve done to make… @leads Yes! All of them 😊 @juanfernandes @Hermesparcels Would you like to receive your delivery? 🔘 Yes ⚪️ Hermes