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This is my Dad. With my mum he adopted 4 children. 7th Generation oyster fisherman. Instrumental in saving the nati…
Retweeted by Colin Leslie @pjggreenarmy @haggerzz @Smoore65Moore I’m seriously thinking about it 😬
@Frosty_Nige @faith_crist I still wouldn’t fancy it. @coachoram @faith_crist Amazing reply 😂😂👌 @faith_crist I was binge watching Narcos ( AMAZING ) last Friday and the Leccy went......gutted....that was way worse. @CamSmithWWFC I was binge watching Narcos ( AMAZING ) last Friday and the Leccy went......gutted....that was way worse. @thepileus These clueless morons deserved to be nicked. @spencermorgan93 @piersmorgan Ha ha....can I have 2 biscuits 😂 @EFL_Comm As a football supporter the EFL makes me sick....the way you just dish out penalties without no obvious h… @davemacladd 😂 he is so funny 😂 @DelBoy_ofah What utter tripe. @DailyMailUK Oh it’s the ME ME ME generation . @Lewiss_ECFC @_AndyDavies @blackler1998 Nothing weird about’s just funny as fuck 😂😂😂😂Brilliant 😂👌
Class 👌 @rosielanners @CurriculumBlack Can’t stop watching’s amazingly brilliant....and I have no idea why 😂❤️ @Victor50357670 @piersmorgan Now now . @piersmorgan 🙄 toes are curling and it’s not often that happens reading twitter exchanges . @DailyMailUK What fucking joke....these morons are getting right on my tits now.
@OfficialECFC @ntfc What a drubbing .....Christ alive that was bad. @OfficialECFC @OfficialECFC Exeter bench @TomSleeman11 Unfortunately it was THE only thing. @30SecFights “ sack of shit “. Comes to mind. 😂4-0 .......dear oh dear 🙄😂😂😂 @Cal_pafc Actually your being kind there 😂 @chloeeverton I can talk 😂😘 @SarahChampion Ha that saying though 👌Exeter players when the balls in Northampton’s box.... if YOU are part of the Plymouth/Northampton brotherhood cheering the Cobblers on to victory tonight #ntfc #pafc
Retweeted by Colin LeslieExeter stats for goal chances..............ooooooooh 😬😬😬😬 a big fat 0“ VICTOR “ 😂😂 @ASarcevic “ Bowman for city......can be finish “ no...he can’t 😂 @ASarcevic Ha ha......still laughing at that gif 😂😂 @ASarcevic 😂😂👌 @_1tommwood @Cal_pafc 2-0 down anyway.....they’ve proper fucked it. @_1tommwood @Cal_pafc Nah.......I want a win......get them up and watch them drown in league 1 👌 @spam_toe 😂👍 @spam_toe 😬 I was just about to say I still don’t get it I looked at Piers’s and I get it now.....sort of 😂 @spam_toe @piersmorgan Pinned where ? @piersmorgan Wtf is a pinned tweet .... @disclosure @Tim_Burgess Yeah buzzing for this one. 👌 @JakeHepple1 The last time I saw 2 people this happy was.....and the rest they say is history. @Stevie27B @johnycarr09 Each to there think your doing the right thing...but only time will w… @chloeeverton Clearly not. @Suffragentleman Good..what a knob head 😂 @DailyMailUK What a little trollope. @johnycarr09 @Stevie27B Yeah....I never left the family’s hard but it can work in your favour.....and it d… @Stevie27B Painful ...I’ve been there but with 4 kids ...your going to need plenty of 💪 to get through that....advi…
@LozzaFox I’m so tired of the bbc talking this shit. @jerrytresman @DawkinsReturns @metpoliceuk I guarantee this little prick is a middle class spoilt little shit. @DailyMailUK Good job....his ungrateful sponging off the system has come to an abrupt birthday from Plymouth 🎂🎉🎈 @EscapeEUSlavery @alanm8412 Black pound day ....ffs I’ve heard some bollox come out of this ...but this is stand up… @alanm8412 @procyor @DeniseBayliss Now your talking 👌 @piersmorgan I have loved your stance lately mr Morgan....but this is Just bandwagon jumping doesn’… @alanm8412 @avo14ross He knows how to play the game, same as Holloway, we were all on ollies bus at one time just a… @GerardJohnNewm1 @The_Padded_Cell @Andrea62928413 Oooh I used to love white pudding.....and black of course. @nickyj0506 @Andrea62928413 Does this mean my black and white chequered marble floor has to come up.....what a waste 🙄 @bbcglasto @oasis @glastonbury @ZoeTheBall @NoelGallagher @liamgallagher Brilliant throwback that 👌 @Independent What utter garbage 🙄...more like rich privilege.....deluded. @avo14ross Yeah, he’s definitely of the Ian Holloway just tell the supporters exactly what they want t… @andygoldstein05 Jesus...wetting have I been missing this😂😂
@AndyStevenson20 Dog shit sandwich .....deffo. @PollyJames It’s good though init 👌❤️ @JayTaylorMedia1 Ha ha....fucking Zebidee......or pretty much every under 18 football hooligan. @campbellclaret @DonnellyTracey I can almost feel that pain.....good luck. @DonnellyTracey Yeah because you were off your nut like the rest of us🤪....just saying . @Leon_Mann @MirrorDarren @AmandaDCNN I’m sorry but I think Bernie conducted himself did the interv… @Kloppholic Yeah but as Fergie says.....” but he runs from his knees” he’ll never make it 😂😂 that’s up there… @Ibra_official Ha this 👌❤️ @marknelsoncomic Yeah we can see what being a welcoming city is like....good luck with that.
@AFCBeef Jesus Christ almighty...fucking brainless....poor kids.Right twitter. I've 5 weeks to convince my wife our little boy due Aug 3rd has to be christened Jurgen. As she's at…
Retweeted by Colin Leslie @ChrisErrington1 @Plymouth_Live Yeah I definitely want an Exeter win ....we owe them a hammering big time . @K_T_Mayers What is fucking wrong with you....Jesus Christ.
@RupertLowe10 Spot the white man.....oh you can’t ....but anyway obviously black lives matter is loud and strong in… @PollyJames Capitol !!!!!!!! The cheek of it.....she doesn’t know what she’s missing 🙄😂 @talkSPORT That’s sums up everything that’s vile in the world today. @piersmorgan Morons r us. @ElliotHackney Shit the bed....that’s top drawer that is👌 @oHardenJr
@DailyMailUK Yeah....they could....but they absolutely won’t....fact. @SkyFootball One of the greatest managers of our era.....absolute fact 👌❤️ @ElliotHackney Some soppy twat will be offended by it....deffo. @andygoldstein05 Absolute wind up merchant it. @andygoldstein05 This doesn’t help really....I’m pretty sure you are not mr perfect. @DailyMail She’s right though.......again people just don’t want to hear it. @30SecFights Beautiful left hook 👌
@amz07 @itvnews It’s a banner. @Thatmandan85 @andygoldstein05 It’s a cancer ...fact ...and you won’t get rid of it ....fact...unless it’s educated… @PhilinGibraltar @SkySportsPL @MicahRichards Ok great so your a well paid moron....congratulations. @PhilinGibraltar @SkySportsPL @MicahRichards I’m pretty sure it does. @andygoldstein05 I work with people with racist Views that are loving the fact that black lives matter is actually… @andygoldstein05 Exactly.....I’m sorry but black players coming out and saying I feel half the nation hates me is a… @andygoldstein05 Hindered ....just as much as black lives’s causing friction....It won’t work ...and it has to be dealt with. @PhilinGibraltar @SkySportsPL @MicahRichards As I said early.....moron. @PhilinGibraltar @SkySportsPL @MicahRichards Watch out keyboard warriors about.....your still talking shit. @_SamBarker_ I really want Exeter to get promoted....we owe them big time....I would love to see us both in league 1.