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Pokemon is an anime.yo @BengalYouTube NFL memes be yoinkin @pugz447 its gotta be slinger. ESC is fun but not good enough to out weight slinger#GoBrowns @W5Joshh best tweet of madden 22 goes to josh hands down @Throne_YT you should TOTALLY stream with this GOD QB @nyjets Losing record
@Zirksee It looks like a torn pec maybe? @Repullze Boss is a G! @Throne_YT @Zirksee @MisterCiv Zirk Luck is non existant. its now TT23Luck. Zirksee? Nah ZirkFraud.WHAT THE FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKhey @rcobb18 you're supposed to catch the ballTHE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS ARE THR NO1 SEED IN THE AFC BITCHESSS*pain*:|So, no15 on the titans just pushed off and it wasnt called love to see it @Patriots we need more than just FG's. Its a banged-up defense. @NICKMERCS LETS FUCKIN' GO @TitansConnor A lot has to go into practicing and stretching, understanding how to move properly and stay active. blah blah blah @FitzyGFY Nah, Mac cant throw the deep ball. Dont u know this 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @TitansConnor i n j u r y m a n a g e m e n t @LBspreader @49er__ He lives rent-free in his headuhhhhhhhhhhhhh CARSON?TYRODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDGuys, Mac Jones cant throw the deep ball @BengalYouTube on his own team @BengalYouTube I hope he accidentally challenged the illegal blocking instead of the touchdown 🤣So thats prob a TEN touchdown, but Hollister did an illegal block before the catch, wont surprise me that it wasn't calledBucs’ LB Devin White questionable to return today due to a hip injury. Bucs’ CB Jamel Dean questionable to return…
Retweeted by CtrlDub  @TitansConnor Its really poor injury management, its sad to see everyone get hurt. But its something the Titans need to prioritize @TitansConnor mhm. seems like poor injury managementKEVIN BYARD GOT HIS SHIT ROCKEDDDDDDDDDDDD @LBspreader LETS FUCKING GOOOOO #ForeverNETD KB!
Retweeted by CtrlDub I cant wait to see all the titans fans bitch and complain about injuries. Yet they all forget the Patriots won a su… what a fucking terrible throw by brady7 HOURS OF COMMERCIAL FREE FOOTBALL START NOW @FitzyGFY NE 33 TENN 16 dont let earl see this video @Throne_YT Fraudulantyo @Throne_YT did u get a noise complaint from the Lamar video? LOLIM BACK BITCHESSSSSSSSS
@ignPhloz @EpaxiaI .... @NRGgg @nafengg bcz of Hypixel UHC 💪 @Greninja Congrats!!!!!WE GOT YOUTUBE RANK BOYS LETS GOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by CtrlDub  @TitansConnor Money on itTomorrow the patriots will be the no1 seed in the AFC
@BengalYouTube Ppl have the audacity to say JC Jackson
@CouRageJD @scump HELLO? ITS GREEN BEAN CASSEROLEHappy Thanksgiving!!!!
@Kahrbonqq @InshaneTM No. 1 million is the goalYo @InshaneTM 2.5% finished dude sang about this view. @Mayzomatic I wish I was available. But in the future maybe 😔
@Skimbooo23 Ima need some more out of Daddy Mac fired Jason Garrett, as @PLeonardNYDN reported.
Retweeted by CtrlDub Check out the latest NFC playoff picture heading into Week 12 ⤵️ 📰:
Retweeted by CtrlDub You don’t need Tobey and Andrew if you’ve got FAMILY
Retweeted by CtrlDub  @oreyborey I'd love to see a personal video seeing what you do while editing MMG and help give us fellow editors so… Giants starting left tackle has more touchdowns than the big money WR they signed and the 1st round pick WR the…
Retweeted by CtrlDub This is the luckiest thing we've ever seen in Apex... (via u/Moja11122233)
Retweeted by CtrlDub Milestone ✅ - @TomBrady @Buccaneers | #GoBucs | #NYGvsTB 🤝 @FlaglerHospital
Retweeted by CtrlDub I NEED 9 MORE POINTS FOR 200 LOL Dimes looks like szn one Jared Goff of lions franchise @BengalYouTube @NFL @TomBrady @SteveYoungQB One is a GOAT the other was a good player @MrConnorYT @Zirksee what we think?Got another 49ers Theme Team video on the channel! It's definitely the best TT way better than the "mainstream" Jet…
Retweeted by CtrlDub  @49er__ @EASPORTS_MUT @RobGronkowski @JimmySmithJags @JasonTaylor >kittle
Let me paint you a picture: -It’s Q4 -Earnings this year are severely below target -Player base has shrunk to new…
Retweeted by CtrlDub Friendly reminder. Drake is mid @StanMann34 yeah but imagine if their fries are CRISPY THO @F1 before all the British dick sucking Russel fans come at me its a joke @F1 one of these drivers got 2nd place bcz of a race cancelation... @Zirksee Do we know of anything with these new cards? Are they in packs? Is anything actually going on? @Light_2610 fax. But i got deebo at 6 rn. Could replace DHOP at 5 soonNew Orleans’ QB Taysom Hill signed a unique four-year, hybrid-type of contract extension that could be worth anywhe…
Retweeted by CtrlDub  @itsdomyoutube BRITTANY!!!!!!!!!May I please get 2 followers to copy and re-post this tweet? I'm trying to demonstrate that someone is always liste…
Retweeted by CtrlDub May I please get 2 followers to copy and re-post this tweet? I'm trying to demonstrate that someone is always liste… @PapaMeagzz relatable somehow...Patriots get another win lets go! @CouRageJD JUST IN "COURAGEJD HAS RESIGNED WITH YOUTUBE GAMING FOR 2 YEARS"12/3 Hof 2.0🌪🌪🌪Click the link to presave🖤 & lmk which track U ready to hear👀🔥
Retweeted by CtrlDub If the NFL season ended today, the Jets and Giants would own FOUR of the top SEVEN picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. 1.…
Retweeted by CtrlDub  @MisterCiv Been there with the res sox. It is pain @diaamondTV it's all uphill from here! Just gotta get on tik tok more often and upload some YouTube BANGERSSSSSwomen @Shadowgirl_ True. But i dont think one outweighs another. @Shadowgirl_ None, self-happiness.Growth take consistency. Long term consistency. Most aspects of content creation do not include instant gratifica…
Retweeted by CtrlDub I can't really find anyone that is as much a grinder as @Throne_YT Man has been daily uploading for two weeks now w… @elonmusk At least 50% of my tweets are made from my computer that is slowly dying. @T3KNO_ 1.07 kd goes burrYo @T3KNO_ stop stealing my kills fool ended his stream after ALGS nearly breaking into tears, seems likely he is done with Apex Legends and thu…
Retweeted by CtrlDub hey @Throne_YT did u finish ur WL ? @Keoon_ @Tfue Defo Vouch @NICKMERCS LETS GO GENT AND DEZIGN!!!!!!!....