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@troyzfnbr @TheTulantro hey that’s my dad! @Swazygocrazy What the fk @27Rise it’s just really weird to tweet, you know. and it didn’t make sense @27Rise delete bro lmao @dragonsburner How much points did he get @2dTiki @gotelol @ClubHayers @ValorINTEL @ScreaM_ Just the satisfaction it gives me when I see it’s completely defused not almost there @ClubHayers @ValorINTEL @ScreaM_ I know but it bugs me not seeing the spike defused lmao @ofekplayzyt @Rhysenator @Sprkzyy @RoyalEmpireGGs Agreed. @cubiqqalt Lol that’s me @Alternvte W @HiggsFNBR @brickwalldylow @javin_vii Unfortunate @Alternvte nice @Rhysenator Yeah I’m weird. Block me I don’t care. I’m not the one that should be deactivating lmfao. @Sprkzyy @Rhysenator @RoyalEmpireGGs Lmao wtf @brickwalldylow @UnionFN_ try me 😋 @Sprkzyy @crankzylol Shit my bad @Rhysenator This is so unprofessional and weird, lol. Just don’t even bring the unnecessary drama to the timeline, it does nothing. @Rhysenator @Sprkzyy @umpluto Either ways, you don’t want to start paying people as soon as you start a team. Peopl… @ClarixEsports @itsJerian You need that badge? @UnionFN_ @brickwalldylow Alr just lmk what the error is and we can troubleshoot @teazama @F1NN5TER @gotelol 😈 @UnionFN_ @brickwalldylow Well what errors did it give you lmao, send a screenshot @nachfnx @brickwalldylow He’s back, not surprisedRequest @cubiqqalt so I can tweet random shit all the time I’m gonna use this account for my actual brand @27Rise rip @dragoniwnl2 @Sparkzwtff @BennyTheAsian @starzeeh Same @UnionFN_ @brickwalldylow You probably have a virus then lmao, hard drive with windows on it should work @F1NN5TER tongue fight? @gotelol @XSmitylol @ValorINTEL On god @dragoniwnl2 @Sparkzwtff @BennyTheAsian @starzeeh Bro ong I had like 4 emily’s in my face because i didn’t know a w… @fgbVAL instalock sage and we getting married @Anbuidek @purksmom @purkerr she got the taste of my nuts in her mouth @MyGuySteveO @ozxrru Gotta keep it legal on twitter 😆 @BennyTheAsian @Sparkzwtff @starzeeh @dragoniwnl2 This is my favorite video @Sparkzwtff HUH @BennyTheAsian @Sparkzwtff @starzeeh @dragoniwnl2 bro i was just tagging you for the fucks of it but idk anyways hi benny @Sparkzwtff @BennyTheAsian @starzeeh @dragoniwnl2 😅 @BennyTheAsian @starzeeh @dragoniwnl2 bruh @starzeeh @dragoniwnl2 @BennyTheAsian @DylannFN_ @TabzGTV He off the slurp shrooms 💀 @gotelol @HzExtinct1 @VayneFN True but not true @starzeeh listen to unreleased juice or listen to kanye the goat @ClutchDontMiss Bro why this shit so scary this finna be in my nightmare ong @starzeeh just listen to lofi and fall sleepHoly fuck I can finally get out of bronze this next update @DrillFN @gotelolpriv 😈😈 @HzExtinct1 @VayneFN @gotelol @ValorINTEL @ScreaM_ bro did he defuse did he defuse did he defuse did he defuse did he defuse @gotelolpriv Nah bro fuck your cousin get your bitches up @wubbliz @gotelolpriv Well this was just a fucking lie @gotelolpriv @gotelolpriv my man getting some fs @gotelol @xLulski @sscarlettelisee Bro hasn’t said it better @YukioSZN this was so bad @blurrfnbr Good thanks for asking @UnionFN_ @brickwalldylow Did you not try booting in recovery mode and just installing a new windows there @YukioSZN LOL @nachfnx not even trolling listening to juice at 3am (full blast on headphones) free building would be such a vibe @SnowwyVAL this was decent snowwy good tweet"doing a unfollowing spree like and repl-" SHUT THE FUCK UP WE DONT CARE
Retweeted by Strata Cubiqq @blurrfnbr hru @Guixh1 @Mongraal Np. If you need help troubleshooting and it doesn’t work my DMs are open :) @Guixh1 @Mongraal Click the plus sign (adding a source) and then look for select a device or something like device… @MaufFN i’m fucking bored bro @MaufFN Mauf: “Lol too bad I already know my address, dumbass” Blackmailer: “But I know your address” Mauf: “Ok me too” @OfficialPCMR windows 11 is such a good os. just waiting for it to become fully editable on ntlite so i can get the… @Guixh1 @Mongraal add a source that says device type (it should say something like that i’m not home right now) the… @Guixh1 @Mongraal it’s on but make sure you have a device selected or else it won’t work. @iigio_ you don’t know me but i can hold money for you. once you ask me for your money i’ll send it right backI love you soooo so so so much @PlayVALORANT ♥️♥️♥️!!! This is the coolest gift ever!!! 😍 PS: does anyone know how…
Retweeted by Strata Cubiqq @monopinlol Gm @wubbliz lmfao @wubbliz It’s steak chicken and rice (The steak was fucking terrible) but the chicken was good and the rice was pretty decent too @killzzfn @ZayyOTW I do @wubbliz No I’m mexican. Lol @shortguybrad Well you can eat my ass if you want to 🤫 @dragoniwnl2 That water looks drinkableJOINED @StrataEsports LFGGGGGG
Retweeted by Strata Cubiqq @diana7o7 thanksAy thank you guys so much for 1.4K ❤️You guys are amazing :) @Roy_GGs Unfortunate. You got the other games, focus on those. @Anbuidek No I want you to live @xilist @1_leet164 @StrataEsports send me your tracker bbg @Anbuidek HUH @1_leet164 @StrataEsports LFG @shortguybrad rip @colinMosss @BlgShotWRLD 😂 whoever this is u funny ash @spdyqt @lnfernoh Haven’t heard that one before. Good job! @spdyqt @lnfernoh Why you so mad 😂😂 @spdyqt @lnfernoh Did the comm a favor I could care less @silvernaw what
@silvernaw Lmao omen flash lowkey kinda shit unless you know where the person is at @silvernaw I’m not gonna lie that’s balanced I would just rock kids shit with the fucking ult and the boom bot gives pretty good info @feonuh POV: you are @feonuh looking in the mirror @silvernaw How @EsypX @savage__smalls @qtbliqqs @FrostXER @femscheme101 You’re the only sad person here lmfao @savage__smalls @qtbliqqs @FrostXER @femscheme101 So people know who I am, looking like a dumbass or not. It’s about growing your brand. @aparfnbr @StrataEsports dm me then aparfn @ilyhelkum @StrataEsports omg faze sway