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Chris Dlugosz @cubosh Buffalo, NY

keyboard-player | graphic-designer | co-founder of video-game cover-band @Armcannon | key-boardist in @LRSband

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@megabeardo glad its specified in the photo because i was about to assume hammer mood means m.c. hammer mood @xkcd2 similarly: "worst guitar"i dont often do inspirational quotes but this particular blurb is an oasis
iv said it before and ill say it again - i cant get enough of neural-net machine-learning generated classical art s… @RamonVillalobos here are some variations i enjoyed playing with this #coloristjam ( @fzosh85 ) @fzosh85 this is 100 my jamthat the obvious and immediate consequence of this horrific injustice isnt abolishing ICE and prosecuting the peopl…
Retweeted by Chris Dlugosz @atrupar classic aaron: talking while holding a shoeits good to see her be ultra candid and normalAOC is currently on twitch livestreaming games in case you were wondering what savvy constituent engagement looks l…
@GLASYSmusic let me just put it this way. i have been going to bed every night at about 2:50 amhow to get my vote: playing Horizon Zero Dawn --- among the most beautiful open worlds ever crafted in gaming @WeaponexBand heh. got me at "i TRIIIIIIIIIIIIIED"love how the govt think that young people become anti-capitalist because of teachers/the curriculum and not because…
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got a cat scratch but also had a whiskey poured - so yes i dabbed whiskey onto it and it stung - and i can 100% ver… @ScholdGato @NASAHubble @system_sounds no doubt, we are all on the internet for seeing neato things. but i follow… @pointgodly @NASAHubble @system_sounds i understand the word is in there but its not gonna stop people from sharing… @NASAHubble @system_sounds please stop, this is misleading -- you are making people think this is what "space" "sou… good let's do it, also increase membership of SCOTUS 4-5x what it is plus limited terms. we don't have to l…
Retweeted by Chris Dlugosz @HeavyNettles @wedontexisthere while i agree theres a lot of white, and also asian for some reason, i must point ou… @buffalozoo @BuffaloBills explaining this to aliens: "this creature is called a buffalo. but the food box, labeled…, Republicans aren’t “free market capitalists” either. They just believe in spending billions in public resourc…
Retweeted by Chris Dlugosz @markpoloncarz @TheBuffaloNews @WGRZPolitics @news4buffalo @WKBW @SPECNewsBuffalo @NewsRadio930 @WBFO… & vampire costumes of old.
Retweeted by Chris Dlugosz @elikasadeghi @atrupar uhhhgg hes a disgusting pinnacle of everything wrong with humanity @atrupar pretty sure i heard "bomb them"
@pascalcampion oh man i live for that joy of making everything dull orange with a layer @finbeard look what this guy does to birds for some reason -- Maurizio Bongiovanni -- @armcannon this week is the closest earth sweeps past mars until 2035
He was trying to cool the planet and she was regrowing the forests. And they wanted us to root for... the trust fu…
Retweeted by Chris Dlugoszvideo of neural network generated people transitioning smoothly across facial parameters -- @armcannon transitioning smoothly across facial parameters is a gem (and also may generate mild existential meltdow… @armcannon see im fascinated enough by the grand potentials of the process that i consider sifting thru dirt for ge… @armcannon speaking of machine learning [a topic with which im increasingly obsessed and is the wave of the future]…
@labboypro @Lucan_Mor @atrupar yeah hydro-sonic means: the sounds that these missiles emit now fully work underwaterTo my fussy brain this reads 1) woman attacked by python and 2) during the attack she went into her garage, where 3…
Retweeted by Chris Dlugoszyou ever get beaten over the head with a subtext club
@fzosh85 @KarenLiDiLi his userpic on forums is the tarkus album cover @fzosh85 @KarenLiDiLi top google search of that username is some kind of shaolin kung fu forum, indicating he is most active there @InfosecGoon listen the CEOs are still working on it. any year now, the speeds will trickle down upon usexcellent overview video of the current state of imagery created by neural networks, specifically generative advers… @jacquesovski picard ricardWhitehouse to his Republican colleagues: "Don't think that when you have established the rule of 'because we can,'…
Retweeted by Chris Dlugoszmaster impressionist jim meskiman @jimrossmeskimen has celebrity faces deep-faked onto his face as he is doing the… @Rocketm22535874 @atrupar i had the same thought. hes lookin like hes feelin quite peachy rather than his usual sassy vitriol
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2020 <-- refresh this page to generate a new machine-learned random face of a fictional human t… @Booker4KY GOOD MORNING
just did a semi-serious attempt at manually creating convincing space/nebula imagery in photoshop using nothing but… @MastaBaba hi i just discoverred your "this person does not exist" and i noticed it also has a section for "art" a… @Yivo_Shandor noice. yeah danimal and i are fairly poindextrous cosmology nerdsbonus: has become the best astronomy imagery database iv ever seenwent down a crab nebula rabbit hole and found basically one of the sickest astronomy timelapse animations iv ever s… Sheldon Whitehouse bringing receipts on how right-wing groups have spent $250 million in dark money to resh…
Retweeted by Chris DlugoszIf you’re watching #confirmation hearings for #AmyConeyBarrett, you saw a brilliant lecture by @SenWhitehouse about…
Retweeted by Chris DlugoszBack in 2016, Hubble took a look at the beating heart of the Crab Nebula, a neutron star at the center that pulses…
Retweeted by Chris Dlugoszletting you know that this pixel artist is PHENOMENAL - he does tons of pop culture references -- @PixelGustavo --- @blizzardjesus its absolutely needlessly hard, second only to silver surfer @blizzardjesus @armcannon easy fix just flip your headphonesrealization: in the 80s broadcast TV had scrambled channels that you unlock by paying for them - but today people i…
this dream left me awakened weirdly emotional or mournful because i felt like i missed some big rare opportunity to… the movie one of the research guys asked if i learned the new language. i said i skimmed the 75 page pamphlet… this crowded cafeteria (possibly of the research institute itself) a movie was being projected on the wall. it v… robot voiced girl knew she was hard to understand. she handed me a thick pamphlet that outlined a new form of s… in a crowded noisy cafeteria. there i met a young woman who had a voice that sounded like many layers of cho… @HelenOfTronna -people call me the space cowboy @HelenOfTronna [cicierega intensifies]in case you were wondering: no, bernie will never stop bellowing the Good Word from the rooftops was only a matter of time until glasys got to the best song in super metroid: lower maridia
No matter who you are, who you love, or what pronoun you use, you are beautiful, critically important, and deserve…
Retweeted by Chris Dlugosz @armcannon 90% chance this is just yet another leak from filming somethingevery freckle on my body together may be an accurate star map from _somewhere_ in the universe [and at some time of…
@finbeard could be an engagement spam fisher [phrases that make no sense 30 years ago] @finbeard how the heck do you have that level of viewer tracking @armcannon yeah that line exploded out at me. i never knew what fresh was referencingjust did a double feature of "videodrome" then "repo man" - both films iv never seen - both a frenzied fever dream…
@WeaponexBand cheers mangn
a walk in the park with a ninth year lady - we saw a turtle with a baby on a small rock island store i thought this was highbrow art homer simpson the season for illuminating the interior of my house dim magenta ever see good art watched this art house film called KUSO and its probably the most viscously audacious foray into the "i am on…
As you enjoy Mars glowing in the eastern sky this evening, just remember that bright, red dot is actually an active…
Retweeted by Chris Dlugoszhmmm @KatieMarovitch the trick is to infiltrate them from inside @gittlebass yeah a bit of google-fu landed me on droidcam as a driver to bridge the gap between phone and OBS - my… @finbeard despite my logic fetishism i passionately harbor savage refusal to allow the machines to erode my will[30 years into the future] me: you know netflix used to send films by post my amazon smart watch: 0.3% Productivi…
Retweeted by Chris Dlugoszfigured out how to use my phone as a webcam for CONTENT CREATION @virtjk been loving them. good to see yehdoes nobody see it yet? flailing chaos idiot donald is the superhero origin story of immortan joe just had the word "logically" autocorrect to "magically" @nalrog i was hoping the explanation would be ultra nerdy and ah yes, logically computing ten dimensional geometry… President turned his back on you.
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The chaos we are seeing and feeling is the result of the failure of leadership from @realDonaldTrump. From lying ab…
Retweeted by Chris DlugoszThe only logical response to this fuckery, is to vote them out. Not by analyzing their cruelty, inaction and irre…
Retweeted by Chris Dlugosz @nalrog i definitely follow _two_ different youtube channels that do tons of exactly thisEach candidate’s mic gets a compressor and it’s sidechained to the other guy’s mic. Start off totally dry. With eac…
Retweeted by Chris Dlugosz @jacquesovski gonna use this thank you