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@Sarah_Cubs Happy birthday, Sarah! one big Cubs fan to another. Happy birthday, @ARizzo44! is a statement from Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein, on MLB officially postponing this week…
Retweeted by Chicago CubsThe remainder of our series in St. Louis has been postponed.
Tonight's #Cubs-Cardinals game has been postponed. Royals 13, Cubs 2.
Play ball! knew Vic's slide yesterday looked familiar!
Retweeted by Chicago CubsHere is tonight's #Cubs starting lineup! @BU_DToX does a @premierleague commentator from Leicester become a Cubs fan? @arlowhite shares his story with Len & JD.… @Daydreams231 The link contains the full video 😀For your viewing pleasure, 50+ glorious minutes of #Cubs rookie season home runs: Thursday, August 13 game vs. the Brewers at Wrigley Field has been selected for a national exclusive telecast b… Cubs have optioned lefties Rex Brothers and Justin Steele to their South Bend alternate site to reduce their ro…
Retweeted by Chicago Cubs7回5安打1失点で2勝目をあげることができました! 調子も良くなく、制球も微妙でしたがピンチでコントロールと対ピンチが発動してくれたのが良かったかな🤣 味方の守備にも助けられました^_^ 応援ありがとうございました!
Retweeted by Chicago CubsDarvish keeps #Cubs hot as win streak reaches six. Recap: #WhereStoriesPlay @obvious_shirts @VictorCaratini @VictorCaratini go the spoils. 💨 straight wins! 1901, the Cubs have won at least 10 of their first 12 games four times: 2020 (10-2) 1969 (11-1) 1934 (10-2) 1907 (10-2)
Retweeted by Chicago CubsCubs win! Final: #Cubs 6, Royals 1. you just feel the need to catch an entire game and then score from 1st on a double to the gap. little insurance never hurt anyone.
Retweeted by Chicago Cubs😤😤😤 @faridyu #Cachorros
Retweeted by Chicago Cubs @byjordanowen Fine. For your mom. @byjordanowen She understands what has to happen in order to get to the 19th or 20th inning and how angry it will make people?#Cubs starters have a 1.95 ERA so far this season! @NationalPro slick defense from @DavidBote13! ball!
Here is tonight's #Cubs starting lineup in KC! to clarify, I am forever thankful for the opportunity the @Royals gave me and have many lifelong friends and c…
Retweeted by Chicago CubsKB delivers by air and by land. @pepsi @Dan_Welter it might be the day for itOur 7/30 rainout vs. the Reds has been rescheduled for Saturday, 8/29. We'll play a doubleheader starting at 3:10… @Sarah_Cubs @BleacherNation @BleacherNation @BleacherNation @Benjamin_Moore & day. #WallpaperWednesday @Benjamin_Moore the Confines. 🧹 #WhereStoriesPlay to The Show 🎩✨ #OTD 6 years ago, El Mago made his MLB debut!
Retweeted by Chicago Cubsbash•ful (bash′fəl) 𝙖𝙙𝙟. The tendency to hit baseballs very far; full of bash. See also: @WContreras40, baby! power up behind Hendricks for 5th straight win. Recap: #WhereStoriesPlay straight wins and a perfect homestand! 🧹 #WhereStoriesPlay win! Cubs SWEEP! Final: #Cubs 5, Royals 4. the BEAST. guy. @NationalPro Hendricks can pull some strings. 1.82 ERA in last 15 starts at Wrigley Field.
Retweeted by Chicago Cubs @brianhavrilla we all just want him to be happy @karafagan @TheJK_Kid wow ship it @brianhavrilla you know he actually grew up a Cubs fan?.@TheJK_Kid does some yard work. energy check: crushes one! @BinnysBev ball!
That'll do. 😍 #WhereStoriesPlay @Sarah_Cubs @ARizzo44 yall can do the work we believe in you& send tweet Bryant has #DadStrength 💪
Retweeted by Chicago Cubs @wednesday181 @javy23baez @WContreras40 You are right! 😤 is tonight's #Cubs starting lineup! #WhereStoriesPlay Mills knows the game. @Wintrust Contreras brothers know how to make an entrance. comes back swinging. #WhereStoriesPlay @slwein Twitter’s like “Good morning, Cubs! 4 straight wins? Feeling good? READ THIS.”Woke up thinking about this @javy23baez tag. Mills leads #Cubs to shutout, 4th straight win. Recap: #WhereStoriesPlay @Lana @MarcCarig right? we're cubs fans hereIn case you haven't heard. @DavidBote13 is a beast. straight wins and 8 out of 10! #WhereStoriesPlay win! Final: #Cubs 2, Royals 0. shutout frames from @ATMills37! 👏 @msenne902 good was @ATMills37 tonight? Very good.
Retweeted by Chicago CubsHaters will say it’s fake. #KBoom @BinnysBev 🎩 Javy tag is phenomenal.
Retweeted by Chicago CubsJavy tags are in season. ball!
Tonight's first pitch has been moved to 7:30 p.m. CDT. @chelseadf Bryant: "If you do feel something, just stay away and take it as seriously as possible. That's the only way we…
Retweeted by Chicago Cubs @jstapfinator Happy birthday, Jess! @RandallJSanders's back tonight against the Royals!"In this type of season, why not?" Hear @LenKasper and @JimDeshaies' thoughts on the expanded postseason and more.… we recognized that slide. Chatwood set the tone this weekend! 🔥 @pepsi cannon and a brick wall. on time, Javy! @pepsi
Retweeted by Chicago CubsJavy walks #Cubs off in 11th to complete sweep of Pirates. Recap: #WhereStoriesPlay
Retweeted by Chicago CubsI put the siiiiing in single. #GoCubsGo wins in 2020. win it on a walk-off! Cubs SWEEP the series! Final (11): #Cubs 2, Pirates 1. #WhereStoriesPlay @BrewingSchulz Interesting because they looked at it and still called him out so