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House Democrats spent Thursday arguing the first article of impeachment: that President Trump abused his power. Her… Bernie Sanders joins Joe Biden to lead the Democratic presidential pack. It's the first time Biden hasn't held… managers debunk multiple conspiracy theories is the role the Chief Justice plays in impeachment Sen. Jeff Merkley says impeachment matters "because if the President can influence the next election, then you… at this face! I’m getting after it on @colbertlateshow tonight at 11:35ET!
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CNN's @ChrisCuomo says lawmakers breaking strict rules for President Trump's impeachment trial "is a good metaphor… House impeachment managers have concluded their first day of opening remarks in the impeachment trial of Presid…"The more we get into this and the deeper we get in and the more we learn, I can't believe that Republicans aren't… just moments after day one of opening arguments, outside legal counsel for Pres. Trump Jay Sekulow, says a…
A series of text messages with Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas are at the center of a debate over impeachment ev… nearly 13 hours of debate, the Senate has adopted the rules for the impeachment trial of President Trump, on…"I was frustrated, as we all were today, that Republicans were voting over and over again not to allow witnesses or… Senate has adopted the rules for the impeachment trial of President Trump on a party line vote of 53-47.…"Those addressing the Senate should remember where they are." Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts admonished… Senate blocked the seventh proposed amendment to the impeachment trial rules on a party line vote. The latest a… impeachment trial of President Trump continues. Live updates:
.@ChrisCuomo: President Trump wants you to think he's an anti-corruption crusader but look at what he does and what… message is President Trump sending with recent additions to his legal team? @chriscuomo breaks it down.…
GOP Rep. James Comer says he doesn't have a problem if former national security adviser John Bolton testifies at th… Parnas' ties to President Trump run deep CNN's @ChrisCuomo says referring to Lev Parnas as an associate of Rud…"This was an incredibly sad day," says Dem. Sen. Chris Murphy about the start of the Senate impeachment trial of Pr…'s @ChrisCuomo: "It is not just President Donald John Trump who is on trial. It is the Senate itself. The facts…
.@ChrisCuomo to the Senate: Do what the Constitution demands and what your constituents want. Do justice.…"I have to be honest with you, that debate stage last night frightened me. It really did," says @angela_rye, when a…"I'm of the view Chris, that in America, fortunately, the truth eventually comes out," says Democratic Sen. Ron Wyd…"I don't think you're a liar. I think you spin away from questions, and do it very well." @ChrisCuomo clashes with… We've watched the impeachment articles literally be…walked over to the Senate. This impeachment has n…
.@chriscuomo: The "Trump triple step" is in full effect once again: Lie. Deny. Defy."Why did you do what you did?" @chriscuomo says Americans deserve an answer to a simple question when it comes to P…"Clearly Bernie Sanders did not say that a woman can't win," says senior adviser to the Bernie Sanders campaign Jef…
CNN's @ChrisCuomo: This is demagoguery 101"Shame on you and every Trumper and never-Trumper who voted against this." @ChrisCuomo addresses those who voted a… to Congress: "Do your job and make sure our military is not exposed for no reason...This is your job i…"It is to their own advantage to come out and say that they made a mistake... it's the fog of war and they were in…
CNN's @ChrisCuomo on the Iran crisis: "I argue there are three lessons that we must learn to avoid being here again…"Upon looking at the facts and being in the briefings I've been in ... I do believe it was the right decision and I… intelligence is “taking a look at the crash” of the Ukrainian jet, a US official tells CNN, as suspicions rise a… top US general says he believes Iran meant to kill US troops, rebutting a belief among some Trump administratio…"We got a compilation of the past sins of a very bad actor, namely Qasem Soleimani, who was assassinated. But we go…
"I think across the military everyone is still cautious," says Iraq War veteran @PaulRieckhoff, reacting to Iran's…"We're in a situation now, where it's up to the President to make a decision. De-escalate. If he intends to escalat… Boeing 737 plane carrying 180 passengers and crew crashed shortly after takeoff in Tehran early on Wednesday, Ira…"This is a time to start de-escalating and start getting into talks about how we can resolve our differences going…"This is kind of a classic example of the cycle of escalation." Former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff on Iran's at… Pentagon said that Iran launched more than a dozen missiles at two Iraqi bases that hold US troops in response…
.@ChrisCuomo: I argue everything has changed in holding this President to account because of what he just authorize… "This President has lied so much he makes the 'boy who cried wolf' look like the poster boy for hones…"I looked at that [Democratic] field and I said 'I don't see greatness there,'" says @JudgeJudy, on why she just en… "The US just killed a bad man. It is the most provocative act of this presidency." "The question is… Rep. Mark Walker clashes with @ChrisCuomo over the timing of Pres. Trump's killing of Iran's top militar…
CNN's @ChrisCuomo: Making resolutions? People tend to want to forget and wish for a fresh start. Not always the rig… Rep. Lloyd Doggett says the only purpose for having former VP Joe Biden testify in the Senate impeachmen… tier 2020 Democratic candidates are vying for the top spot in Iowa caucuses. CNN's Harry Enten joins…"You would think that this President, if he really made a perfect call, would want people -- all the president's me…"There are inconsistencies on both sides, but it's important to look at the precedent that was set by the Clinton t… of SEAL Team 7 Alpha Platoon described their platoon leader, retired Special Operations Chief Eddie Gallagh…
Presidential candidate Tom Steyer defends his outsized campaign expenditures saying that as an outsider he has litt… Rep. Gregory Meeks defends Dems' strategy in pursuing impeachment, saying it's worth it regardless of th…“The President was talking about being better one moment then was at his worse the next, pounding Pelosi about impe…
Justice Department IG found no evidence the FBI "broke into" the Trump campaign while investigating the campaign's… Trump renewed his war on windmills when he took aim at the technology for, among other things, killing ba… messages obtained by CNN reveal a former golfer's role in helping two Rudy Giuliani associates try to profit o…"Given what we have found out, given the evidence that was in the testimony, in the hearings, it is absolutely esse…"If you're being charged with something, you're going to do everything you can to put out the information that will… 91 minutes after President Trump spoke to Ukrainian President Zelensky on July 25, Trump's political appoin…
"Who would hide the people who could clear them? No one. ... If the President is about the truth and being persecut… federal judge declined to revoke bail for Lev Parnas, rejecting prosecutors' claims that the indicted Rudy Giulia… we enter the days suffused with spirit we are reminded of what it is to be holy.
Retweeted by Cuomo Prime TimeCNN's @ChrisCuomo clashes with conservative Evangelical Talk-show host Eric Metaxas as a leading Christian magazine…"I'm not denying the power Trump has over the Republican base, but as a conservative, there are still folks out the… Wilson: Trump does not represent traditional conservative values A group of conservative political insiders…
“I understand that the American people… want to hear someone who credibly can say, ‘I will take on the billionaires… asks Mayor Buttigieg about the tense exchange he had with Sen. Warren over a fundraiser he held at a w… Amy Klobuchar says there’s a double standard when comparing her to Mayor Pete Buttigieg. “Do I think that a wo…"If anyone has reason to be angry with the Republicans and not want to cooperate, it's me — the way they've attacke…
CNN's @ChrisCuomo: "The constitutional imperative now is to get away from the politics of left and right as fast as…"Nobody came to Congress to impeach a President, but we did take an oath when we began our service to protect and d… Speaker Nancy Pelosi would not commit on Wednesday to sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate, sayi…
Cuomo: "I argue we can't look to electeds to get us out of this. It's got to be on us to make things better." CNN'…"It's for the American people to judge that letter." - Rep. Tom Reed on Pres. Trump's letter to Speaker Nancy Pelos…'s @ChrisCuomo: President Trump's letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ahead of the House impeachment vote bomba… ends tomorrow. President Trump will, in all likelihood, bear the stain of being impeached. Only the second in mo…
Retweeted by Cuomo Prime Time"It's important to educate the public about what really happened, the fact that he actually leaned on, extorted, as…'s @ChrisCuomo: President Trump's letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is "unlike anything I have ever seen from…
CNN's @ChrisCuomo: Senate trial witnesses would be good for America's @ChrisCuomo asks Sean Duffy why the GOP won't condemn Trump's personal attacks Former Republican lawmaker S…"When you're in office, you're supposed to be trying to be your best," says CNN's @ChrisCuomo, responding to former… GOP Rep. Sean Duffy defends President Trump's personal swipe at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "Republicans an… a trial be fair if it allows for no witnesses? For all the cries about what the Constitution demands, the reali…
Retweeted by Cuomo Prime Time"This administration took the extraordinary position, Nixon didn't take this position, Clinton didn't take this pos… Poll: The nation remains divided on impeachment as House vote approaches"It took me quite some time to get through all of the data, all of the testimony, and make a good choice," says Rep… Judiciary Committee releases report explaining impeachment charges
"This President's pull on his party seems to trump all. And the adherence to any oath, doesn't seem to matter other…> Was he Donald Trump's personal attorney? > A political operative? > An agent of the State Department? On a day w…"The President is a danger to our democracy. This is an ongoing crime. This is a crime in progress." @RepCicilline
Constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe, who consulted with the Democrats on drafting the articles of impeachment aga… GOP protected Barron Trump, why not Greta Thunberg? CNN's @ChrisCuomo calls out Republican lawmakers for th…"At this point impeachment is all but certain. ... But what is uncertain is what will this look like in the Senate.…