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CNN's @ChrisCuomo: The two most important words in life ... Thank You! town of Sturgis, South Dakota, is welcoming an expected crowd of 250,000 people for an annual motorcycle rally.…"If management decisions are being made to slow down the mail, impacting everyday citizens and their everyday busin… columnist Thomas Friedman says the President should break off "diplomatic relations" with Russia if there is in… Georgia student who posted photo of a crowded school hallway and called it "good and necessary trouble" is no lon… Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says she's encouraged by her mediation with the governor over Covid-19 restricti…'s @ChrisCuomo: "The only thing worse than this President's inaction is his active deception about the reality."…
CNN Films documentary "On the Trail: Inside the 2020 Primaries," shows you what it's really like to cover a preside…“All you can control is doing the next right thing.” CNN’s @ChrisCuomo shares life lessons he’s learned ahead of h…"There is no more fraud the way we're doing it than the conventional way of people having to go in place,” says Col… President's unpredictable behavior led advisers to hesitate to give him military options. @JimSciutto discusse… Gov. Mike DeWine announced on Thursday afternoon that he had tested positive for coronavirus, but said later o… Rep. Rodney Davis, who is the third congressman in a week to test positive for Covid-19, says his sympto… tests positive for Covid-19 antibodies after testing negative for the virus twice. "To me this is…"Obviously he has some deficiencies as well that have been brought on maybe by age, maybe by pressure," says Michig…"Hooked on phonics much?" @ChrisCuomo asks as Pres. Trump's makes a series of verbal blunders even while mocking ri…"Those are the rantings of someone shouting at the sky… hoping for spare change," says @chriscuomo as Pres. Trump q…
"If you don't learn pain management, you'll never appreciate the good that comes in life." As his 50th birthday ap…“Testing in America today is simply not working.” Dr. Rajiv Shah, president of the Rockefeller Foundation, says th… Bush, a progressive activist and veteran of the racial justice protest movement, says her victory over 20-year… Police Department apologizes after officers drew weapons on a Black mother and her four Black daughters in a… teacher who resigned after being forced to work at school while students go virtual says she made the heart… Trump rails against voting by mail unless it is in the Republican-led states of Florida and Arizona, argu…'s GOP Gov. DeWine outlines the multistate effort which would create the country's first coordinated testing st…"I am not going to stop calling out [Pres. Trump's] inaction, his lies, and his hypocrisy, because it's making us s…
“We are what we do, not what we say.” CNN’s @ChrisCuomo shares life lessons he’s learned ahead of his 50th birthda… Roger Marshall has won the Kansas GOP Senate primary, defeating the state's divisive former Secretary of State… repeatedly seeking to discredit mail-in voting, President Trump says Florida’s election system is “safe and s…“I give him credit for the First Step Act. But it’s time to see changes after the first step. The first step is not…“If it’s not safe to open now, start online,” says Dr. Ashish Jha about reopening schools. “Work really, really har…“Six months into this pandemic, the virus is not under control, despite the President’s claim.” CNN’s Erica Hill ha…"They have violated everybody's constitutional rights," says the co-owner of a NJ gym who was arrested after reopen…"They had zero cases in Spain yesterday... zero... we had 70,000," says former Ebola czar for the Obama Administrat…"It is what it is and more importantly [Pres. Trump] is who he is," says @ChrisCuomo. "They are not doing everythi…
“It is very important that you believe that life is good, even when it isn’t good.” CNN’s @ChrisCuomo shares life…'s Harry Enten tells @ChrisCuomo why some states with Covid-19 hotspots are now looking to be key battleground s…"That is not a stable person." Sen. Mazie Hirono talks to CNN's @ChrisCuomo about a controversial Trump administra… journalist Carl Bernstein: “We have to recognize that we have a national emergency unlike anything in our…"My parents are in a better place. They aren't suffering at all. They are probably up there partying, having fun."… US Attorney Preet Bharara says it's highly unlikely New York prosecutors' probe into Pres. Trump's businesse…"The idea that this may be an exercise in futility I think is becoming increasingly real to me," says…"If [Pres. Trump] had treated [Covid-19] the way he did the wall, with the same approach, we would not be where we…
"These people are playing with death and they ought to stop it. They ought to focus in on what is best for the Amer…"Jordan can fight, no question about it. But he's going to the mat for Trump, not for you." @ChrisCuomo grapples w…"I'm trying to nip this in the bud," says @GovWhitmer on Covid-19 in MI. "If we want to have any shot of getting o…"Mr. President, how do you find any peace knowing that you stood there and you didn't set those people straight?...…
Trump confidante Chris Ruddy defends the President's coronavirus response saying, "he's not a dictator, in terms of…"It's about the virus, stupid," says @tomfriedman, as Pres. Trump's political fortunes wane and coronavirus surges.…"It is no coincidence that [Pres. Trump's] unconstitutional, unethical, and almost impossible suggestion to move th…"Pay no mind to the President's 'delay the election' flash bangs to disorient you," says @ChrisCuomo as Pres. Trump…
Be on the lookout for this President spending less time hiding his racism as he becomes desperate for votes in Nove…"I'll tell you what's weak. Creating a false crisis and ignoring a real one," says @ChrisCuomo, on Pres. Trump's de… Louie Gohmert "was struck stupid by the virus apparently," says @chriscuomo. "He nonsensically blames the mask…"This is why they don't like you, Mr. President," says @chriscuomo on Pres. Trump's campaign trip. "Nobody wants to…
Democratic Sen. Cory Booker knocks AG Barr saying he represented a "deep erosion of our institutions" in his testim…"This is not how things are done in America," says Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler as federal agents continue to operate… Barr's "instinctive political fealty to this President was on full display" today, says @chriscuomo"This is the central concern that is stopping us from being where we need to be with the virus, says @chriscuomo.…
The president of the Austin Police Association, Kenneth Casaday, defends his statement in which he said an armed pr… eyewitness to the shooting of an armed protester at a Black Lives Matters march in Austin shares his account of…"We want sports. We don't need sports," says Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Costas as the MLB postpones three games a…"If you are waiting for Pres. Trump to use the federal government with all of its power and influence, do not, beca…
The Captain America star, @ChrisEvans, joins the show to talk about his non-partisan civic engagement project, whic…"We have to assume what's happening in Portland could happen here." Seattle's Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan says s…"Disneyland is open, Dollywood…grocery stores…airlines…corporate America is opening up… then we as parents feel lik… Zeke Emanuel says that in order for the government to convince Americans to take a potential coronavirus vaccin…
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says there's a "federal occupation" of his city, describing reports of "Orwellian" and "…'s mayor accuses Pres. Trump of using federal forces as "his own personal militia" to create chaos so he ca…"People are not being protected by [Pres.] Trump," says @ChrisCuomo. "They need protection from Trump when it comes…
A father who was infected by his 21-year old son is now recovering after nearly 20 days on the ventilator. His wif… consider donating to the GoFundMe set up for John and his family:
Retweeted by Cuomo Prime Time"Whats going on in Portland, what went on in Washington DC, that is not the kind of help we want," says New Mexico'…"This country is not going to get back on track unless there is a plan to reopen schools safely" says @ChrisCuomo
Real life 94-year-old, "Rosie the Riveter," who once built warplanes during World War II, is now tying that iconic… DHS deputy Sec. Ken Cuccinelli defends federal authorities' behavior protecting federal property in Portland…"I knew the beating was coming… I could sense it. They were out of control. They had no tactical plan… They just ca… Navy veteran says he was beaten and pepper sprayed by authorities while attending his first protest in Portland.…"It's almost like a science experiment. Pack the school full of kids, teachers and personnel and see where it goes,…"6 months, more than 141,000 deaths, almost 4 million cases later, and as half the states…fall backwards, [Pres.] T…
"Donald is a psychologically, deeply damaged, man," warns his niece, Mary, who is a psychologist. "Based on his upb… is Pres. Trump's niece seemingly the only one in the family speaking out? "It's because I'm not afraid of him,…“I think it's just an attack he hurls, predominantly at women. And honestly, I'm in very good company. I believe he…"I'm not entirely sure Donald's capable of being truly emotionally close with anybody," President Trump's niece, Ma…"Inside the family, was he known as the smart one," @ChrisCuomo asks Mary Trump of her uncle, Donald. "No," she sa… it comes to masks and coronavirus, Pres. Trump made a "huge mistake thats cost many, many... lives," says his… Trump's niece, Mary, says the President is following his father's example in "creating darkness." "We are in…"We opened faster than the data suggested we should. And then we had political leaders in our state, and obviously…"They used to say the Earth was flat, then, they got smarter and realized it was round, or do you not accept that e…
Doctor describes a grim situation in Hildago Couny, Texas where hospitals are hitting capacity, ambulances are forc… mayor of Athens-Clarke County in Georgia describes "some strange game of political twister" as Atlanta's mayor…"This is BS, what [Pres. Trump] is doing," says @ChrisCuomo on the President's "power play" to hide Covid-19 patien…"Will today be the last day that we wait before fighting back against this pandemic?" asks @ChrisCuomo. "After 13…
A 29-year-old woman has tested positive twice for Covid-19 as experts urge caution amid claims of reinfection.…"If you're looking for a culprit [for the increased spread of the virus] what seems to have happened is that when w…"On your dime, in the middle of a pandemic, they're selling beans!" says @ChrisCuomo, outraged over Pres. Trump's "…
Mother of four who recovered from the virus recounts her battle with lingering symptoms."What you see on camera is Orwellian doublespeak in the hands of a demagogue in the form of President Donald Trump…, San Diego schools plan to stay online-only when they begin next month. California's State Superintendent of P… "Trump promised to stop the carnage and yet every day he makes sure it continues," says @ChrisCuomo. "Now…
An offensive term like the "Redskins" would never even be considered as a name for a pro sports team today, says Na…