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4th grade ELA & Social Studies teacher, reader, Eleanor Roosevelt enthusiast, #nErDCampNJ organizer, #booktreker. 2018 NJ Non Public Teacher of the Year.

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We are getting close to the time of year when a summer reading list filled w/ all white authors emerges. The litera…
@WorldProfessor If you want to jump in with your 1619 Project session or any other lit related topic we’d be happy… teachers/librarians!! Authors @valerie_bolling, @lauriewallmark, and @CMwriter4kids are going to be talking ab…
So happy to be a part of this #nerdcampNJ panel with @CMwriter4kids and @lauriewallmark with @cupcake_savant modera…
Retweeted by Julia GuthrieThis is for a panel being recorded for @nErDCampNJ1, since we can’t take your questions live.
Retweeted by Julia GuthrieHey teachers/librarians!! Authors @valerie_bolling, @lauriewallmark, and @CMwriter4kids are going to be talking ab…’d like children to illustrate the book for me! I’ll be suggesting ideas for pictures as we go, but nobody shoul…
Retweeted by Julia Guthrie @mmdetrick @Kpteach5 Uhhhh sounds AWESOME!!! How are you making sure all your kids have access to books?? Do you ha… @Raff5K Awesome! It’s what I’m hoping my school does. I don’t want to send a message that reading is suspended over… @Kpteach5 Do you think they’ll still do it this year? Or are they concerned with equity? We are lucky to have a dig… are your schools doing about summer reading this year? Are you still sending out mandatory/suggested reading l… promote their June 2nd “Chasing Unicorns” In Conversation, @haleshannon and LeUyen Pham are giving away FIVE pie…
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Today, let's remember that the first Memorial Day celebration was held on May 1, 1865 by Black people in Charleston…
Retweeted by Julia GuthrieIn 1945, Jim Miller returned home from the war and did not speak about it. He folded up his service uniform, medals…
Retweeted by Julia GuthriePeople with food sensitivities, beware. Things are about to get way more complicated.
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Big hit in my class!! you hear!? Virtual #nerdcampnj is coming! Stay tuned for more info!
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I wanted the language to change & created #MorethanPeachProject—now a nat’l movement. So excited abt the launch of…
Retweeted by Julia Guthrie @Maire_from_NJ Am I crazy? Haven’t these existed for a long time at Lakeshore Learning? They’ve had People Colors f… the Race Riot of 1921, the basement of @holyfamilycath of the @DioceseofTulsa was used as a shelter for appr…
Retweeted by Julia Guthrie🎉🎉Friday Night Raffle#10🎉Follow author @Jess__Red & indie bookshop @DogEaredBookNY & RT by 6pm 5/23 for a chance to…
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Outdoor gatherings of up to 25 people now OK in New Jersey, Murphy says
Retweeted by Julia Guthrie @heisereads @caitteach He also says that we should be back in school now, minimizes COVID responses, and that he ha… week's #MeetWithAnExpert came courtesy of @GettysburgNMP who led my 4th graders through a  reflection on the c…
It's such a huge problem in American media that everything is treated like there's two equally sized disagreeing gr…
Retweeted by Julia GuthrieA thing we like to forget as Christians is that Jesus came for prisoners, too. He explicitly states it and literall… am partnering with a brilliant colleague to talk to families about the importance of play, especially now. We wil…
Retweeted by Julia GuthrieMe reading all of your #BOMBSHELLinCONCERT tweets. #SmashLives
Retweeted by Julia Guthrie @Kpteach5 @jane1343 Lol you’re using your day off to plans and I’m using it to fit in more conferences!!! Truly we… hits the nail in the head about why physical ARCs are so important. I hope publishers won’t start doing away…
Retweeted by Julia GuthriePlus, ARCs of #ownvoices books are so@important for convincing some departments to replace the dusty closet full of…
Retweeted by Julia GuthrieSo I just heard from an author that at least one bit publisher is eliminating physical ARCs in the next year. Let…
Retweeted by Julia GuthrieDistance learning is definitely the worst but I *did* just get to join one of my sweethearts for a bowl of cereal o… @Kpteach5 I gave myself the gift of stopping at 1 last night because I was exhausted, but set the alarm early so I… @katharinemcphee @saraparcesepe!!! We could have been #blessed! lol @Kpteach5 @SandraNWallace @CeCeLibrarian @ChrisTuttell #HiveMind
@SandraNWallace @Kpteach5 @CeCeLibrarian @ChrisTuttell I would say book trailers are always welcome! I know you men… one of my students came up with the idea to make their google profile picture the book they’re currently read…
As we celebrate the millions of Asian/Pacific American individuals and families that have made incredible contribut…
Retweeted by Julia Guthrie @Kpteach5 Yes but it took me till 1am. 😱 I had to go into my husband’s account, access the video from there, and th… Dae Kim on ‘Asian-Americans’: Ugly History, Relevant Again - #COVID19 #edchat #educolor
Retweeted by Julia GuthrieGood evening from my 12AM nervous breakdown as the animated battle map I need to splice into a screencastify lesson… RECOMMENDED: JULIE OF THE WOLVES. Please share with parents. #COVID19 #Homeschooling2020
Retweeted by Julia GuthrieLet's all do more of what @debreese does.
Retweeted by Julia GuthrieCulture Check: #31DaysIBPOC
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@jesskimwrites Vile. I am so sorry you and your poor children had to experience that. @Kateywrites Very curious to know. I find “live” whole group learning to not be very useful with my 4th graders. Li… twitter: what’s the youngest grade level you have heard attempting to do synchronous learning? As in, they… The rate of new cases at our long-term care facilities has decreased. We’ve been working hard toward this. W…
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@AppleMurphy22 @TheEllenShow The words were 100% the best part 💜 @kathyiwanicki @TheEllenShow Thanks, Kathy!! It was such a trip lol @olalibrary @TheEllenShow Thanks, Mary!!
School librarians that advocate for using Accelerated Reader: Stop.
Retweeted by Julia Guthrie @OroAnnM @TheEllenShow So cool!!! Lucky to have such a wonderful student (and writer, my goodness!!) in my life @bibliobeth @TheEllenShow Thanks! Lucky to have such a sweet student 💜 @engelworks @TheEllenShow Thank you so much! That means so much coming from you!Fantasy, lighthouse keeper, maritime adventure, & unique friendships--all in one book--can't wait to 'dive in' Than…
Retweeted by Julia Guthrie @MicheleCMueller @ChristineMonge @BarbInNebraska It’s so tough. Praying for you. I saw a kid who looked about 9 or… @lisahburns @TheEllenShow Thanks, Lisa!! Lucky to have this angel student in my life! 💜 @kpatterson_10 @MicheleCMueller @LaneWalker2 @ChristineMonge @jdferries @mocovington @Studyo Wow! Interesting!! And… @ChristineMonge @BarbInNebraska It’s really draining. I do back to back conferences with my kids during the week an… @BarbInNebraska We do something similar. Once a week the kids meet with an expert – museum guide, author, etc - to… still planning... will absolutely steak ideas here! My kids want to do a movie watch party together 💜 #catholicedchatGood morning #catholicedchat! Friend of 4th graders in NJ! 💜 @AJCattapan @TheEllenShow Thank you!!
My full piece on Medium: Pls read + share & together, let’s make some noise! Our voice is o…
Retweeted by Julia Guthrie @ShanaVWhite Problem: the real work of early education is play- children interacting, sharing, resolving arguments.… @ShanaVWhite Problem: if schools do staggered schedules, what are teachers with young kids supposed to do? We need… don’t want to jinx it, but I think this is the second night this week that I will be done lesson prepping and gra… @inclusionchick She rocks!! Her writing is a gift in and of itself! 💜 @gdonahue1811 That means a lot coming from you! 💜 @anniesilvestro @TheEllenShow Thanks!! 💜
Shucks!! @BarbInNebraska #TalentBorrowsGeniusSteals (from teachers in #CatholicEdChat) @Kpteach5 @TheEllenShow 💜 you so!! @BarbInNebraska You guys are why I’m any good at all!! 💜So a former student wrote into .@TheEllenShow to nominate me as a teacher who had gone above and beyond in her life… @Kpteach5 Love the chime!!! Lol. Thanks for updating me, maybe it’s something on my end @DianaMWrites @kidsbookbot @HornBook @ZachariahOHora @HMHKids We love this one at my house!!! @curiousreaderNJ hand… @NonPlyblCharctr The only correct take. He is a selfish, dream squishing machine and the friends are not much bette… are in to Day 2 of the Mote extension not working. I may not make it. Remember me as a peacemaker.
@NonPlyblCharctr I missed this tweet the first time around and now I need to know where you fall on the "who is the… Tubman NEVER said “I could have freed a thousand more slaves if only they knew they were enslaved”. Like ne…
Retweeted by Julia Guthrie @According2MattL @googledocs My kids have not had to add anything! @sarahalbee YES!!! You just made my week! Already planning how I can use this as a mentor text with my class lol!!Navajo Nation, home to roughly 170,000 people, now has more coronavirus cases per capita than any state in America.…
Retweeted by Julia Guthrie @Kpteach5 Oooooh thanks for the tip!!!Nooooo!!! Mote seems like its down and now I’m back to feedback taking forever to make!! @SangayMishra @NonPlyblCharctr literally what we were just saying about our family
@tenementmuseum Hey guys! Are you running this program again? I see registration is all filled up already. I love your work! 💜I've spend the past decade bemoaning the ways #RosaParks is taught in school & how it ignores her lifetime of activ…
Retweeted by Julia GuthrieThere was more #AsianAmerican history in the first 2 hours of #AsianAmPBS than I learned in my entire K-12 schoolin…
Retweeted by Julia GuthrieA major thank you to @fordstheatre for making history come alive for my students today! We had an absolute blast in… major thank you to @fordstheatreIf you missed the premiere of ASIAN AMERICANS last night, you can stream the first two episodes here for free! Don’…
Retweeted by Julia Guthrie“Angel Island has been called the Emmis Island of the west. Nothing could be farther from the true.” YES!Thank you,… sat down to watch Asian Americans on PBS only to discover Daniel Dae Kim is narrating and now I’m double psych… 7 days we have sold over 200 tickets! We are incredibly excited by the momentum and energy around the inaugural…
Retweeted by Julia Guthrie @ValeriaBrownEdu I know more about the family tree on the Chinese side of my family than any other and it’s solely…
Just in time for the premiere of #AsianAmericans tonight - this great @TIME piece by @andrewrchow #AsianAmPBS
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