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🧁 Andy Puth-Grey @cupcakeandy

Cupcake connoisseur 🧁. Horror movie fanatic 👻. Amateur medievalist 📜. Former YA/MG Editor 📖. Law student 📑. He/Him.

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y’all didn’t tell me that the old guard would make me cry @nemerevermore @PublishersWkly 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽with a fork, for scale boy you want water in 4K HD 120 FPS
Retweeted by 🧁 Andy Puth-Grey @BJHazzy cultural reset: I’m a writer Them: so you write? Me: ok let’s not get carried away
Retweeted by 🧁 Andy Puth-Grey @simoncurtis ❤️❤️❤️I just have regular depression. if I add a little umbrella will it be tropical? @KosokoJackson LOL @KosokoJackson ............what’ve you been doing this whole time? you live in the upper east side of america or do you live below 14th? @tracydeonn 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 @tracydeonn good? bad? @BrendonZatirka @_smromero @BrendonZatirka @_smromero @Caitlin_Renata LOL @Caitlin_Renata all via zoom, which is why I have to find the gin myself 🤣🤣🤣A book editor is a book’s first customer.
Retweeted by 🧁 Andy Puth-Grey @Caitlin_Renata It’s for a cocktail class, so would get mixed with several things! lol @Caitlin_Renata ooooo I love that name haha @_smromero @BrendonZatirka vodka martinis are trash, LET’S BE HONEST. @ericsmithrocks @KevinHearne someone else was just showing me the same one!!! I’m very intrigued @scarls17 @LisaMaxwellYA @Empress1908Gin !!!!!!! wow! that’s super cool actually @scarls17 @LisaMaxwellYA @Empress1908Gin I’m so intrigued! @KhristianSmith1 @SHEDDISTILLERY I think we’re making a citrus cocktail, so that’s perfect! (it’s for a zoom cocktail class lmao)let’s use cancel culture to cancel humanity once and for all @KhristianSmith1 @SHEDDISTILLERY Ooooo that sounds really interesting, flavor-wise!! @tlecaque @BrendonZatirka I like gin martinis, but this is actually for a cocktail class lol @BrendonZatirka I like gin martinis and that’s that @BrendonZatirka why not both? @JhorAsketills @MeredithIreland HMMMM. I feel like I preferred hendrick’s then! @BrendonZatirka why does everyone hate gin? lmao @MeredithIreland I’m basically trying to remember if I like Bombay or Hendrick’s more lmao @CourtGilfill I think Bombay sapphire is my usual, but I think once a bartender gave me Hendrick’s and it was good??? lol @Nia_Davenport LMAOWhat’s the best gin brand? @adanawashington Is this a good thing or a bad thing??? lolYou know, I think the issue is that the main villain was never especially scary and didn’t seem all that powerful,… truth in this thread hit hard still want justice for Breonna Taylor
Retweeted by 🧁 Andy Puth-Grey @KosokoJackson it’s ridiculous in many ways but there’s a very powerful psychic black girl and she’s saving the who… this movie isn’t good but I’m still enjoying it lol cuando no tengo a nadie para contarle lo que me pasa
Retweeted by 🧁 Andy Puth-Grey @Bibliogato @MeredithIreland is...a very silly movie tbh @MeredithIreland @MeredithIreland @gracetopia 🥺
This is me, but with chicken nuggets. Biles is only 23 and has already lost track of how many medals she's won (30) Legend 😂
Retweeted by 🧁 Andy Puth-Greygonna watch Doctor Sleep even though I probably won’t get the references lolWhen I say that Auggie Pfeiffer is “Simon Spier the Vampire Slayer,” what I mean is that there is a scene in THE FE…
Retweeted by 🧁 Andy Puth-GreyHad my first busy workday and I kind of loved it?????? @dr_dietzsche you must not have seen my other viral tweets lol @KevinTheWriter EXACTLY. @oobbybneil this is the update we needGoya’s hitting me harder than jkr @ryanhos @RobersonEmily Oh no, not offensive! It was just one of those situations where the meanings were different… @LisaMaxwellYA Somehow the best and also the cheapest, but now??????? 😔 @jenrofe @jenrofe The CEO (I believe?) supported T-rump earlier today with a whole speech and everything 😔 @KosokoJackson At the very least, it’s always super fun! so many brushes and cool ways to combine things. And the p… @KosokoJackson I practiced with everything! I just can’t draw lmao but I will say that if you’re interested in pho… @KosokoJackson tbh this is exactly what happened to me and I got that pencil and I can tell you first hand that tec… Goya thing is really upsetting because they have the best beans and now I can’t buy them anymore @LifeinFiction @evanescence 😙👌 @jamarperry the Trojan Horse were brought to my gates as a gift I'd be like first of all this is ugly
Retweeted by 🧁 Andy Puth-GreyWELL OK!!! who are actually “cancelled” don’t get their thoughts published and amplified in major outlets. This has be…
Retweeted by 🧁 Andy Puth-Grey @nemerevermore Louise’s new home is beautiful!!!! 🥺🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Retweeted by 🧁 Andy Puth-GreyNuance. Information. Emotion. Understanding the realities while accurately expressing the frustration.!!!!!!!!! @SAChakrabooks WOOOOO!!!!! congrats!!!DeGeneres vs. Page
“It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno.” What does this mean? Is DiGiorno as good as delivery? Better? Is delivery the… has been a staple of so many Latino households for generations. Now their CEO, Bob Unanue, is praising…
Retweeted by 🧁 Andy Puth-Grey @SyslogSnorkeler “unavailable” is right there, and YET... lolololol @an_insomniblack @MelissaLaurenE Oh yeah, i agree! it’s almost all ways playful for sure! (but if a fight did happe…👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 @groovy_hoovie LOL I haven’t heard that yet, but there are still lots of people in the office I haven’t talked to,… @an_insomniblack @MelissaLaurenE Yes, that’s what I’m referencing. Like, you’re out of line, aka I’m maybe about to fight you 🤣 @queerspecimen LOLOL @TatianaTMac This confused me during a conference call the other day @_jezebel_ LMAO @Scoo73r @wanderingrook 💀💀💀⬇️⬇️⬇️ @wellburrowed LMAOOOO @courtneymilan Sometimes petty is on the right side! @ShereenCook “Unavailable” meaning “unavailable” seems so much simpler than what my job has decided to do!! lolol @runwithskizzers a legacy @off2theraces I’d only heard it in reference to insurance (pay out of pocket) or being an instigator in a fight (acting out of pocket), lolJust replace references to “cancel” with “criticise” and the power dynamic becomes clear. “I can’t speak out now b…
Retweeted by 🧁 Andy Puth-Grey @NerdyPam Oooooo!!Tea from 1918 right here.
Retweeted by 🧁 Andy Puth-Greyalso, this isn’t me asking anyone to tell/show me how *I’m* wrong, or to ‘prove’ that my job is wrong, or whatever.…