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kate! ♡ @cupkatez she/her htx

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@alittlevictoria @iiiiJulia @emmyuh @numberonejawn i luv u sm :D @nnzoee SO HOT @alittlevictoria pick me choose me love meanyone wanna fall in love?
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@yoimdelta dont be sorry at all~ love u sssm and take care of urself ok? hope u start feeling better soon ❤️‍🩹 @dailycatlyn PLSS I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR Ucan i be ur discord kitten and meow for u?
Retweeted by kate! ♡ @KnownAsLit KnownAsValorent?? @catlyncrespo @gurshVE ya sry im spoken for . catlyn is the love of my life. @itskaiito ily sexy :33 @catlyncrespo SAYS YOU WHAT OMG @valkcy @ovwvou hiiii mommy
@ovwvou i luv u susu much baby :333 :D @healsl9t @orphicbunny aaaa ilyyyy @vkimmxo @GFuelEnergy prada u :33 @kellysama_ ur so talented my mouth is watering !!!!I baked my first cake for my cousin’s gender reveal 🥳 I remade the wholefoods chantilly cake without her knowing an…
Retweeted by kate! ♡ @ahad hehehe cool -wuts ur rank?? >.< *blushing af* @ahad btw i liked 🥺👉👈 are u gonna fb????????? 😅 @ahad omggg!!! ur new here ??~ ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა glad to meet u hehe ≧◡≦✌ *does a flip* @AmaiMaiOfficial ILY GORGEOUS @selvvr my pc cant handle roblox anymore cries @selvvr PLS DO @Caties_nyan ur the cutest :33 @petgirlfwen SAYS THE CUTEST IN THE UNIVERSE 🥺🥺❤️ @clayero_ UR SO PERFECT WHAT @sagemommy_69 i can rez u :333 @nnzoee U ARE SO STUNNING IT HURTS @Briszee says the cutest girl ever @emmyuh 🤭🤑 @bagelsq_ u are????? SO GOOD???????? @_honesty_ that is a whole child no thank u @yurasweb i want ur peg and urs only 💋 @Hantao @Obijai @notcrypticno BAHAHAHA @Obijai @notcrypticno acc 😵🫣rawr @lyssiu STOP THIS IS THE CUTEST THING IVE EVER SEEN @sarachashrimpp @florscnt ? @switchwastaken2 @S0undify IM DEAD @Obijai 😬 scary @kissubie HAHAHHAA maybe both are good >-< @RSolosW thats so awesome bro *reports u* @kiwiramune you have a boyfriend.......? 💔💔 @Saulsrevenge bro says who @S0undify how tall r uHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST GORGEOUS GIRL IN THE WORLD @AsteIic 11:11 MAKE A WISHidc im towering over the next man i date like a grenadier @S0undify oh.... *smirks* @Zedd @PlayVALORANT give him a new skin now @PlayVALORANT @SeemTV ur just closeminded @shannoncrespo pls marry me i LOVE YOU @catlyncrespo I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTEcalling someones music taste bad is literally fighting words . @jammyzx don’t test me… my demons r powerful asfuq 🤬 @uhstinn grant him what @zander_fps @BcJFPS bcj looking rather toasty fuego fire ☺️🔥😵‍💫😍 @BlushiMC happy belated ilysm !!!! @MadySmacks im a rly good at my discord moderation btw .. @jammyzx YOU DONT EVEN SEASON UR FOOD @alittlevictoria what about a kiss @privfabs THANK U OMG THEYRE SO CUTE @uhstinn u literall6 work a 9-5 don’t talk to me
:( is right
@laurenbfanpage3 thank you omgg 🥺🥺 this is so cool 💗💗I’ve tried some different styles. @cupkatez I hope you like this fan edits ☺️
Retweeted by kate! ♡my community best community 😋🤭❤️‍🩹BIGGEST THANK U to the ppl in stream who tried helping me w my pc problems last night i love y’all soso much i wish… @angeIgirlfrnd U ARE SO GORGEOUS @nnzoee HELLOOOOOO HEYYYY HIIII @luvncoke u look incredible take as many pics as u can ! @luvncoke UR EYES ARE SO BEAUTIFULhere is the hair
Retweeted by kate! ♡ @ashIeybtw U ARE LITERALLY SO HOT @sagemommy_69 i love YOU @777eeiu happy bday!!
@uhstinn it’s actually kinda small @numberonejawn i love u so so much join my roblox game les kizz @luvstruck wow hello @ywucki ur still the most adorable chaotic little human ive ever seen @karagii best anime ever @KhaleesiBB UR HAIR IS EVERYTHING @KhaleesiBB YOU ARE THE CUTEST WHAT OMGGG @issfanfan *comments on ur shoes* 🤭😋WE DID IT!!!! first partner stream tomorrow 🥹🎉
Retweeted by kate! ♡ @sagemommy_69 so proud of u mama ❤️ @OGRealCarl for real @MlDDY i need more tats now @sagemommy_69 @emmyuh @will1us @riotgames @PlayVALORANT thank god bc i think i would literally be too excited to ho… @threeFPS @emmyuh @will1us arent u literally cancelled for top fragging on reyna rn… don’t talking pls. @OGRealCarl @emmyuh @will1us @riotgames @PlayVALORANT sorry carl… 😔❤️‍🩹 @emmyuh @will1us @riotgames @PlayVALORANT can i have a second chance i promise not to shart this time @0Nor00 @emmyuh this is crazy!!! ur so talented !!whoa :o @JERMAlNE HALPP @lewnair says the hottest girl in the world @nawtaww mmmmmmmm mhm 😋 @mangosmxxthie @elonmusk Pls do something about this.