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@FrScrap @FrScrap you’re kidding right @ItsNotSeen I have a Clarke in D as well, much easier to play but the low whistle is so fun @ItsNotSeen Yes but not super well @ItsNotSeen Nice! My wife gave me a low d whistle for Christmas a few years ago and it’s lovely @FrNickOFMConv @TaylorSchroll wat now Taylor how will you recover @FrNickOFMConv @TaylorSchroll some chump without glasses @TaylorSchroll u tryin to say somethin TaylorHaven’t fought with @TaylorSchroll in awhile“Here’s the thing...” you wrote about racism for clicks, and didn’t bother to get the guy’s name right @FrMatthewLC @OSV yeah... not great 😬 @TeawithTolkien @OSV more than one person read this before they published @liftupthelowly @OSV is this real life or is this all just parody nowthat’s a bad look @OSV “A black seminarian shares an experience with racism and we should listen” OR “Let’s i…
@FrChaseg00dman Congratulations!! @FrScrap where’s the link @JeremyMcLellan who needs cheekbones when you've got face masks @JakeOfOnline but jake they make these already
Sometimes I let my kids watch TV so I can get work done, and that is OK @teaandleaf grubhub and the like are great, but they all charge more :( @teaandleaf we ordered Thai food tonight so @peternguyenn @AdGalliam F @thatpriestmike would watch @teaandleaf it’s like that with new ovens, something about the grease or whatever they use on the heating elementCarl vs Coral @FrScrap @LarryGoosetrain @kev_jg @JakeOfOnline back in the unlocked glory days @LarryGoosetrain @kev_jg @FrScrap @JakeOfOnline first one my wife convinced Fr. Anthony and me to go, he live tweeted it @FrScrap @JakeOfOnline yes but what an experience
@foresthempen W @FrScrap This podcast ain’t big enough for the two of you solid homilies are you writing me emails from the knights of columbus @EfficacyOfGrace I feel you. I’m trying to reconcile my desire for justice with the Lord’s mercy and it’s so hard
@Daniel_bearman time for this again can’t remember the last time my allergies were this bad @EfficacyOfGrace yes but it comes with an obligatory 'coffee' and 'Jesus' @teaandleaf that’s because it’s about the only time of year when it’s nice @teaandleaf I hear Pittsburgh is nice this time of year @teaandleaf I feel like Alex and I would get alongTruth, goodness, beauty > bad takes
Retweeted by Carl @PBMPublishing share a cookie or no cookie, easy
one piece is bigger? easy, eat part of it, no one can complainthe ability to break cookies perfectly in half for the kids, a true dad skill
@tweetmobb but it’s really funny @tweetmobb tweetster is dumb with YouTube links sometimes, you could copy paste of you are really inclinedI know that nobody actually clicks on YouTube links, but this is too good @teaandleaf hey me tooso I asked my wife for a lime in my drink @TeawithTolkien shoes
@thatpriestmike @ErinStuvek @thatpriestmike @ErinStuvek You’re just a lil bit French @ErinStuvek @ErinStuvek you are from Pittsburgh @ErinStuvek It’s not my fault you share your basic white girl nightmares with mewife, waking up from nap: I just had the most horrible dream me, concerned: about what honey? wife: I had to choo…
Quarantine day 72 @TeawithTolkien sad @TeawithTolkien get some pierogi, eat the feelingsdo you also have feelings? eat pierogithis tweet brought to you by pierogimaking pierogi because I have feelings“Baby Margaret has a face mask too”
@EndOfDaysWoman don't you knowledge shame megonna shove some knowledge in my brain @PappaSciarappa nick pears are great and so are you @jenhaseleu many people need to hear this, jen @kev_jg @JakeOfOnline beltalowda!
@catholic_love @FrNickOFMConv no this is Patrick @kgscanlon @FrNickOFMConv @canonlawyered @BeardedBlevins @wilfordbrimley1 kate how could you @TeawithTolkien A vote for Carl is a vote for Carl @StCthrin @FrNickOFMConv Melissa YES @kpmbyrnes @FrNickOFMConv @canonlawyered @BeardedBlevins @wilfordbrimley1 disqualified @Chaseg00dman @FrScrap @EndOfDaysWoman @BeardedBlevins @ForteCatholic @canonlawyered message me your face and I’ll make you one if you want @FrScrap @BeardedBlevins @ForteCatholic @canonlawyered A CHALLENGER APPEARS
@FrScrap didn't this happen not that long ago @GrillBoyCecil sir,, @Br0therBrother There is a clear winner here.
just ate some blueberries, it was nice @calix517 @Br0therBrother Wait he isn’t dead, Shia surprise!
@TaylorSchroll @TeawithTolkien a very nice fellow @TaylorSchroll Taylor good job @TaylorSchroll thinking about stress drinking nowThinking about stress eating @Vintage_Sister wait is he supposed to be his grandson?sabertooth sent wolverine and jean back into the past, now nobody can stand in his waysabertooth in the mental hospital, this is how he becomes wolverines nemesisdancing on a rooftop, cyclops is not gonna like thisthis movie is now Hitch and wolverine is Will Smithwhy are people not more concerned about the elevatorsOk where were weAlright we’re back
@EndOfDaysWoman whatchu tryin’ to say ribleyWife fell asleep, to be continued say casting Meg Ryan was an interesting choice for Jeanpretty sure Jake Peralta’s dad is actually Strykernope must be going for the slow revealIs this the part where wolverine discovers his powers by stopping a muggingYou know what Wolverine I didn’t know it but I’m upset about toast too