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@GManMac Congratulations! Great book. Well-deserved honour. @qfint Agree and we’re not going there. (Our Upanishad’s are enough to alert us on that score). But in case you’re… @MandarKagade @saliltripathi I suspect you’ve been reading too much of Prof Matthew Rabin. :-) @saliltripathi Well, I wouldn’t get too depressed over that. We have a functioning democracy where people routinely… be interesting to cover this with a map of civil wars in the continent, especially wherever “unity” and “freed…
Ah...the pleasure of war by other means...Whooooo!!!!Fascinating piece on cause and effect in sympathy. (The author refers to a “fatal flaw” in his original argument po…
@shashankjaitely @rahulsagar Thank you for your kind words. But that’s @rahulsagar you’re describing: I am a mere hack!Fascinating @rahulsagar essay on the BJP’s philosophy—“integral humanism”—and the hesitation to push for transforma…
Retweeted by Siddharth SinghBJP’s “philosophical commitments” and its ability to modernise India economically and militarily. @rahulsagar takes…
Leisure of the Theory Class blog is an excellent mix of economic theory and the real world. Sadly under appreciated… all those who say democracy in India is dying: thousands of protesting adivasis in Dantewada have managed to st…
One can figure plutocrats desiring bread and circuses—imparts stability in the lower deciles—as this piece by Mr Ni…
“As such, UBI proposals have all the hallmarks of the “bread and circuses” used by the Roman and Byzantine Empires…
One can always say that secular/religious ideas lead to different δ’s, inducing differentials in “suspension of dis… question is: how (and why) do different ideologies—secular (Maoism/LWE) and religious (its own variant of extre… wondered about the meaning of “revolutionary consciousness.” Hate to say but this is no different from a two… @Sabya_K In many countries politicians feel they should have some say in monetary policy. There’s a good reason to… @Ananth_Krishna_ Thanks Ananth. @Sabya_K I would not go that far. The emphasis on growth is for now. Let’s not forget the Indian economy has strong… Pack: @curbset and Amita Shah on the road ahead for #TeamModi,
Retweeted by Siddharth Singh“The RBI's approach is correct. There’s no point targeting inflation if growth is waning and the very thing you’re…,000 adivasis march to save a “sacred hill.” Another Niyamgiri Hills like situation, this time in Dantewada:“Modi’s recognition of the ‘cultural proletariat’ not only set the Congress back but introduced a fatal complicatio…
@tufailelif Yes. @tufailelif The author of the tweet says very clearly: the data is for political violence and not communal violence.Interesting. North India seems to be a low violence area during elections. The contested regions (West Bengal, many…
Fate of the British Constitution: 1) the inception of the Supreme Court was “a last-minute decision over a glass of…
“Some have come to believe that even a stone cannot be hurled at us”. It by no means implied that India could now d…
Will Narendra Modi lead India to “disunion”? On grim prognoses in Kapil Komireddi’s book and a very different reali…
@maitreesh And I used to think the two were related :-)Prof Deepak Lal on Modi and the alleged threat to democracy. Terms such claims as “maladroit.”
“The economy is operating on a slower and more difficult wicket now. The Prime Minister needs to know the true econ…
@saliltripathi D’accord. And it flows in both directions.Watching reactions to Modi’s re-election. Three categories. 1) Delirious joy 2) Stunned silence (temporary twitter… @thakurkehaath So here’s another story: some people with “money” in my village decided to by combine harvesters. Ev… @thakurkehaath That led to piecemeal reforms where any change was fully gamed by these people. Helped no one: not f… @thakurkehaath One reason why local market reforms (APMC dismantling etc) could not be done was because farmers had… @thakurkehaath Continue. Very interesting. Will add a story from my region after you finish.Either nationalism overwhelmed agricultural issues or the latter was not really an issue. My bet would be to ignore… the Gandhi dynasty enters its third, uncertain phase, a look at the reasons for disenchantment with this mode of…
@AjayVerghese There’s nothing wrong in having contrarian/unpopular views. Trouble begins when such opinion is disho… there be any in this assembly, any dear friend of Caesar's, to him I say, that Brutus' love to Caesar was no les…
Retweeted by Siddharth SinghSaffron wave in Assam: Ekal Vidyalayas helped BJP, RSS establish strong roots in Assam's tribal areas, tea estates
Retweeted by Siddharth Singh @bilalabaloch Look at the sequence Menderes-Demiral-Ozal, interspersed with military interventions. Each cycle weak… @bilalabaloch Have to push back on this Bilal: 1) the Turkey-India comparison not accurate re democracy. Turkey’s i… @karthiks C’mon Karthik, be gentle! :)“All our normal categories of political analysis and statistical jugglery come to nought when they are faced with N…
@shashankjaitely Actually it looks more like Kumbh Mela!As far as I can recall, the religion in question is of a pre-axial age variety :) @companyoutsider Paaji othe Mediterranean de ute toofaan aya hoya hai. Kuch taran tut gayian ne. Jor ke prabandh ka… @companyoutsider Na paaji na! Aaj taan rab vi prasann hai!One scholar just described the BJP to me as “West Indies pace attack of the 70s...formidable political unit.” Concur with his judgement. @pujamehra Here: @pujamehra A wave of showers in my area. @thakurkehaath It’s a wipeout for the Congress and RJD. Just look at Khushwaha.Raining in Delhi. Omen? @AbhijnanRej @pstanpolitics That’s not about to happen. That party really needs to think hard. @AbhijnanRej @pstanpolitics Which beats me: why UP was a low hanging fruit, ditto for Bihar. And look at the results there: wipeout @pstanpolitics It is also a question of alternatives. There were none. I don’t deny that Hindutva was a factor at p… at Rahul Gandhi’s two seats: he’s winning Wayanad by a gigantic margin but he’s also likely to lose his long h… @abhinigam2k3 I am not fighting my friend; just expressing my disappointment at some people from whom expected bett… straw man rage? I always believe in updating priors. But I am questioning the manner in which the updating was… @abhinigam2k3 Yes. To elaborate: all great political phenomena are mysterious at their core and this one is no different.Theory wins; empirics suck @karthiks Again: statistical skullduggery. Not the careful use of statistics to help understand these complex event… to go back to old fashioned, foot tramping journalism done honestly. Statistical skullduggery doesn’t work. @thakurkehaath Again very surprising! Who could’ve imagined. But you’re right, a bit early.Begusarai is still shaping up but there’s one moral of the story: India has a large heart and happily tolerates eve… @d_extrovert The cold fact is that country has expended too much political capital and myth making against India fo… @d_extrovert Arre Khan nahin yeh Gandhi hai! Imran nahin yeh aandhi hai! (Never heard more unadulterated nonsense)The one contest I am watching with interest is that in Barpeta, Assam. Kumar Deepak Das of Assam Gana Parishad is n… at the map of electoral trends in West Bengal. You can almost draw a straight line through it. Instead of inte… deserved. Arrogance in political matters is always fatal. days: just watch Kairana, Phulpur and Gorakhpur, the three constituencies that were considered markers for a “secular” revival.Here’s a piece by my colleague @Ullekh who was prescient in observing major political changes in West Bengal: (Ignore the question mark. Just for proper form)
@subhsara That’s one possibility and ideally the course to be followed. But I doubt if we will think along those lines.Decolonisation and all that is fine. But India should look at the consequences of returning these islands. What if… always, Manas da is bang on target: “...nationalism can be effectively used to divert the masses from economic i… @AbhijnanRej An against vote is advisable. Otherwise these islands will surely land in China’s hands. That will be some decolonisation!“Non-theocratic majoritarianism” and “electoral authoritarianism” are catchy expressions. Both are bereft of conten… @CafeEconomics @d_extrovert @Roshanjnu @pramit_b @Rajesh_views Well...umm a certain person in Mumbai who rarely visits Delhi.
@swarupdas That was more vivid for me. The entire episode reeked of complete disregard for any electoral laws/rules… @twtrajesh @venkateshababu More like all that is right has left the Left. (Just look at West Bengal where erstwhile… @d_extrovert @CafeEconomics @Roshanjnu @pramit_b @Rajesh_views I’ll get one. @d_extrovert @CafeEconomics @Roshanjnu @pramit_b @Rajesh_views Yikes! I’ll need a barrel not a bottle! 😂 @d_extrovert @CafeEconomics Friday onward, any time. @d_extrovert 👍 I have a bottle of Ardbeg that has remained unclaimed. We’ll partake it. Cc @CafeEconomics @d_extrovert And no government will: the ghosts of 1975 are always around and no government will go there. But ther… @d_extrovert This is a difficult terrain. No government in India tries to “persuade” the errant crowd of writers/jo… @d_extrovert That has always been the goal. In any case NYT/WaPo animus towards India is comic. Their ignorance abo… of my first political memories as a child were about ballot boxes being looted in a Bihar election. Voter ID c… entire class of people is complicit in the “tarnished election” claim. It does not matter for democracy, which i… should take place quickly (otherwise it helps parties like BJP). In that case shouldn’t there be “one nation… panic that a set of exit polls can unleash is something to behold.No evidence that EVMs have been tampered with. The fear of electoral defeat leading the opposition to make these ch…