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@snickeringsnack I don't think most people realize how actually negatively useful most of the land in the US is. Mo… fall for the idea that at any moment we cut our military budget that we will be immediately invaded, no you are… artist i find with a style i really like is closed!!!!! which is perfectly ok, i'm just very eager
Retweeted by 💛🤍Forrest💜🖤 @deerfruit It is very important to care and I think your feelings on it are goodI really miss seeing YarkWark's art on my timeline. @Psy_Doktor Your art is always so great!!Commish for @PrismaticBalthy !
Retweeted by 💛🤍Forrest💜🖤サムネ縦長解禁記念に全身描きました
Retweeted by 💛🤍Forrest💜🖤In a furniture store and i think I've reached peak grocery store alignment chart check out this idiot good to be biking again. Looking forward to losing all the pandemic weight I gained. 🚲Bugs AND trains AND it's a card game???? Literally everything i love???? @gaydragon1234 what will we do there @surlyujest idk what it is but something about em just comes across as *off* @gaydragon1234 wheeeeeVideo GamesIt's a cute Aggron!
Retweeted by 💛🤍Forrest💜🖤 @gaydragon1234 cute cuteギエナちゃんニギコロしたい
Retweeted by 💛🤍Forrest💜🖤Today's monster is Najarala, introduced in Monster Hunter 4 on the 3DS.
Retweeted by 💛🤍Forrest💜🖤I actually kinda wish my voice was even deeper than it is. @ARealCutie_ every year I learn for the first time again that we almost have the same birthday Happy Birthday! @snickeringsnack Yeah I think for like, lore reasons Valenwood and Black Marsh are basically impossible @snickeringsnack The mountainous coastline led me to believe it was either High Rock or Hammerfell. I would definit… years ago Bethesda showed us a video of Hammerfall's landscape with the words "The Elder Scrolls VI" floating abo… @LetsEatAWasp Dashlane has worked well for me, but it felt barely usable without paying for fact, if they didn't make the creation of the squirrel optional with a "you may," then Scurry Oak would softloc… many squirrels would you like? "All of them"
scorbunny x machinedramon ko-fi combomon commission
Retweeted by 💛🤍Forrest💜🖤Damn it starting to take forever to level in ESO. I'm at lvl 40, and the gear cap being at like lvl 50 (CP160) is s…'s sunday not today, in case it sounds like it's today) @ufetubus Hi Ryekoh, do you eat the leftover pizza cold or reheated? I like to eat it cold and people think I'm weirdthis is my birthday weekend and it's a very stressful one for me so please be nice to meI miss the bike route by where i used to live. It was very easy to just bike 7 Miles because there was no way to sh… stop using he/him when referring to methey're kinda messed up, but apparently I think they're messed up in the least offensive way possible? like they're… think my wisdom teeth have started to overstay their welcomei just applied to like six jobs im going to sleep foreveri played Commander at my lgs and i am filled with very very feel good emotions right now!! this is my first time se…
@bradnthings Dunno where it is because i barely have internet where I'm at, but I'm clearI understand the desire to pack goblin, but I'm asking anybody who plays magic to please do not buy Modern Horizons… @bradnthings It’s not necessarily “idiot” just more like clumsy goofball. @bradnthings Do you deny the claims set forwardif you, for whatever reason, feel second hand embarrassment from me expressing myself, that's a you problem, not a… every mild obsession I had as a kid, I can just freely express and experience as an adult because somethi… @Auxyranny oh dear @Auxyranny ok, I guess! just be careful and don't hurt anybody and remember to look both ways before crossing the street @Auxyranny Hmm, maybe you can destroy a little it, only some places though. @Auxyranny don't do that, please, I'm still using it, maybe another world? There's probably a few not being used @SyntaxAero @triplejy2k It was a very fun movie though! @KrivKobold Well, I can smooch and kiss this kobold all night 💙Whenever I get tipsy I just wanna flirt a bunch with cute gay friendsI feel like I see it a lot where a horror movie like, hangs up for a moment in the opening scenes to drag attention…*first ten minutes of horror movie* *zooms in on a sharp object, footage pauses, Patrick Warburton walks in front o… @BlueScaledSorc that's true! I am still a gay bug! A bug that is very gay! And very bug!Sorry to the moth club, but I do think that Mordecai is my main fursona now. I feel very very close to them emotion… about Fuzzy Fluffy Gay Bugs, kissingbeen playing pokemon with a randomizer
Retweeted by 💛🤍Forrest💜🖤We've determined that fruits are bugs because they have an exoskeleton instead of an inner skeleton @CuriousCryptid_ i gothcu
Retweeted by 💛🤍Forrest💜🖤it only occurred to me today how similar Mordecai's color design is to Eelektross @Azarian9 You will take my compliments!!
@Azarian9 you're cute @erakir These are all SO cute!! @3FG_Inc horrifying to watch your friend get swallowed by nothing or fall through the ground everything else can easily be done Shipless, save like 2 things which are a little hard, except this, whi… a spoiler. This thing orbits a planets equator at 200m/s, landing on any bit except the blue bit will instan… though I quit the stream earlier, I am highly committed to landing on the Orbital Probe Cannon without a ship… auth recommended it, it now shows up on my steam every single time I open it @amber_cxc honestly this is incredibly professional work. I used to read a ton of fantasy and I would spend so much… @Jeff_in_3D this video: @KeiAr_ this is like being handed a glass of water and you go to take a sip to find out it's just la croixi have a very high thirst to get more Mordecai art @IvalineKobold It accelerates you about 4m/s in the opposite direction when in open space. It's used for a few tric… @IvalineKobold You need to get the suit out of the ship, but other than that you can't drive it. You can easily bre… @IceFlinger You can get really lucky, probably, and land in the gravity lift on the probe cannon, but I tried for 3… Wilds Shipless isn't as interesting as I expected. There's like 3 mildly difficult things, and one of them is… Deep is now the only barrier i have to finishing this. There's one very very big thing that's very very very… is way harder than i expected and it's all because of Giants DeepThis is a horrible, horrible idea, but I'm doing Outer Wilds 100% shipless playthrough. @masakariplz @bradnthings masa you post "technically correct the best kind of correct" all the time @bradnthings this is the dumbest tier list ever, I hate you @bradnthings I see the Shaggy meme alone way more than I see all Tom & Jerry memes combined @bradnthings Did Tom & Jerry really have any cultural impact? There's like 2 memes that came out of it, and nothing… @KrivKobold @SyntaxAero I’d hope so because he needs a drivers license for that boat @SyntaxAero That’s ok I’m too busy shipping revali with myselfThere’s a cycle of animals that make great plague doctor designs, but there’s still untapped ones. You have the obv… can call TES games bad all you want, but what they did do is make the Argonians really, really hot, and for tha…
Retweeted by 💛🤍Forrest💜🖤 @Fluss_Vap should consider changing "et al." to "& besties"
Retweeted by 💛🤍Forrest💜🖤daedrat potion.
Retweeted by 💛🤍Forrest💜🖤 @MothMonarch I think it's cooler when each have a different design, but i also have been disappointed before that m… have labels taped onto them because this is actually the most common issue costumers run into They don't hit th… think what frustrates me about self checkout is probably half these people argue anybody can do my job while i ha…
@SpecterSaru Told a lady who tried to get me to scan all her stuff for her to use a register instead once and it felt so goodI'm losing it