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Sarah Clay @CurlyClay London, England

Winner : Best Social Media for a Community Pub 2019 Creative and innovative social media for the hospitality industry - Cheers!

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@Quercusmktg @VirtuosoAssist Euww. The idea....
When someone comments on your posts, don't just ignore them, don't even just ❤️ them. Reply! Find out how and why… @Expressen I loved her when I was growing up - she was a real inspiration! @debbiedooodah Yeay! That must be an amazing feeling lovely! xx
@eggwhisk Glad you like it Simon - thank you for the challenge! @BizPaul @cgritmon Hang on Paul - so you're blaming Brexit on Christine's crumbs? @Phil_Mershon @tonydoesads Very good point, thank you Phil! @BizPaul @VirtuosoAssist Phew! Cold mash is yeuch!A is for Algorithm – how do we beat it? The more time spent commenting, liking, sharing other people’s posts the m… @Quercusmktg @VirtuosoAssist Ooh now Kaye, that's a great snack! @VirtuosoAssist Is the mash cold too? @VirtuosoAssist @Quercusmktg Isn't it raw egg with advocaat or something? @VirtuosoAssist @Quercusmktg That's so cute Nicky! @Phil_Mershon @tonydoesads That makes it 10pm here in the UK. If I'm not tucked up in bed (or out having a social l… @BizPaul Ah yes! Why do you need cordless anyway? Is your house so big that the cables don't reach? @mahmood_reza WE NEED TO TALK MAHMOOD - SOON! THIS WEEK!
@Lollipop_Social My disastrous mince pies! @VirtuosoAssist Hey Nicky! How about #bestchristmassnack ? Mine is Christmas cake, what's yours? @mahmood_reza aaauuuggghhh only 54 days @HettyRackham Indeed! Here are the rest of them though Hetty...... (they still tasted good!) @Bizzy_Fizzy @BizPaul I'll embrace that Trevor! @Gini_L Anytime Ginny - but you'll notice I only showed 4 in the photo. Here are the others..... #kitchendisasters @BizPaul A dog?Christmas is here!!! @BizPaul We had one of those. Often seen waving her stick at cyclists who ignored the crossing. @Phil_Mershon @tonydoesads Phil, when will the regular slot be? Need to get it in my diary. See you there Tony! @Phil_Mershon Hey Phil! I love this idea! I'm tagging in @StonehamPress and @FuhsionMktg. They're the first two pe…
@ryanfoland Can’t get them to stay on! @HugosWorkshop @AndrewAndPete Tee hee! @NessyLearning That’s lovely! @Spiderworking My kids come home to actual supper and say ‘Not busy today mum?’ @B2the7 @AlohaAscension @ZalkaB @PRisUs @LauraOinAK @ryanfoland @StonehamPress @JoanaRSSousa @LDRBRND social media profile is your shop window. It’s vital that you get it right 1) Say what you do in one sentence!…
@totallyBeingMe @terrinakamura @SabrinaCadini @llake @ZalkaB @seanna68 @greatergoodgeek @AnaErleneNM @ThatGrrlTina @tonydoesads Well done ! 💜 @AndrewAndPete You should have said “well you’re unamateurish, ner ner na ner ner” @LisaDJenkins Ha! I couldn’t believe it when I found it. It was as if Mr GIPHY himself had been watching me. (I cha… your take away sushi and start scoffing before the train departs! to know how to get a table of 4 to yourself on a busy train?
@totallyBeingMe @terrinakamura @SabrinaCadini @llake @ZalkaB @seanna68 @greatergoodgeek @AnaErleneNM @ThatGrrlTina @MadalynSklar Great advice! @PortolaSky From small acorns great trees grow! (ie, there's hope for us all!) @janinecoombes Tea it is my lovely - keep an eye as I'm rolling these out over the month! @ShelleyGTweets Ooh, good one Shelley - give me a mo, I've had a lot of replies! @StonehamPress @Lmvsocial @IainGScott @beccasocial @marcio_delgado @_simplycreate_ @terezalitsa @hunginternet @ricasoli99 Thank you - seems I've set myself a pretty big challenge as the response has been - well - large! @BeSalestastic Never!! Give me a mo, trying to spread out my answers (I've had so many challenges!). @QuiCC_app Aww right back at ya! @CodyBreckenrid2 Thank you Cody. The answers will be rolled out over December! @JaggedMatt There's always one Matt, and it had to be you! I might have to use some creative license on this - bear with! @axeandcompass Ooh now, that's 3 letters. I'll struggle so might just have to use 'c'. I'll have a think! @davidhardingUK You are on David! Just sorting out my replies and I'll be back! @MadalynSklar @kfreberg @SabrinaCadini @alberMoire @darcydeleon @FuhsionMktg @s_narmadhaa @realDocHecht @AquilinaSocial @olesosocial Prosecco it is Stacey - bear with while I get my creative hat on! @Agorapulse @RheaFreeman @jefflebum @stripesocial_ @Social_Pip @Lmvsocial @helenmsocial @heyprestosocial've just been looking through the photos from last week's #SharingSocial - here's one of the more 'serious' snaps!…
Retweeted by Sarah Clay @HeartSocialUK Ooh go you lady! I'll put my thinking cap on! @marcio_delgado @ShareSocialLdn @IainGScott @beccasocial @Lmvsocial @StonehamPress @_simplycreate_ @terezalitsa @QuiCC_app @Lmvsocial @jenns_trends @Social_Pip @marcio_delgado @terezalitsa @ShareSocialLdn @StonehamPress"We've seen a massive return on investment with regards to what we've paid (Sarah) and what we've received back....…
@JemimaWillcox Good to do the ground work first isn’t it Jemima? @Instagram Please can someone explain why I haven’t got Instagram create yet? Nor music? I’m feeling very left out… @B2the7 @FuhsionMktg @sittingpretty61 @GrowMap @PegFitzpatrick @itstamaragt @Michelle__Roy @OwolabiLekan_ @B2the7 @sittingpretty61 @GrowMap @PegFitzpatrick @itstamaragt @Michelle__Roy @OwolabiLekan_ @MackeyLeah @eggwhisk Ooh that’s a good one Simon! I’ll get back to you! @olesosocial Thank you Rhianna - I’ll get my thinking hat on! @dknowlton1 What? Better than the 3am screaming?!Do you sell alcohol? Do you drink alcohol? I'm giving away social media tips - just for you! All the details are i…
@LDRBRND @JoanaRSSousa @B2the7 @sittingpretty61 @GrowMap @PegFitzpatrick @itstamaragt @Michelle__Roy @OwolabiLekan_ is how we were greeted by our pilates teacher, Jyoti Patel, this morning! I thought it was such a lovely greet… @thesmmhub @helenmsocial @stripesocial_ @jefflebum @Social_Pip @Lmvsocial @heyprestosocial @Tartan_Otter @meandorla @AnneMarieDoodle @espirian @anasebrahem @carbon_orange Don't do that - you deserve the praise Anne-Marie! @ShelleyGTweets Phew! Or should I say 'Dieu merci'? @B2the7 @napster @FuhsionMktg @sittingpretty61 @GrowMap @PegFitzpatrick @itstamaragt @Michelle__Roy @OwolabiLekan_ @B2the7 @MoninaW @All22Kittens @LDRBRND @napster @FuhsionMktg @sittingpretty61 @GrowMap @PegFitzpatrick @jencoleICT @ChrisStrub Hope you're all having fun and making the most of the holidays! @SachaLiddiard @RheaFreeman @jefflebum @stripesocial_ @Social_Pip @Lmvsocial @helenmsocial @heyprestosocial @s_narmadhaa @MadalynSklar @tonydoesads The family routine has changed a bit so hopefully I'll be on more again!This looks so much clearer than having one long thread. I’m looking forward to this. @MadalynSklar So you get threads within threads, like a very efficient filing system? I like it a lot! @CampbellContent @Agorapulse and @canva for me. Couldn’t be without them! @Spiderworking @christmasfm I think Christmasvtrer day is better than Christmas Day! @BeatzF1tness Wow! So much energy there!Honoured to be a chosen one Tracy! 7 Affordable Content Marketplace Platforms / #ContentTech #ContentMarketing #Content
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@ShelleyGTweets Do you have to speak in French Shelley? @RheaFreeman @jefflebum @stripesocial_ @Social_Pip @Lmvsocial @helenmsocial @heyprestosocial @Tartan_Otter @RachelExtance @anasebrahem @content10x Let alone all the merch you can buy - an extra revenue stream which last a lot longer than the film! @espirian @anasebrahem @carbon_orange @AnneMarieDoodle She was so brilliant wasn’t she John? Collating that informa… @dknowlton1 @AndreasPhotoUk Did his uncle Lloyd teach him that?
Such a great event. to selfie! Here's a throwback from earlier this year - July! Along with a quick reminder that our next meet-…
Retweeted by Sarah Clay @1OFFGINGER @HilaryTOnline @Dr_Black @WATC_girl @techpixiejoy @WATC_WeAreTech Oh my word! No man, in his right mind… @jefflebum @RheaFreeman @stripesocial_ @Social_Pip @Lmvsocial @helenmsocial @heyprestosocial @Tartan_Otter @HettyRackham Aww right back at you Hetty! Xx @s_narmadhaa @MadalynSklar @tonydoesads How are you? I haven’t been able to attend #twittersmarter for a while. @MattNavarra @ChrisStrub So, Chris, judging from this and @jencoleICT Instagram, Thanksgiving is just an excuse to go out and PARTAY!?