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Sarah Clay @CurlyClay London, England

Just launched my first online course 'Learn To Love LinkedIn'. More to follow 💜🧡

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@hellosocialLdn @muchmoresocial @LucysHall @digita1women @SarahScarfeMktg @KerryGCW @catchdesignsmgt Yes Anna - the scone is gone! @SarahScarfeMktg @LucysHall @digita1women @KerryGCW @catchdesignsmgt @muchmoresocial Nooo, scone as in gone! Cream first for sure! @KerryGCW @LucysHall @ShaheenRShah @digita1women @SarahScarfeMktg @catchdesignsmgt @muchmoresocial I knew we were f… @DevonlySocial @marketedlive @RobandKennedy @Lmvsocial @LucyMSocial @AndrewAndPete @amycaigerbiz @AssistantQtrs @FITsocialmedia_ Ah yes, they do grow up though! @themummytrainer @AmazonUK Oh my word! This is absolutely shocking. For heaven's sake @AmazonUK TAKE THIS DOWN. @blondepreneur @costawomen @TraceyTait_1 @MaryMacRory @sallypenni1 @sally_Therapist @CarolinePalmy @Colette_Reilly
How did I get an increase in views of over 7x on one post on LinkedIn ⁉️ 🤔 💜I asked a question! (LinkedIn lovelies…
@njbranding I guess I'll have to go back to online classes again. They're just not the same! @ummoreno Ah yes! When mine were little I used to cancel my membership for August - not a chance of getting there! @debbiedooodah I was Debbie - is that sad? @Roger_Edwards Not much physical contact with reformer pilates! We were almost waving to each other Roger! @KerryGCW Uh Oh! Good luck with that Kerry! @FITsocialmedia_ That's a good benchmark. It's tricky to go in August if you have young kids anyway isn't it Eimer? @VictoriaTaylUK Good that you're still keeping fit lovely! @njbranding Good question David! Got back to exercising at home I guess. @marcio_delgado I probably should Marcio but I was very impressed by the hygiene and social distancing. @theathwareing Glad to hear it lovely. Rest and look after yourself. xx
@thedigitalgal @Spiderworking Thank you @Spiderworking for inviting me to contribute. 💜 @theathwareing You didn’t need health issues as well. I hope you’re ok. Xx
No tricks, no silliness just me asking you if you want to receive my weekly round-up of LInkedIn and social media t…
I did it! I went to the gym for the first time in 4 months! Wow, it felt soooo good. Never going back to online cl…
Check out my latest article: How to use the Teammates​ function on LinkedIn to connect with your colleagues and bui… @LucysHall Aha! I had the same problem until I hired an amazing VA who took me down to 23! Frances Nwanodi - she's…
We kill time, we spend it, bide it, we lose it, we have all the time in the world. We’re always running out of it.…
How often have you been scrolling through your social media feed and you get annoyed by what you see? Don't let yo…
@Social_Pip 💜🧡✂️
What are the “do’s and don’ts” of #SocialListening? @DigitalThanaya #SharingSocial
Retweeted by Sarah Clay @kushaanshah @AndrewAndPete My response? @AndrewAndPete @EddieGarrison Yes I do Michelle. I check them out by looking at their profiles. If I don't like t… @danhollowaylive @AndrewAndPete How can anyone call themself a 'LinkedInguru' if they're teaching bad practice? May… @shruti12d @AndrewAndPete That's not good Shruti. Sorry to hear. I haven't found this. I monitor my connections veeery closely. 🧡 @Tweetinggoddess Is it as broad as you expected? @JuliaBramble Hi Julia! Sorry for the tardy reply. It's busy here at SCS! It seems people are embracing their new… respond to enquiries on social media! Great social listening tips from @DigitalThanaya at @ShareSocialLdn @JuliaBramble Consistency is key Julia! @cgritmon @shruti12d @MadalynSklar @MayKingTea @aiaddysonzhang @_MariaMarchewka @Spiderworking @JuliaEMcCoy @Roger_Edwards Looks amazing! @JuliaBramble I couldn’t agree more Julia! @debbiedooodah Kohlrabi. Love it. Grate it into your salad. @EddieGarrison @AndrewAndPete I hear this a lot Eddie. I find people who aren’t enjoying the platform usually aren’…
I know this is twitter but if you're also on Instagram, you may want to check out my latest blog:…
@blondepreneur @TraceyTait_1 @Lollipop_Social @sally_Therapist @MaryMacRory @JuliaBramble @perimenohub @CardozaGab Weird is ok though right! @LucysHall Scrolling through my notifications and so happy to read this Lucy. 🤗 Seems there are gremlins in my twitter feed today. @ChrisStrub @Charlie59029902 Awwww. X @Tweetinggoddess UK - I’d love to see your results Samantha! @EddieGarrison @AndrewAndPete Seems to me you’re hanging out with the wrong people on LinkedIn. The only comments I… @MayKingTea @LinkedInLady_ @BusyTweeters @irishhealthhour @BibiBaskin @ciarakellydoc @clelia_murphy @elemcsherry @JuliaBramble Yes! Social media should be a conversation, not a lecture!
Being the big fish in your pond is a good place to be. BUT have you ever thought of jumping into a bigger pond? Yes…
@garyvee @garyveetv I have tried it - it's pretty awesome!What day is it again? @Tweetinggoddess I do have a very good friend aged 48 who is a student Doctor! You can do this Samantha! @blondepreneur @TraceyTait_1 @Lollipop_Social @sally_Therapist @MaryMacRory @JuliaBramble @perimenohub @CardozaGab @heidiscrim Solicitor to Film production manager? A while ago now though.Ooh, Tinder is bringing in video. Wonder how you'll be able to swipe someone off the screen. #AskingForAFriend @DevonlySocial @RobandKennedy @BoostlyUK @VisitDevon @blondepreneur @FHChat @mumpreneursclub I'll really really try.... @helenbwalsh @Tweetinggoddess It should be banned. @Tweetinggoddess Hmmmm, airlines do that, I think (?). Apparently (?) they track your url so they know you‘be been… @michaelmiraflor @JulianGumbo I don’t find this at all. Maybe it’s time for a clean up of your contacts Michael? @muchmoresocial He’s got it! @debbiedooodah creating a new twitter account choose your handle wisely. Choose something which represents you but will be ap…
Retweeted by Sarah Clay @Social_Pip Ah yes. ‘Mum can you just...’. ‘Mum have you seen my...’. @debbiedooodah Long socks with my 3/4 length leggings. Thank goodness no one sees below the waistline! @debbiedooodah I do have fun at my desk -on my own! @JuliaBramble I know I interrupt sometimes but I get so excited!!! I’m working on it as have noticed it more on Zoom calls. @hellosocialLdn Words win every time!
That moment when you think you didn't hit 'record' ............. swiftly followed by the moment you realise you di…
I'm pretty sure my Dad would have questioned why we don't just comment on things rather than simply adding funny im… @JulianGumbo Yes! Law! What was I thinking? @LucysHall @ComputerWeekly @digita1women @Avviso_Media Well done and well deserved Lucy!!!!’
@NFitzPsychology I’ve lost all self respect when it comes to clothes. I even went to the shops in my tracky bots 🤦🏻‍♀️ @digita1women Def letting my hair down. The first appointment I could get with my hairdresser is August 6th! loved chatting to you Bernie! Thank you for having me on your show! @Roger_Edwards The idea of going to the pub before lunch seems a bit odd lockdown or not! Ill walk past later and h… @BizPaul Grandparents can’t hug their grandchildren but they’re allowed to go to the pub.
Quick, go to the pubs before we close them again! #RRate #SuperSaturday
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Just watched some great talks from @CreativeImpactC @CurlyClay & Elodie Giuge as part of @digita1women Skill Summit…
Retweeted by Sarah Clay @BizPaul I was hoping you would. @ZalkaB @annaruthus I think that echoes many experiences Zala. I’m good thank you. Doing lots of training and actua… @digita1women @we_are_queenbee @CreativeImpactC @LucysHall Such a lot of chat about this summit @LucysHall Well done! 👏👏LinkedIn Launches New Career Opportunities Hub to Assist Job Seekers via socialmedia2dayHave you ever been talking to someone and their mouth is half open before you've finished your sentence? They just… @B2the7 @SchellerAnna #Digital360Chat I second that. People who don’t use Twitter are always trashing it as a worth…
Retweeted by Sarah Clay @ZalkaB @annaruthus Yes! Good point Zala! How are you my lovely? Are you coping? 💜 @RobandKennedy @ZalkaB @Smita_DigiMarke @AlisonTeare @lyn_muthoni @muchmoresocial @JoFrancis_Biz @s_narmadhaa @B2the7 @ZalkaB @SchellerAnna @PRisUs @dshiao @johncloonan @writtenbyemilie @ryanfoland @winniesun @realDocHecht @luanwise Great blog Luan. Sign me up! 💜 @BizPaul @BizPaul For PM? @KerryGCW Love your new headline @KerryGCW 💜💜 @RaindropComms @Social_Pip Just checked you out on LinkedIn Amanda. Great job! 👏👏 @Social_Pip Not your main source of business then Pip?! 🤣 @FlutterbeeMe Thank you! 💜 @we_are_queenbee @CreativeImpactC @digita1women Thank you for the shout out! So many great talks right? I think yo… @espirian Hooray! Thank you John. 💜
When you get a recommendation like this about your LinkedIn talk, from someone on LinkedIn, your day is suddenly br… @digita1women I just learnt that when you start with Google ads, you have £75 in your account to play with! Thank… @Social_Pip Hey Pippa! I just checked your new headline out - it looks good! 👏👊🏼💯