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@SoftCustomer9 @RaimuBruh @TheVibingShizzy springtrap: @ConradStein6 there was
@f7_oggy no @f7_oggy yes @hakureistar456 @SB2749 me and other people on my discord used to shit on these type of people for so long so this makes me happy @that1turtleboi @ExTheMan @setting_bombs that is a no from me.$50,000 Pokemon Card: In 2017, the Pokemon Company's CEO gave some of his employees "Ishihara GX" cards at his 60t…
Retweeted by Curio Kujo @SB2749 very impressed that you were able to stand this app for 8 years or times were not that bad before @WavePrism_ you do cool stuff tho why @Colton_914 nowhat do you guys think of smash bros x pokemon cards how mario sunshine opened up with fludd rating mario's cock
Retweeted by Curio Kujo @SoftCustomer9 @AScrubForHire oh no what am i gonna do
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Retweeted by Curio Kujo @NoContextKlonoa 5 8 @graetgalaxy it's the first parody account i have ever saw and it was a good one, with the whole mcdonalds and all.… @HoodedEdge 9th place hmm @Roy1up_
@KrusperAnims this is a very faithful imitation of that art style @HoodedEdge @WeebabuuOVA 67 year olds after watching Top 10 Reasons Why MARIO is NOT a Hero!
Retweeted by Curio Kujo @GusBus6Volt is that render @ayojr99 holy fucking shitI found that the Raccoon Mario trophy from Super Smash Bros. Melee is a low-poly version of the Super Mario 64 prom…
Retweeted by Curio Kujo @MrSM57685016 my plush is all sold out @Damage5146 you should have more followers @Colton_914 @Christi72248384 yup @Colton_914 @Christi72248384 he also voiced mewtwo @Christi72248384 @Colton_914 also they are voiced by the same person anyways, dan green """"ice cream man"""" is yugi @Christi72248384 @Colton_914 i think you mean atem that's his actual name @Colton_914 that is fucking yugi @Colton_914 is that fucking yugi @Zak_The_Dragon uhhh idk actually lol
@Wario_Jojo it is @HoodedEdge you are very welcome, nevin frog emoji japanese letters @DiscordReturns happy birthday @amariomain @hakureistar456 mario @BoundaryBreak @Toad_Warrior221 @hakureistar456 for some reason spamming forward smash worksThe RC car operator is the only human Mario can capture in Super Mario Odyssey. Normally, he is only seen from behi…
Retweeted by Curio Kujo @Mevans2703 that's it im taking away your viewing my images rights @SCrafterKing @Roy1up_ yes @Viclis_ @SoftCustomer9 @AssBlues crying luigi image has a good ending @RobbyB3ll4s @TheLastDistress @KrusperAnims i don't have arms @RobbyB3ll4s @TheLastDistress @KrusperAnims DUDE WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!?!?!!?!?! @RobbyB3ll4s @TheLastDistress @KrusperAnims oh god oh fuck what do i do beep boop @TheLastDistress @KrusperAnims beep boop beep boop i am a robot @PikaSmashTV nevermind i take back about what i said about you having your eyes opened they will always be closed @PikaSmashTV thunderjolt L @PikaSmashTV literally every single person except you were against that opinion on discord that's your L @PikaSmashTV THAT TOO @PikaSmashTV bro you literally repeated "CURIO L" when i said gen 5 > gen 8 @PikaSmashTV then why did you keep calling gen 5 music and stuff trash compared to gen 8 @PikaSmashTV HOLY SHIT YOU FINALLY OPENED YOUR EYES FOR ONCE @PikaSmashTV okay but gen 5 is better @FizPriz_54 im happy you did :) @BreckinMathias i don't know how much of a hot take this is but i think pikachu might be busted @KrusperAnims god damn it krusp @KrusperAnims @crockyfanclub @IntroSpecktive he did in fact notice curio @hakureistar456 i actually think this looks betterThe Stache stat in the Mario & Luigi series represents the impressiveness of Mario and Luigi's mustaches, though th…
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@jacuimmarcal you are nice to me @dccteog he also replied to this tweet ;) @KSM_Tron it is a robot @SB2749 @KrusperAnims hooray we are both on the cool listEveryone except Waluigi holds the crayon at a 45-degree angle.
Retweeted by Curio Kujo @LiriLias man that looks just like their art @LiriLias wait is this actually redi's art or did you recreate it @DrQuack64 @Bowsarefriends salutePaper Mario Origami King Secret Final Boss
Retweeted by Curio Kujothis guy has my respect @SoftCustomer9 requiem can already do everything gold experience can do but with am additional power boost + return to 0 ability tho @SoftCustomer9 gold experience requiem is 0 right, @realsholm feet @Gamerroy4 actually all of that has already been decided and curio's stand is in my header, yoshi platinum. cool id… @graetgalaxy i am very proud of you @Nervatel @yopsai @HoodedEdge looks greatConcept art for the Skeleton Suit from the Art of Super Mario Odyssey book, detailing Mario's individual bones and…
Retweeted by Curio Kujosome people here somehow managed to start multiple arguments(and some thought i was trying to shit on banjo and rid… @ElevenZM
@nassenpai @deonSoNormal oh man i love this @Roy1up_ you are a cool friend to haveFanart for @CursedMario's sona
Retweeted by Curio Kujo @OneGoomba hey, not a bad drawing thank you :) @hiyashimeso you are very talentedthese two were some of the most requested characters in smash ever and now like 5 people play them wtf @2DXRAKKII :) @ZeldaUniverse 8Delfino Plaza - Super Mario Sunshine
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