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Interviews and discussions about horror short stories -- those delicious "cursed morsels." Hosted by writer and horror educator Eric Raglin (@ericraglin1992).

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@blacklionking73 Excited for Razorblade Tears!
@CoreyFarrenkopf @ericraglin1992 This story is fantastic, Corey! So glad you'll be in the anthology! @dustinjaywalker So glad to have you in the book, Dustin! Your story scared the hell out of me and also made me dee… @HightowerLaurel Yuuup, my friend's payment will be delayed, but we had a good laugh about it. 😂A dear friend of mine subbed to ProleSCARYet under a pen name and didn't tell me until after his piece got accepted… @LCvonHessen I feel ya there. Wish there were more weird fiction publishing opportunities. @BrennanLaFaro @shanehawkk It's a great collection! Hope you dig it. @HaileyPiperSays Haha, they are, but that's okay! I'm happy about it. @HaileyPiperSays Your story is a phenomenal one! Can't wait to share it with folks. @ilenegold Your story is fantastic, Ilene! So glad it'll be in the anthology. @horrorsong @TiffeBrown @BrennanLaFaro Absolutely love your story, Joanna. Folks better be prepared for this weird-… @HightowerLaurel So glad to have you in the anthology, Laurel! Your story is so wonderfully creepy and satisfying. @UptownHorror For me: 1 star - irredeemably bad, offensive 2 stars - a slog, unenjoyable 3 stars - enjoyable, might… Ali Seay (@AliSeay11) and I talked about her experience writing both horror and erotica, her approach to wri… @TiffeBrown Thank you, Tiffany! I think you'll love the anthology. So much variety and talent. @TiffeBrown @_MLopesdaSilva We've got some great folks in the TOC. @BrennanLaFaro Reread yours this morning and I'm so happy it'll be part of ProleSCARYet. Such a fun, "snappy" story, pun intended! 😊 @_MLopesdaSilva Your story freakin' rocks. Can't wait to share it with folks. So happy it's in the anthology! @TiffeBrown So glad your story is in the TOC! I absolutely love it. @RonaldKelly4 @PRMcDonough @Matt_Wildasin @pinheadspawn Just ordered Essential Sick Stuff from the local book store! @PRMcDonough @BrianKeene @ctrlaltcassie Sweet! I've been looking forward to the video versions of the episodes. So… @RonaldKelly4 @PRMcDonough @Matt_Wildasin @pinheadspawn Yes! I've been wanting to check this collection out for a w… out ProleSCARYet contracts TONIGHT! Expect to see some comradely writers announcing the good news. @Matt_Wildasin @PRMcDonough @RonaldKelly4 @pinheadspawn Thank you, Matt! Excited to read your collections. I added… @PRMcDonough @Matt_Wildasin @RonaldKelly4 @pinheadspawn Thank you, Patrick! @WesSouthard Thanks for comment, Wesley! I'm excited to check out your collection. Great cover!Hi folks, I still need to raise $586.85 so that I can afford a hotel room for StokerCon and the Ann Radcliffe Acade…
Retweeted by Cursed Morsels PodcastBlacktop Wasteland just keeps getting better. Really trying to savor this one. It's something special.
@meringutang @DivinationBlog @ImaginariumCS I haven't seen the movie in many years, and it probably wouldn't hold u… @HightowerLaurel @CMorganAuthor Thanks, y'all! I will for sure check out Christine's work. @horrorsong Thank you! I'll check out John's work. @DivinationBlog @ImaginariumCS @meringutang I have no stake in this at all, but is "BaDong" a Kung Pow reference? @serialsemantic Really enjoyed Door and excited for Mists and Megaliths! I'll send you a DM.Looking to book a writer with a splatterpunk novella or short story collection for Cursed Morsels. Could be a 2021… of the ProleSCARYet stories has some of the most gorgeous, hideous body horror I've read in a long time. Excite… @ArynHuck The history of Star Trek fanfiction is particularly fascinating. I love that folks used to physically mai… have a (positive) fanfiction hot take that I'm having trouble putting into words, but the gist is that fanfiction… @MichaelTCisco 100%! @PRMcDonough @sam_kolesnik @constantvoice Yeah, most often I'll post a request either the day before or day of. If… @PRMcDonough Damn, that is an amazing packed line-up! @farahrosesmith Ooh, yes! He's got a fabulous voice. @GordonBWhite I have a very specific voice when I read this quote in my head. What a bizarre one, haha. @WritesDraws Yes! Love his voice. @ScottJ_Moses @tjoneswriter @HightowerLaurel Yes! One of the most fascinating ways to think about it I've heard in a long time. @RVthebookslayer @manylittlewords Agreed! @BensNotWriting Either would be awesome! @SolomonForse Oh yeah! The ASMR community has so many people with hypnotic, wonderful voices. @sugarbombstim I'm with you on wanting a whole cast! @GordonBWhite I dig your voices!
Dream person to voice your audiobook, go! @AliSeay11 Absolutely! It was a ton of fun! @pbarb @J_Askew_Author Excited to read both this one and yours later today! Congrats, Patrick!My episode with @AliSeay11 is live! We talk about her experience writing both horror and erotica, her approach to w… @LeeAllenHoward @chriswood01 True, it could be rewarding to inflict a three-hour funeral playlist on my enemies, haha. @_MLopesdaSilva Yes! Love it! @constantvoice Thanks for coming on the show! It was a pleasure talking with you. @tjoneswriter @HightowerLaurel Thanks for sharing, Tyler! Crossroads is such a wonderful novella, and this conversa… @chriswood01 I wouldn't want to torture more people from beyond the grave with my taste, but yes, I have songs in mind, haha.Thoroughly enjoyed talking with Beverley Lee (@constantvoice) this morning! Thanks to the listeners who submitted q… @GordonBWhite My mind suddenly went to every Fraser episode ever released. @CharlesAMuir Very curious about that second one. Are there more stories with dumb masturbators than the ones in Slippery When Metastasized? @MykPilgrim Sometimes you just need that default name! @daniel_swensen Well said! @shanehawkk I'm with you on all fronts. I especially dislike when it feels like I'm reading an essay more than a story. @teachrobotslove Or wait, I think I read your response the other way around. Whoops! Either way, I agree with what you're saying. @teachrobotslove I dig this answer. It reminds me of writers who don't trust their readers to understand what's goi… describing Nicholas Cage's performance in Mandy, one of my favorite podcasters said, "Subtlety is for cowards."… @UndertowPubs That is absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to read the collection. @constantvoice Me too!Talking to Beverley Lee (@constantvoice) for Cursed Morsels today! Got a question for her? Reply here or send me a… @BrennanLaFaro @Gabino_Iglesias Ayyyyyy! So glad y'all got Brian on the show. I've missed hearing his voice ever si… @ScottJ_Moses Oh yeah! I love Boneyard Soup and have been thinking about subbing to the mag. Thanks, Scott! @OctoberpodVHS Oh, fantastic! Thank you. I'll send a DM your way shortly. I looked at your submission guidelines an… @tracy_reads79 Oooh, gotcha, one of those trees. Still, just let the tree get its stink on!Anyone know of a current submission call for eco-horror short stories? @tracy_reads79 Whaaaat, leave the ginkgo tree alone, y'all! @dustinjaywalker Have you read Lullabies for Suffering? It's an addition horror anthology that came out a while bac… @lunaticzephyr This is WAY up my alley! @jackdawmarc We must be on a similar wavelength because the last three(ish) stories I've written have all emphasize…'s a specific character type you return to over and over in your writing? For me, it's funny depressed people,…
@HightowerLaurel Tiny sounds like a great kid! @ScaryJASullivan @LukeofKondor @FearNoirPod @GhoulSquadFM Thank you again for the shoutout! I'm so glad you're enjoying the show.YES! @BrennanLaFaro Congrats, man! Glad to be in the TOC with you! @shanehawkk Gorgeous design! @ErikNess @WellReadBeard Getting some Uzumaki vibes, haha @ScaryJASullivan @gjkendall @LukeofKondor @FearNoirPod @GhoulSquadFM Thanks so much! I have a snow day today (I'm a… kind words from Kendall Reviews! Glad folks are enjoying the show. @gjkendall @ScaryJASullivan @LukeofKondor @FearNoirPod @GhoulSquadFM So glad you're enjoying the show! And excited… @VillimeyS Ooh, tuning in for this one! Curious to hear your thoughts! @CJSampera His short story collections are great. Not all stories land as well as Amigara Fault, but I'd recommend Shiver or Smashed. @BrennanLaFaro @WellReadBeard Bad puns always welcome. 😂 @EveHarmsWrites @WellReadBeard Oh my god, I'd forgotten about the Spock goatee. Can't decide if I love it or hate it. @RedLagoe @WellReadBeard 😂😂😂 @WellReadBeard You vanquished him.Also, WellReadBeard is a national treasure.Anyone know if there's a Booktuber called Well Read Mustache who's just the evil version of @WellReadBeard? @SammyTotep You'll dig it! It's so much fun. @caer_solace Uzimaki is his absolute best! Such an incredible book. @caer_solace There's only been one of his I wasn't a big fan of--No Longer Human. But other than that, I've loved everything he's put out.