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octave @curtofranklin memphis / ny

banished to the shadow realm, he/him

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@girlinabasement time to die @caulkthewagon let me know if you get it! and maybe like getting a yoga mat could help make it less noisy? @firmcans get it kj!!!!!! @punished_picnic welp!!!!!! @caulkthewagon uhmmm maybe a little? there is some jogging in place. i usually do mine around 6 pm and each session… @vrunt i see @Wario64 post them every other day or so @punished_picnic wghat @PiffWhiffle it really is @augustjsmith man all the core exercises wipe me out. but i must beat dragaux... @Sainthubbins ive done so many damn squats. wait til you get to wide squatsif you're thinking about giving Ring Fit a shot, go for it. been doing it almost every day for a month and this mig… @crulge keep it up tim, you're doin good stuffLISTENING TO THE STOOGES WITH MY SHIRT OFF + DRINKING CHOCOLATE MILK
Retweeted by octave @NickMillerMusic Well Nick, gotta say you beefed it yet again. @NickMillerMusic rest in peace.. @punished_picnic oh hell yeah @punished_picnic trying to get closer to DnD!!!using all of my mind power to make today end
The Trump Justice Dept. announced today that federal agents will be deployed in Memphis because of a "surge in viol…
Retweeted by octaveLebanon needs help. My cousin Rebecca has organized this gofundme. The goal is $1,000! Can we get it up off of zero…
Retweeted by octave @post_prufrock I am doing a STRAIGHT KING check-in. Showing support for one another...I need SIX STRAIGHT KINGS to… @goforkay1 damn you poddin??podcast where me and @eugewarrock try to explain to each other what Bebe’s Kids was @treswritesstuff it’s the ultimate twitter thing of somebody coming up after and abuser is outed like “I never liked them anyways” @LindseyDoesThis when i'm mayor... @calebandrew raising my hand here @rusty_shackles written with all the gravitas of an Ain't It Cool dvd reviewmultiple interspersed gifs buzzfeed-style is certainly a choice for a story about sexual misconduct🥺 @Slammy_P @jmrivera02 metal gear roast beef @jasonofalltime Whatever you’re the man in black @kenlowery in therapy about abuse we used to talk about how one day you’ll wake up and won’t even have to think abo…
@googleymoogley thanks just send it to me @mikalkhill time to go park at tha old lot @Yelix gonna gather my foot in your ass“The beautiful game” aka magic the gatheringthis you? @karenbrannwhite absolutely! Darth Karen @KrystiPryde lmao
Retweeted by octave @TheJewishDream @jason1749 lmao @KrystiPryde @Yelix big fan @punished_picnic @googleymoogley do NOT get my ass @Yelix he needs a padawan braidyes
Retweeted by octave @calebandrew damn you righti think when Mr Freeze fought batman he should've said "I'm going to CHILL you" @theshenom i died at the end of that vid @dilk_meth 👨‍🦳 @laurenmoran i was gonna say you or @KrystiPryde @Essa_Dee lol yeswho's my rival @Slammy_P if you do I’ll add you on mine @Yelix what in the absolute...Meme brought to you by booty shorts gang
Retweeted by octavewe finally got all 4 cards Tlaib just won her primary.
Retweeted by octaveStarted a letterboxd to catalogue my favorite Mexican horror movies along with other movies as well, im sure.
Retweeted by octave @franzferdinand2 2009 wow... a different boy.. becoming a man.. much like..
@eugewarrock lmaoooo @Rawnzilla 😧 @googleymoogley good @jasonofalltime I’m gonna Tenet you!!!!would you pay $50 to stream Tenet opening weekend @bbburgerrr cmon @HammerFist3 ga @KrystiPryde @jayackley i've never read those and i've been reading a lot more about his life and contemporaries lately, so it's…
Retweeted by octave @jayackley i gotta rereadi read the Illuminatus! trilogy when i was like 16 and absolutely didn't understand anything about it but it definitely broke me forever @rusty_shackles Italian Venom @gavinguidry the tourist is also kitted out in thousands of dollars of high end hiking gear and went in to argue about 2 US dollarsall the time you see western tourists playing these games in poorer countries, arguing over pennies because it's al… @laurenmoran YUP @HammerFist3 gmSome dude refused to wear a mask & fired an AK47 at police?
Retweeted by octave @horselythighs @moongrudge the fu... @alexqarbuckle I thought this said Brian Realms and I was like what a sick name @aveyclub night trap passes @moongrudge @Sir__Duque i'm "the 'john leguizamo's the pest' homeboy" @alexqarbuckle P3rry m4son
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@alecrobbins @cakemittens five by five @punished_picnic oh eye said it @punished_picnic eye eye matey! job is private eye @DylanRoth @AutoAmes @NickMillerMusic @Rawnzilla trying to delete it says I’m “rate limited” @Rawnzilla only one worthy of the name I saychecking the tracking number on my MangaI’m selling this turquoise Nintendo Switch Lite with Animal Crossing installed. It has a screen protector and comes…
Retweeted by octave @NickMillerMusic @Yelix again @holly_sayshello lmao @post_prufrock gotta get spongebob some boxer briefswhy does this picture resonate with me so much. why do i FEEL this @bigredrobot but will you change your name to James Cordylen @AGoldmund yeah on purpose alex!!! i didnt want to spell it all the way out