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octave @curtofranklin New York, NY

banished to the shadow realm, he/him

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@online_shawn shawn ❤️ @Koltreg no!!!!!The fears, tears, and Rattata used Leers continue as @curtofranklin and I discuss a (dug)trio of spooky Pokémon tal…
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New Are You Afraid of the After Dark! @aveyclub and @curtofranklin are back to talk about the romhacks of your nigh…
Retweeted by octavethe high score for me on buckwild /r/relationships posts absolutely has to be “my husband left me and the babies to…
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@AQueenoftheRing @bettyfelon @gibsoncomics 😂😂🤣🤣 @thechrishaley the only thing im good atputting more effort into my fantasy basketball image and name (Rajon Rondo of Blood) than i will into paying attent… @alecrobbins @Yelix I'm single 😛 @alecrobbins @Yelix This is Curt's wife. he died tweeting this. @alecrobbins @Yelix i could power my whole car with the GAS i get from you two BLOWHARDS @meowiewowwie is my sexy Minion sweater machine washable? banana @Jay_Fury_ Wilds is still one of my favorite games of the year @caulkthewagon @alexnpress will forever be funny that the guys first name is Rand @amorygatsby you are the sun king!!!! @gokunaruto3000 alright I typod this twice I’m not deleting again @gokunaruto3000 not like I’m surprised but it’s clear nobody mad about it has any idea what the honk kong protests are about @amorygatsby 👑 @HammerFist3 national farmers day isn’t for another 8 acres... @Sir__Duque something about the cadence of Uncle Baby Billy
@thechrishaley objection your honor, this was in fact cool as hell of me @punished_picnic always keep one cancellation in the chamber for yourself my friend.. @thechrishaley what’s exhibit Asome people i just always seem to catch their instagram stories as soon as they post them and i promise im not a weirdoNancy by Olivia Jaimes 10.12.19
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Retweeted by octaveSeinfeld was such a great show.
Retweeted by octave @krneely garp @krneely wait who said the part in quotes. you or the server or gary @peteredmiston went for a ride on this tweet @alecrobbins @cakemittens do NOT mug in my mentions @alecrobbins @cakemittens regular Abbott and Costello over here!!!!!insane that this isn't a catch @alecrobbins @moongrudge @random_tourist let me tell you a story about a baby and a butthole... @LeaveMeAloneMom @cakemittens ooooh nice @cakemittens somebody should make ithas anybody ever done a picture of Cam'Ron with a hat and it says 'cam'ron' and then one without a hat and it says 'cam'roff' @GraceSpelman when the poo poo comes out >>>> @aanand I’ll never forget where I was when I read it @kenlowery you rock a henley my friend @NotUrplePingo you remind me of the joker movie actually urple. you're a piece of shit!!! @aanand @CoachBigNate nno @CoachBigNate take the K off and say it out loud...
Retweeted by octave @HammerFist3 this image is banned in Chinaremake Gremlins exactly except its minions @uzionmain it feels like it came out 10 years ago we’ve talked about it so much @tomtificate pleasemy runnin crew @RamonVillalobos You definitely a Snyder cut guy @RamonVillalobos ramon i stgjust thinking about tony Allen @alecrobbins is this canon[science documentary narrator voice] The sun is, quite simply, bullshit
Retweeted by octave @cakemittens @alecrobbins i was lucky to be around alec, legit a real deal creative smartie and somebody that'll be… @thechrishaley @JoeTipz trust me. you'd like it. i know you @alecrobbins i wanna see em all @alecrobbins Saturday Nut Live @KangSwanky anna hive gotta know how the car situation turned out @vcav then what do you do with it when you're done. puzzle craigslist @calamityjon not really a villain but i always thought the punisher was basically batman's nemesis @JoeTipz @thechrishaley yall gotta watch Rebels
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@NickMillerMusic One of the most incredible power moves I’ve ever seen.. don’t fave the original tweet.. reply... Retweet your reply @NickMillerMusic Did you just... @cakemittens we’ll allow it @moongrudge Yayyy!!!me in In The Tall Grass: uhhh let’s just cut the grass @elliot_boyette @thechrishaley if it’s not real I don’t know what we all did in each other’s faces constantly @EricaFails The Bell WitchDespacheeto @kathbarbadoro “The Yale plates” with a long A @alecrobbins some teens do it at will on purpose @alecrobbins it is. thank you for apologizingdo teens still gleekThis is the essay I wrote about my panic disorder back in the spring:
Retweeted by octave @alecrobbins Fozzy the Dekkar of wrestling
Retweeted by octave @punished_picnic but i'm still canceled sad to say..i didn't think about my mental health for like 30 years, and i think it's why some days i walk around feeling like… @CoachBigNate howdy @JoeTipz we both are bro @gavinguidry i've written my own tombstone @kenlowery one time i went in with my dad to buy a car. we sat there while the guy kind of ran us around on package… @HaleyElaines oh man where y'all picked me up in the chair @Hegelbon trevor you sly dog.. @HaleyElaines lmao what the fuck even was thisyou can tell i'm goin through it because i change my profile pic every dayThe purge has to stop!!!!!!!!! 😤 i t.hink it's obvious why..... 🙄 it's dangerous!!!!!!! Hello!!!!!!!!! I think we c…
Retweeted by octavestill thinking about gandalf got jukes
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Retweeted by octave @pasta_ben Lol thank you Ben!!!
This is the most bonkers collectors' edition of any book I've ever seen: Stoker's DRACULA as a briefcase full of th…
Retweeted by octave @TrevorLess trev please stop vaping @alecrobbins where do i get that virus. so i know not to get it @humblegarbo im fixin to do it with you and ravage 2099 @NickMillerMusic @hellyeahbabies all you guys in the stu together.. magic @dollbunyan @pattymo this one made me check the toilet before i used it for 10 years