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I'm Sundown, I like video games and art! 🌸 I draw and retweet stuff, I'm just here 🌸 💙Happily married to @jrcmxtm💙 🌷Art Twitter: @CurvishSun_Art🌷

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thanks to tireless activists, they’re defunding the police in Seattle if the resources ar…
Retweeted by Sundown↓This is what looting actually looks like
Retweeted by Sundown↓Transparent hat 🌸🌿✨ (2018)
Retweeted by Sundown↓Everything we were taught in school about this country was meticulously selected bullshit propaganda. If you disagree, it worked on you.
Retweeted by Sundown↓Yep. This.
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Retweeted by Sundown↓ @ZerudaArt @AristoMuseThis is what trauma bonding is btw lol it's not ”bonding with someone over common trauma”. it's bonding with someon…
Retweeted by Sundown↓ily commenters
Retweeted by Sundown↓Posting this so we can see the faces of the murders who will be freely walking the streets amongst us
Retweeted by Sundown↓he killed a woman sleeping in her home.
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Retweeted by Sundown↓ @JRcmxtm ACCURATEGreat thread on mental health resources for all.
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Retweeted by Sundown↓moots + non/moots, if you don't have the financial means to donate to blm, here's a thread of videos to stream ! th…
Retweeted by Sundown↓If you’re arrested for protesting the killing of Breonna Taylor, your bail bond will be set at $1,000,000. If you k…
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“💫2020 Art⚡”
Retweeted by Sundown↓Clone High JFK but he's wearing this @peachyflan ASDKFKGKG HKJ @peachyflan UR WELCOME HAHA ITS REALLY A MOOD @Dynamo_Gear You did him justice with a dummy thicc ass @JRcmxtm can you confirm sirthe Sunny experience @FallGuysGame as excited as I am for Fall Guys season 2 I conjured this little guy up yesterday and now I can't…
Retweeted by Sundown↓Animal crossing but these are your villagers
Retweeted by Sundown↓ @Dynamo_Gear This is SO cursedI've been making stuff out of pipe cleaners since i was 7 but I don't know what unholy beast possessed me to create…
Retweeted by Sundown↓The police would rather arrest dozens of protestors, implement methods to discourage protesting, and pay out millio…
Retweeted by Sundown↓We have a system of criminal justice that would rather arrest every protester and every person who dares cry out fo…
Retweeted by Sundown↓ @AAPolicyForum @MoveOn SHE SHOULD BE ALIVE TODAY #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor #BreonnaTaylor #BreonnaTaylorWasMurdered
Retweeted by Sundown↓Today, after six months of fierce outrage, peaceful protests, and more killings by the Louisville Metropolitan Poli…
Retweeted by Sundown↓Wanton endangerment?!? The broken/ flawed system preserves itself yet again 🤬
Retweeted by Sundown↓ひとりに、しないで
Retweeted by Sundown↓Dracula in the Carsket Mach 666 It's a DEAD heat!
Retweeted by Sundown↓#amongus #amongusart
Retweeted by Sundown↓wow it's been a rough year.....i couldn't even get together with my friends on my birthday. 😭😭😭 BUT! they made time…
Retweeted by Sundown↓get closer
Retweeted by Sundown↓always has been
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@bobhobobstudios NO FUCKING WAYInfinite loop of the island entrance + rock halo. I stitched about 8-9 photos for this wide angle shot, please enjo…
Retweeted by Sundown↓Did you know my second favorite color AND flavor is Grape Purple?
Retweeted by Sundown↓It is time.
Retweeted by Sundown↓Reject Embrace modernity tradition
Retweeted by Sundown↓ @bobhobobstudios You've so got this man I believe in you 🙌 @bobhobobstudios PROUD OF YOU, THIS SHIT IS SO HARD TO WIN @peachyflan FUCK I LOVE THIS I feel like this really captures the feeling of coming home and snuggling in some bla… night 🐙🌙✨ #Splatoon2 #スプラトゥーン2
Retweeted by Sundown↓its called compromise
Retweeted by Sundown↓理想は穢させはしない(アシュフェリ/fe)
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the black lives matter movement was treated like a trend and people are forgetting about it. here is a thread of p…
Retweeted by Sundown↓ @ApeMiIk HE IS RISENMy first dtiys! This draw this in your style is hosted by @moonbunny_art, featuring her witch OC 🌙
Retweeted by Sundown↓ @ApeMiIk Primordial soupThrow leaf so ape relax...see you next time ape 🐵💖 calling your busy friends fake we aren’t 16 anymore people have responsibilities
Retweeted by Sundown↓y’all aesthetic home screens mad cute. i don’t have the energy for allat but good for y’all!
Retweeted by Sundown↓20th of Horsebow Moon means it's Byleth's birthday!🎉🎂 May all your Tea Times be perfect! 🥰
Retweeted by Sundown↓ @rubberhoseroach Good ass taste right here @Omegalicious_ ITS SO WELL DONE I WOULDN'T HAVE BELIEVED THAT Seriously well done, the comedic timing is perfect a… KNEW YOU COULDN'T TRUST WISP #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #AmongUs
Retweeted by Sundown↓ @Omegalicious_ THIS IS SUCH A GOOD EDIT WTF ABNDJDJFJF🖼
Retweeted by Sundown↓Ankha moved in and she’s already making fun of me 😭💕👑
Retweeted by Sundown↓Never stop fighting. Sometimes that fight is just getting through the day or being happy. And that's ok. You're doing great. ❤ @keeksful would u do in this situation
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Retweeted by Sundown↓ @keeksful Not watching trash anime is self care, I'm proud of you
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Retweeted by Sundown↓Everyone go home this one is the best we'll ever get I'm in deep... #fruitsbasket
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Retweeted by Sundown↓all you have is your silence #fe3h #fireemblemthreehouses
Retweeted by Sundown↓Happy birthday to my main in Super Smash Bros
Retweeted by Sundown↓hey #drawingwhileblack, I'm Biji! I'm a Black&Japanese illustrator in Portland, OR. I dig drawing original characte…
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Retweeted by Sundown↓having 𝕗 𝕖 𝕖 𝕝 𝕚 𝕟 𝕘 𝕤 (just some recent vent art. trying to get back into doing personal work, but it's hard to fi…
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Retweeted by Sundown↓SOMEBODY HELP HIM
Retweeted by Sundown↓when ur ACNL villagers would come into ur house unannounced
Retweeted by Sundown↓The Rock is insane. #ripgates
Retweeted by Sundown↓ @peachyflan HMM NO I'm just making sure they are doing their one else uh, eats them or something 😳🍴 @peachyflan NOM @nanadouken I've still never played/finished a Sonic game, so you're already ahead! xD I hope you enjoyed it! 😄This is "Longcat" from the internet memes. I actually looked up this kitty just a few days ago and was happy to fin…
Retweeted by Sundown↓We aren’t 46 days away from the election. People have already started voting. We’re in the election.
Retweeted by Sundown↓How does Nintendo manage to make Mario look so cool? He's a dude with a hat and overalls but he's cool somehow. I…
Retweeted by Sundown↓tumblr crowd seemed to like this one #AmongUs
Retweeted by Sundown↓When you look at someone you used to love and feel nothing
Retweeted by Sundown↓ding
Retweeted by Sundown↓Pope Francis told a group of parents of LGBT children that "God loves your children as they are" and "the church lo…
Retweeted by Sundown↓someone: *compliments me* me:
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