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🌷Art Twitter: @CurvishSun_Art🌷 Ko-fi: || 💙Happily married to @jrcmxtm💙 I'm Sundown, I draw and retweet stuff I like!

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Here’s the greatest tiktok I’ll ever make.
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Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓#AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #DoomEternal
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓2019 full showreel
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓ @fishounen My ace ass is satisfied thank u 💜🖤💜#AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #DoomEternal
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓The commentary I'm dyinggg 😂
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓ @whitebathrobe I love Dedue too 🥺🥺🥺💖💖💖My brother (1/3)
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓ @newme2020newme @peachyflan 🥺🥺🥺 @bipantrashcan HAHAHHA @JRcmxtm Pure bruhmentium @xeno_odysseyjae Idk but I'll join you my dude 😤👊 @gaettuce CRIEESSS TYYYYY 😭 I had to put it on my little cart I wheel around, and when I went to help a patient and…
get your girlfriend what she REALLY wants for Valentine’s Day give her a BLÅHAJ shark from IKEA
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓🍫💕💝 #DokiDokiLiteratureClub #DDLC
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓Here’s my Valentine’s Day gift to you all! Amour gives her best wishes on this day~ #ValentinesDay
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓#ValentinesDay #LegendofZelda
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓Honestly the glow up
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓Happy Valentine💓(カレー)
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓Happy Valentine's Day, Maggots! Be sure to love someone as much as Spy loves Scout's mother! ❤❤❤
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓valentines for you and your special 2d someone
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓I see how it is 😭😔✊ a friendly reminder: having a partner is not a reflection of your self-worth Being single is better than bein…
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓Anyways- aside from stupid Twitter- HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! 🥺💕 Hope you all have a chocolate filled day! 🍫🍫
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓Spending Valentine's day with feral husband 💘Drew this as a gift to @mandifuru because she spoils me with Dimitri m…
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓ @peachyflan FUCK TWITTER YOU CANNOT CONTAIN THE BEAN FOREVERhappy valentine’s day to gamers only
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓IM WH E EZING
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓Whether you’re just enjoying all the candy and chocolate your heart desires, or waiting to gift a special someone,…
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓spread love!
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓Some jerk stole a small box of chocolates someone gave me today at work 😡 Imagine being that lamedmitri is animal crossing new horizons fan and has ALL of the ac games!! HE'S AN ISABELLE STAN and mercedes is a ha…
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓ @xeno_odysseyjae YES🎁🍫HappyValentine🍫🎁
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓#ValentinesDay
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓ @ShirleyScurry Happy Valentines! You look lovely 🌹A #HappyValentinesDay to you from Agent 3, Agent 8, and Cap'n Cuttlefish! Explore the Deepsea Metro and put your…
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GOD I hate making adult phone calls 😨 @SolarCitrus THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A MAGICAL PLACE @apicotberry SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL 😭💖💖💖 The color palette is so soft and warm Amazing as always Ruthie 💞💞💞valentine's dawn 💝💝
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓ @sayravic @JRcmxtm 😳MONKEYS ARE IN THE STONE AGE AND THEN THIS .??!!! HUMANS 2!!!!!!!! LETS FUCKING GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓don't y'all just love the old youtube layouts
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓Me when someone remembers a small detail about me - that I forgot I even shared
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓Had to capture this thread. The yelp I let out in this office is sure to get me fired
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓Happy Valentine's Day~! 🍫 ---⠀⠀ Feel free to mention your loved ones ❤ --- Also this is a special wallpaper, feel f…
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓蒼獅子学級の皆をなんだかんだ描いていなかったので集合 少しディミレスっぽい 二枚目は髪色とアイパッチ差分
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓art fucking sucks if you draw fuck you
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓ @flamethony Squanch.... @stone__moss You did it, you broke down their comics to it's bare essentials @SHSLRobotKiibo I mean...YOU'RE NOT WRONG
why all the hot girls from the same country? like where even is 🏳️‍🌈?
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓ @SHSLRobotKiibo @peachyflan OH?? So you basically unlock them?? Neat @xeno_odysseyjae When Donald finally heals yousame energy
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓ @peachyflan OH WHAT I HAD NO IDEAToday's the day! So grateful to return as Dimitri to join you on your quest below Garreg Mach to explore Abyss and…
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓ @ScruffyTurtles @SHSLRobotKiibo YOOOOOOOImportant news for people who couldn't get their paired endings correctly in 3H: You can ensure it through a new fe…
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓ @peachyflan @xeno_odysseyjae Same, especially with my very first route, I wanted it to be fresh and authentic so I… @peachyflan I honestly don't know for sure when is best! I'm just gonna try to play all the routes and then the DLC route last!In Japan, Pizza Hut has a mascot called Cheese-kun.
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓Respect the drip, twerp.
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓when ppl shit on christmas lights in an apartment it’s like Ok babe how about u create a soft glow that brings me j…
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓on a happier note, i made some pokemon valentines!
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Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓✨ Team Rocket 2020 Lookbook ✨
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓This 👇👇👇 @KwanzaaDelius Honestly good. Some of these old racists need to get their ass beat and today he's gonna LEARN that don't fly 😂 @peachyflan SAME @SolarCitrus HAVE FUN !!!’m here to touch palm trees and fight Mikolas Mouse
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓WE made some cookies...
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓🚨Do NOT use surprise trade.🚨 This is not a joke. RT and let everyone know. Surprise Trade is not safe at the momen…
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓its been over half a year and im still out here at intsys hq
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓ @saijoclaudine @peachyflan idk the characters but... owo @GoNintendoTweet holy shit
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓Pokemon Home APK includes a rather random GIF
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓two three
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓we all have that one person who follows us, who every time we tweet the stupidest shit, like ..say for example... a…
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓please. stop praying for my grandpa!! you are making him too strong. he broke out of the hospital and the cops cant…
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓every time i see this video i remember that the dude made it because someone said he had too many women in his musi…
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓When you enter route 201 in the Sinnoh region.
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓Me, powering through your every struggle to break free/retaliate
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓ @JRcmxtm NOOOOOOOOOOO @shukruut @lemonpoppyseeds @kiryuwu_gorowoOh to share a braincell and never use it 💫:
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓ @xeno_odysseyjae @shukruut @JRcmxtm AKNDJXJNFNF FUCK I LOVE THIS @ohthatlook i hated every moment of doing this
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓ @xeno_odysseyjae WE WERE TOLD LIES AND SLANDERNASA is lying today, smh. "Gravitational pull", lol. (This is just a joke, don't take it seriously, lmao) #NASA
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓you can't make this shit up
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓A perm goes wrong in Hey Monie! (2001–2003), created by Dorothea Gillim, Soup2Nuts By the studio behind Home Movie…
Retweeted by CurvishSundown↓ @deidaranojutsu (SAME 👀👀👀) @SHSLRobotKiibo KINKSHAMING ON MAIN